Cold Wars 2017, a minor pilgrimage

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Hurray!  Once again the sun dawns on a trip to an exotic faraway location where I can play toy soldiers all weekend long.  As happens this time in March, The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society held their annual SPRING convention, namely, … Continue reading

100 Fatal Blows (Bladed edition) for all fantasy RPGs, PDF Release today!

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Well, I waste no time in announcing the latest release in the Grinning Skull Design Studios schedule, our growing range of RPG & wargaming PDF publications. Grinning Skull Design Studios presents: 100 Fatal Blows (Bladed Edition) for all fantasy RPGs. The latest in the “Grim’s Amazing D100 Tables” range of publications, this product is designed to […]

Guess who’s back? The Return of the Skull!!

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Well, long time no post! Yes I’m back. Yup, it’s been a long time since I was here to post, so I thought it was time to get back into the old blogging and let you know what I’m up to. I suppose I’ve been putting off doing a revamp on this site, and yes […]

On The Seven Seas

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So, we tried out On The Seven Seas last night for the first time. It was disappointing. It is a game that I do not think we will be returning to. The basic concept of Greed versus Fear sounded quite good, the side with the higher Greed value goes first and if a crews Fear … Continue reading On The Seven Seas

Dreadnought Duo and Reports

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Ugh, report season. I have about 50 of them to complete by tomorrow morning, so no blog post. Here’s a picture of two dreadnoughts to tide you over.Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sha…

Zmora z przeszłości | Wraith from the past

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Przeglądając listę armii do 3. edycji WFB w poszukiwaniu jakichś smaczków do tej notki, której bohaterem jest zmora, wydana w połowie lat osiemdziesiątych w serii Night Horrors, ze zdziwieniem uzmysłowiłem sobie, że całkowicie błędnie zapamiętałem tę figurkę z gier. Byłem przeświadczony, że była niezależną postacią, bohaterem wysokiego poziomu i że kosztowała sporo punktów. Owszem, punktów kosztowała sporo, 150, ale nie była żadnym bohaterem – w 3. edycji zmory mogą bowiem wchodzić w skład widmowego dworu (tak sobie tłumaczę pojęcie ethereal host), ale nie mogą dowodzić oddziałami, nie są też samodzielnie walczącymi bohaterami. Wszystko pomieszało mi się z kolejną edycją gry;)
Miniaturka po raz pierwszy pojawiła się na reklamie w roku 1986, w 84 numerze White Dwarfa. Bądźmy szczerzy – nie jest jakoś specjalnie zachwycająca, nawet na tle innych miniaturek z tego okresu, przedstawiających tego eterycznego stwora, choć przewyższa, moim zdaniem, pokazywanego wcześniej widmowego stwora bez twarzy.
Pokazywana dziś zmora twarzy również nie ma, brak również oczu, widocznych we wspomnianym przed chwilą innym przedstawicielu tegoż gatunku, obecne są za to dłonie. Ot, taka niekonsekwencja. 
Przez długie lata, blisko ćwierć wieku, figurka ta służyła mi w grze pomalowana w mało ciekawe, brudne szarości – przemalowałem ją, by mieć wszystkie stwory eteryczne wyglądające w zbliżony, spójny sposób.
A na zakończenie dodam jeszcze, z pewną przykrością, że pozostałe trzy zmory wydane w ramach serii pozostają jeszcze poza moją kolekcją. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś je dorwę…
When I was browsing through Undead army list for 3rd edition of Warhammer, looking for some tasty findings useful for writing this note, I realized that my memories of today’s note hero – a wraith – are wrong. I was sure that this creature could be fielded as high level independent hero and that wraiths were quite costly to use. Well, the points costs was high – 150 points. But it turns out that my memories are deceiving me, as wraiths could be fielded only as a part of ethereal host but they can’t lead any units and are not characters at all. It seems that I mixed up memories from 4th edition of the game;)

This particular miniature was advertised for the first time in 84th issue of White Dwarf, back in 1986. Let’s be honest – it is not particulary stunning, even when compared with other wraiths released in thie period. Still, I think it is better then recently shown here faceless wraith.

Today’s wraith is faceless and eyeless too (earlier shown wraith has eyes) but it has hands. Well, artistic licence for the way.

For a long time, 25 years, this miniature served me painted in rather ugly and uninteresting dirty greys, I repainted it now to have consistent look of all ethereal creatures in my army.

Unfortunately, I don’t own three more wraiths which were released as a part of Night Horrors but I hope that someday I will be able to acquire them…

I’d also like to remind that You can see other ‘terrain’ photos of freshly painted miniatures on my Instagram account.

Quick Takes: Preorders, Splurging on Games, and Making Time

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Preorder Problems To preorder, or not? This dilemma is currently coloring my hobby experience. And it goes beyond crowdfunding.  Although my relationship status with Kickstarter games has long been “its complicated,” recently, I’ve been having a broader crisis of will … Continue reading

Review: TimeWatch Rpg

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If you want to run a time travel rpg this book is a fantastic buy. Of 392 total pages 247 pages are of GM advice, guidance, examples examples, and more examples. Even if you don’t want to use the Gumshoe rpg mechanics this book could be an extremely us…

OFFICIAL – GZG: a brief news update now on the store……

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Hi all,
The last few weeks have been pretty much all spent getting order dispatches back up to date, but I’ve just posted a brief news update on the store – with information about PRE-ORDERS FOR SALUTE (which is now less than a month away….).
More news soon about the NEW RELEASES for the show!
Jon (GZG), Thursday 23rd Feb 2017

As always, please feel free to repost this info anywhere (blogs, forums etc) that you think folks might be interested in it!

Unboxing Raging Heroes – Sister Celenia, Scout

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Following on from their first successful ‘Toughest Girls of the Galaxy’ Kickstarter Raging Heroes launched a second one called TGG2: Light and Darkness in order to create three new female armies: Dark Elves, Lust Elves, and Sisters …

The Cabal of Eight – Pt.11: The Under-City Vaults Pt.1

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The Underlings, after a confusing and circuitous route, led the young mages to the goal. They were in a large sewer tunnel on a narrow walkway above a flowing river of filth. They showed the mages a small hole bored through the slimy brick and mortar wall. Beneath was a thick oak double-door its bronze […]

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Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017

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 Sunday just gone I was over in Stoke for the Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017.Here we have part of the Bulldog stand.Don’t you hate it when someone buys you a spitfire and you have “oh, I love that they are my fav” then all of …

RAFM Jaguar

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And here is the final model for my first squad of RAFM model for my Heavy Gear project.As you can see this is the first Gear I’ve gone off piste by converting the medium autocannon using a contemporary Dream Pod 9 very light field gun as the basis of m…

Happy Birthday – some of the presents

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In addition to a new sketch book and some gift vouchers for W H Smiths (newsagents/book seller in the UK), I received this near pristine second-hand copy of the Andreas Miniatures Catalogue from Sue and a copy of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman from Hol…

Dragoon: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion Preview

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Dragoon Rogue and BarbarianNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. Recently we reviewed a fantastic looking board game called Dragoon from Lay Waste Games. While the game wasn’t perfect, it was still pretty fun to play and provided a really high amount of player interaction. Dragoon […]

Firefly Crime and Punishment Expansion Review

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Crime and Punishment is the latest small expansion for Firefly the game. It adds more Misbehave cards, Alliance Alert cards and some new Setup and Story cards.

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Hordes: Minions Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers (Unit)

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With AdeptiCon starting tomorrow for my son and I, I really did not think I would be starting any new models, let alone finish them.  I decided this past Saturday to finally assemble my Bokor and Shamblers (I have been delaying for awhile since it…

8th edition 40k rumours – a burning eye view.

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Greetings all! See this thing I’m jumping on? that’s a bandwagon right there! So here we go, we’ve seen some confirmations from GW this past day about what they’re looking at for 8th edition, and we know it’s going to be within the next year. Here are my thoughts on what’s been said, and what I’d like to see happen!

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1945 LW FOW Tournament – Feb 18th "The Final Hour" – Kirwan’s Game Store

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The end of V3 is fast approaching, as many regular readers of this blog are aware.  And with it comes a possible end to many lists and models we held dear.  In an effort to say our final goodbyes to a version of the rules many of us loved dearly over the past 1/2 a decade, Chris Johnson (my arch enemy) helped put together a tournament up at Kirwan’s Game Store. 1945pts LW, 3 rounds, beginning at 11am.

Below – Chris Johnson and a raffled off German Panzer Army for EW.  Everyone started with one ticket, but each loss earned you another ticket. (very good idea)

My List: I debated a lot about what to bring.  I decided on something I could never get to work.  I had only played them once, at 1425 pts and they were the worst list I ever brought to a tournament.  I should have known better at the time, but there it is.  What is over pointed like crazy? What is a fast tank? What has the stink of the oddly non-synergistic British rules about them… guessed it.  Comets.

My List – Nachtjager
British Motor Company (which for some reason is an Infantry company)
HQ – 2 white scout cars with cmd and 2ic
1 – Motor Platoon (cmd MG team + 3 MG teams w/ piat and lt mortar) (6 stands)
2 – Motor Platoon (full)
3 – required scout platoon (3 UC’s)
4 – Wasp platoon
5 – AT guns 6pdrs
6 – mortar platoon
7 – 4 comets
8 – 4 comets

for a grand total of 1945 pts.

First Round – Joey Laderoute from Blackmoon Games in Lebanon NH

I missed the chance to play him last tournament so I was glad I got a shot this time around.  He brought American Tanks, Jumbos and Easy 8s, and an assortment of other trained armor. He reasoned that in V4, Easy 8s were dead, and Jumbos wouldn’t be nearly as good. He attacked, since I was an infantry company.

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Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ & Writers’ Handbook: Jon Yuengling’s thoughts…

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Towards the end of 2016, following the release of Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ & Writers’ Handbook (which I reviewed here) we ran a competition on the podcast to give the book away, the only proviso being that the recipient write post for the blog with their thoughts on the book. Jon Yuengling won the book, and has very kindly written an article for the blog. I received this book after taking part in a contest to receive a wargaming book that you were asked to read and than review. This was done through the good graces of Meeples & Miniatures. A fine group of guys that are only looking to make the hobby better, as am I. So Neil sent me the book, Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ & Writers’ Handbook by Rick Priestley & John Lambshead. Perfect, I thought, I have penned a few pieces for Avalon Hill, Hasbro, TOOFATLardies and Solway Crafts and Miniatures. And what wargamer does not think of themselves as game designer, myself having done work with Clash of Arms, Hasbro and TOOFATLardies. So it is clear that this is a good book for myself and most in the community. From a production stand […]

Chain of Command: When being better prepared does not mean having a better game

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Another desert duel 

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Battle Report – Legends of the Old West – Throwback Thursdays Ep 93

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Casualties of war

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Andrew Brentnall has been extending his ECW collection with some casualty bases- here are some of them, there are many more. We hope to make the battlefield a little less “parade-ground” than usual. Many will make it onto the table for his Edgehill gam…

Widgets and Wonders Ep 67 – The Shape Shift Carrying Case from Phobos Foundry

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The problem with Primarchs returning

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Sorry there have been so few posts this month, really just have been in a mad dash to get Adepticon Ready! (I am and leave the day this is published!)The Primarchs are coming back, and that isn’t necessarily good for 40k.Don’t get me wrong, I am happy …