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Bolt Action Zombie Horde

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Line of sight had dropped to less than 25 yards. From his firing position behind the courtyard wall he had a perfect view of the woods; but not much else. Even though he had fought through North Africa and survived the landings at Normandy, he was scared. No training could have prepared him for this.  […]

Bolt Action North Africa Italians

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This is the first in a series of posts showcasing completed projects. The photos were taking on my phone using the MacroMat from Tablewar. Models shown: Footsore Miniatures Gripping Beast Empress Miniatures: Spanish Civil War Jazz Age Imperialism Itali…

Operation Sting 2017 coverage

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Back from Operation Sting 2017, Andrew and Ben highlight some of the key moments from their games.  Game one – Meeting engagement Andrew: My first game was against David and his Brits. The highlight was an exchange of indirect fire. I was feeling good when, at the top of second turn I destroyed David’s super-heavy […]

Bolt Action – North Africa Italian Army

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Updates are in reverse-chronological order, hop to the bottom and scroll up. Nov. 5 And that’s a wrap! Operation Sting 2017 is over and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I went 3-2 in my games but I took home the hardware for Best Appearance. I am at a loss for words. The competition was […]

Operation Sting 2017 event photos

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Ben, Tom and I took a load of pictures during the event. We tried to capture both games in-progress and armies on display. Enjoy! Armies Games

Dragon Fall 2017 – Bolt Action tournament recap

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For the second year in a row, Ben and I attended Dragon Fall 2017 in St. Charles, IL. Although Dragon Fall had several events for many games systems, Ben and I only took part in the one-day Bolt Action tournament. I rolled up with my freshly painted Italian army, ready to take the field in their first […]

My short time with No Man’s Sky

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“Inventory full.” “Life support at 50 percent.” “Thermal protection falling.” “Inventory full.” My suit’s AI voice chimes and chirps every time I reach a barrier to fun and I ask myself, “Why did I buy this?” and more importantly, “Why am I playing this?”. Hype is a hell of thing. And because of the hype […]