Battle Report – Frostgrave – Forgotten Pacts 2b

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Widgets and Wonders Ep 60 -Sci Fi Security from Broken Contract

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Could he be the very popular choice for Engineers now with how TP works now?

Zulu Sunday – 28mm Isandlwana Wargame

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There can’t be too many wargamers out there who have never watched the movies Zulu Dawn or Zulu and said wouldn’t that be great to recreate those battle on the table top.

This has always been on the top of my bucket list to re-fight these cinematic engagements and following all the hard graft to paint up hundreds of figures over the past six months my dream was finally realised.

If you have been following my blog over this period you will be aware that I started this project when my father was sadly diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Sadly he passed away before he could see the fruition of these labours but the following is dedicated to him.

On Sunday five of us gathered to commemorate those souls who fought and died bravely in the opening salvos of the Anglo Zulu war of 1879. The day was made even more poignant by the fact that Sunday 22nd was actually the anniversary of the battles of Isandlwhana and Rorkes Drift.

With the cold weather gripping the South East of England (temperatures barely above zero) the shed was out of bounds so our games were played out in the warmth of my kitchen.

Kicking off at 09.00hrs with Bacon Sandwiches and gallons of tea the forces and players assembled. The morning would focus on Isandlwhana with the attention in the afternoon from 1pm switching to Rorkes Drift. The day would finish around 5pm – 8 hours of great gaming.

Setting the field for Isandlwhana was no easy feat as I had to draft in both a garden table and our dining room tanble to complement the Kitchen table. This ended up being almost 11ft x 11ft with the invisdible summit of the rocky outcrop of Isandlwhana sitting at the cut off edge of the dog leg.

I’d bought some green fleece cloth to cover the tables (not the best colour) and under this we built up the slopes of the South African veldt.

Both games were fought using Black Powder rules with some variations. These are explained in the following notes.

The Zulu Commanders debate their initial approach

The picture above shows the table set up with the British deployment. I used the following map found on the internet to lay out the British forces. The camp complete with wagons and tents can be seen to the right of the picture

I also found this 3d render on the internet showing the layout of the ground and the direction of attack. Our table represents the lower ground circling the summit

British Forces

The British players (myself and Mark) would command the two columns who fought at the battle.
Number 3 Column, Col. Glyn – Mark

Number 2 Column, Col. Durnford 0- Eric the Shed

British Units and their approximate strengths.

Number 2 Column –

Number 2 Column –

Commanded by Durnford 9+

11 Battery 7th Brigade R.A. – 3x 9pdr Rockets.

One Rocket Units

/1st Natal Native Contingent – 2 companies – 240 men

One Unit NNC

Sikhali Horse

One Unit Sikhali

Edendale Troop – 50 men.

Hlubi’s Troop – 50 men.

One Unit Boers

Number 3 Column commanded by Colonel Glyn

Commanded by Glyn 9+

N Battery 5th Brigade R.A. – 2x 7pdr Guns

Two Artillery Battery

1/24th – 5 companies – 415 men.

5 units British Infantry

2/24th – 1 company and detachment – 180 men.

1 unit British Infantry

1/3rd Natal Native Contingent – 2 companies – 200 men


2/3rd Natal Native Contingent – 2 companies – 200 men


No.1 Squadron Mounted Infantry – 27 men.

Natal Mounted Police – 34 men.

Natal Carbineers – 29 men.

Newcastle Mounted Rifles – 17 men.

Buffalo Border Guard – 8 men.

Unit of Natal Mounted Police

(For game purposes this will be transferred to Number 2 Column)

Total Number of Units 14

Each British Infantry unit has its own commander (9+) with non ifantry units rating as 8+


Durnford’s forces will be deployed along the front Donga at the beginning of the game. This includes the Rocket Batteries and NMP

Five of the British Infantry companies have been deployed according to the map provided. The Artillery will be limbered half way between the camp and leading unit of deployed infantry.

The British have two other commanding units at their disposal

Colonel Pulleine (in Camp) – 8+ commander

Melville (with Colours) – Tiny Unit 1 Shoot +2 to Melee

British line infantry were given the volley fire attribute and were steady and stubborn. Furthermore to reflect the ammo issues of the British if a firing sequence rolled more 1’s than 6’s ammo became limited for the unit in question. With ammo limited the unit lost one firing dice.
Each unit had an ammo runner who could ‘run’ to the ammo wagon and run back to replenish his unit.

The British commander had cards showing the names of his companies and commanders – all adds to the character of the game

Zulu Forces

Zulu Units and their approximate strengths.

Whilst searching for unit descriptions of the Zulu Army I discovered that an Impi is just a generic term for an Army/Regiments. Regiments were actually called IButho’s and these were made up of several units called Amaviyo’s.  Amaviyos ranged in size from fifty to three hundred men. The Amaviyo will become my standard warband and each warband will represent 300 warriors.

Zulu Forces (actual Deployment)

Right Horn


Number of Men











Left Horn


Number of Men










Number of Men








uMbonambi –



The Zulus have a total of 52 units in play which gives them a 4 top 1 numerical advantage

 Once 27 plus are shaken or Routed the Zulu Force is assumed to be spent and cannot attack

Cards for all of the Zulu Regiments were produced to aid identification of the units.
The Zulu player will receive one commander for each regiment. These are all +8 commanders.

Zulu units all have the initiative ability that allows them to move forward one move provided they have not been ordered.

The Zulu Force – had to be divided into three horns with no horn more than 50% of the total warband count.The Zulu players could determine the composition of the horns and they would start from any edge facing the summit.

All the Zulu units were standard warband units as described in the book  with no differention between married and unmarried units.

The Game

I think it is fair to say that nobody expected the Brits to win this game – they were severely outnumbered.  

The following is a pictorial story of how our battle of Isandlwhana unfolded..

The Zulu Centre and left horn emerged onto the table….they decided to ignore Durnford and his mounted troops in the Donga
So Durnford’s me mounted up and pushed towards the left horn. Next turn Durnford blundered and wheeled his me away from the approaching hordes
The British infantry are in extended line across the battlefied – facing the hordes of Zulus

The centre and left horns pushed forwards to the British camp – the zulus making rapid advances- Centre picture is the advanced rocket battery – it scored a couple of hits !
The Right horn rapidly advanced towards the British Infantry companies

The Zulu units threw themselves against the Rocket Battery – it held for a turn before being engulfed by the Zulu units
The entire Zulu army swamps forward – an impressive and scary site. Over 800-  28mm figures

The Zulu unit about to charge the battery
The first Zulu units reach the British lines on their right wing – red counters denote casualties but they are not piling up quick enough. The Right hand company falls short on ammo (see ammo box)

The British lines fall back towards the summit in good order but they can’t hold back the tide
Dunfords mounted units finally start peppering the Zulu left horn with fire but they just don’t stop

Colonel Glyn (Mark) finally gets the British line into some semblance of order
But the Zulus keep puushing forward with casualties mounting up
The whole British line is now engaged
The British commander surveys his meagre forces

The line is charged
Fierce hand to hand fighting breaks out across the summit – Zulus are cut down in droves but they just keep coming
The Impis push there way up the hill
Swamping the British companies – moments of heroism but never to be told
The left horn crashes into the British Flank – swiftly overcoming the redcoat resistance
They swarm into the camp for the spoils of war

The colours are about to fall on the summit ! (right hand of picture)
The Zulus have wiped out the British columns 

In three hours of game play the Zulus had won. The Butchers bill was telling. All of Durfords cavalry managed to escape shaken from viscous fighting with the left horn but what of the British line – massacred and the colours taken.

The Zulus lost four only war bands with a number shaken and disordered. Interesting this put the Zulu casualties at about 200 men. The real battle reports suggest the Zulus lost around 1000 KIA and an numerable number injured. In other words our game fought much like the real thing.

Just a couple of observations on the Black Powder rules.

I had reduced the movement distances listed in the book  – this worked well but the rifle ranges appeared to be a little short – at 18″ the Brits only really had a chance to fire a couple of times into the Zulu units before engagement. In hindsight these probably needed to be extended.

Orders of Battle Sheets for Isandlwhana

A big thank you to Mark, Legatus, Alastair and James for making this a truly memorable game

Thanks for reading and in the next post I’ll be sharing our re-fight of Rorkes Drift.

Come back in a couple of days

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I got a 3 tank platoon of 28mm resin T34/85s for sale. They are painted Russian green with no markings so that they can be used for WW2 as well as for Moderns. Looking for $90 for all three plus $15 for shipping in the US.Thanks,Doc

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Zebrane z tygodnia #306/Chosen from the week #306

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Witam szanowne państwo-draństwo na Danse Macabre i zapraszam do lektury oraz komentowania kolejnego wydania Zebranych z tygodnia, cyklu który na blogu ukazuje się od #306 tygodni.

Znajdziecie tutaj galerie, nowości, poradniki oraz recenzje, podsumowania i ciekawostki związane głównie z uniwersum Warhammer Fantasy, choć nie tylko…

Zobaczcie także co wydarzyło się
sto dwieście trzysta tygodni temu:

I greet you cordially on the Danse Macabre and invite you to careful reading and bold commenting the next release Chosen from the week, this cycle appears on the blog since #306 weeks.

In Chosen of the week you will find galleries, news, tutorials, reviews, summaries and  facts related mainly to the Warhammer Fantasy universe, but not only…

Look also what happened
one and two and three hundred weeks ago:

Model tygodnia   |   Miniature of the week

Halfling Illusionist and illusory soldier painted by Rob Wheeler‎.

Warhammer Fantasy   |   Warhammer Fantasy

  • Na DansE MacabrE udostępniłem kolejny wpis przybliżający kulisy Imperium za czasów rządów Karla Franza.
  • Natomiast Inkub na blogu Wojna w miniaturze zamieścił tłumaczenie materiału Zjadliwość Malala: Rozwiązanie zagadki “piątego boga chaosu”, który został pierwotnie opublikowany na blogu Realm of Chaos 80s przez Orlygga.
  • A na blogu Awesome Lies szanowne państwo-draństwo może przeczytać artykuł Lost Warhammer: Lustria.
  • On DansE MacabrE I shared another entry approximates the backstage of the Empire the reign of Karl Franz. (PL)
  • Inkub on the blog Wojna w miniaturze published a translation of the material The Malignancy of Malal: Solving the mystery of the ‘fifth chaos god’, which was originally published on the blog Realm of Chaos 80s by Orlygg. (PL)
  • On the blog Awesome Lies you can read the article Lost Warhammer: Lustria. (ENG)

Galerie   |   Galleries

Nowości   |   News

Poradniki   |   Tutorials

  • Na łamach Massive Voodoo szanowne państwo-draństwo może zobaczyć jak szybko zrobić efektowną podstawkę do Blood Bowl.
  • A Rebe na swoim blogu Tips na szabas pokazał swój pomysł na wykonanie taniego stojaka na pędzle.
  • Dave na blogu 40kaddict zaprezentował domowej roboty namiot bezcieniowy.
  • On the pages Massive Voodoo you can see how quickly do an impressive base for Blood Bowl. (ENG)
  • Rebe on his blog Tips na szabas showed his idea to perform a low-cost stand for brushes. (PL)
  • Dave on the blog 40kaddict presented homemade light box. (ENG)

Recenzje   |   Reviews

  • Michał na łamach bloga DwarfCrypt zrecenzował zestaw Signposts od MiniMonsters.
  • Z kolei Grish na fat lazy painter rozpakował pudełko z modelem Dwarf Berserker Lord od Avatars of War.
  • A Kamil na blogu Zielony Skaven pokazał zawartość pudełka Flamespyre Phoenix od Games Workshop.
  • Michał on his blog DwarfCrypt review by a set Signposts from MiniMonsters. (PL/ENG)
  • Grish on the blog fat lazy painter unpacked box with model Dwarf Berserker Lord from Avatars of War. (PL)
  • Kamil on the blog Zielony Skaven showed the contents of the box Flamespyre Phoenix from Games Workshop. (PL)

Podsumowania   |   Summaries

Inne   |   Others

  • Na blogach Błękitny Świt oraz Fanboj i Życie szanowne państwo-draństwo może sobie przeczytać czym są gry fabularne i czemu umierają.
  • Ponadto przypominam, że między innymi na DansE MacabrE możecie zapoznać się z wywiadem, przeprowadzonym w ramach akcji Między Młotem a Kowadłem, której bohaterem jest Asterix Blog Valadoru.
  • A na stronie suavelos dostępny jest film prezentujący efektowny pojedynek na miecze.
I to wszystko na dzisiaj.

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A jeśli znajdziecie w sieci odnośniki do ciekawych galerii, nowości, poradników, recenzji lub ciekawostek albo sami opublikujecie warty uwagi wpis na waszym blogu to piszcie śmiało komentarze pod tym wpisem.
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dołączenia do BLOGOSFERY oraz komentowania wpisów!
Zapraszam także na forum AZYLIUM, które skupia graczy
Mordheim i Warheim FS.

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Warhammer Digital Newsletter

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A new Battletome for Age of Sigmar from Warhammer Digital…

Warhammer 40,000 on Facebook
Black Library and Warhammer Digital
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Trzy po trzy po raz pierwszy | Three times three for the first time

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W ramach blogowej aktywizacji wracam, w nieco zmienionej formule, do prezentowania ciekawostek związanych z hobby – wierni czytelnicy bloga pamiętają zapewne cykl Wybrane z tygodnia (ostatni wpis z tego cyklu dostępny jest tutaj), zresztą w polskiej blogosferze figurkowej obecnie jest parę inicjatyw tego typu.
Wspomniałem o zmienionej formule – otóż co dwa tygodnie, zawsze w niedzielę, będę starał się zamieścić wpis, w którym znajdzie się łącznie dziewięć linków w trzech tematach – warsztat (interesujące poradniki i rady), galeria (to chyba dość oczywiste) i projekty finansowane przez zbiórki społecznościowe. Zatem, żeby nie przedłużać, jadziem z tym koksem.
Zrujnowany most – fajny poradnik, pokazujący budowę zniszczonego mostu, a przy okazji pracę z pianką.
Bagno bayou – wideoporadnik pokazujący robienie widowiskowego bagna żywcem wyjętego z Florydy.
50 artykułów i poradników “wartych zobaczenia” wybranych w 2016 r. przez Volomira. Zdecydowanie warto.

Milicja z Pfeildorfu malowana przez Jaeckela. Uwielbiam ten styl malowania.
Paskudne Olbrzymie Nietoperze w inspirującym malowaniu Jacka Suplewskiego, kradnę pomysł.
A tutaj wip – ale koniecznie zerknijcie – Mannfred w interpretacji Kaśki Górskiej, szczena na podłodze.
F.U.B.A.R. Reloaded – mała firma i pomysł na wydanie figurek amerykańskich rangerów z czasów lądowania w Normandii w skali 28mm, ewidentnie inspirowanych pewnym znanym filmem.
German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm – Heer46 i bardzo ładne figurki niemieckiej piechoty górskiej.
Streetscape: 28mm wargaming buildings – dość tanie budynki cięte laserowo z pewnym twistem – mają możliwość dowolnego mieszania elementów takich jak fronty, ściany, itp., dzięki czemu można stworzyć w miarę unikatowo wyglądający teren.
A na zakończenie coś ekstra – miłośnicy WFRP w jego pierwszej odsłonie koniecznie powinni zacząć odwiedzać ten blog. Sporo ciekawostek i interesujących wpisów. Serdecznie polecam.
Trying to return to my former blog activity, I return to showing best hobby related links from the past week – readers of this blog may remember Chosen from the week series, which I ran few years ago (the last part of this series is available here).

This incarnation of this long running feature will be slightly different. Biweekly, at Sunday, I will try to publish a note with nine links divided into three fields of interests – tutorials and tips, gallery and various crowdfunding projects. So, let’s go.


Ruined bridge – nice tutorial showing how to make a ruined bridge. Universal tips regarding working with foamboard.

Bayour swamp – videotutorial showing how to make a swamp – directly from Florida it seems.

50 articles and tutorials to “Do not Miss” chosen by Volomir. Lots and lots of good stuff in one place.


Pfeildorf’s militia painted by Jaeckel. I love his style.

Really bad Giant Bats painted by Jacek Suplewski to such a high quality (and very, very cleverly posed) that I will steal this idea. 

And here is a WIP – but definitely jaw-dropping. Mannfred painted by talented Kasia Górska.


F.U.B.A.R. Reloaded – small company and an idea to publish miniatures of American WW2 Rangers miniatures clearly inspired by a certain well-known war movie.

German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm – Heer46 and very nice sculpts of German Mountain Infantrymen.

Streetscape: 28mm wargaming buildings – relatively cheap laser-cut buildings with a twist. It is possible to freely mix and match additional parts, like fronts, windows, walls, etc, to create unique looking city terrain.

And something extra – fans of 1st edition of WFRP should really take a look at this blog. Lots of interesting notes and stuff here.

Mameluks Cavalry Force within Sharp Practice.

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With the first outing of the new look Egyptian project tonight and after completing the French Legere time to switch back to more Ottoman’s.The Mameluks were originally slaves who came to rule Egypt for themselves, they were renowened horsemen each rid…

Black Library Newsletter

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The latest from the Black Library…

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Games Workshop Ltd, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS
Registered in England and Wales –  Company No. 01467092. VAT No. GB 580853421

Our mailing address is:

New Year – New Blog Minis…..

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Well, there comes a time in every man’s life when he says ‘enough is enough’. Today is not that time. Without further ado I bring you 3 new greens from Bob Olley….awaiting a few more before production however thought I’d share…..GaddoKim DoSad DoSo…

Status Update and some Carolingians!

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This update is long overdue, but real life is messing things up yet again. While I have made less progress in the Challenge than I wanted, I am steadily nibbling away at my 28mm unpainted pile and a post with my Carolingian foot soldiers is up at the Challenge Website HERE.

Some other things I wanted to mention here are two tech-innovations and a bit of GW news, well at least to me.

First up, for my Birthday I bought a Daylight Lamp, best thing to happening to me for pretty much all of 2017! This makes sooooo much difference while painting, you just cannot believe it!

The second innovation I tried out recently is “The Masters Brush Cleaners” it is also a revolution in cleaning your precious utensils!

Just yesterday evening I tried it on some older brushes and it worked brilliantly really worth a try! This tutorial shows you how it works.

Now GW has deemed it right to revert the White Dwarf back to it’s old format and I bought the January issue and…had a blast reading it. At almost €10,- I find the price  a bit steep but it’s a thick magazine with some very good and light reading articles in there. I will buy one on occasion.

For now that’s all cheers Folks!

Operation Jupiter 14 – Crest of the Hill

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IntroductionThis is game 14 in replaying the scenarios from the Briton Publishers Operation Jupiter skirmish scenario book (Lulu PDF link).   I played this one on a 4’x4′ table using 20mm. The background on why I am playing these is at the st…