Successor Impetus Army

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Another resurrected project completed this year my Pontic army for Impetus, mostly plastic with a few metal units. I failed to shoot progress shots so you get the whole thing at once.

Right about now, 75 years ago…

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(This was written when it was still dark out, around 6 AM EST, hence “right about now”) The USS West Virginia and USS Tennessee ablaze in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 DEC 41 Right about … Continue reading

Rock, Paper, Wizard! another hand-gesture spell game!

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I’m liking Wizkids’ newfound dedication to producing small format, small concept games which play fast, have easy mechanics and lots of replay value (see the recent experience with BLANK WHITE DICE). So along with BWD I picked up another recent … Continue reading

The Wednesday Gallery

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My usual mid-week break from articles on miniature gaming for some more ‘real world’ models will have a steampunk weapons theme…but as I’ve recently started a Deathwatch RPG campaign with some friends I think we’ll go a little bit more sci-fi with th…

Casa en ruinas Pintada

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La escenografía pintada puede quedar estupenda sobre un tablero de Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames), Frostgrave, etc. Depúes de haber estado trabajando tanto tiempo en nuestra casa en ruinas, ya por fin obtenemos la recompensa…

Team Yankee

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My friend Graham Worsfield has been talking about Team Yankee and his Chieftan tanks.  For me 15mm WW3 games are out of the question given I only have a 40 x 45 inch table.  It would be hard enough to have large games fighting over the Fulda Gap in 1/300th, let alone 15mm.

I only mention this in passing, not because I’m getting into the game, but rather taking advantage of the plastic tanks they’re doing.  In particular the Abrams and T72s.  My AK47R project has been languishing unloved in a box going nowhere for a number of years, six to be precise.  This was down to me becoming dissatisfied with the basing conventions of the game, which meant every thing ground to a halt and then I saw some thing else that was shiny.

However, given some recent navel gazing, pondering on wargame scales and toy soldiers – all very deep and meaningful stuff I can assure you – I’m feeling a bit more love for my 15mm lead pile.  So this is me planning, plotting and preparing for when TooFat Lardies release Fighting Season, which I intend to use as the basis for Mogadishu inspired games.

Bonnie WIP 4: A Leather Corset for Bonnie

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Leather Corset This will be a very short update. I haven’t made much progress and the only thing I’ve been fighting with is her damn leather corset. I’ve tried a bunch of different looks…

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Warlord Games Newsletter

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Warlord Games usual mid-week feature round-up…

Welcome to our Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week’s hobby and wargaming news.

The Xilos Horizon or Kar’A Nine?

Which is right for you:
With the New Introductory set Strike On Kar’A Nine now available for pre-order the question arises… which set do I need to get?

The Antares Initiative: Noise Sector

The Antares Initiative Noise Sector!
The Antares Initiative continues this month with 3 posts from Noise Sector members: Mitch Thomas, Asher Longley and Mick Porter. 

The Holiday of a Lifetime Part 2

Anatres The Holiday of a Lifetime Part 2:
Tim Bancroft is back with Part 2 of The Holiday of a Lifetime for Antares! Enjoyed Part 1? You can now read the concluding part right now.

Crafting a Kätzchen!

Kätzchen Made From Scratch!:
The “Kätzchen” was a reconnaissance vehicle which was tested, but never produced. We follow Jakob Lotz in a conversion workshop step by step build for Bolt Action. 

Winter Camo Tutorial!

How To Paint WW2 Winter Camo:
Watch The War Gamer as he brings you another Boly Action Tutorial; how to paint a WW2 Winter Camo on the M18 Hellcat, perfect for the time of year!

Battlefield Terrain

Make Cinematic looking Smoke and Blast Markers:
Watch and learn with the TheTerrainTutor’s Battlefield Basic Series!
Your Warlord Store is open!
Warlord HQ Nottingham NG7 2BY Mon-Fri 12-6pm, Saturday 10 till 4pm. Come in and have a go on our Bio-dome for Antares, Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge & the new winter board. Pick up New Releases in store like the Brood Mother, M18 Hellcat and the KF47 Siberian Terror Squad.
Crossword Time!:
Just a little challenge to exercise your brainmatter, remember it is just for fun!

Christmas Deals

Christmas Deals Special:
Getting you ready for your Christmas & New Year Battles come 4 new Bolt Action and 2 new Black Powder “Christmas Special” Army Starter Deals plus 4 Head to Head army deals. These sets offer fantastic savings of up to 40% on the separate individual components! A fantastic gift for yourself or loved ones this Christmas.
Plastic M18 Hellcat:
Mighty fast and packing a deadly punch the M18 Hellcat blasts its way onto your battlefields this week for World War II and beyond…
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Coming soon for the British of Konflikt ’47 View in Store As most nations began adopting heavily-armoured infantry, the British took a more extreme view. With automatons providing close fire support to the infantry, it was decided that any armoured troops should be capable of providing a punch beyond that of current infantry. Therefore the … Continue reading Konflick ’47: BRITISH ARMOURED INFANTRY SECTION

Prodos Games Newsletter

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Some Warzone 2.0 releases from Prodos Games…

Pobierz obrazki
6th of December 2016
With Warzone 2.0 ruleset releaesed recently we are releasing new units as well. All items are shipped from 19th of December 2016.
Pobierz obrazki
Set includes 1 UniCast miniature, 1 resin terrain base and 1 plastic base.
Pobierz obrazki
Set includes Mule vehicle and 3 customization sets for Dark Legion, Brotherhood and Capitol.

Horus Heresy Battle Report – M.31 Ep 29 (Tucson Comic-Con)

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What Went Wrong in Warhammer 40k 7th Edition?

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What Went Wrong in Warhammer 40k 7th Edition?

I had originally made some drafts for posts about why Traitor’s Hate didn’t fix Chaos, how Wrath of Magnus wouldn’t fix Thousand Sons, and how Legions wouldn’t fix us spikey boys. In short, it boiled down to these being supplements, our codex being terribad,  and GW’s policy is that codices are the go-to for points and statlines. Within that framework, and based on previous supplements measured against the Emperor’s lapdogs’ formations, I made a list of demands required to make us playable, much like a demented hostage-taker with no hostage.

Continue reading What Went Wrong in Warhammer 40k 7th Edition? at Creative Twilight.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Once again the holiday season is upon us. If you’ve been visiting the site for a while, you might have seen my holiday gift guide I did here two Christmas’ ago. Here’s a few new ideas and things to add to the list! Either for you or if you’re looking for something for a member of your family, I’m sure you’ll find something gaming or hobby related on this list that will make the gamer on your naughty nice list super happy during this time of year.

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Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter Preview

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Nowadays we have a lot of zombie survival horror setting board games with a lot of typical characters and miniatures. All of them are good and worth the attention, but now we have a very special head-blowing project from kickstarter called Kingdom Death: Monster! Kingdom Death Monster is not only about a survival horror. It’s […]

A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King Review

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A Game of Thrones: Hand of the KingIf there was ever a story that was meant to be a board game, the A Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin is it. The interwoven plots of betrayal, lust for power, violence, and scheming perfectly fits choices loved by board gaming fans. Fantasy Flight Games has the rights to produce A […]


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    He sees all…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s]

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I’m not sure if I was otherwise affected by Rory Priest’s last comment on the drop pods:

“I do think they should really be approached in ones from what I have heard/read.”

But as it was I did stall for a while on this, it’s odd really as the process is highly predictable and although I can’t say I feel the need to gnaw my own face off as I would a dozen Genestealers there is something emotionally null about it. I don’t dread it or fear it but it just fills me with no pleasure whatsoever as I finish shading the inner parts of the fins.

The other sides have also been done but I now need to find a way to blend the colours, the highlight is too olive looking. Usually I use my Dark Angel green Valejo paint, if it’s not shaken it has a semi-opaque glaze quality that will help blend the stippled highlights and enrich the darker greens. I’m a little hesitant though as I fear it may obscure the black shading, part of me wants to get the Citadel Green Glaze to achieve the same result and be more consistent so I’m waiting for my next opportunity to get some.
In the mean time I went on to highlight the doors. The stippling is not looking great at this stage. From experience I would have applied the £1 craft acrylic to simulate a rougher cast surface that would have meant my stippling would pick up the extra detail and not need to be so perfect, like my Imperial Knights.
Unfortunately this had already progressed so far I didn’t want to go back to such an early stage and with the knights they had another coat of spray over the top to try to seal the art paint onto the model. Now I had to decide about the black shading on the doors and how to apply it. Then I’ll be at the same crossroads as the fins for blending the greens.
Therefore with decisions to be made I moved onto pod number 2. Hopefully while I focus elsewhere a decision can percolate in the back of my mind while my efforts are more productive elsewhere. So I move onto the bronze, can I recreate the success of the original?
I manage to get the Gehenna Gold and Brass Scorpion on. The stippling is a bit more chunky than pod 1, less realistic but I don’t think it’s any worse for it. I’ve some sepia washes to do next to deepen the tones and then I can work on the greens and sync pod 1 and 2 together in the process.
This was a long slog to get here but I did flip between a number of projects, projects that I don;t want to be working on as the pods are the primary goal; but they’re all on the list I just don’t want to get sidetracked from the next thing I have planned after the pods. I fear I may get too attached to the things I’m doing to keep my mojo up and not get back to the next big thing I’m hoping to do. That said I’ll still be sharing the supplementary efforts over the next few days, lots of exciting things after a period of seeming inactivity.

A Leap Into the Unknown

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Last night I joined in a game of Scythe run by Andrew, this is a departure for me, not that I dislike boardgames, I don’t, I just don’t play them very often, it was also an opportunity to see how this modern boxed set worked as against my 30 year old ‘Robert the Bruce’ or Diplomacy. The former was bought for a fiver and is a brilliant game which never caught on, a modern version ‘Hammer of the Scots’ is about £60 and as far as I can see is a very close copy.

Scythe is a visually wonderful game, a beautiful board and the artwork on the cards is superb, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube to prepare for the game but had to give up, one guy talked like a machine gun and I got so distracted wondering when he was going to take a breath that I learned nothing and gave up. The other two were ‘funky’ and no doubt would appeal to the yoof generation but again it was confusing, I decided to take my chances on the night.

There are several different factions and you get a faction card and a game card, the game card gives you a choice each turn to do something, move, build, enlist or upgrade, the aim is to have the most points for land, power, popularity, money etc. You also have six stars which you can use in different ways and once your put your last star on the board the game ends and a tally is made. Now you would think that a good idea would be to stop your neighbours getting ahead and therefore there would be scope for attacking and conquering their land or controlling their factories etc. But no, it is frowned upon, so the game basically involves you and the others in a race to gather as much resources as you can and use up your stars. In the whole game we had two ‘battles’ the effects of which were pretty tame, the loser usually retreated, they did lose some popularity and power but they were not knockout blows.

I am first and foremost a wargamer, not a gamer, so the concept was a bit strange to me, the box art etc. gave me the idea it was a wargame, it is not, it is what I believe is termed a ‘Euro’ game, you do have the odd battle but otherwise there is no real player interaction and you are pretty much free to build away to your hearts content. Play more aggressively you say, yes that’s fine but the mechanics are such that this is frowned upon even in the game and you will suffer for it and you certainly will not win. I enjoyed the game and had a working knowledge within about half a dozen turns thanks to Andrews explanations but in the end there was not enough mayhem or excitement for me.

Having no PC in my study I am getting on very well with my painting, even taking slightly more care the Footsore figures are so easy to paint so I have ordered up another unit for back up, just in case. I hope that this will keep me busy until the end of January or February.

I was tempted to use shields with the Christian Chi-Ro pattern but there really is not much evidence for this, I believe Constantines soldiers daubed it on their shields at the Milivian Bridge but doubt it took over from the standard patterns which had been in use for so long in the army. I am also taking the view that the units pulled into my field army at the end of the 5th C, if Roman would still be using equipment from years earlier as the supply from Imperial factories dwindled or run out, there is also the loyalty to the regiment to think about. With this in mind I am going to stick with patterns from the Notitia Dignitatum as produced by Little Big Men Studios, this also gives my men the opportunity to blend in with an army from earlier in the 5th C, so with the addition of some other units I have two armies for the price of one, well, one and a half.

I just noticed this on the Helion site, I have worked with the author before on a biography of General Moltke and the maps for this were completely different to anything I had done before, especially Jutland.

Wooden Barrels Set

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Pomalowałem zestaw Wooden Barrels Set od HQResin. I painted the set Wooden Barrels Set from HQResin.

I to wszystko na dzisiaj.

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Jet Lagged Prep Work

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I got up at 3:30am today, which is early even for me – I’ll attribute the sleeping pattern change to jet lag.Anyway, rather than waste this new found time enemy schedule, I used it to prep more figures for the Challenge – in this case a 15mm US Marine …

Why Aren’t We Still Playing Harry Potter’s Levitation Game?

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In 2001, Mattel unleashed one of the most magical hunks of plastic on the planet: Harry Potter’s Levitating Challenge.

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Chat: Daylight Lamps for Painting

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Look at how dark and dingy my paint area is. The other day on my Facebook account, I asked everyone what lighting they use to paint to. The resounding answer was daylight bulbs. I was getting examples ranging from £20 to £105 in the comments. After a recommendation that Hobbycraft (a chain of UK craft stores) carries a range of daylight lamps I thought I’d pop along to my local store and see what they had. Check out what I found after the jump.      

More after the jump

Bolt Action Tournament Battle Report – British vs Americans (2nd Edition) – 1000 Points

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Roll a 4, 5 or 6 to hit…All the numbers are here, except the numbers that would actually hit. 8 LMG shots all needing 4s or better to hit. …Yep, that is pretty much how the entire game went.Now this was my second game in the Bolt Action Tourna…

Review: Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ and Writers’ Handbook

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Rating: Rick Priestly and John Lambshead are both authors of some note when it comes to wargames rules, so a title about designing tabletop wargames from these gentlemen should be something to at least sit up and take notice of. Having read it, I am left wishing for what might have been. The book is broken down essentially into three parts. The first four chapters (By Way of Introduction, A Question of Scale, A Language of Design, Alea Iacta Est) deal with wargames rules design. The next three (Presenting the game rules, Skirmish Games, English as She is Writ) look at writing the rules whilst the final two chapters (Expanding the Rulebook, Campaigns as Wargames) look at how to expand and support your rules once they have been designed and written. After the introductory chapter, A Question of Scale dives straight into the nuts and bolts of model scale, fire and movement, line of sight, shooting and cover. The author discusses model scale, and compares how scale in relation to a hobby such as model railways can be different from scale how it relates to wargaming, specifically by addressing the age-old issue of what scale vehicle is correct to use with 28mm miniatures, […]

Gras doux – A fresh new old darf

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After yesterday’s post about the first sculpt of 2 from my friends, I’ve decided to finish another sculpt that was handed to me by his creator Mandrin (check out his Painting videos in french).
You might remember we met some time ago during our french Oldhammer event in Lyon.

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