What in the Mortal Realms is Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire?!

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No doubt you guys have been hearing all the hubbub and kerfuffle about this Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire thing. Games Workshop are throwing a colossal marketing […]

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Kings of War: Vanguard. Bringing back the cards 

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Kings of War: Vanguard will be launching on Kickstarter soon. Throughout this week, we’ll be exploring the game in more detail and giving you a […]

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50 Shades Of Decay Or How I Paint Zombies

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Have you ever seen a body that has been dead for a while? I have. More times than I care to think about. I’m thinking about it now, so that last sentence was probably counterproductive. It is the stuff of nightmares. One of the last ones I saw sticks i…

Star Wars Legion – Tatooine Table – Part 1

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Whilst eagerly awaiting the release of FFG’s Star Wars Legion, I decided to create some Tatooine inspired terrain…The space port was constructed out of standard insulation foam. Unlike extruded polystyrene, I find it really good for sanding and shapi…

Call Me Old Fashioned …

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As I get older I find things preying on my mind. Sometimes they make me feel old, sometimes they make me feel sad and sometimes they make me angry.What I’m about to highlight are mainly all three.  Read the grumbling that follows at your own risk….

Battles in the Land of Fowlwarren: our Fantasy Campaign

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I’ve been too busy painting and playing to blog lately. Awesome :-)  Mostly we have been getting our Dragon Rampant on, and I wrote a number of new scenarios which I will share here.  But first let me introduce our fantasy campaign setting: the Land of Fowlwarren.  Note that our group lies firmly on the ‘light hearted with whimsical tendencies’ side of the wargaming spectrum, not uber competitive.  But we do love a narrative setting and linkage between games where possible.

Our campaign setting is based entirely on this cartoon which I came across last year:

..which I then used to develop the multiplayer Battle at Duffers’ Drift, between the Scions of the White Rabbit and the Defenders of the One True Duck God.  Ultimately inconclusive in its results (other than the associated fun, laughs and adult beverage consumption), it formed the basis of this year’s Spring Campaign…

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In the aftermath of last year’s battle royale at Duffer’s Drift, 
the opposing armies retired to lick their wounds and plot their revenge. 
Now the snows have melted, the crops are planted and there 
is plenty of fighting time before the harvest. 
‘Tis time to put down the plow and take up the sword – have at you!

The Scions of the White Rabbit under the command of  Duke Fare d’enough, are the price of the Empire of Hopsland.   Opposing them are the Empire of Mallardia and their quasi-religious Army of the One True Duck, commanded by Prince Arr l’Orange.  They (mostly) battle in the disputed territories between them, split by the River Piddle (a raging torrent at this stage of the evening).

While skirmishes would develop throughout the region, principal clashes would erupt in the forested basin of Scratchley Bottom, the strategically pivotal Ticklecock Bridge and the commanding terrain of Knutter’s Knoll in the south.

Thanks to Aled at the club for developing this excellent campaign map!

Its not exactly Tolkien, but it is a bit of fun and we will build on it as we go. More to follow…

Building a Corsec 1/56th scale LCVP

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I recently purchased three 1/56th scale LCVP kits from Coresec Engineering for a D-Day scenario.  The kits are in laser cut MDF and plasticard. http://www.corseceng.com/products/28mm-lcvp-landing-craft-kit The kits come in flat shrink-wrapped packs, with no instructions, but a bid of fiddling with trial and error resulted in a pretty nice landing craft. Below is a step-by-step […]

Painting British WWII tanks, using an armoured car!

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Hello again, this time I’m going to talk through how I paint my bolt action British tanks. To do it step by step I needed an example and I have no tanks left to do so here’s a British AEC armoured car mark III from warlord games. It’s a 1/56th scale mo…

Betrayal at House on the Hill – TSA friday the 13th

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What better game to play on a friday the 13th, then a horror-like boardgame?So past friday at TSA, we did just that as Nemesis, my GF, Albert and I sat down for a game of Betrayal.Now, the concept of the game is that you at first work together to disco…

U Con November 17-19 Ypsilanti Michigan

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November 17-19, 2017, Ypsilanti, Michigan Role Playing, Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, LARPs, Specialty Tracks, Exhibitors’ Hall, Auction, and much more!U-Con link

Do You Want Fries with That?

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Last weekend I finally managed to try out Rogue Stars, Osprey Publishing’s SF skirmish ruleset (well, they’re a sort of RPG-lite with squads of five characters who can progress between missions). I played a couple of games with fellow members of Maidstone Wargames Society using various 15mm figures (the rules are intended for 28mm but […]

Azul Review

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AzulAzul is a tile drafting game where players attempt to build the most aesthetically pleasing pattern on the walls of the royal palace. The game is rooted in the historical use of azulejos, tin-glazed ceramic tiles, in Portugal during the reign of King Manuel I. While the setting is historical, the theme is only carried […]

Fehmarn Belt, 1906.

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Today, quick relation from our last Thursday game. This time it was an alternative history, what would happened if the Algeciras Conference went wrong in 1906. For that purpose we used Angus’s collection of pre-dreadnought ships and Perfidious Albion rules.
Dziś szybki raport z naszej ostatniej gry czwartkowej. Tym razem była to alternatywna historia, czyli co by się stało, gdyby konferencja w Algeciras w 1906 zakończyła się fiaskiem. Do tego celu użyliśmy kolekcji przeddrednotów Angusa i zasad Perfidious Albion.

1. Forces. Siły

(Bill, Campbell, Bartek)
Will be updated/Będzie uzupełnione
(Peter, Neil, Angus)
Will be updated/Będzie uzupełnione

2. The game. Gra.

It was quick and funny game. Both fleet started the game from the opposite corners and both very quickly formed the lines, Germans one big and Allied two separate. I received to command Russian “Slava” and French “Gaulois” and followed Bill’s Russian ships: “Pantelejmon” and “Tsesarevich”. Soon both sides discovered that the fighting on the long distance will not bring any results, so the lines started to closed the distance. Soon it brings some results. The first sunk ship was “Deutschland”. Sadly, soon after my ships get under heavy fire of all German ships and “Gaulois” had to withdraw, because she lost all main guns and “Slava” finished her existence with a big explosion. German seems to be closer to victory, but then their leading ship and the very last get sunk. “Hessen” get hit from leading Russian ships and the “Brandenburg” from Campbell’s French battleships. The game was over as Germans decided to turn to Kiel.
To była szybka i zabawna gra. Obie floty rozpoczęły grę po przeciwnych rogach i obie szybko utworzyły linie, Niemcy jedną wielką a Sprzymierzeni dwie oddzielne. Ja dowodziłem rosyjską “Sławą” i francuskim “Gaulois” i podążyłem za rosyjskimi okrętami Billa: “Pantelejmonem” i “Cesarewiczem”. Wkrótce obie strony odkryły, że walka na dużym dystansie nie doporowadzi do rozstrzygnięcia i linie poczęły skracać dystans. Wkrótce okazało się to owocne. Pierwszym zatopionym okrętem był niemiecki “Deutschland”. Niestety, wkrótce moje okręty znalazły się pod ciężkim ogniem niemieckich okrętów i “Gaulois” musiał się wycofać, pozbawiony głównej artylerii a “Sława” zakończyła egzystencję potężną eksplozją. Wydawało się, że Niemcy są dużo bliżej wygranej ale właśnie wtedy ich okręty, wiodący i zamykający szyk zostały zatopione. “Hessen” został trafiony pociskami z wiodących okrętów Rosyjskich a “Brandenburg” ogniem francuskich pancerników Campbella. Gra była zakończona, poniewaz okręty niemieckie uciekły do Kilonii.
Pantelejmon on fire. Palący się Pantelejmon.
Last moment of Deutschland. Ostatnie chwile Deutschlanda.
Slava’s last minute, behind her Gaulois leaving the battle. Ostatnie minuty Sławy, za nią opuszczający pole bitwy Gaulois.
Explosion on Brandenburg. Eksplozja na Brandenburgu.

3. Links. Linki.

Much more detailed report on Angus website:
Dużo bardziej szczegółowy raport na stronie Angusa:
Campbell (SESWC):

Review: Deep Cut Studios Print-O-Mat

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Rating: Over the last couple of year, game mats have become have become a common accessory for players of all sorts of tabletop games, be it Miniatures Games, Boardgames, Card Games or Role Playing Games, with neoprene backed mats (mousepad material) seen as the premium product choice. Up until now, these mats have primarily been available as an out-of-the-box product with a fixed format – whether it be a terrain mat for wargaming, marked out pitch for a tabletop sports game or a cool picture for your card mat. Custom printed gaming mats were also seen as premium add-ons for many miniature-related kickstarter projects. Deep Cut Studio have just launched a new service for printing custom gaming mats – Print-O-Mat. This service has been launched as a result of customer feedback, and features an easy to use interface for uploading your pictures to DCS’s website. If you are wondering how to generate a picture, Deep Cut have added a couple of FAQ entries to their website: Obtaining a picture to print on my game mat Resizing my picture to fit on my game mat of choice I was given the opportunity to obtain a review sample of this product, including use […]

Mały Karl Franz | Small Karl Franz

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Na Warmastera GW nie załapałem się – akurat kiedy wchodził na rynek, ja wchodziłem w swoją kilkuletnią przerwę od hobby. Kupiłem tylko kilka blistrów, Mormeg również, ale moje zaginęły w pomroce dziejów – jego Wysokie Elfy mają się za to dobrze.
Niemniej jednak zawsze przemawiało do mnie rozgrywanie bitew w Starym Świecie w skali innej niż 28 mm. Po pierwsze – epicki wygląd. Po drugie – inny rozmach rozgrywki. Po trzecie – ekonomia miejsca. Zachęcony grupą Minihammer na fejsie postanowiłem wykorzystać figurki do Warmastera do gry w WFB w skali 10 mm, na swoją armię wybrałem Imperium, natomiast mój brat – niemal tradycyjnie – elfy z Ulthuanu.
Pokazywany dziś Karl Franz to miniaturka wydana z okazji kampanii Storm of Chaos, będzie moim, jakżeby inaczej, generałem.
I didn’t play Warmaster when this game was published – just when it was launched, I started my long break in the hobby. I acquired a few blisters (orcs and goblins) but that’s was it. Mormeg did the same, buying few blisters of his favourite High Elves. His miniatures, fortunately, are still present, mine were mostly lost in the depths of time (and few moving ins).

Despite lack of Warmaster gaming, I always have had a soft spot in my heart for games set in the Warhammer world but played with smaller minis. First – epic look. Second – totally different perspective. Third – economy of storage and gaming area. So, when I discovered a Minihammer group on FB, I decided to use 10mm Warmaster miniatures to play some WFB in this scale. My chosen army is Empire, Mormeg’s High Elves of course.

Karl Franz shown below is the miniature released for Storm of Chaos campaign. He will be my general, of course.

Easy Eight Russian Anti tank rifle unit

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 Time to put up the Russians.  First up is a Anti Tank unit.

Back in the V4 Saddle???

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by Troy A. HillThis past weekend I answered a call from a friend to step in last minute and run the Flames of War V4 tourney at MiniWars in Fullerton California. I was already scheduled to run the Team Yankee tourney on Sunday, so it wasn’t a problem t…

Varey, 1325.

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The rams of Edward, count of Savoy were not enough to shake the walls …
Les béliers d’ Edouard, comte de Savoie n’ont pas suffit à faire trembler les murs…
Alors le siège s’éternise…Le camp savoyard est installé, entre ripailles et repos.
Then the siege drags on … The Savoyard camp is set up, between revelry and rest.

Le château de Varey n’a pu être pris par la force…
The castle of Varey could not be taken by force …

Il sera donc pris par le temps…
It will be taken by time …
Bonjour à tous,
La bataille de Varey ce jour, jouée en démonstration aux Journées du Patrimoine.
Sieurs Benoit et Cédric sont les Savoyards et Bourguignons, assiégeants…
Du côté Dauphiné je joue aux côté d’Alex, alias Raymond des Baux.
La partie commence lorsque nous arrivons en vue du château, pour le libérer…

Hello everyone,
The battle of Varey this day, played in demonstration at the Days of the Patrimony.
Sieurs Benoit and Cédric are the Savoyards and Burgundians, besieging …
On the Dauphiné side I play alongside Alex, aka Raymond des Baux.
The game begins when we arrive in sight of the castle, to release it …

Le château actuel, restauré au XIXème siècle.
The present castle, 
restored in the XIXth century.
Comme historiquement, les premiers combats sont ‘entre gentilshommes’, point de cette diablerie d’arbalète!
As historically, the first fights are ‘between gentlemen’, no devilish crossbow!

Mais ces marauds de Savoyards en profitent pour faire venir leurs renforts, 
des deux côtés les choses sérieuses vont pouvoir débuter.
But these savages of Savoyard take advantage to bring their reinforcements, 
on both sides serious things will be able to begin.
La partie fut jouée en démonstration au château des Allymes (vois article précédent), avec le nom et le blason de chaque personnage impliqué. A gauche le village de St Jean le Vieux.
Game  played in demonstration at the castle of Allymes (see previous article), with the name and the coat of arms of each person involved. On the left is the village of St Jean le Vieux.
Les renforts passent donc devant les murailles de Varey…
The reinforcements then pass in front of the walls of Varey …
 Malpeste, nous avons beau les viser, ces renforts cavalent trop loin de nous…Peu d’entre eux seront navrés!
Ouch, our target cavalate too far from us … Only a few of them are hurted!

Et les voilà ces armes diaboliques, l’ennemi investit les champs et nous prend pour cible.
And these are these diabolical weapons, the enemy invests the fields and targets us.

La bataille est alors engagée de toutes parts, et notre armée de libération est en mauvaise posture. Même nos chevaliers, le gratin dauphinois en quelque sorte, ont de lourdes pertes!
The battle is then on all sides, and our Liberation Army is in a bad position, eve, our knights are suffering!
Il est l’heure de tenter une sortie, freinée par quelques paysans que nous avons tôt fait d’occir!
It is time to try an exit, braked by some peasants…soon dispersed!

L’ennemi, pris en tenaille, se prend enfin à douter de sa victoire!
The enemy, caught in a pincer, at last ebgins to doubt his victory!

Ce ne sont plus que cris, bruits de ferraille martelée et gémissements sur tout le champ de bataille, l’issue est longtemps incertaine…
They are nothing but cries, sounds of hammered scrap and groans on the whole field of battle, the issue is long uncertain …

Mais bientôt l’ennemi détale, et nous le poursuivons jusques au camp, détruisant les tentes, poursuivant les survivants, moultes seront navrés ou occis, même ce bœuf bourguignon…
But soon the enemy detracts, and we pursue him to the camp, destroying the tents, pursuing the survivors, many of them are slayed, even this Burgundy beef …

Cette tapisserie retrouvée dans une vieille malle du château en témoigne, une fin tragique pour le camp d’Edouard…
This tapestry found in an old trunk of the castle testifies, a tragic end for the camp of Edward …
Merci à tous!


Ah oui, j’oubliais…Pour ceux qui connaissent notre belle région, 
elle est souvent habitée par le brouillard, et lorsque se profile la pleine Lune,
dans les Dombes, d’étranges légendes racontent que…
Oh yes, I forgot … For those who know our beautiful region,
it is often inhabited by fog, and when the full moon is formed,
in the Dombes, strange legends tell that …

Certains ont cru apercevoir des mort-vivants sortir du cimetière de Saint Jean, non loin de l’ancien camp, certains affublés des armoiries de la Savoie…Mais c’est une autre histoire!
Some thought they’ve seen some undeads coming out of the cemetery of Saint Jean, not far from the old camp, some dressed in the coat of arms of Savoy … But that’s another story!

To finish, with a little advance …Happy Halloween!
Welcome to Sylvain, Peter, …!

Early Supporter Offers on Tohlic Crawlers live until 30th October!

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Thank you for your kind words and positive response to last weeks article on the approach of IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler and the offers upon it.  The time has now arrived and the three Early Supporter Offers are now live!  Go HERE or re…

More ghoulish minis

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A few more things are rolling off the painting line. This building was a gift from Terry. He’d already block painted the exterior so all I had to do was assemble the two halves, wash, dull-coat, and put a roof on. A lovely little building for Gotham. M…

Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time Review

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In our Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time review, we look at a game in which you’re trying to steal back some treasures from an evil time traveler!
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How to Paint a Warhammer 40K Power Sword – Technique #1

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This tutorial is a bit specific to the power sword being painted, which you’ll see below, however the technique and concept is universal. While being an irregular weapon, this is how I approach quite a few things when it comes to create glowing effects…

Battle Report – Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago – ‘The Stone Circle’

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  The Blood Totems must have been a warning to outsiders, but to the crews of Ares and Arturo they were an invitation to press deeper into the watery region. Finally a massive circle of stones appeared. The haunted isle must protect something valuable and the crews race to secure it, even as a shadowy […]

Warzone Studio Alternator Review

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Hello, back again with another review this time with a really cool piece of terrain from the guys at Warzone Studio This is the Alternator set which comes in at $24.50 which is a decent price for what you are … Continue reading

Embracing Papa Nurgle

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I’ve always had an unhealthy interest in the Death Guard and ol’ Papa Nurgle, infact I previously had quite a sizable army of them back in the 4th edition of Warhammer 40,000. When they were one of the best troop choices available compared to most armies, due to their sheer resilience. I was a big…

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