Cover Stars

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Readers of Miniature Wargames and Battlegames may have been disturbed to find a rather frivolous article on Page 59(ish) of this month’s issue. Look closely at the cover preview below and you’ll see why (hint, fourth line of the contents at the bottom…). You’ll be relieved to know that there are no photographs of the […]

Pirates of the Seas from IDW July 31st

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Pirates of the Seas $59.99   The design team behind the smash-hit Mysterium invites you to enter into unknown waters with Pirates of the 7 Seas! All hands ahoy, because this isn’t your average pirate game. Are you ready to sail and claim your fair share of the booty?       As the waves […]

Nocturna Models Enchantment [WIP – Skin tone]

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Slowly but surely, solid progress is being made on my Daenerys Targaryen proxy or the Nocturna Models Akelarre Enchantment 70-mm figure. When I first started working on her I had my doubts seeing that the light pastel dress colours looked a tad off in …

Super-Size It!

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Happy Burger Gets a New BotBack in March, The Ion Age saw the introduction of another piece of its mythos – Happy Burger – in the form the Happy Burger Bot. The Happy Burger Bot was a great human form servant bot with a lot of use built into it. The ne…

Keystone Trophies!

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Ferrus Manus – Horus Heresy

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Ferrus ManusWe have painted a Ferrus Manus in the past to Display quality. What makes this commission a little different is that it is painted using Real Metal rather than Non-Metal Metallic techniques. Pigment powders were used on the base and the lower part of the miniature for weathering as well […]

Cool. Airbrush shading? Feel free to post here if …

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Cool. Airbrush shading? Feel free to post here if you have any questions and I can try to help.

The Wednesday Gallery

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This weeks gallery is going to be very approximately an ‘engineering’ theme. Well…engineering, doctor, scientist…whatever was in the folder I picked really, lol.As usual if your here for the hobby rather than because you share my interest in Steamp…

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 16

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Okay people I’m back to the grindstone tomorrow so here’s the roundup.As below I got my Tomats and Reverend Moria finished to complete all of my Nomad force that I had at the be grinning of the project. Due a late start Rob’s Auxilliaries and TAG pilot…

Two sets of new shoulder pads released by Puppets War | Dwa nowe zestawy naramienników z Puppets War

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Puppets War is continuing releasing new shoulder pads. Company offers two new sets today: ‘Private Shoulder Pad’ set (7 EUR) and ‘Sergeant Shoulder Pad’ set (7 EUR). Both sets contain ten resin casts in 28mm ‘heroic’ scale.

Firma Puppets War kontynuuje wydawanie nowych naramienników. Producent wprowadził dziś do sprzedaży dwa nowe zestawy: "Private Shoulder Pad" (7 EUR) oraz "Sergeant Shoulder

Werewoolf Miniatures shows its Dwareg Specnaz Veteran bust | Werewoolf Miniatures pokazuje Dwaregowego Weterana Specnazu

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Werewoolf Miniatures has shown its upcoming new product – bust if Dwareg Specnaz Veteran. You can see unpainted bust here and sculpture being painted is shown here.

Firma Werewoolf Miniatures pokazała swój nowy produkt, który wkrótce trafi do spr…

Warlord Games Newsletter

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Some features, articles and events news from Warlord Games…

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, a round-up of the latest articles published on our website…

Wargaming Market Garden and the Battle for Arnhem Pt.2

Tips on how to bring the action to life upon the tabletop battlefield! View Article


Beyond the Gates of Antares: 3-Way Battle Report – Part Two

View Article


Your Battlefield Needs You!

View Article

Work in Progress:

Ghar Outcast Disruptor Cannon

View Article

Upcoming Events

This weekend:

Bovington Wargamers Show


Barrage – Stafford, July 12


Historicon – Warlord & Footsore Miniatures,
July 16 – 19

Prize Draw Winner

Each month, every one of our Newletter subscribers are entered into a prize draw to win a £50 / $80 gift voucher.

Find out if you are the lucky one:

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Bishop Self Propelled Gun

View Article


Fighting Inside 4GroundBuildings by Cad Jeal

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Sales Agents United States and Canada

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This week on Warlord Wednesday – Afrika Korp Kradschutzen Motorcycle
The Warlord Games website is packed with great examples of painting and modelling, expert tips and how-to guides, extra rules and scenarios for our various game systems, plus action-packed battle reports and fascinating historical accounts.
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Dioramas are pretty fun to do, but time consuming …

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Dioramas are pretty fun to do, but time consuming for sure. I’m going to try some new shading techniques on some German armored cars in the next two weeks, we will see how they come out.

Quick Channel Update and Ramblings

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Steampunk infantry backpacks from MaxMini | Steampunkowe plecaki piechoty z MaxMini

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MaxMini company has released new set of ten resin bits labelled as ‘Steampunk infantry backpacks’. You can buy this 28mm ‘heroic’ scale new release for 6.99 EUR.

Firma MaxMini wprowadziła do sprzedaży zestaw dziesięciu żywicznych plecaków w skali 28 mm "heroic" o nazwie "Steampunk infantry backpacks". Jego cena to 6.99 EUR.

June releases from Oddział Ósmy | Czerwcowe nowości z Oddziału Ósmego

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Oddział Ósmy has shown its upcoming June releases. 3mm scale is represented by following sets: ‘AT-L’ (15 models); ‘F-22 Raptor’ (6 models); ‘M42 Duster’ (15 models); ‘ATF Dingo’ (15 models); ‘LGS Fennek’ (15 models); ‘Jaguar A’ (8 models); ‘ZBL-09 …

Thanks Dai. I may add more snow. They would fit be…

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Thanks Dai. I may add more snow. They would fit better on my snow board with some more snow but I am also trying to keep things generic so I can use them on different boards. I haven’t decided if I will add more or not.

Thanks for the comment Greg. I keep meaning to mak…

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Thanks for the comment Greg. I keep meaning to make some better bases. The felt is good for a quick tabletop set of trees. I will make some better ones soon!

Thanks furphy. I was surprised when I saw I had re…

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Thanks furphy. I was surprised when I saw I had reached 200.

Galleys, Guns and Glory – test game 2. Druga gra testowa.

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Last Thursday we again with the Galleys, Guns and Glory. After our last game we had some ideas, and Jack send them to the author. Thomas liked them and send us some other changes, which we were going to test. I have to say that all of us liked the changes. It speed up the game a lot and made it much more fair. Good! This time the game was played by three veterans and three novices.
W ostatni czwartek spotkaliśmy się znowu przy Galleys, Guns and Glory. Po naszej ostatniej grze wysłaliśmy autorowi poprzez Jack’a kilka naszych pomysłów. Thomasowi się one spodobały, oraz przysłał nam kilka nowych pomysłów, które mieliśmy zamiar przetestować. Muszę przyznać, że zmiany nam się bardzo spodobały. Przyspieszyło to grę i zrobiło ją bardziej fair. To dobrze! Tym razem w grze wzięło udział trzech weteranów i trzech nowicjuszy.
To remains you the last game check this link:
Dla przypomnienia ostatniej gry tutaj macie link:
MODELS/ MODELE: Jack Glanville

1. Fleets. Floty.

The number of the ships was the same as the last time, but this time we spread them for three squadrons each side. The Venetian/Hospitallers fleet was played by Paul O’Sullivan, Angus Konstam and myself, whereas the Osmans were played by Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville and Jim.
Liczba okrętów użytych w tej grze była identyczna jak ostatnio, jednak tym razem rozdzieliliśmy je pomiędzy trzy eskadry. Flota Wenecko-Joannicka była prowadzona przez Paula O’Sullivana, Angusa Konstama i mnie, podczas gdy Osmanami grali Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville i Jim.

2. The Game. Gra.

Game from the beginning divided into two clashes. The first one was between the Hospitallers and Jim’s squadron. Angus had very interesting tactic, instead of moving forward ahead, he choose to move backward, and in that way he forced Jim to move his ships closer and close to his ships. That tactic worked very well as Jim’s ships getting into the battle not as the whole squadron but the single ships. Finally the ships joined together in one big fight. Hospitaller the tougher warriors finally won the fight. Very well played by Angus, finally he know the subject as he wrote some books about the period.
Gra od początku rozdzieliła się na dwa starcia. W pierwszym z nich Szpitalnicy starli się z flotą Jima. Angus wykorzystał bardzo ciekawą taktykę, zamiast poruszać swoje okręty do przodu, wybrał ruch do tyłu, to zmusiło Jima do przybliżania swoich okrętów bliżej i bliżej. Ta taktyka sprawiała się znakomicie, jako że Jim wchodził do bitwy pojedynczymi okrętami zamiast całą eskadrą. W końcu wszystkie okręty połączyły się w jednej wielkiej walce. Szpitalnicy, jako twardsi wojownicy w końcu wygrali to starcie. Bardzo dobrze rozegrane przez Angusa, ale w końcu zna się on na rzeczy, jako że napisał kilka książek o tym okresie.
The other clash was between the main forces. For the change both fleets moved brave against each other. However the Osmans hit the first and managed to burn the Maltanians galley. This exposed the Christian flag ship for an attack. Osmans board the ship, but finally all fighting crews were wiped out, for both sides (there was a lot of shooting from other ships too). Now the race begins who will be the first , who crew again the Christian flag ship…
W drugim pojedynku spotkały się główne siły obu flot. Dla odmiany obie eskadry dzielnie ruszyły przeciwko sobie. Jednakże Osmani uderzyli jako pierwsi i udało im się spalić maltańską galerę. To wystawiło chrześcijański okręt flagowy na atak. Osmanowie weszli na okręt, jednak w końcu wszyscy walczący zostali wybici, po obu stronach (przy okazji było trochę strzelania z innych okrętów). Teraz rozpoczął się wyścig, kto jako pierwszy obsadzi chrześcijański okręt flagowy…
The only who was able to do it at this stage were my ships. However on their way was Jack’s fleet. Surprisingly my ships managed to beat them. I have killed the crew from the Turkish galley, conquer a galliot and sunk one too, but it took some time and Derek finally get the flag ship. It caused the morale tests, which were failed by myself and my fleet had to withdraw and lost in consistence. Derek used that moment and managed to sunk my galliot and moved with his big latterna against my galley. I cannot moved forward, as it could finished with boarding action with his big ship so I have to move backward and have faith in my guns. They were worked very well and finally they down the Latterna level to 1, but then the Turkish galliot board my galley and kill all my crew. The game was over. The draw!
Jedynym, który mógł to zrobić na tym etapie były moje okręty. Jednakże na ich drodze stały okręty Jack’a. Niespodziewanie moim okrętom udało się poradzić z nimi. Wybiłem załogę na wrogiej galerze, zdobyłem galliota i drugiego zatopiłem. To zajęło mi trochę czasu i w końcu Derekowi udało się zająć okręt flagowy. To spowodowało serię testów morale, które oblałem, więc musiałem się wycofać a przez to moja eskadra utraciła swoją konsystencję. Derek wykorzystał ten moment i zatopił mojego galliota oraz ruszył swoją laterną przeciwko mojej galerze. Nie mogłem się poruszać do przodu by nie narażać się na możliwość abordażu, przez większy okręt, więc pokładłem wiarę w moich działach. Sprawowały się one całkiem nieźle i nawet obniżyły poziom wytrzymałości laterny do 1, jednak turecki galliot szczepił się ze mną i wybił moją załogę. Na tym gra się zakończyła. Remis!
Summarizing, we had another good game. Angus knowledge of the period safe the score of the game, however we were very close from the victory only if I had one more deck hit before I get boarded. Next time, maybe!
Podsumowując, to była kolejna dobra gra. Znajomość okresu przez Angusa zapewniło nam bezpieczny rezultat gry, chociaż mogło się zakończyć zwycięstwem jeśli tylko miałbym jedno więcej trafienie w kadłub, zanim dokonano na mnie abordażu. Może następnym razem!

3. Links. Linki.

Jack’s relation:
Relacja Jack’a:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Special summer promotion at Assault Publishing webstore | Specjalna letnia promocja w sklepie Assault Publishing

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Assault Publishing company runs special summer promotion. Type ALIEN codeword to get 25% discount at order checkout at company’s webstore on all SF miniatures (15mm and 3mm scale) and all modular SF bases. Promotion runs from today till 31.08.2015 or until the stocks lasts.Moreover, in this period for every printed "PMC 2640" rulebook ordered, you will get either SF Combat Engineers or SF

Longstreet Battle in Video

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A timelapse video of our latest Longstreet game. Watch what happens when clueless generals charge into veteran lines.

Vote for best bits from Kromlech | Zagłosuj na najlepsze części z Kromlecha

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Kromlech company would like to know which bits do you like best. You can pick your favourites here. Winning bits will be announced tomorrow, they will be offered in promotional prices soon.

Firma Kromlech chciałaby dowiedzieć się, które z produko…

Review – Book, The Race to The Swift, R Simpkin 1985

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The Race to the Swift by Brigadier R Simpkin recieved rave reviews across a range of professional military journals in America and Britain, for good reason, its an excellent treatise on manouvre warfare, focusing more on the operational rather than the… New Brickdust Napoleonic Bavarian Army

Posted on July 1st, 2015 under , , , , . Posted by Thanks for all your orders on the re-release of the classic 15mm Napoleonic range from Tabletop Games in the 1980’s now called Brickdust by Its been heart warming to know that the hard work it took to get the range back to the m…