Rob’s Bullet Points #08

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It appears most of the Nerdhammer Crew will be attending Unplugged GT for the first time. Pretty stoked about that. They just switched to ETC comp… I think I like ETC comp over Swedish comp this year. For most armies,…

All Hell Let Loose 9

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As recently displayed on the Analogue Painting Challenge here are some completed pieces of WW2 German armourA Sturmtiger and Hetzer both from Britannia Miniatures. Both the same scale although you might not realises the Hetzer is meant to the be l…

Sunday evening WIP

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Just a quick WIP shot from my painting table: My first Slasher from Shadows of Brimstone. I played a bit around with my airbrush and tested a bit of (pre)shading. In the end it was a bit too orange and I had to glaze it down.As base I like it so far, h…

Coming soon to Kickstarter Capture

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Frome Game Salute Londonderry, NH – 2/1/2015: Andrew Hunzicker designed Capture – A Medieval Wargame in the 1980s, when he was in his early 20s. The story of the game is quite an extraordinary one, as the now 50 year old first time designer details in a video on the game’s Kickstarter page. Capture isn’t […]

The Ion Age: New Free Female Youxia Miniature

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The Ion Age: The IMP18 Female Youxia is February 2015’s free miniature for the month which is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value until March 1st. It can also be bought in any amount on the Monthly…

Review of Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn

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Let’s take a break from the rpg reviews and take a look at a board game released by Cubicle 7 instead! It’s called Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn and is a quick playing storytelling game for two to five players. It also ties into The One Ring roleplaying game (sorry, I lied about taking a break) where it can be used to enhance travelling or simply as a way to find inspiration on the fly

54mm British Command

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This week was a bit slow at the painting table with two 54mm British command figures coming off the line.These fellows are in charge of the first unit of British regulars I completed this year. I pulled the flag off the internet, reversed the image to …

Sherman Firefly z 24 Pułku Ułanów. Sherman Firefly from 24th Uhlans Regiment.

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Firefly skończony! Model pochodzi od Blitzkrieg Miniatures i jest naprawdę świetny. Dodatkowe pakunki, narzędzia i kalkomanie to produkt Warlord Games, natomiast skrzynki i kanistry są od Arfixa.
Firefly is done! The model comes from Blitzkrieg Miniatures and is really great. Ekstra tarps and rolls, tools and decals are from Warlord Games, boxes and fuel cans are from Airfix.

Harlequin’s Now and Then

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Harlequin’s Now and Then “In war there is poetry; in death, release.” With the new release of the Harlequin’s I thought I would be interesting to see how they have been represented over the…

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A matter of scale

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As some gamers do, I am going through a bit of a crisis of what figures and periods I have in different scales and what the best way forward is.  Of course different scales provide different aspects and focuses for gaming- 28mm has lovely characte…


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No real update this week as I have gone tournamenting :) I may see some of you around Vappa in York today. Just as I was happily dealing with all my Malifaux we get new Harlequins for the Eldar….I may actually pick these guys up now they are plastic, but my word will they be […]

After much delay I got there in the end.

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 My table has been rather active of late and a wide and diverse range of figures have adorned it in recent weeks as I clear the back log of work, whilst still keeping current work in progress.One of the backed up projects included 10 figures from …

So I walked into the Lego shop…

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… and found out they didn`t have the Valentine diner set anymore in stock, petty.It should be arriving back around the 4th, so maybe I`ll see if I can pop over wednesday to get one after all, but if not, yeah well, so be it then.I did get the Green L…

Perhaps a New Campaign

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new campaign areas in Germany We are still wargaming the backlog of battles in our current PBEM campaign, and that has slowed down the rest of the campaign.   This has left me with more time to fill, as I do not have to process twelve sets of…

The Fleet Arrives

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So what you see here is the refreshed GSN fleet, courtesy of Rear Admiral Henry Hyde who commissioned me to write a spaceship article.  They’re also my first entry to this year’s Vis Lardica painting challenge.   To my dismay, I found that s…

Albion Scenery- Ogham Stones and Forests

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Albion Terrain (3)

I’m used to playing games of Warhammer with the bare minimum of terrain, the most interesting of which tends to be the Mysterious Forests! (boring!!)

For our local Shrouded Isle campaign, games can have pieces of mandatory scenery dependant on which tile of the map you are currently fighting over.

To start off with, I assembled some coniferous forests, which nicely fit the feel of Albion being a highland, rugged landscape.

I also made some Ogham Stone scenery pieces. I think we’ll need a few of these to scatter on boards throughout the campaign. These count as Arcane Ruins for the purposes of the game, but I envision that we can combine multiple pieces together to represent the Great Ogham, the largest of these sites on Albion, which counts a Wizards Tower.

The Ogham stone was based on a sheet of hardboard, as with all my scenery, rough side up so that it takes the glue and sand better. The stones themselves were cut from dense insulation foam using a hot wire foam cutter, pinned with toothpicks, and glued with PVA. They were also painted with watered down PVA to seal to foam to prevent the spray paint from melting it. Some patches of foam were left bare, as the slight melting of the foam can add some variation in texture if used sparingly. I added a tree to match the ones from the forest, just to tie the scenery pieces together and hopefully give the overall battlefield a highly forested appearance.

Finally a few scattered pieces of slate and bark provide some rubble for the base and break up the large, flat areas. The finished piece was painted to match the forest- simple brown basing, dry-brushed grey rock weathered with brown and green washes, and static grass, tufts and flock to finish the base.

Albion Terrain (2)

Albion Terrain (3)

Albion Terrain (4)

Albion Terrain (5)

Let me know what you think!


Port Republic in 15mm

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This game with the boys was based on the Battle of Port Republic. Fought during Stonewall Jackson’s campaign in the Shenandoah Valley. The Union formed up  awaiting the attack from Jackson’s Rebels. With the advanced brigade of Rebels s…

WIP: Blood Angel Terminators from Deathstorm

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Hey guys, just checking in and sharing a snap of some Blood Terminators I’m hoping to work on properly soon. So far just bascoated in Mesphiston Red. What do you think of the weapon load out? Two chain fists and a heavy flamer? This unit wants to get u…

Warlord Games: World War One French St Chamond Tank

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Warlord Games: Following the success of the World War I tanks released late last year, our modellers have been hard at work – and we’re proud to follow-up this week with the release of the French St-Chamond Tank! With much of WWI involving French troops we couldn’t really let the British and Germans have all the glory…
Welcome to Wargame News and Terrain, a wargame hobby blog dedicated to supply you with your daily wargame news, straight from the source. We also have an extensive collection of reviews and tutorials so take a look now.

A new Challenge ! – Building a Volcano part 1

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Once a year the good folks on the Lead Adventure Forum hold a competition called ‘Build Something’, now over the last couple of years since I have been frequenting this excellent site I have marvelled at the talent being showcased. So this year I decided to try and pit myself against the best of them.

God only knows how I will fare but its worth a shout to see what can be achieved.

If you want to read more head here…

The rules are quite simple you have to build a terrain piece (no smaller than 5cm square) that is connected to the competitions theme.

The competition kicks off today 1st February and must be completed five weeks later. During the competition we must post up progress on the LAF site – link below.

If I have understood things correctly the projects are then paired up and voted on by the community. The winner of each pairing then goes through to the next round.

So what’s the theme and what am I going to build….

The theme is Fire & Ice, or one of the above.

I have decided to build a Volcano !!

Why…well for a start it going to be big and I do like big projects, secondly I’ll design it in such a way that it will work with the rocky escarpments already built, and thirdly its just the thing for my forthcoming pulp adventures.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the progress shots here and on the LAF.

However this morning I will share the materials I have purchased for this project…

First up the base board – 50cm x 50cm of 9mm MDF (as per all my terrain builds)

Three tubes of glue…i’ll need these!

A big pack of jablite (polystyrene) – 2.5cm thick – 8 sheets for £12. Would have preferred pink foam but can’t find any.

Cork Bark – Two 60cm tubes (about 20cm in diameter)

Now everybody says cork bark is expensive…I would challenge this assertion and look again. These two tubes which will be more than enough for my project cost £9.00 each. They were bought from the local garden centre in their pet store.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be furiously building this beast…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

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It’s been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much […]

3D files for Maori pa fencing now for sale

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The Maori pa fence 3D printing files are now available for sale on Printable Scenery. You’ll need access to a 3D printer, or to a local 3D printing service, to print out these files. After a wee bit of cleaning … Continue reading

40k hobby revival – imperial knight

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Wow its been a few years since I’ve really worked on a warhammer model. I recently picked up this model during my vacation in Australia. I have not kept up with the new painting techniques, I basically just followed my instincts. So far its looking …

DreamForge Games Presale Of Wave 3 15mm Release

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Mark Mondragon of DreamForge Games is offering 25% off his existing line of products (including those tasty 15mm Leviathan Crusaders), and 20% off the newly-released 3rd Wave products, among them the 15mm scale Mortis (pictured above) and modular weapo…

Coconuts Duo from Mayday Games in February

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Coconuts Duo $25.95   In this game, you use your monkey launcher and your skill to fling coconuts into cups, claim them, and place them on your board. By stacking a pyramid of six cups you win the game and can claim the title of the monkey king, but beware of the new powerful magic cards […]