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Bolt Action North Africa Italians

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This is the first in a series of posts showcasing completed projects. The photos were taking on my phone using the MacroMat from Tablewar. Models shown: Footsore Miniatures Gripping Beast Empress Miniatures: Spanish Civil War Jazz Age Imperialism Itali…

Operation Sting 2017 coverage

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Back from Operation Sting 2017, Andrew and Ben highlight some of the key moments from their games.  Game one – Meeting engagement Andrew: My first game was against David and his Brits. The highlight was an exchange of indirect fire. I was feeling good when, at the top of second turn I destroyed David’s super-heavy […]

Bolt Action – North Africa Italian Army

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Updates are in reverse-chronological order, hop to the bottom and scroll up. Nov. 5 And that’s a wrap! Operation Sting 2017 is over and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I went 3-2 in my games but I took home the hardware for Best Appearance. I am at a loss for words. The competition was […]

Operation Sting 2017 event photos

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Ben, Tom and I took a load of pictures during the event. We tried to capture both games in-progress and armies on display. Enjoy! Armies Games

Dragon Fall 2017 – Bolt Action tournament recap

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For the second year in a row, Ben and I attended Dragon Fall 2017 in St. Charles, IL. Although Dragon Fall had several events for many games systems, Ben and I only took part in the one-day Bolt Action tournament. I rolled up with my freshly painted Italian army, ready to take the field in their first […]

My short time with No Man’s Sky

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“Inventory full.” “Life support at 50 percent.” “Thermal protection falling.” “Inventory full.” My suit’s AI voice chimes and chirps every time I reach a barrier to fun and I ask myself, “Why did I buy this?” and more importantly, “Why am I playing this?”. Hype is a hell of thing. And because of the hype […]

Bolt Action escalation league wrap-up

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Starting back in June Ben and I hosted a small, weekly Bolt Action escalation league at Tyton Games in Villa Park (final results are available).  The league started strong with nine players signed up and seven of them playing games the first week. Unfortunately, we could not keep that momentum going and the league ended […]

Building a game table

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A couple weeks ago Ben and I were asked to help build a game table at our friend Tom’s place. I’ve documented the process as we took a CRV full of lumber and turned it into a full 8×4 foot game table. Note, this is not a tutorial, but an overview of the project. Future […]

Tale of Five Warlords – WIP update II

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Warhammer 40,000 has entered a new age – the age of the Dark Imperium. In this deadly era, five warlords answer the call to create new armies for the new edition. Let’s check-in on Ben, Duffin, Brian, Adam and Dexter on their progress… Ben – Black Templars   Recently, a bunch of hobby time has […]