Grinning Skull Miniatures release: The Zarglian Invaders!

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Ok, so I’m a little late on the mark, since these were released last week, just been busy! Let me introduce you to the Zarglian invaders, the carnage continuum’s very own alien genocidal race, out to spread terror and domination throughout the outer fringes… These figures are cast in fine quality resin and would make […]

Grinning Skull Miniatures: Behold the mighty Clukkatrix!

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A belated Grinning Skull Miniatures release from Alternative Armies, I present to you the clukkatrix. A huge mutant chukk to intimidate your enemies! Imagine these bloodthirsty muties ravaging the field of war, or even in a dungeon crawl as a monster to test your adventurers? These beasts are what nightmares are made, huge mutated chukk […]

Designer Interview – Trivatch Games {Part 2}

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Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of my interview with David Vatcher of Trivatch Games. If you missed the first half of our discussion, where we learn a little about: the guys behind Legends of Rakasa, all of the … Continue reading

Designer Interview – Trivatch Games {Part 1}

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Today, I’m speaking with David Vatcher of Trivatch Games about his company and their upcoming Hunting & Crafting game “Legends of Rakasa: Fordra” Hi David, thanks for talking with me today. Before we get into the game itself, can you … Continue reading

Battlefleet Gothic – Dark Eldar Fleet Display

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Today I managed to find some spare time, getting my Dark Eldar fleet for Battlefleet Gothic on celluloid. I would like to take this as starting point for some further blogging about Dark Eldar tactics in our most beloved space battles tabletop game. Supporting the video, here are some great Dark Eldar fleets I have…

Conquering Kings of War: Dwarfs versus Undead Demo Game

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Big Armies, Big Battles come to Beasts of War in this month’s Conquering Kings of War videos. Mantic’s Rich “Stretch” Armstrong takes on BoW’s Justin in an epic clash on the tabletop. Watch it here: If you want more, check out the backstage pass XLBS episode and watch the rematch between these two titans here. […]

M551 Sheridan tank

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M551 Sheridan Light Tank (documentary)

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The crazy world inside and outside the Dome

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Memories of the crazy attempt at creating an enclosed biosphere here on earth, and just a hint of what went wrong. Continue reading

Diamond Sky – Session 2 (22/07/15)

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This week saw one of the players (Salderban) leave us temporarily whilst he goes on holiday, but we were joined by another new player to replace him, so party numbers remained at five.Bullywugs go to war – courtesy of WotCThe Party:Karik (?) – Sorceror…

Unboxing Loot Crate July 2015

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First unboxing of an Loot Crate here on the blog, it’s actually my fourth crate but I never came around doing an unboxing until now.First of all, what is Loot Crate? It’s a crate you get loot in of course. Each month you get a new one with different st…

Hobby Time – Water Elementals

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Its been a while since I blogged rather than just posted some pics so hello again MyWargame, here’s some hobby Neil of Orange style. I’ve been working on a Kings of War Forces of Nature on and off for a little while now and really enjoyed the challenge of hunting down figures I like and […]

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Today`s Haulings: 40 year old Lego boxes and more

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What a great day of hauls it was indeed, as I went to my local auctioneering house and managed to take home some amazing goodies.But that wasn`t everything the mailman dropped by though, so here is the full range of `winnings` for this little geek :-)T…

Painting table updates

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As I mentioned yesterday, it’s been a while since we’ve had a painting update (or many updates at all come to think of it). Please excuse the rushed photos… I had millimeters left on the battery so had to rush, which has led to some shoddy, slightly …

GCPD Detective – Another One Off The List

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Not every character in the Batman Miniature Game gets a name. Most do, in one form or another, be it the Green Arrow, or Turk, a Black Gate prisoner with two pistols. Some just get a job title, such as Gotham Policeman (better known as Fat Cop) or Clow…

Unboxing Malifaux – Collodi’s ‘Master of Puppets’ Starter Box

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Malifaux…where ‘Making Friends’ is taken quite literally…COLLODIThere are many old relics from humanity’s first time through the Breach. Most of these are the usual variety- ruins, coins, books. But there are forgotten things as well, things that w…

Gencon is here and I’m a ball of energy

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With Gencon around the corner, I cannot tell you enough how filled with nervous energy I am. It is the same type of jitters and butterflies one feels when about to go on stage. It is something I feel every time a con is about to begin and particularly …

Great minis Cameron, I wonder if the zim' coul…

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Great minis Cameron, I wonder if the zim’ could be toned down with the careful use of a wire-wheel in the dremel? May take away from the rigid uniform look…


Infinity: Keisotsu Butai

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In my last Infinity post I talked about incorporating the Japanese Sectorial Starter set into my vanilla Yu Jing. Just to give me a variety in the miniatures and load outs available and thus a little flexibility in the force list. Nothing drastic, purely to see how a few minor …

Achtung Commando [4]

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I set about organising my Foundry and Westwind commandos for Bolt Action and Chain of Command today, having forgotten to pack any superglue so being unable to start basing them up. I’ll get some tomorrow but, in the meantime, I have sorted out a flexib…

By Fire and Sword: Kingdom of Sweden vs Cossacks. Ogniem i Mieczem: Królestwo Szwecji przeciw Kozacy.

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Last Thursday in our club we had a By Fire and Sword game. It was opportunity to finally try my Swedes in full of their strength. As not all in the club have the copy of Deluge, we decided to use the army list from the main book. So Jack placed a 19 FPS Cossacks against my 11FPS Swedes.
W ostatni czwartek w naszym klubie mieliśmy grę z zasadami Ogniem i Mieczem. Była to okazja by w końcu sprawdzić moich Szwedów i w ich pełnej sile. Jako, że nie wszyscy w naszym klubie posiadają kopię Potopu, zdecydowaliśmy się użyć list armii z głównego podręcznika. Na przeciw siebie stanęły siły kozackie na 19 pkt. przeciwko Szwedom na 11 pkt.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: The Patrol scenario from main book.
MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI:  Jack Glanville, Bartek Żynda
Jack and Ian Carter played Cossacks and me and Petr played Swedes. Unfortunately during the game we lost a lot of time for looking for the rules, as we did not played them for the long period of time. This slowed the game dramatically and when we finally had some action we had to finish the game. Game finished with tactical Cossack victory, but this Thursday my Swedes will take revenge!
Jack i Ian Carter grali Kozakami, natomiast ja i Petr graliśmy Szwedami. Niestety podczas gry straciliśmy dość dużo czasu na szukanie odpowiednich zasad, jako że nie graliśmy ich od dawna już. To bardzo spowolniło grę i gdy w końcu zaczęło się coś dziać, skończył się czas na grę. Gra zakończyła się taktycznym zwycięstwem Kozaków, jednak w ten czwartek moi Szwedzi spróbują wziąć odwet!
Gallery from the game on my Flickr:
Galeria z gry na moim Flickr:

Soldiers of Killiecrankie – a lovely day out in Perthshire

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The event was in the area occupied by Mackay’s baggage train.I swithered (for non Scots swither is ‘to hesitate’) about getting out of bed that morning. I had loads to do for the show at Claymore the following weekend and did not relish 4 hours in the …

Conclusion of Flying with Paints

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Hi All,I just wanted to report back to you all how my experiment in travelling with my paints worked out. Long time readers may be familiar with my previous travelling paint kits.To Recap:A fine line between clever and stupidHave Paint, Will TravelMy 2…

The Magi SpellCasting game V. 2 rewrite

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Offering up a rewrite of the Magi, a spellcasting game done entirely with hand gestures, in epub format. Continue reading

Mantic at Gen Con 2015

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Hey guys! Community Pat here. Just wanted to reach out to everyone and let everyone know that we’re at Gen Con from Thursday 30th July at stand 1637. Here’s what’s happening! This year we’re running events for all the games that Mantic makes! Here’s the schedule of events! If you want to get in on […]