Blood bowl team of the week

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Ever since the new release of Blood Bowl by GW, my interest in the game has soared. No longer will it be relegated to the almost never played and will take pride of place in the regular section. (I play far too many genres of games :) ) Checking out th…

The Summoning – Chapter One

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A STILLNESS TO THE TREES The Duke of Lorica has requested that you and your companions investigate a simple family matter. His niece, Aolynn, summers at the farmstead of a retired member of the Royal Guard near the frontier town of Dunnhaven. The dispatch rider bearing the weekly correspondence from her is two days overdue … Continue reading The Summoning – Chapter One

Slimy Monday

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I got these guys years ago in a random pack. I mean slimes are useful in so many ways… Mostly to beat up your PCs, which I like… I painted them as ocher jelly, yellow mold or some other type of goo. They disgust my daughter most of all, which mak…

Singin’ the Blues

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I asked my wife what she thought of the river sections that I made over the weekend. She said they were too green and, on reflection, she was probably right. As a result, I had a go at re-painting them in shades of blue, which looked alright to be…

Busy Day – Working On Designs

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I have spent a bit of time today on what I laughably call product development. This has been mainly working out costings. More along the lines of what it will cost to produce something, wrap it up and put some packaging on it. So all in all a pretty du…

Shadow Wars Scenery

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Still trying to make the best of the time I have before this WE, here is part of the Show Wars scenery I managed to get done this past week !
I’ve bought the Shadow wars : Armageddon box at its release (lucky me) and I have to say I’m more than chuffed with it.

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War Store… Excellent service. This is why I purchase my miniatures from them!

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I can tell this is very true.  My order for some Perry Miniatures has gotten lost in the dark space of the USPS.  The package got as far the Mid Processing and Distribution ctr in NY.   This was way back on the 7th of May.  Next on …

Nicky Hayden

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Nicky Hayden, 2006 MotoGP World Champion and one of the nicest blokes around, passes away after a cycling accident.
I have been fortunate enough to see him race all over Europe since 2003. He will be missed.

220mph on a MotoGP bike, easy.
Cycling in I…

Hobby update – 22/5/17 – laying the foundations for finished stuff

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Greetings all – let’s do a hobby post today shall we? Where am I getting to with the slaves to darkness I’ve been painting?

Before I get stuck into it – might I just point out that I’m taking on commission work again as my current list is almost complete.

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Grinning Skull Design Studios: New Release: The Witch’s Daughter, a system agnostic generic fantasy adventure for all fantasy RPGs

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So, I’m back with the next of this months new releases, this time it’s our very first adventure module from Grinning Skull: The Witch’s Daughter. Written by Allen Farr, this adventure is suited to low-mid level characters, and is a tale of religion, witchcraft, murder and mystery. This 68 page module is system agnostic, just […]

Unboxing Malifaux – Allison Dade

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“One more question?..”The Allison Dade box contains enough parts for one miniature…namely Allison Dade. It also contains a stat card for her though there are no upgrade cards.Allison DadeAllison Dade survived the violence that befell Innocence, and t…

Amon of the Thousand Sons, Magnus and Russ

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Amon of the Thousand Sons is here!  And Magnus gets a scenic base with Russ.From Warhammer Community.Both will be at Warhammer Fest.Loken

HMS Tartar 4th Commission 1970 5

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As we approached Simonstown on the 22nd May we fired a 21 gun national salute followed by a 15 gun to the resident South African admiral, we were alongside the small naval harbour by about 0930. The weather was glorious and as many of the crew got asho…

8th Edition 40K Advanced Rules: Cities of Death

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I’m old enough to remember the first Cities of Death expansion for 40K, and so I’m rather pleased to see this come in on release! The main claim to fame for the old version was doing away with templates, as they tended to get stuck on terrain maki…

Wyrd Games – Monday Preview

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The latest preview from Wyrd Games for their upcoming ‘Divergent Paths’ expansion……and the previous ones in case you missed them…Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Two Battles of X-Wing

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Allan moving his Academy pilot forward at the beginning of the first turn on my new space mat bought from Dark Sphere games.

We played two games of X-Wing this Saturday, which made for a very busy weekend after a morning spent shooting arrow at archery practice, and then shooting again on Sunday in our club Spring Handicap competition.  More on archery next time.

Our friend Allan came around to play and have a meal, drink wine, the usual really.  He and his wife Paloma are leaving Britain for sunnier climes, though she couldn’t make today because of a family bereavement that had delayed her finishing her doctorate presentation, which was due Monday.

So, I made up two three-player scenarios, with the kittens playing the opposition and us three humans all working together to foil them, which went about as well as could be expected…

The kittens have destroyed one TIE fighter and are leading the rest on a merry chase through the asteroids.

The first scenario was based on the Millenium Falcon flying out of an asteroid belt and engaging it’s stardrive to escape, loosely based on the Empire Strikes Back.  The Falcon had Han and R2 D2 aboard with homing missiles and an upgrade to allow the bucket of bolts to do barrel rolls.

It all got a bit gnarly with ships banging into each other, which worked well for the TIEs in preventing the Falcon’s progress.

We each ran two of the Empire’s Imperial TIEs with one average and one academy pilot each.  Points wise the Falcon was outmatched, but the kittens still managed to get their very battered and beaten ship off the table.

The kittens on the verge of victory with the TIE players (Susan) insisting the Imperials being allowed one more round of firing on the Falcon as the centre pin wasn’t across the edge of the board.  Kittens still escaped though.

The second game features two X-wings escorting a Y-wing off the table.

More asteroids to fly through.

The kittens had Red Leader Garven Dreis, Red 2 Wedge Antilles, and Gold Leader Jon “Dutch” Vander facing the same motley crew of Imperial pilots: one skill four, two skill three and three skill one Academy pilots.

My two TIE fighters are bottom left and centre, and I had to turn my lead to avoid hitting the asteroid.

There was much dodging of asteroids and, the inevitable crashing into one’s own ships as the Imperials struggled to gang up on the Y-wing–our victory being dependent on destroying it before it could get off the board.

A TIE fighter about about to go boom after being shot up by the kittens, and the two remaining TIEs failed to inflict any damage when returning fire.

Wedge Antilles is a total killer because his character’s special ability is to reduce the enemy agility by one, and TIE fighters are a bit fragile if hit.

The kittens did a reverse turn with the X-wings and lined up on two soon to be ex-TIE fighters, which led to complaints from Susan that I was ‘avoiding’ the fight.

In a move that couldn’t have been staged for more laughs, I managed to crash my Academy pilot into Allan’s good pilot, and then crash my good pilot into my own Academy pilot, which caused my two TIE fighters to end up trailing the oncoming X-wing furball.

With the two TIE fighters destroyed the Y-wing slip quietly away after the only TIE that can shoot it fails to destroy it.

Points wise the game was very evenly matched, but the kittens managed to get the slightly battered Y-wing away and beat up the Imperials for their trouble.

Afterwards we ate a lovely roast beef dinner, which Susan had made, drank wine, and then watched Rogue One who hadn’t seen it, which made a perfect end to a perfect day.  I will also say that I enjoyed Rogue One more on the second watch because I was able to just relax and let the story unfold without the niggling question of where and who is that?

NBFor those of you reading this and not understanding the ‘kittens’ use in the game, they are avatars whose movement and dice are controlled by more than one of the opposition players, either in rotation or individually taking command of one ship,which makes for an interesting game.

Guild Ball: Union Guild ‘Harry The Hat’

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Last week I got a pretty decent deal on a bunch of Union models and I am one to collect multiple armies/guilds, so why not.  Plus what is different with the Union Guild is that the players can play on their own Union team, or they can be outsource…

Partizan 2017

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With show season in full swing it was the turn of Partizan over at Newark showgrounds,This time round we were running a game for Cavalier Books called skirmish action, Personally I’d never heard of it due to the fact that you’ve hundreds of WW2 rules s…

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 90

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Past weekend I picked up this magazine because I wanted to have something to read in the first place, but I wanted to grab “a” wargame magazine for… the adverts!Now you might boggle at this, but bear with me…I just returned to the hobby, and while …

We are all still Magnificent Bastards

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The latest Wisco Horndog video got me strolling down memory lane (Thanks Rodge!).  WOW, has it actually been 2 1/2 years since my last post , it’s amazing how fast time goes by.  In that time span many things in our hobby have chang…

Warhammer FRP, kampania ‘Cienie pod Oldenlitz’, relacja z drugiej sesji – ‘Ślepa furia…’. Sigmarzeit-Vorgeheim AS2502, Oldenlitz k. Salzenmund, Nordland

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Sonnstill AS2552, Glaubenniedrich k. Grunburga, Reikland.

Do rąk własnych R.S., MPKC.


Wasza Dostojność raczy wybaczyć… Ledwo trzymam pióro w zdrętwiałych ze zmęczenia palcach. R. leży ranna w komnacie pod opieką szpitalników, gorączkuje i majaczy… Na własne życzenie zostaliśmy zaatakowani przez Demona spod Oldenlitz, a Prezbiterowie Sigmara ocalili nas od zguby. Gdyby wasza Czcigodność mógł zobaczyć Duchownych Młotodzierżcy przyodzianych w Pancerz Wiary! Cóż to był za widok! Odziani w światłość i ogień odparli atak Demona i osłonili nasz odwrót…

Na początku miesiąca Sigmarzeit w gospodzie “U Kata” Rufus Huber oraz Ingwar Egonsson i Domen Prevc oczekiwali na spotkanie z Dieterem Haxtem wasalem możnych panów Nikse z Salzenmund, który z polecenia swych mocodawców miał skontaktować się z Trollobójcami z Oldenlintz. Zadanie jakie Dieter Haxt miał zlecić awanturnikom pozostanie jednak tajemnicą, bowiem posłaniec został zabity – zastrzelony skrytobójczo z kuszy przed gospodą “U Kata”.

Podejrzenie padło od razu na Rufusa Hubera, który kilka dni wcześniej nabył na targu ciężką kuszę i sajdak bełtów z którymi dumnie obnosił się po mieście, wzbudzając zrazu podziw panien, z którego zresztą nader skwapliwie korzystał w karczemnych pokojach. Podobnie było owego dnia. Znudzony czekaniem pozostawił swych kamratów w sali jadalnej i kosztem 10 srebrnych szylingów oddawał się cielesnym uciechą z karczemną ladacznicą. W tym czasie skrytobójca wystrzelił z jego kuszy bełt, których bez uchyby dosięgnął serca Dietera Haxta zabijając posłańca na miejscu.

Nie udało nam się ustalić tożsamości skrytobójcy, istota kryła się za potężnymi zaklęciami maskującymi i zbiegła z miasta tuż po wykonaniu zlecenia.

Awanturnicy cieszący się dużym zaufaniem miejskich patrycjuszy nie zostali aresztowani, dano wiarę ich zapewnieniom o niewinności i pozwolono im ruszyć tropem skrytobójcy, który jak zarzekał się Rufus Huber był świeży i dobrze widoczny. Jednak Rufus Huber dał się zaślepić i omamić, Demon spod Oldenlitz odmienił jego płyn oczny i sprawił że widział on to co Demon chciał by widział. Bowiem śladem skrytobójcy podążała jeszcze jedna osoba, kobieta, mag i szpieg na usługach Imperatora – ta o której Wasza Dostojność raczył wspomnieć w ostatnim liście – i to jej tropem podążali nieświadomi awanturnicy. 

Zdeterminowani osaczyli i w biały dzień, na oczach gości bez dania racji zaatakowali kobietę w zajeździe na gościńcu do Salzenmund. I choć kobieta dzielnie odparła atak Rufusa Hubera oraz Domena Prevca to Ingwar Egonsson zdradzieckim strzałem z kuszy – tej samej którą powalony został Dieter Haxt – pozbawił życia szpiega Imperatora.

R. zwróciła uwagę na fakt, iż umysły w/w musiały zostać omamione działaniem Demona, bowiem Domen Prevc posiadał przy sobie sygnet i list uwierzytelniający który skradł zabitemu Dieterowie Haxtowi. Dzięki tym utensyliom mógł rozkazywać obecnym w w/w zajeździe strażnikom dróg. Nie zrobił tego jednak, lecz razem z towarzyszem zbrojnie uderzył na kobietę.

I tu zakończył się pościg prowadzony za tajemniczym skrytobójcą. Awanturnicy zostali aresztowani przez strażników dróg i przewiezieni do Salzenmund, gdzie spędzili miesiąc w ratuszowych lochach. Udało nam się ustalić także, bo zaklęcia którymi obłożone został ratusz nie pozwoliły na infiltrację, że Rufus Huber oraz Ingwar Egonsson i Domen Prevc poddani zostali torturom, jednak na mękach nie zdradzili tajemnic kultu Demona spod Oldenlitz. Ustaliliśmy także, że nieprawdą są zapisy w rocznikach Salzenmund, bowiem nieszczęśnikami, którzy zostali spaleni na stosie nie byli Rufus Huber oraz Ingwar Egonsson i Domen Prevc. Kulstyści zostali uwolnieni z lochów przez swych kamratów, a ich miejsce zajęli schwyceni przez heretyków i otumanieni narkotykami żebracy i ulicznicy z Salzenmund.

Po powrocie do Oldenlitz awanturnicy zostali zaprowadzeni do świątyni Demona… Pomimo ostrzeżeń Prezbiterów Sigmara R. próbowała pokonać barierę otaczającą świątynię Demona spod Oldenlitz. Zrazu wydawało się, że R. odniosła sukces, bowiem zasłona rozdarła się na dwoje i zobaczyliśmy awanturników, których rany zadane przez śledczych z Salzenmund zagoiły się na naszych oczach. Ale wtedy Demon spod Oldenlitz zobaczył także nas. Wściekły atak niechybnie zniszczyłby nasze dusze gdyby nie Pancerz Wiary którym otoczyli nas Kapłani Młotodzierżcy. Osłaniani przez Duchownych Sigmara powróciliśmy do klasztoru Glaubenniedrich.

O dalszych ustaleniach poinformuję w kolejnym liście. Wasza Czcigodność pozwoli mi zakończyć w tym miejscu i udać się na odpoczynek.

…i modlitwę.


Nie samymi figurkami człowiek żyje. Po niemal dekadzie przerwy wraz ze znajomymi postanowiliśmy wrócić do gry Warhammer FRP i co kilka tygodni szanowne państwo-draństwo będzie miało przyjemność (mniejszą lub większą) zapoznać się na łamach DansE MacabrE z fabularyzowanymi relacjami z sesji.

Zachęcam także do POLUBIENIA gry Warheim FS na FB,
dołączenia do BLOGOSFERY oraz komentowania wpisów!
Zapraszam także na forum AZYLIUM, które skupia graczy
Mordheim i Warheim FS.

Kickstarters of the Week: 5/22

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Kickstarters of the WeekMay cruises on and, at least for those of us living in the USA, we have Memorial Day Weekend coming up in a few days. That usually means time off work, BBQs, and a bit of relaxing. Of course, here in the Midwest it almost always rains on Memorial Day Weekend, so that also means […]

Quick Reference unit cards for MWWBK

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Found these on another blog “Shed Wars.   Great idea for reference cards.Link to the excellent “Shed Wars blog”:kings-unit-cards

VS 2PCG Legacy Expansion Review

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Legacy is the third expansion for the VS 2PCG series. It adds new characters, plot twists and main characters for every released faction.

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Team Yankee Nationals Update

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Can you hear the rumble of the massed tank formations getting closer? If you do it is because the first ever North American Team Yankee Nationals is fast approaching. We at WWPD are excited to host the event along with the folks at Battlefront and we really think it will be a premier event that players will remember for years to come. Right now, we have over 30 players who have committed to the event and we are still almost 3 months away from rolling dice; so if you want to reserve a spot please follow the directions listed here.  While we need to have your final lists – linked page above – in by 30 June, you are free to change it around as many times as needed before then.  If you’re worried about getting s spot, just send in your name and faction to the email listed on the info page.

I am really blown away by the prize support for this event. It seems that many of the participants will be walking way with something besides Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon! Prizes for the best player from each nationality and best “team” will give you that much more to play for.  So far we have no “teams” registered so the competition may not be that steep.

Many of Team Yankee’s players are new to the game having never played Flames of War before and may be worried about what an event will be like. First of all the atmosphere will be fun and if it is your first time playing the game, many of the old vets will show you the ropes. To prove this point I talked a friend from work, who has never played historical minis before to play in a recent event put together by Brian Sherry and details of which can be found on his excellent blog. After two games, “D-Rell” really got the hang of the game and even thwarted my DDR tank blob with a few well-placed Leo2 tanks. The take away here is that you do not need any playing time to learn and have fun with the game.

As of right now, we have not picked the missions; however we are recommending that everyone become familiar with the missions in the Team Yankee rulebook and the Expanded Missions PDF.  We will not be using the “Battle Plans” rule mentioned in the PDF because we want everyone playing the same mission each round, so plan your forces accordingly.

For scoring, we will be using an enhanced scoring matrix for the event.  The only difference is that when you hand in your card after a round, we want each player to add up the costs of all their units that were destroyed or not in good spirits when the game ends. This method lets us figure out the relative ranking of players who win with the same score and ensures that you will play an opponent who is on par with your performance.  For many of you this method will be invisible if you know how to add.

Let me also take some time to answer a few questions that have been asked so far. The two upcoming Team Yankee books will not be out before the sign up deadline, so you will not see them at the event. Another question was on the BRDM-2, Gaskin, and Spandrel units being allowed on Soviet lists.  I have seen nothing official on this yet and I will do some research before the event, however as of right now they cannot be used with a Soviet formation. The other big questions was on proxies, which are models used to stand in for another. In some cases, like if you wanted to paint up and use some T-55’s from Vietnam or AIW as East German T-55AM2 tanks that is fine. However if you cannot find enough Scorpions/Scimitar vehicles for your list you cannot use Panzer II’s from WWII to fill in for them.

So keep the sign-ups and questions coming and I will try to answer them here on WWPD when I can.
Twitter: @MitchWWPD
Mail: [email protected]