Miniature Monday: Celestial Hurricanum

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Just a WIP this time around, but at least a late WIP. OMG these models (Hurricanum, Luminark & War Altar) takes forever to paint up. I don’t think it really shows, but there’s just so many details and stuff going on that needs paint it really takes…

Necromunda Repainted: Based and basics done

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Right. I know the minis still need work. I know the highlights are awful. I know the lighting is poor and there is some dust to blow off. But do you know what? I am quite pleased. From a distance (arms length) they look a whole better than they did 20 …

1:1200 Galley Challenge! Poseidon’s Warriors!

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We who turn the wheel, and look to windward… (T.S. Eliot, “the Wasteland”) I have something of a challenge ahead of me. A while back, my friend Norbert moved to England and had a yard sale for all his non-WarMachine … Continue reading

Star Wars Clone Wars Gambit: Siege – Karen Miller

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While I`m more of a Trekkie, I always had an open mind about other franchises and have read the occassional Star Wars novel.So I picked this one up at the recent Boekenfestijn in May, part 2 of the Gambit tale, taking place between the second and third…

Unboxing Raging Heroes – Kristina Karlstein ‘Armoured Division Officer’

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“Advance…”In this feature we’re going to look at one of the characters for the Iron Empire…For those of you who are interested in the background for Raging Heroes various ‘Toughest Girls of the Galaxy’ projects then the link to their original Kicks…

Two new gaming bag designs

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Going Deep; Building a Commonwealth Lists from the Bulge

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By Mitch Reed

With the addition of the Commonwealth in Battlefront’s upcoming Battle of the Bulge  I wanted to take a deeper look at the lists provided in the book and select two that I may play in a Bulge themed tournament.  My first army in Flames of War was the Canadians, I even painted them with the “greener” battledress and when I expanded my collection to play other commonwealth lists I made the choice to but new figures and paint their battledress brown, so I guess you can say I am dedicated.  This expanded even further when I collected an entire airborne army, and even more when built and painted an entire force just for the Mediterranean in Mid-War.  I must have about 15 Churchill tanks, and even more Cromwell’s and I always look for great lists in which to get these forces on the table.
For this article I plan to use a 1500 point total, and only select forces in which I have models.  I will try to pick a list that is both fun to play and somewhat competitive.  I know a lot of folks feel there is a “science” into picking a list, perhaps there is, however I am going to pick something I would bring to the table, not necessarily for a tournament.

7th Armoured Division: The Desert Rats

I have played the Desert Rats in the past; I liked the Reluctant/Veteran list from the Overlord book.  In this list you can put a ton of Cromwell’s on the table and with the “Cautions not Stupid” rule I was able to overcome the low motivation rating at certain times.
This is a pricey list, especially with what I plan to take.
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Warmachine An Undead Journey Part One

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So my Undead journey is beginning with the new Cryx Battlebox which has everything inside that you need to play. This set has rules, background and hints on where to go next, all in the written materials in the box are great fun to read through and although the whole force composition is still a little … Continue reading Warmachine An Undead Journey Part One

Sons of Horus 10 man Reaver Squad Completed and an Army Shot

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Evening all,Sons of Horus Reaver Assault SquadThese guys took a lot longer than I expected to finish them but I’m super stoked!I couldn’t quite get the photos right in terms of lighting and exposure, I think I will change out for a standard black or wh…

Star Trek Panic Review

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In Star Trek Panic you take on the role of a crew member from the original series. You must complete missions while keeping the Enterprise in one piece to win.

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Tutorial: M8 Greyhound (Bolt Action)

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Hello again,After painting my very first Bolt Action model recently (Sherman M4) I got kinda encouraged by positive feedback and was also asked some questions about colors and materials used. So while waiting for US infantry arrival I ordered another …

FOW: After Open Fire – Part 1

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If you’ve recently purchased an Open Fire starter box for Flames of War (FOW), and are trying to figure out your next steps, you might be a bit overwhelmed by now. What to purchase next? Which army should I collect first? How do I paint all of this?
Don’t panic!
Just like the cover of the infamous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, these words are there to comfort you. If you’re reading this article, you’ve taken a good first step in your quest to become a table-top general to rival Rommel, Patton, or Monty. You’ve found Best yet, no towel required for this game (unless you’re hanging out with a guy named Zaphod Beeblebrox). 
First, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. There are two basic types of Open Fire purchasers: The Newbie to Wargaming, and the experienced wargame player.  This piece will be geared toward the new wargamer, although some of the links I provide here may be new to even experienced players who haven’t yet learned to play FOW. But, where to start?
Where to begin? If you’ve played a demo event, like this one – where Able Kompanie members (in khaki shirts) “Bofors” Dave Cuthbert (left) and “FlammPanzer” Ron Hanson (center) help players learn the basic rules in their club’s Stalingrad introductory game at GenCon – this article can give some guidance on your next steps to get into the Flames of War hobby.

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Kickstarters of the Week: 8/29

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Kickstarters of the WeekThe only good thing about summer starting to draw to a close (boo!), is that when the weather starts to turn, it usually leaves more time for gaming indoors. So it’s a double edge sword really, at least for those of us that live in a place where the snow will fall. With that in mind, […]

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep 28

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign

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Helloooo! Long time, no see and all that! Well… let’s get into it, shall we?

About a month ago I got the urge to try the Star Wars: Imperial Assault skirmish game. I’ve had the core box of SWIA for more than a year but had only got to play it with my nieces which was fun, but didn’t really provide the full experience. I don’t exactly remember why the inclination to try the skirmish

The SAGA of stuck between two crossings and a hard place.

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The battlefield

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She is fast and is armed to the teeth, I would say pew pew but that doesn’t work with bows..

SAGA – A 6pt Saracens Warband

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And finally, this Saracen warband. After the limited palette of the Crusaders, it was nice to be able to break out a wide variety of colors for these models. As with earlier warbands, the shield decals were from Little Big Men Studios.I hope you’ve enj…

Fontanna Drętwej Wody, część 4.|Fountain of the Dead Water, part 4.

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Choć nieśpiesznie, to jednak prace nad budową Oldenlitz powoli idą do przodu.

Udało mi się dokończyć brukowany plac, który znajdzie się pod Fontanną Drętwej Wody.

Bruk wyrzeźbiłem w gipsie wylanym na podstawę z pleksi. Na potrzeby zdjęcia gips pokolorowałem czarnym flamastrem.

Następny krok to pomalowanie i wykończenie bruku tak, jak zrobiłem to z Bazarem w Oldenlitz.

Although unhurriedly, work on the construction of Oldenlitz slowly moving forward.

I was able to finish the cobbled square, which will be under Fountain of the Dead Water.

Cobblestone carved in gypsum poured on the base of plexiglass. For the purposes of pictures I colored gypsum a black marker.

The next step to paint and finish cobbles the way I did it with a bazaar in Oldenlitz.

I to wszystko na dzisiaj.

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The 7 perfect games to buy for your startup

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The office. It’s where you make your money, make new friends and get shit done. We all have fun though […]

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Warhammer 40.000 – Kill Team

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Eigentlich bin ich ja seit Jahren raus, was Warhammer 40.000 angeht, aber dieses neue Release macht mich dann doch wieder mal ein bisschen Neugierig. Es gibt nun also auch wieder eine offizielle Neuauflage der “Kill Team” Regeln von Games Workshop – also genau das, worauf viele sicher schon sehnsüchtig gewartet haben.

Schaue ich mir ein “normales” 40K-Gefecht so an, hat das nur noch wenig mit dem zu tun, was wir in unserer Jugend so auf der Platte hatten. Heute werden die Aufstellungszonen mit riesigen Kriegsmaschinen und Trupps komplett vollgestellt und von der ersten Runde an scheint es ein mehr oder weniger stumpfes ausschießen ohne viel taktische Tiefe zu sein.

Nun also wieder ein “echter” Skirmisher mit deutlich weniger Modellen und (zumindest hoffe ich das) mehr spielerischem Tiefgang.

Cash-Cow oder Neuanfang, was meint Ihr?
Lassen wir uns mal überraschen, was da am Wochenende auf uns zukommt …

On the painting table – 29th August 2016

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Call me fickle, but I’ve got another army on the painting table at the moment. I haven’t forgotten the Normans (or the 6mm French for that matter!) but I quite fancy getting my Planetfall army ready for battle, so the first two Helix are primed and ready for painting – I’m looking forward to painting these. Filed under: Painting & Modelling Tagged: 10mm Gaming, 28mm Gaming, Planetfall, Saga

Tutorial: How to paint gems

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Hey guys, I was asked how I paint gems in my Eldar army of Craftworld Iybraesil. Well, painting gems is a technique that is easy to master and looks great. It’s actually pretty straightforward once you understand the basic principle. Find out more after the jump.
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Military Odyssey 2016

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On Saturday, with the weather staying fine and the heat and humidity of earlier in the week tempered a little, we decided to head off to Kent for the Military Odyssey living history event. The show is held at the Kent country show ground in Deitling but for various reasons we haven’t been to this show for a couple of years. Odyssey is a multi period event with everything from Cowboys to Vikings to Napoleonic and WWII groups showcasing their geekdom.

The group Regia Anglorum practising a Saxon shield wall. 

And attacking a palisade…

30-40 reenactors put on an excellent display of battlefield tactics 

And the defenders showed how to send attackers packing!

This was by far the best display group at the show…they even had a full sized longship on its own beach. 

A large Tipi typical of those used by the Plains Indians of North America. 

A Greek/Trojan helmet from the collection of The Hoplite Association

Me and a very nicely restored M18 Hellcat…can I take it home please?

M35A1 Quad .50 Cal 2 1/2-Ton Gun Truck belonging to the Rolling Thunder Vietnam re-enactment group.

In the trading hall there were even a few models on display. 

Back outside I find a BMW R75 motorcycle and sidecar. The owner is in the process of restoring it so its not complete yet but he did say it was a wonderfully comfortable ride. 

Sd.Kfz. 251/7 Pionierpanzerwagen – This was an assault engineer vehicle which had fittings to carry bridge ramps on the sides (one can be seen on the ground beside the vehicle).

An Opal Blitz. These iconic vehicles can be seen being used throughout the war. 

A replica Sturmgeschütz part of the Second Battle Group display

An excellent display of LRDG Jeeps, part of the Desert Rats Living History Groups display.

Stripped down for desert running – The drum on the front is a water condenser for the radiator. Earlier cooling systems allowed boiling water to evaporate through a vent on top of the radiator. This device collected the steam, allowing it to be condensed back into water and returned to the cooling system…ideal for those long drives in the desert!

An SAS Jeep bristling with machine guns including a twin lewis gun. These were easy to maintain, quick to reload and could even be demounted and carried if necessary. 

An American Civil War group leaves the battlefield…

Looks like the Confederates won that round…

Another excellent living history event and a wide variety of groups make this a very family friendly day out. The show continues today (a public holiday here in the UK) but if you can’t make it this is well worth putting in your diary for next year.

The Lord Inquisitor Prologue

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It has been quite a while since we saw first impressions of the independent movie “The Lord Inquisitor”. Finally, the roughly 10 minutes lasting Prologue got released and I am excited: Check out the website for mere information: