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Upperville Battlefield: Save Goose Creek Bridge

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For many, the name Gettysburg conjures up images of the Civil War’s greatest battle a titanic contest in which long lines of infantry marched over farm fields, across roads, and up hills that have since taken on legendary status. What many forget, howe…

August 2017 New Releases by Panzer Depot

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New Release from Panzer Depot in August.Sdkfz 250/10Sdkfz 25310TPLittle WillieChurchill A22DNamer APCAEC MKIIIPanzer Depot

Save Goose Creek Bridge battlefield at Upperville

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For many, the name Gettysburg conjures up images of the Civil War’s greatest battle a titanic contest in which long lines of infantry marched over farm fields, across roads, and up hills that have since taken on legendary status. What many forget, howe…

Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition Update:

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Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition Update:Closed beta testing has begun with our network of Talons playing and providing feedback. If you have a local Talon and want to get involved please speak to them about how you can take part.The Hawk Team have been p…

New Great Northern War Flags from Pendraken Miniatures

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Even though the moulding queue has slowed somewhat, the new releases continue and this time we’ve got some revamped GNW flags for everyone.  These are once more the work of the Mr Tony Hughes (Tiny Tin Troops) and replace all of the existing sheets as well as adding a second set for the Russians.

Great Northern War

PNFL220   Swedish flags, type 1

PNFL220   Swedish flags, type 1

PNFL221   Swedish flags, type 2

PNFL221   Swedish flags, type 2

PNFL222   Russian flags, type 1

PNFL222   Russian flags, type 1

PNFL223   Russian flags, type 2

PNFL223   Russian flags, type 2

All priced at £2.50 per sheet

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Jackson is with you

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Jackson is with you

On a hot afternoon 155 years ago today, an outnumbered Union force under the command of Nathaniel P. Banks a former politician turned general launched a two-pronged assault against General “Stonewall” Jackson’s veteran soldiers. Wading through fields of corn and wheat, the Yankees endured volley after volley of Confederate fire. Yet, despite suffering heavy losses, the boys in blue kept coming, surging over and momentarily breaking the Confederate line. As the battle hung in the balance, Jackson raced forward. Looking to inspire his wavering men, the Virginian seized a battle flag and waved it above his head. Attempting to draw his sword, he discovered that it had rusted into its scabbard from lack of use. Unperturbed, Jackson raised his blade, scabbard and all, shouting, “Jackson is with you!”

The gallant performance produced the desired effect. Jackson’s men rallied, buying time for General A.P. Hill to launch a powerful counterattack that set the Union troops on their heels. The defeat of Banks gave Lee’s army the opportunity to initiate a new strategic offensive, resulting in Confederate victories at Second Manassas and Chantilly and paving the way for the invasion of Maryland.

Thanks to your heroic support, we have saved 498 acres of hallowed ground at Cedar Mountain, including the spot where “Stonewall” Jackson dramatically turned the tide of the battle. Future generations will be able to learn about the battle that set in motion events that altered the course of history. Working with our partners at the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield, the Trust has continued the task of restoring and interpreting this site. We recently installed fence railing, restored the famous Crittenden gate, set up a new interpretative trail, and put in place a series of metal silhouettes that allow visitors to reimagine the thrilling and terrible events of 155 years ago.

Explore our website to learn more about the Battle of Cedar Mountain and our efforts to restore the Cedar Mountain battlefield.

New Insights Into Cedar Mountain Photography

Learn about recent insights about photography at the Battle of Cedar Mountain from Crystal Marshall and the Trust’s own Garry Adelman.

We Need Your Help!

Help the Civil War Trust preserve Brandy Station and Cedar Mountain by adding your voice to the growing chorus calling for the creation of a new state park!

Ten Facts about Cedar Mountain

Who were the key Union and Confederate commanders at Cedar Mountain? What made the battle significant? How did the fighting begin? Learn the answers to these questions and more with our collection of Ten Facts about the Battle of Cedar Mountain.

Cedar Mountain Photos

View historic and modern photos as well as a historic illustration from the Battle of Cedar Mountain.

The Civil War Trust

Medieval Warfare VII-4, Sep-Oct 2017

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Medieval Warfare VII-4, Sep-Oct 2017

Medieval Warfare VII.4 with The Battle of Hattin.

Fought on July 4, 1187, Saladin’s victory over King Guy of Lusignan paved the way for the reconquest of Jerusalem.

Theme: The Battle of Hattin

William J. Purkis, ‘The sign of the cross on his forehead – Did Crusaders get tattoos?’
William E. Welsh, ‘The rise of the Ayyubids – Saladin’s apprenticeship in Egypt’.
Andrew Latham, ‘The geopolitics of the Medieval Middle East – Was it just Crusade and Jihad?’.
Erich B. Anderson, ‘Victory before the fall – The Siege of Kerak’.
Robert C.L. Holmes, ‘Ayyubid military organization under Saladin – Family, finance, and faith’.
John France, ‘”Give the lie to the Devil” – The Battle of Hattin’.
John Hosler, ‘The consequences of poor strategy – Saladin’s post-Hattin malaise’.
Kay Smith and Ruth Brown, ‘”Millions of meandering lines” – Of swords, steel, and Saladin’.
Michael S. Fulton, ‘The wedge between Egypt and Syria – The Crusader castle of Montreal’.
Rosie Weetch, ‘The museum of the Order of St John, London – Bearers of the Cross’.

Steven Isaac, ‘A pirate-monk in the English Channel – The Battle of Sandwich’.
Patrick Eickman, ‘Miracles, visions, and St. Barbara’s head – Teutonic Knights and PTSD’.
Murray Dahm, ‘An invisible clash – The Battle of Hatting on film’.

Medieval Warfare

Preservation Victory at Three Virginia Battlefields

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Preservation Victory at Three Virginia Battlefields

We recently called on our membership to help preserve 391 acres at three of Virginia’s most famous battlefields: Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor. Thanks to the generosity of preservationists like you, we can now celebrate victory on this significant land! This makes a grand total of more than 900 acres of hallowed ground saved by the Civil War Trust at these three storied sites.

At Gaines’ Mill, you helped to preserve acres associated with the charge that broke the Union line on June 27, 1862 another vital link in the growing assemblage of land we have protected there in the last five years. You also helped to triple the number of preserved acres at the Cedar Mountain battlefield in Culpeper County, where the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield this weekend will commemorate the battle’s 155th anniversary. This land a whopping 333 acres saved in partnership with the Land Trust of Virginia was a major Union artillery platform during the battle on August 9, 1862. It also served as the scene of a late rearguard action that allowed a portion of the Union army to escape. Lastly, you have helped to preserve Fletcher’s Redoubt on the Cold Harbor battlefield a key feature from the 1864 Overland Campaign.

Thanks to your dedication, these combined 391 acres at Gaines’ Mill, Cedar Mountain, and Cold Harbor are now protected forever. Thank you for helping to honor the memory of Civil War soldiers by saving the land where they sacrificed everything for us.

The Civil War Trust

The Plastic Soldier Company doing 10mm ??

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So a preview and a question.And after a mad management meeting we managed to steal this pic of the upcoming Leopard 1 in development. The render gives some idea of a few of the options in the kit!Now for the question… Our mad and benign ruler Will, h…

ACW Gamer: The Ezine – Issue 15, Summer 2017

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ACW Gamer: The Ezine - Issue 15, Summer 2017

A 35 page PDF (including cover) for you to download online.


Peter Dennis’ Wargame: The American Civil War Battle in America Series

Refighting Red River
Review – This Bloody Field: Regimental Scenarios for Shiloh
Creating a Teddy Fur Gaming Mat
McDowell vs. Pond AAR – Long Distance miniature gaming.

ACW Gamer

Post Kickstarter Update 1 from Black Gate Miniatures

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It’s been a couple of weeks (plus two days) since the Kickstarter ended and this morning the money finally come through. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who backed the project.I have settled my account with Christian (Concept Artist) and paid f…

Ancient History Magazine XI.3, Sep-Oct 2017

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Ancient History Magazine XI.3, Sep-Oct 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.3 with Caesar vs Pompey in the Balkans

The year is 48 BC. Can the forces of Pompey and the Roman senate withstand the veteran legions of Julius Caesar?

Theme: Caesar vs Pompey in the Balkans.

Joseph Hall, ‘Caesar, Pompey and the Roman senate – Road to civil war’.
Séan Hussmann, ‘Propaganda in Caesar’s Bellum Civile – Restitutor Libertatis’.
Murray Dahm, ‘Caesar prepares for the Balkans campaign – Doing what they least expect’.
Paul McDonnell-Staff, ‘The Dyrrhachium campaign – A painful defeat for Caesar’.
Lindsay Powell, ‘The Battle of Pharsalus, 9 August 48 BC – When eagles clashed’.
Ben Angell, ‘The armies of Caesar and Pompey – Setting the stage’.
Kurt Hamilton, ‘Pompey and the senate – Shackled to a corpse’.
Joseph Hall, ‘Further reading – Pompey and Caesar’.


Duncan B. Campbell, ‘The cavalry of the legion – Glorious horsemen’.
Tacticus, ‘The art of tactics – Taktikè technè, part III’.
Erich B. Anderson, ‘Armoured cavalry in Northwest Europe – The cataphract of Borbetomagus’.

Ancient History Magazine

Chig: Sky Pilot to the Glider Pilots of Arnhem

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Chig: Sky Pilot to the Glider Pilots of Arnhem

New, hitherto unseen, first-hand accounts of the battle of Arnhem, the heroic Allied military operation known as ‘Market Garden’, become rarer as time passes.

“Chig: Sky Pilot to the Glider Pilots of Arnhem” is the story of a choir boy, who became a country parson, who took part in Operation ‘Market Garden’ as Chaplain to the men of the Glider Pilot Regiment. When he left home “Chig” – Rowland Chignell – later the Rev’d Prebendary Chignell, wrote often to his father.

Remarkably his father kept those letters written between August 1940 and September 1944 before, post-war, returning them to Chig. Chig died, in 1994, and when his effects were being cleared, among them was a small bundle of papers, containing 84 dog-eared letters Chig had written to his father.

With them were eight densely-typed foolscap pages. This extraordinary and unique document, Chig’s account of his time in Arnhem with GPR, recounting first-hand conditions which got increasingly hairier before ultimately, under heavy fire, came the withdrawal across the Rhine. The early letters provide almost a social history of wartime rural life in two small parishes in south Shropshire, recounted by a newly-married, newly-appointed country parson.

‘Dig for Victory’, the establishment of a pig club, and keeping of hens, are on the agenda. The difficulty of obtaining petrol and tyres is noted, and yet Chig’s cricket club has petrol for the mowers which maintain pitch and outfield to allow to be played against the various Service units stationed nearby – good for morale.

A Searchlight Battery’s arrival led to Chig becoming their unofficial chaplain. His greater awareness of the vital role played by Service Chaplains led, too, to his volunteering himself as a Chaplain to the to the Forces. Attached initially to the Parachute Regiment’s Training Unit – when the use of para-troops in war was still very novel – Chig later was asked to transfer to the GPR.

The tenor of the letters change, yet always painting a full and varied picture about his own role (in so far as war-time security allowed) but also about bird-life and the scenery, and about music too – a great love shared with his musical father. Padre Chignell’s letters tell a story that demands to be told.

Update: Preserve Washington’s Charge at Princeton

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Update: Preserve Washington's Charge at Princeton

Earlier this year, I told you about an unprecedented campaign to save 15 crucial acres at the heart of the Princeton battlefield. On January 3, 1777, George Washington led a daring counterattack across this land, beating the British and reinvigorating the fight for American Independence. Without a doubt, this is some of the most important unprotected battlefield land in America hallowed ground that must be saved.

Thanks to the generosity of members like you and anticipated government funding, we have already raised $2,500,000 to help preserve this key piece of American history. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support. However, there is still much more work to be done. The purchase price for this land is $4,000,000, leaving us with more than $1,500,000 left to raise before the end of this year.

This is no easy task, but it is one we must accomplish.

Today, many Americans forget that our independence was not assured with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. King George III was not going to sit back and let his American colonies walk away without a fight. The British sent some of their best troops and ablest commanders to North America to stamp out the rebellion. To ensure the promise of the Declaration of Independence, Americans would have to fight and defeat some of the best soldiers in the world.

That is precisely what happened at Princeton. Americans under the command of General Hugh Mercer locked horns with a column of British Regulars. After a brief firefight, it appeared as if the Redcoats had the upper hand. Mercer was down and the Americans were falling back. In that moment, George Washington appeared. He rallied those retreating men, and with reinforcements, charged the Redcoats, putting them to flight and winning the day. For the first time, American troops had beaten the King’s men in the field, proving that, with determination and courage, independence could be won.

Now, I am asking you to help us tell this story by preserving the land where Washington’s Charge took place. In saving this land, you are ensuring that future generations will be able to walk the ground where Washington and the first American citizen–soldiers sacrificed everything to create the country in which we are blessed to now live.

Please donate today to save Princeton.

Campaign 1776
The Civil War Trust

Wargames Illustrated 358, August 2017

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Wargames Illustrated 358, July 2017

The release of the new Christopher Nolan epic war movie Dunkirk gave us a great excuse to examine this World War Two episode in the theme of the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated.

Four of our articles in the August issue focus on or around the evacuation of British Troops from the French beaches in 1940. We explore the gaming potential of the German advance on Dunkirk and the Allied resistance. In a fifth article, Figure Spotlight, we take the fighting over the English Channel and see what figures are available for the German invasion of Britain.

New and upcoming releases in the wargames world.

Our introduction to this month’s theme, with a focus on the forces involved.

Exclusive content from Mark Latham which blends his Broken Legions rules with another of his offerings from Osprey.

A look at events during the invasion of France 1940, with some thoughts on gaming one of the initial battles.

Jay White shares some of his experiences and ideas for creating scenarios.

Dom Sore has some expert advice for gamers looking to recreate the actions, before, during and after the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940, using Bolt Action.

Paul Davies takes his inspiration from La Haye Sainte to show us how to make a tabletop farmhouse.

Two scenarios, centred around our theme, which present players with the opportunity to turn the tide in the battle for France.

Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston present their ideas for moving Lion Rampant from skirmish to mass battle level. Incorporating sieges along the way.

Model maker Nick Buxey shares some ideas for constructing the sort of building found on the English-Scottish border..

A little show with big fans, we take a look around Legionary 2017.

When scientists from the Societé Géographiqué discover a ‘lost’ plateau in Africa, a new ‘adventure’ awaits for players of Congo.

We take a look at this top award winning game from Salute 2017 .

Our figure spotlight this month focuses on the range of figures available for fighting the ‘what if’ German invasion of Britain 1940 (AKA Operation Sea Lion).

Base, We Have A Problem
How to base your figures for both single and multi-based games.

Simon MacDowall begins a series of articles extolling the virtues of gaming during the reign of James II of England, VII of Scotland.

Inspired by last month’s theme, Shawn Welte provides some great ideas for converting ‘early’ Perry crusader figures into ‘late’.

Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare to set sail in this Rules Showcase for the new Pirate skirmish wargame from Firelock Games.

Wargames Illustrated

A Wargamer’s Guide to the Early Roman Empire

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The Roman army of the early empire is one of the most instantly recognizable armies and enjoys a reputation for excellence.This and their many famous campaigns against a wide range of colourful foes makes this one of the most popular periods for wargam…

New Floaters from Trolls Under the Bridge

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Couple snap shots of our new floaters. Martin placed as usual tons of details on these models. So it’s took a little more time to finish them.Do you like them?Trolls Under the Bridge

Pictures Napoleonic Ranges from Magister Militum

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Here’s some brand new photos for our 10mm Napoleonic range;AustrianDutchBelgianDutch of WarsawRussianPortugueseFrenchSaxon and some limbers too.We hope you like them!Magister Militum

10mm AWI British from Lancer Miniatures

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At the moment it’s just bog standard British infantry, I have 3 guns made as well but no gun crew yet, my sculptor is working on the crew and the first of the Americans, hopefully have them in about a week.30x British Infantry BicorneBritish 4 command …

Teachers Learn About the Civil War in Memphis

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Teachers Learn About the Civil War in Memphis

Earlier this month, the Civil War Trust’s Education Department hosted its annual Teacher Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. Some 176 educators from around the world participated in this fun and unique experience. The event offered educational workshops, networking opportunities, and tours of Shiloh Battlefield, the National Civil Rights Museum, and Memphis’s very own Graceland. We were also pleased to announce that Shirley Mae Snyder was selected as our 2017 Teacher of the Year with David Wege as the recipient of the Abroe-Carter Award; congratulations to both of those dedicated teachers. We would like to thank the teachers who came out to Memphis and dedicated their time and efforts to becoming better educators. Teachers are integral in fostering a spirit of historical appreciation and their dedication is widely appreciated at the Trust. We are excited to announce that next year’s Teacher Institute will be hosted at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and we look forward to continuing our work with teachers to support and promote history in and out of the classroom!

The Crater at Petersburg Video

On the history front, July 30th marks the 153rd anniversary of the Battle of the Crater. This harrowing event, which was part of the larger Petersburg Campaign, is recapped in one of the Civil War Trust’s newest videos.

Visit a Civil War Battlefield

Visiting battlefields like the Crater is now easier than ever. The Civil War Trust’s Education Department has developed itineraries for many of your favorite Civil War battles and campaigns. For those time pressed visitors, we have designed one-day itineraries. And for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the subject, we have three-day itineraries. These itineraries will take you to battlefield sites, historic homes, and museums associated with the campaign you are following.


Become a Member

Save A Battlefield

Download our Battle Apps

Civil War Trust mobile apps include visitor guides and battle examinations, which will help you unlock American history whether you are on the battlefield or at home. All of our GPS-enabled mobile apps can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store and Google Play for use on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Civil War Trust and the Marine Corps Tour the Battlefields

In case you missed it, two of our Education Department members took to the fields of Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Spotsylvania last week. They were in the field leading staff rides for instructors from West Point and Marines stationed at Quantico, Virginia. The battlefields that we help to preserve are open air classrooms. And we were honored to be asked to help educate members of our armed forces.

The Civil War Trust

10mm Napoleonic Overhaul by Magister Militum

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The next tranche of the 10mm Napoleonic have had their overhaul. So, in this bunch are the Russians, Prussians and Saxons. There are larger pictures and extra poses on many products.RussianPrussianSaxonMagister Militum

Working On British Ford Truck by Arrowhead Miniatures

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Now working on a British Ford truck with a CMP pattern No12 cab. A similar one with a No 13 cab will follow.Arrowhead Miniatures

SOTCW Journal 93, Aug-Sep 2017

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SOTCW Journal 93, Aug-Sep 2017

I am pleased to announce the latest issue of the full colour Journal is now available.

Spanish Civil War TO and Es – Part 3 – The CTV (the Littorio and Arrow Divisions)
Meet The Members – Will McNally
West Front! – Soviet Plans to preempt ‘Operation Barbarossa ‘
Modern Spearhead – An opinion piece by Robin Sutton
W(h)ither the Journal – Part 2: The proposal from the team
Damour – Syria 1941
Alternative Afghan Armour and Artillery – by Alan Hamilton
Red and Gray – Part Five: The Kuban Eastern front scenarios for Spearhead 41-43
Simple Modern Infantry Rules – For the Solo Gamer
Little Warriors
The Armoury
Rob’s Rearguard

Preservation Victory at Two New York Battlefields, The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, Revolutionary War Animated Map, and More!

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Preservation Victory at Two New York Battlefields, The Battle of Lundy's Lane, Revolutionary War Animated Map, and More!

Earlier this year, I shared with you our first opportunity to save battlefield land in New York State: 160 acres at the Revolutionary War Battle of Fort Ann and the 24-acre Horse Island at the War of 1812 Battle of Sackets Harbor. Thanks to the generous support of members like you, I am thrilled to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal and these lands will be preserved!

Come back with me 240 years:

Just one year after Colonial leaders in Philadelphia formally declared independence from Great Britain, the American cause was still very much in doubt. British troops under General John Burgoyne planned to isolate New England from the rest of the colonies by marching down the Hudson River, capturing Albany, and establishing a chain of outposts from New York City to Montreal. After suffering a series of setbacks at the hands of Burgoyne’s army, Patriot forces made a stand at Fort Ann on July 8, 1777. Roughly 300 Americans attacked a detachment of 200 Redcoats on a wooded hill above the Hudson. The British eventually fell back but the fighting continued until the combatants exhausted their ammunition. Anticipating British reinforcements, the Americans withdrew.

Thirty-six years later, on the banks of Lake Ontario during the War of 1812, British forces attempted yet again to deliver a crushing blow, this time by striking the U.S. Navy’s shipyard at Sackets Harbor, New York. On May 29, 1813, British soldiers landed on shore, forcing American militia units to fall back. Yet when victory seemed least likely, the Americans made a valiant push forward on the British right flank, forcing British General George Prevost to recall his troops and abandon efforts to capture the port.

Now, the bravery and resilience demonstrated on the hallowed battlegrounds of Fort Ann and Sackets Harbor will be forever protected, thanks to concerned citizens like you.

War of 1812: Battle of Lundy’s Lane

Throughout the War of 1812, the American forces tried, unsuccessfully, to capture British Canada. In July of 1814, the United States again attempted to invade Canada, this time launching an attack across the Niagara River. One of the bloodiest battles of the War of 1812, the Battle of Lundy’s Lane was a strategic British victory resulting in some 1,700 casualties.

Revolutionary War: Battle of Hubbardton

During the 1777 Saratoga Campaign, there were several small but critical engagements that hampered General John Burgoyne’s 8,000-man invasion force as it made its way south from Canada to rendezvous with other British troops near Albany, New York. One of those battlefields was Hubbardton, located in present day Vermont.

View our Revolutionary War Animated Map!

On April 19, 1775, a group of determined colonists resisted the British advance on Concord and ignited a global conflict. The Revolutionary War spanned eight years and resulted in the establishment of a new nation. Follow the defining moments of the conflict by viewing our Revolutionary War Animated Map.


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Save A Battlefield

240th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine

2017 marks the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine, the largest land battle of the American Revolution. Join fellow history enthusiasts for a memorable weekend of commemorative events in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Join Campaign 1776 for just $17.76!

Honor the legacy of America’s first citizen soldiers by joining the national campaign to the battlegrounds where our independence was secured. As part of our month-long commemoration of Independence Day, you can take advantage of our introductory offer to become a member of Campaign 1776 for just $17.76!

Campaign 1776
The Civil War Trust

Slingshot 313

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Slingshot 313 is with the printers and will be with you shortlyContentsWargaming with Vandals, by Simon MacDowallThemed Competitions, by John Graham-Leigh, Richard Lockwood & John VaughanOn the Byzantine Rhomphaia, by Periklis DeligiannisSociety Ch…