Two more upcoming Supremes for ‘Pulp City’ revealed | Pokazano dwóch kolejnych Supremów do "Pulp City"

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‘Pulp City’ game’s Facebook profile has been updated with two new cards for Supremes which will be released during upcoming Kickstarter campaign – Coldfire and Red Robot.

Na oficjalnym profilu fejsbukowym gry "Pulp City" przedstawiono karty dwóch nowych Supremów, którzy zostaną wydani po zapowiadanej na jesień zbiórce kickstarterowej – Coldfire i Red Robot.

30k Kill Team

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The crippled hulk of the Death of Innocence drifts slowly in the void in an ever decreasing orbit, it’s long glorious history doomed to end as just another crater in the tomb world’s surface. The capital class vessel, once considered the jewel of many an imperial fleet is now no more than a gutted corpse. In it’s long […]

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ELG Presents: Forgotten Heroes

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ELG is hosting its Annual Forgotten heroes fantasy tournament on September 12th. This year we have gone with Age of Sigmar as we know quite a few people in the area have been trying it out. We are using the well received Clash of Swords Composition and army building pools For further information and signup […]

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ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Apocalypse-Class Superheavy Tank

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ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Apocalypse-Class Superheavy Tank

Available now at:

 The Apocalypse-class superheavy tank is designed as a deep-space all-in-one peacekeeping solution.

The turret contains two high-wattage plasma cannons, auxiliary mini-gun, four AA/AT missile pods and a multi-spectral RADAR/LADAR sensor package.

The tank can use its four independently powered drive/track modules to raise or lower itself giving it a wide variety of capabilities.  Its troop compartment can carry up to eight fully armed and armored combat troops or six power-armored troops.

The Tank in the raised position


This is a 15mm scale multi-part resin kit.

The Apocalypse tank was sculpted Steve “Coolhand” Tyler.
Painted by Spaceman Spiff

Well that wasn’t supposed to happen!

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Whilst casting some 15mm building stock a few days ago something rather bizarre happened. What was supposed to be a large advanced building turned into a bit of a blob. The resin comes in two parts (resin and hardener) which is mixed together in equal quantities. Normally everything goes according to plan but on this occasion […]

Star Wars Armada Tournament Report

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By Steven MacLauchlan

On August 23rd, I had the pleasure of attending a small Star Wars Armada tournament at Battlegrounds in Richmond, VA. The tournament wasn’t hugely attended, but 5 players showed up to pew pew, and that’s good enough for me!

I decided to go with a group of three Assault Frigate Mk II Bs. To be honest, I had no idea if the fleet would perform. I have never used Garm, but have seen him used to good effect. I also wasn’t sure 3 Assault Frigates would be versatile enough, but I love the ship so I figured I’d give it a go.

For my objectives, I chose Opening SalvoIntel Sweep, and Fire Lanes.

My fleet (courtesy of Fab’s Fleet Generator):

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On 2015 Prize Support

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With only a few days left until we start setting up in the hotel, I attended the final gathering over at the Brandt house. The subject of Saturday’s meeting? Prize support! Who doesn’t love sorting through free* stuff. Well, while it’s awesome to see everything I have available to give away, divvying it out in […]

Conwy Wargames Club Napoleonic naval game

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Having interviewed an eye witness I have written up this months club game and posted it on the club website  here:  Conwy Wargames Club Napoleonic naval gameNo pictures unfortunately.

Tara aka Trevor

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In the distant past I didnt want a Nightmare version of Tara so I wanted to make my own… This led me to think about what to base it off, if I got a Death Marshall box to make a couple for Tara it left me with a spare. Made sense really :)  

Aborted Star Wars Armada game

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Unfortunately life got in the way for the players so I decided to duck out going to the club and catch up with the house renovations. Which to be honest was a relief, as the work here is going through a busy phase.As an extra plus my fleet and counters…

Frostgrave/Sandtomb – sourcing the figures

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The lost city that the selfish wizard uses people for in order to get the ancient treasures could be anywhere. …

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WFB End Times Commission: Swordmasters

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Back round to this project now and a big unit of Swordmasters of Hoeth:The space in the unit is for another character model i am yet to do, and there is another unit of these bad boys waiting in the wings haha.Painting up these elves has given me great…

Two new models from Multiverse Gaming | Dwa nowe modele z Multiverse Gaming

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Multiverse Gaming company has released its two newest addition to the Dark City range of laser-cut 28mm scale terrain models – ‘Gargoyles B’ and ‘Subway Entrances’. First set contains four gothic gargoyles, you can buy it for 4.95 EUR, second of the n…

Osprey Publishing – War of the Worlds – Coming Soon

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Another wet bank holiday……

But good new’s Osprey are releasing a War of Worlds Book in their Dark Osprey range and yes it will be based in Victorian England.

Something to look forward to in November….

War of the Worlds

On one terrible night in August 1895, the world changed forever. Grey metal cylinders, launched from Mars and hurtled through space, came crashing down in southern England. The next 15 days were marked by courage and despair, hope and shock, defeat and fleeting victory as Queen Victoria’s army struggled to contain the terrible alien threat. The war, man against machines from space, was fought without mercy on both sides. And the outcome would be decided by the smallest of things…

This book covers the whole of the Anglo-Martian conflict, beginning with a look at the relative strengths and weakness of the two armies, both English and alien, and comparing the different strategies employed. It then takes a detailed look at the actual military struggle, covering all of the major engagements between the tripods and Victoria’s army.

Connie and Blyde – Adventurers on the run

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After getting Kaleb and the chaos androids done, I’ve kept on ending those half finished paintjobs that have been giving me weird looks for some time…
The 2 adventurers above were first meant to join the crew of Lucas Stern my sensei hero but for some reason they didn’t make it into the final list.

They could still be added to the group as you  can notice their colours are the same. I actually left them aside only after I had painted the base colours and skin which makes them really close style wise. The models didn’t fit in though for some reason.

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Large Battlefield Terrain Set from Terrains4Games | Duży Zestaw Terenów z Tereny do Gier

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Terrains4Games company offers special Large Battlefield Set containing terrains from manufacturer’s popular economy series. Set contains Hills, Large Rocks, Forests and Wooden Fences. You can buy this new release in company’s E-bay webstore for 59 USD…

Armada: Imperial Commanders

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You normally start selecting your Star Wars: Armada force with paying points for a Commander: The bold fellow (or Lass) who will hopefully lead your fleet to victory. Selecting the best Commander for the job is vital to your strategy and also on what the rest of your fleet will look like. In this article, we will…

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Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee Preview – Tanks and Anti Air

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Breakthrough Assault: Team Yankee Preview – Tanks and Anti Air: Hello All  Welcome to the final model preview for Team Yankee (but not our final Team Yankee preview!). This week we are looking at …

Leadbear’s Scenic Tufts – Wargaming Recon #143

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Leadbear’s Tufts are an exceptional scenic basic product from Australia. Listen to learn how you can save money on an incredible product. Support Jonathan through PATREON Leadbear’s Tufts Useful Links Leadbear’s Tufts Facebook page (ideal way to contact & order the tufts) Leadbear’s Tufts on eBay My Leadbear Tufts Unboxing… Read More»

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Salamanders Dreadnought

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A forgeworld salamanders dread done for a client. 

Mitchell’s Marauders Complete

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A week ago yesterday my friend Tom and I decided to try out Flames of War Great War.  I had all the stuff for the game but my British Mitchell’s Marauders army was not yet painted.  It was assembled and on bases but no paint.  I told Tom…

Star Wars X Wing Miniatures: Ghost Final (Cake Topper)

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I have been working on this on-and-off for too long. That’s why I have to be done! I worked to make this look like the color palette in the source materials, in the McQuarrie style. This is a complete repaint of the Ghost, not a touch up of the origina…

Frostgrave Trials

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All aboard the train to Frostgrave!A lot of the bods at the club signed up for the Nickstarter for Frostgrave and since a few others have picked up the rules as there has definitely been a lot of interest for this set of rules coming out. This is possi…

T-55 Platoon

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Next up is a T-55 Platoon.Obviously this is made up of 3 T-55s.  As the Britannia ones were so yucky, and I had previously built a Trumpeter kit and found it to be very straight forward and you end up with a lovely tank – I decided to go down the …

‘HINT’ game news | Nowości z gry "HINT"

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Postindustrial Games company has posted another update on the website of finished ‘HINT’ game’s Kickstarter campaign. This time we can see photos of resin prototypes of miniatures of Lieutenant Justine Clevel and Officer Gutierez and 3D render of AI Human Hybrid Project First Form.

Firma Postindustrial Games po raz kolejny zaktualizowała stronę zakończonej kampanii kickstarterowej gry "HINT".