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New Releases by Panzer Depot

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March 2017 New Releases by Panzer Depot in 1/144German Raupenschlepper Ost,Russian BP-43Russian SU76i,British Mk VIIIBritish Mastiff PPVItalian Laffly S15 ToePanzer Depot

Boeing 737-800 by Zvezda

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Our Boeing 737-800 kit in 1/144 scale is almost ready. The box went to press.Zvezda

Aotrs Shipyards Mar 2017 Release: Revenant Spear

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Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

This month, we have a couple more supplements to the Aotrs Shipyard’s titular Army Of The Red Spear ground force: the Revenant Spear MBT and Power Troops, both at 144 (10 or 12mm).

Revenant Spear Main Battle Tank

Revenant Spear Main Battle Tank

Revenant Spear Main Battle Tank unpainted


When the aging Fleshburner MBT was reaching the end of its lifespan, rather than replace it directly, the Aotrs planned for the role to be taken by the Gloombat Multirole Attack Craft; and when this proved to be most effective in a VTOL role in ground combat, by the Storm Cleaver Assault Walker. Combat experienced proved, however, that no matter how advanced the Gloombat and Storm Cleaver were, both were simply too physically large and in the end, it was proven there was no substitute for a true main battle tank.

The Revenant Spear was thus built on much more conservative lines. It is designed primarily to work as a low grav-tank. It is capable of full flight (both into and out of orbit), but unlike the larger Hammer of Hatred Super Heavy Tank, no attempt was made to streamline the hull, making it a poor flyer. Flight, however, is considered very much an auxiliary function, used only on occasions where it cannot be Gated or transported to the surface via more convention means.

When switching to flight mode, the main gun lowers to its maximum depression, and a series of thin baffles slide up to help streamline the tank slightly. The top turret locks to the forward position and telescopes by almost thirty centimetres, further reducing the vessel’s flight profile. The Revenant’s Spears shields also form a smoother surface, but all this only makes the Revenant Spear a slightly less clumsy flyer. In space, without the constraints of atmospheric drag, the Revenant Spear is better off – it can at least use its weapons effectively – but it is no match for a fighter.

Looking at the Revenant Spear’s blocky hull shape, with the driver’s vision block placed relatively far back, one might at first think it to be poorly placed for visibility. However, when the vehicle is hovering only a few centimetres above ground (standard cruising height is only 30 centimetres), the height of the driver’s vision block height is no taller than that of many tracked battle tanks. The vision block is, in fact, itself a secondary feature. The driver’s standard position has his head rather directly beneath than in the vision block. The driver sits in an armoured capsule with a full 360º holographic display. This display – taking a few keys from the Strayvians – is supplied by a dispersed series of cameras and mini-scanners in addition to the vehicle’s sensors. Each of these devices is power-pack powered, rather than by the main generator, and thus means they cannot be so easily knocked out. Should they display fail, the entire driver’s station can be raised upwards by means of manual hydraulics so that the driver can use the vision blocks. This system was created as a response to the Fallen Soul’s primary failing of being entirely reliant on sensor navigation due to the armoured prow.

The Revenant Spear uses much of the Fallen Soul’s armour techniques, the front of the full being primarily composed of heavy armour plating. The hull armour alone is still not heavy as that of an unshielded MBT of the same size (and the mass for the shield generators, as always, directly impacts on the armour), but in concert with the shields, provides excellent protection.

The Revenant Spear’s primary weapon is a magnetic linear accelerator rail-gun, a smaller version of the Hammer of hatred’s “can-opener.” As with the Hammer of Hatred’s cannon, the oblong barrel profile is due to the primary accelerators, which are situated either side of the barrel. Both the barrel and accelerators are surrounded by the magnetic coils and between the two devices, can hurl the gun’s solid slug at phenomenal speeds.

The main MLA cannon is supplemented by two coax-axial Class 13 Coldbeams. These lack the punch of the MLA cannon, but have slightly greater range (though the MLA cannon’s range is exceptional) and are primarily for assisting taking down enemy shields of lighter vehicles where over-penetration with main gun would be a problem.

The main turret weapons have an elevation of 20º and a relatively low depression of only 4º. This is deceptive, however, since with only minor adjustments to the orientation of the hull itself to the ground, the Revenant Spear can achieve another 4º even at normal cruising height.

The top turret provides the tank with its primary any infantry and anti-missile defence. It mounts a high-track Class 8 Gatling plasma-pulse cannon. A not-inconsiderable weapon in and of itself, the plasma-pulse cannon is bleeding edge technology, with considerably greater range than might be expected from a normally-short-ranged weapon system. The cannon attaches to four one-warhead tubes. The tubes are designed to be disposable, and once empty, they are replace entirely, rather than reloaded. The standard tubes are fitted with RV series Reaper missiles. The Reaper is the Aotrs standard medium-range anti-fighter missile, and provides the Revenant Spear’s principal air defence – but they are also quite effective on ground vehicles as well. In theory, the tube mounting points are rated to allow SU Skull warheads or PI Pierce interdictor warheads in tubes instead, but the larger physical size of those weapons (the Skulls especially) would make the vehicle more cumbersome. Horde semi-guided rockets, HN Harridan warheads or RP Reaper dogfighting missiles (which have excellent off-boresight tracking), while lighter weapons than the Reavers, are other potential alternatives, though in the year of release 2343, only the Reaper tubes were being produced.

Finally, the Revenant Spear also mounts a concession to the previous decades-long lack of Aotrs smoke dischargers. While it has been convention that Coldbeams can create sufficient super-cool mist to create a functional visual smoke screen (as anything that is sensor guided is not affect by any kind of smoke in any case), the Frost Bomb cartridges pioneered on the Storm Cleaver were so successful that the Revenant Spear mounts a dozen in lieu of a traditional smoke discharger. The Frost Bombs are mounted in two sets of three tubes, each tube having two Frost Bombs. The tubes have only a third of the range of the full launchers on the Storm Cleaver, only making 500m at most; their default configuration is not even that, however, aimed towards the standard 150m smoke discharger range.

Power Troop Squad

Power Troop Squad Painted

Power Troop Squad


As is often the case with powered infantry throughout the galaxy, the Aotrs Power Troops are the elite of the ground force. The Troopers themselves are the cream of the infantry, and are exceptionally dangerous. They perform all manner of duties from normal ground combat to deep space boarding and anti-ship/ anti-installation (ASAI) operations. Power Troops are rarely seen deployed in full platoons. The fluid nature of Aotrs infantry deployment (transport vehicles are not permanently attached to infantry units) means they are more often seen in groups of one or two squads. Due to the larger size of the armour, Power Troop squads consist of four troopers, half the normal number that comprise the Aotrs’ Line or Drop infantry squads, so a pair of squads and two transport vehicles (often a pair of Fallen Souls or Vampire family vehicles) is the most commonly seen deployed unit.

The Aotrs Power Troops wear the Aotrs’ Heavy Powered Armour suit. The HPA has shielding systems, and is very tough and capable. Not least, of course, this is due to the lack of life-support systems, and the extra mass this leaves free. The suits are sealed and pressurised – principally to keep out corrosives and allow the trooper within to be able to speak – but they have no other life-support capability as standard. This leaves Power Troops the exclusive domain of the Undead – while HPA suit for the Aotrs minority of livings beings exist, they are used only by individual specialists, rather than as part of a main battlefield unit, due to the additional mass and cost increase. Like all Aotrs armour, HPA suits are magic-permeable and do not impede spellcasting.

HPA suits do not have any mounted guns as standard; the troopers carry any weapons in their hands. The armour’s systems give the pilot even more strength, and they can carry even bulky support weapons with little problem. The suit is not entirely unarmed; there is a Cold Blade array built into the right gauntlet, meaning the troops do not have to carry melee weapons with them if they do not desire. They have advanced sensor and computer systems, and the pilot is aided by computer-assisted targeting. Furthermore, the gloves have magnetic clamps, so it is very difficult to drop a held weapon, or be disarmed.

The HPA suits have gravitic systems, and are capable of being orbitally dropped. They can even fly for limited distances. In space however, they are fully mobile, and fill the role of deep space assault. In this role, they will sometimes have extra mounted weapons mag-clamped to the armour’s back unit, under the shields (something that is impractical to do when moving on the ground in atmosphere). These will often be a pair of HR Harridan series warheads, but single SU Skull series anti-ship warheads have been used on occasion.

Power Troops have, perhaps surprisingly, seen long-service with reconnaissance units, where they were often mounted on Bonecracker and Bonesmasher Recon cycles, which were specifically sized to allow them to be ridden by the bulky powered armour. For some decades, the recon cycles have worked in tandem with the Viperskull jetbikes used by the Line infantry, where the recon cycle’s ability to hold the less vulnerable Power Troops was compensation for their lack of flight. All these vehicles are now being phased out. The increasing usage of both Hunter and Sentry Drones has reduced some of the necessity for the roles that those light vehicles had. Brand-new shielding techniques and an innovative new seating system will allow the vehicles to be replaced by a single new, shielded grav cycle that will configure to allow a rider to be wearing any armour.

All photos are – for a rare treat! – in WSF.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

Brandy Station: 30 Years of Preservation Success

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As a friend and supporter of the Civil War Trust, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Brandy Station, site of the largest cavalry battle ever fought in North America. There’s good reason for this. Over the years, you and I have done a lot of work at Brandy Station, and I want to reflect for a moment on what we have accomplished there.

Located just 54 miles away from Washington, D.C., Brandy Station was significant to both the Union and Confederate armies. Troops operating in Culpeper County inevitably marched over or camped on the land at Brandy Station throughout the war. On June 9, 1863, more than 20,000 Americans fought against one another in the Battle of Brandy Station, the opening action of the momentous Gettysburg campaign. This combination of historical significance and proximity to the nation’s capital made Brandy Station a key battleground not just during the Civil War, but, more recently, in the struggle to preserve America’s historic sites.

Even when a critical part of the battlefield was developed, the Trust swooped in and worked to restore it to its wartime character. This occurred in 2015 with the acquisition of one of the battlefield’s key pieces of terrain: Fleetwood Hill. What was once the epicenter of the Battle of Brandy Station had become the site of a multi-million dollar mansion. The Trust purchased the home, demolished it, restored the wartime viewshed and installed interpretive signs to explain the crucial fighting that took place there.

Our work continues today with a current effort to preserve an additional 244 acres at Brandy Station once again saving land where Americans fought and died for their values in a struggle that shaped the course of our nation’s history. We are also working with an alliance of state and local preservation advocates to transform Brandy Station and nearby Cedar Mountain into a state park.

The Civil War Trust has saved 2,089 acres at Brandy Station in our 30-year history. But none of our success would have happened without your support and generosity. Whether you have been a member of the Trust from the beginning, or are just learning about what we do, thank you for all you’ve done to save the important history at Brandy Station.

The Civil War Trust

Pre-Order, Pike & Shotte, To Kill A King

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Pre-Order, Pike & Shotte, To Kill A King

168 pages of colour rich information with an introduction by writer Charles Singleton, this supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the English Civil War. Included are detailed scenarios based on some of the most famous battles, complete with maps and orders of battle/army lists for the main protagonists plus full campaign system and siege rules!

Crammed full of detailed background information, including

  1. The Early Reign of Charles I
  2. The Bishops’ Wars and the Short Parliament
  3. Rebellion in Ireland
  4. The First Civil War
  5. The Second Civil War
  6. Another War with Scotland

Plus a comprehensive Civil War Timeline and detailed look at the armies of the civil war who were the infantry, the cavalry and artillery, how were they organised and fielded.

The author then takes you on through the tactics of the Civil War and the military revolution of the period where the Dutch and Swedish systems were learnt and employed, and indeed explained here in detail along with more Civil War tactics.

To Kill A King Page fan A

Profiles of the Royalist and Parliamentarian Commanders.

To Kill A King Page fan B

Full colour guide to the colours used by participants in the Civil War and a rather handy painting guide.

TkaK page 4 colours

Early War Army Lists For The Scots Covenanter Army Of The Bishops’ Wars

Bishops Wars Scots Royalist And English Pre Civil War Army.

The Royalist Army List

  1. The Early Royalist Army
  2. The King’s Oxford Army
  3. The Early Oxford Army
  4. The Late Oxford Army
  5. The Royalist Cornish Army, 1643
  6. The Royalist Western Army, 1644
  7. The Royalist Northern Army
  8. Welsh Marshes and the Anglo-Irish
  9. Royalist Army

To Kill A King Page fan C

Battle Scenarios Included

  1. The Battle Of Brentford 12 November 1642
  2. The Battle Of Chalgrove Field 18 June 1643
  3. The Battle Of Adwalton Moor 30 June 1643
  4. The Battle Of Lansdown Hill 5 July 1642
  5. Plus a battle report for the battle of Nantwich 24 January 1644

The Parliamentarian Army Lists Covering

  1. The Army under Lord Essex
  2. The Armies of Sir William Waller
  3. Fairfax’s Northern Army
  4. The Army of the Eastern Association
  5. Clubmen Army
  6. The New Model Army

Further Battle Scenarios Include

  1. The Battle Of Cheriton 19 March 1644
  2. The Battle Of Ormskirk 20 August 1644
  3. The Battle Report Of The Second Battle Of Newbury 27 October 1644
  4. The Battle Of Wistanstow 8 June 1645
  5. The Battle Of Torrington 16 February 1646

The Scottish Army Lists Include

  1. Scots Covenanter
  2. The Scots Royalist Army of the Marquis of Montrose
  3. The Scots Royalist Army of 1644
  4. The Scots Royalist Army of 1645
  5. The ‘Traditional’ Montrose Army

Even More Battle Scenarios 

  1. The Battle Of Aberdeen 13 September 1644
  2. Battle Report For The Battle Of Inverlochy 2nd February 1645
  3. The Battle Of Benburb 5 June 1646
  4. The Battle Of Winwick Pass 19 August 1648

To Kill A King Page fan E

The Irish Army Lists Include

  1. The Irish Catholic Confederate
  2. Anglo-Scots Army
  3. Ormond Irish Royalist Alliance Army

Plus Campaign And Sieged Rules

  1. Special ‘Period’ specific rules
  2. ’Late Misery of War’ 8 pages of detailed campaign rules
  3. 10 pages of glorious siege rules

Concluding With The Storming Of Chichester

To Kill A King Page fan F

Book Special Miniature

And for everyone who purchases this fantastic tome of Civil War knowledge from the Warlord webstore there is the fabulously characterful FREE miniature of Lord Minimus… we’ll find out more about him from our illustrious commander later!

Pre-Order today and receive your copy before it hits the stores later in April (pre-orders will be shipping from the 10th April)


Warlord Games

Ancient History Magazine 9, Mar-Apr 2017

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Ancient History Magazine 9, Mar-Apr 2017

Ancient History Magazine 9 with Athens in the Age of Plato

Classical Athens is renowned for its monuments, its artists, its philosophers.
But what was it like for ordinary people to live in this great city?

Theme: Athens in the Age of Plato

Josho Brouwers, ‘Athens in the Age of Plato – Historical introduction’.
Roel Konijnendijk, ‘The life & times of Xenophon the Athenian – Athens’ wayward son’.
Murray Dahm, ‘The death of the philosopher Socrates – True to his word’.
Seán Hussmann, ‘Aristocratic living culture in Athens – My home is my Oikos’.
Owen Rees, ‘The Athenian Symposium – Drink, deviance, and dialogue’.
Sidney Dean, ‘Women in Classical Athens – Second-class citizens’.
Joshua Hall, ‘Developments in the Fourth century BC – Athenian vase-painting’.
Matthew Lloyd, ‘The Agora in the fourth century BC – The heart of Athens’.
David Balfour, ‘The twilight of Classical Greece – The last Athenian and the first Greek’.
Josho Brouwers, ‘Recommended books on classical Athens – Beyond the magazine’.

Joseph Hall, ‘The trial of Gaius Verres – Corrupting the State’.
Josho Brouwers, ‘The number: twelve – Virgil’s Aeneid’.
Sean Manning, ‘The battle between order and chaos – Marduk and Tiamat’.
Arianna Sacco, ‘The God’s Wives of Amun in ancient Egypt – Nubian priestesses’.
David L. Reinke, ‘See: Titans in a box! – Immortals’.
Fausto Bica & Josho Brouwers, ‘The king’s peace showed who was in charge – Master of puppets’.

Ancient History Magazine

Ancient Warfare XI-1, Apr-May 2017

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Ancient Warfare XI.1 with Archery in the ancient world. Heavy infantry and cavalry often got the glory, but archers on foot and horseback often played an important role on the battlefield.Theme: Archery in the Ancient WorldMurray Dahm, ‘Archery in the …

Save 244 Acres at Brandy Station

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Save 244 Acres at Brandy Station

Today, I am excited to tell you about an incredible opportunity to save two important tracts at Brandy Station, site of the largest cavalry battle ever fought in North America. As a friend and supporter of the Civil War Trust, you probably already know that thanks to your help we have already saved more than 2,000 acres at this Virginia battlefield. Now we have the chance to preserve an additional 244 acres, pieces of hallowed ground that might otherwise become subdivisions without your help.

You’ll recall on the morning of June 9, 1863, Union cavalry splashed across the Rappahannock River at Beverly’s Ford, catching their Confederate counterparts unaware. By mid-morning a portion of the Confederate force under General W.H.F. “Rooney” Lee fell back from his position along a stone wall near Beverly’s Ford and made a stand against on the northern end of Fleetwood Hill. Here on 70 acres you and I are working to preserve Lee withstood yet another attack led by Union General John Buford in what one observer called “the finest fighting of the war.”

Farther to the south, near the village of Stevensburg, Union Colonel Alfred Duffié’s division of cavalry met forbidding resistance from two regiments of Confederate cavalry posted along Hansbrough’s ridge. Men from South Carolina and Virginia held Duffie’s New Englanders, Ohioans, and Pennsylvanians at arms’ length until the Yankees were called away to assist in the fight at Fleetwood Hill. The Trust is now working to save the site of this bold stand 174 acres at Hansbrough’s Ridge that also served as a winter quarters site for the Army of the Potomac in the winter of 1863-1864.

Thanks to your support, we have already saved some of the key points on the Brandy Station battlefield, including the fields surrounding St. James Church and Fleetwood Hill, the epicenter of the battle. But you and I know the story of the Battle of Brandy Station isn’t confined to Fleetwood Hill or St. James Church. If we want future generations to truly understand what took place on this ground in 1863, they have to see a whole battlefield. By saving these 244 acres, you’re doing just that: you are saving two crucial portions of the Brandy Station battlefield, places where the valor of individual soldiers shaped the course of the battle and our nation’s future. Help us tell their stories.

Article: Fight for Hansbrough’s Ridge

Battle Map: Hansbrough’s Ridge

10 Facts: Brandy Station

Battle Map: Brandy Station

The Civil War Trust

Generations Event at Manassas

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Generations Event at Manassas

We’ve got some exciting events coming up that I’d like to share with you:

1) We are holding a Generations event “Stand Like Stonewall” at Manassas Battlefield  on Saturday, April 1. At this event, participants can choose their side, get in line and march on the very ground where these events transpired. Some lucky kids will even get to don the uniforms of their choice! This event is designed to connect younger and older generations while exploring our country’s history. You can bring your son, daughter, niece, neighbor, or friend and help instill a lifelong passion for learning. This event is free to all who bring someone from another generation and you must register online to reserve your spot.

2) In the spirit of the Generations format, I will be heading to Manassas Battlefield to hold a Facebook Live event with one of the younger history fans I know. He’s a budding Civil War aficionado whose knowledge surpasses mine at that age by leaps and bounds! We’ll chat about the Battles of Manassas, a general getting his nickname, share our generational perspectives, and we might get a short demonstration of some Civil War drumming!

To join this virtual event, head to the Civil War Trust Facebook Page on Friday, March 24th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section about the Generations event, the Battle of Manassas, or the land that we have preserved at this seminal battlefield. And in case you can’t make it, the video will be on our Facebook page thereafter.

I should also mention that the Manassas Generations event will be held in conjunction with Park Day, the Civil War Trust’s annual hands-on preservation event. On Saturday, April 1, volunteers across the country head out to historic sites and battlefields to help with maintenance projects large and small. You don’t need any experience to join, and your effort will make a difference for years to come. Generations event attendees are not required to participate in Park Day, but it is certainly encouraged.

If you have questions about any of the above, please email.

See you on the battlefield- either virtually or in person!

The Civil War Trust

Aotrs Shipyards Mar 2017 Release: Swimming BMPs

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Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.This month, we have something a little different: swimming versions of the BMP-1 and BMP-2 (at 144th).(…

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 10, Winter 2016

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The latest issue is here. A 34 page PDF (including cover) for you to download online. Featuring:Summer Storm: Regimental Wargame Scenarios for the Battle of GettysburgPerry Miniatures’ Battle in a BoxMost Melancholy of Disasters: Fratricide in the ACWM…

Join us at Kernstown on March 23rd

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Please join the Civil War Trust, the Kernstown Battlefield Association and the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation as we celebrate preservation achievements on the Kernstown Battlefield near historic Winchester, Virginia.The tiny wartime hamlet o…

A Wargamer’s Guide to 1066 and the Norman Conquest (A Wargamers Guide)

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A Wargamer's Guide to 1066 and the Norman Conquest (A Wargamers Guide)

This is one of the first titles in an exciting new series of guides for wargamers. Taking one of the most pivotal and famous episodes in British military history, it gives a wargamer’s perspective of the dramatic events of 1066 and the Norman conquest up to around 1070, and advice on how to recreate these on the gaming table.

Advice is given on factors to consider when choosing an appropriate set of commercially available rules, or devising your own, to best suit the scale and style of battle you want and capture the flavor of the period. The relevant ranges of figures and terrain pieces and buildings are also reviewed. Analysis of the forces involved, organization, tactics and strategies will help with building your armies and there are interesting scenarios included. Whether this is a new period for you, or you are looking to refresh your existing interest in the period, this handy guide is sure to hold much if interest for you.

Wind Set Fair For The Voyage

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The lookouts have sighted our next port of call – buried treasure worth £6,000! There’ll be a reward for all members of the crew when we land.

As promised, the entire crew of backers can now enjoy a visit to the ship’s stores and obtain additional ships which each come with the appropriate guns and crew. We have set a 15% discount for backers only, and free shipping (because these orders are going to be shipped with the pledges).

To do so the backer must register with our shop and, when they have done that, send an email and we will activate their account. If they are already customers, they need only send us an email with their full name to have their account activated.

Let’s hoist some more canvas and get to that island as fast as the wind’ll take us!

Capitan Games Ltd

10mm 1980s Soviet Infantry by TimeCast

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We have just sent off our 10mm 1980s Soviet Infantry to be put into production moulds and have managed to put some pictures up on the web site.Should be available to order in the next week or so.Hoping to put some pics of the painted models up shortly….

Celebrate Women’s History Month

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Celebrate Women's History Month

Women played a critical role in the Civil War, overcoming not only the challenges of a lengthy war, but also the cultural norms of 19th-century America. The Civil War created some of the great female figures in our nation’s history and their examples of courage, diligence, and self-sacrifice are not widely discussed.

Perhaps one of the most famous was Clara Barton, who drove out to tend to wounded soldiers with her own wagon originally without any permission of the War Department. Nursing a profession previously held predominantly by men was one way women could partake in the fight on the field. Women left their homes and served as laundresses and nurses for both armies, many with little prior training, as described by volunteer nurse Georgeanna Woolsey.

Women also served in secret, cutting off their hair, and wearing men’s clothing. By conservative estimates 400-750 women fought in this way. One such woman, Sara Rosetta Wakeman, enlisted in the 153rd New York Infantry and took part in the Red River Campaign. She marched hundreds of miles through swampy bayou country; her letters back home give a unique picture of what it was like to experience the hardship of war while maintaining a false identity.

Those who didn’t take to the field made valuable contributions of their own and proved that they were more capable than the role Victorian society had previously offered them. Away from battle, women ran the farms and businesses that their husbands had left behind a huge step forward in the fight for equality. Clara Barton later claimed that in the four-years of the Civil War the social position of women was advanced fifty years.

Historians regularly uncover new details and add to the scholarship on women’s contributions to Civil War America. You can learn more about some of the more recent developments in our latest article, “Examining the Impact of Women on the American Civil War“.

Women In4

Historian Deanne Blanton discusses the role women played in the Civil War, highlighting some of their more famous experiences, as well as the role the war played in advancing women’s independence.

Women of Preservation

Learn about modern women who have championed battlefield preservation, like Patricia Kay Davies, whose generous bequest helped save 77 acres at Cedar Creek.

Women in the American Revolution

Women also played a crucial role in the American Revolution. Just as in the Civil War, women made important contributions on the battlefield and on the home front. Learn about the Revolutionary War’s most famous women in this article.

Female Soldiers in the Civil War

Learn about the women who risked their lives on the field of battle. These brave women had to conceal their identity in order to serve, and risked being discharged or in rare cases imprisoned to fight for their country.

The Civil War Trust

More WWII Vehicles by Pendraken Miniatures

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The vehicle production line continues this week, with a mix of revamps and new models for you now.

First up we’ve got an addition for the French, in the form of the Laffly W15 TCC, or “Tracteur Chasseur de Chars”, meaning tank hunter tractor.  Only 62 of these were made but it’s a handy little addition to the range.  Moving on to the Germans, with the newer Tigers now in circulation we’ve had the Sturmtiger conversion done as well.

Finally, we’ve got three releases for the Soviets.  With our revamped KV chassis’ we’ve now been able to make some much better IS-2 and ISU-152 models, plus as a new addition we’ve got the ISU-122 as well.  This lot were produced in rather larger numbers, with 3850 x IS-2’s, 1150 x ISU-122’s and a massive 4,600 x ISU-152’s made.  So you’ll need a few for your armies…!

WWII French

FRE59    Laffly W15 TCC     £2.80

FRE59    Laffly W15 TCC

WWII German

GR85    Sturmtiger     £3.50

GR85    Sturmtiger

WWII Soviet

SV39    IS-2     £3.20

SV39    IS-2

SV43    IS-152     £3.20

SV43    IS-152

SV78    IS-122     £3.20

SV78    IS-122

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Shell Craters by Pendraken Miniatures

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We’ve just had these arrive from John so I’ll be getting them released before we head off to the WMMS show this weekend.Quick preview of some handy shell craters we’ll be releasing soon, sizes from 15mm-35mm wide.Forum DiscussionPendraken Miniatures

WW1 Austro-Hungarian Infantry by Kallistra

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Here’s a sneak preview of what’s on the workbench.

Early WW1 Austro-Hungarian Infantry Advancing , Infantry Firing and Loading and the HMG.

Early WW1 Austro-Hungarian Infantry Advancing , Infantry Firing and Loading and the HMG.


BMPs Now Available at TimeCast

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We have now added the BMP-1 and BMP-2 to the shopping cart on our website.

BMP-1 £4.00 GBP


BMP-2 £4.25 GBP


We also have some rather nice model German buildings from the German Faller company on the website.

We should have some pics of the new infantry within the next few days and the next two vehicles will be the BTR-60PB and the BMP M-1976/2 (aka the BRM-1).

More models in the pipeline soon.


New League Of Augsburg Sculpts by Pendraken Miniatures

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Clib’s been working away in secret on a few additions to the LoA range, so it’s time to reveal them.First up we’ve got some new mounted Dragoons, with both the Allied and French types converted over to fur hats.  Clib’s also done some conversion w…

Ancient Gauls Photos by Pendraken Miniatures

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Matt J has been busy over winter working his magic brush over our recent Roman and Gaul ranges, ready for new website images.  Next up we’ve got the Gauls, which are all available on the website.Ancient Gauls PhotosForum DiscussionPendraken Miniat…

Imperial Roman Photos by Pendraken Miniatures

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Matt J has been busy over winter working his magic brush over our recent Roman and Gaul ranges, ready for new website images.  First up we’ll show off the Romans, which are all available on the website.Ancient Imperial Roman PhotosForum Discussion…

Good Ground: “Is Your Army on Good Ground?

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Over the last two years, I have expanded the number of codes available from Good Ground Miniatures. I thought I might take some time to demonstrate what is possible with the many codes and poses now available. Frock Coats, Shell Jackets Sack Coats, Kep…

Join us at Kernstown on 23rd March

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Please join the Civil War Trust, the Kernstown Battlefield Association and the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation as we celebrate preservation achievements on the Kernstown Battlefield near historic Winchester, Virginia.The tiny wartime hamlet o…