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Farewell Good Readers!

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As might be apparent from the title, I, Brambleten, will be finishing writing for Noobs and their Paintbrush once this final article is written. The blog itself isn’t going anywhere – that’s the beauty of a group blog – cut off one head and two more wi…

Unboxing Purgatory’s Moloch

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a little something for your Monday evening – unboxing Moloch from Purgatory.Moloch is a member of Murder Inc, and is a hell-fueled mechanical monstrosity. That description is pretty apt for not on…

ArcWorlde Ogre Trooper – Showcase

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Last week I shared my Deathwatch Blackstar, something that to me was more of a battle of attrition than actual fun. To counter this, I built and painted one of the models I picked up at Vapnartak a couple of weeks ago – the Albionnican Ogre Trooper from Warploque Miniatures.

Alex Huntley hand sculpts all of the miniatures for Warploque and in doing so gives them their signature character, particularly the faces. After painting a mostly flat panelled plane for a month or so, it was a delight to be able to work on something with odd angles and folds.

This particular chap is fairly large – he’s standing on a 50mm base – and would set people back £12 for the resin model.

I didn’t really want to have straight up silver metallics for the armour but didn’t want to add any rust or wear either, with him being a soldier in service of the Albionnican Empire, the main human faction in ArcWorlde, so I decided to play with the Scale Color Alchemy paints, adding Amethyst Alchemy into the recessed and lower portions of the silver, while I added some Emerald and Cobalt to the mixes on the raised sections. This is my first real play with adding them to other metallics rather than using them on their own and while it’ll probably take me a while to get used to it, I can seen the potential in using them, perhaps for light and shade or reflections.

The red with silver is the studio colour scheme for the Albionnicans and one that I quite like – it’s quite regal without being overly gaudy – I kept the gold trim to a minimum. I started with P3 Sanguine Base before moving to mid tones of Scale Color Mayhem Red and highlights of SC Berehit Red and Tiamat Orange (those three SC colours are from the Creatures from Hell box)

As I said above, the faces that Alex gifts these miniatures with are full of character – plenty of canvas for creating large amounts of depth and contrast. I didn’t want to highlight it too high, so instead took the shadows down to SC Sunset Purple over the Sanguine Base initial layer before moving back up with a couple of GW skin tones I’ve completely forgotten the name of. The hand on show allows for similar levels of shading and also has some finger nails to pick out, which I did with some GW Pallid Wych Flesh.

He was based simply with a couple of pieces of large gravel and a mix of S75 Rough Paste and Vallejo Sandy Paste and painted to match my other ArcWorlde bases.

Off the back of the slog that was the Blackstar, this guy flew by, getting finished in a few days. I think the size of him helped – there are details there, but he’s a big enough model (at maybe the same size as a 54mm scale human) that they aren’t obscured and so tiny as to require multiple attempts to get them right. The size of him also opened up the opportunity to try the different metalwork as there was more space to transition and move from dark to colour to light.

For a fairly speedy paint job I’m quite happy with how he came out and I’m looking forward to tackling more of the larger ArcWorlde monsters in the future.

ChillCon 2017 – Hosted by Chilling Wargamers and Asylum Wargames, Sheffield UK

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We like a good show here at Noobs and their Paintbrush, be it one that has been going for yonks or a brand new event. In this case, we have a brand new one for you!

ChillCon, as the name suggests, is the first convention from the crowd in charge of the Chilling Wargamers Facebook Group (here) and Asylum Wargaming (here). While I could probably waffle on for a bit, I’ll let their memo do the talking to fill you in on all the right details.

Asylum Wargaming, co-hosts Chilling Wargamers, and chief sponsor S.L.A. Industries: CS1 will debut Sheffield’s new wargames show, Chillcon, on 27th May, 2017. Guests can not only look forward to guest speakers, tournaments and participation games, but also the cream of the UK’s independent wargames traders, manufacturers and publishers. The event’s participation and demonstration games will feature ArcWorlde and S.L.A Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 alongside Kings of War and Bolt Action tournaments, giving guests plenty to see and enjoy. They can also enjoy the event’s trademark Chillcon Carni and a free goody bag upon entry. 

Whilst confirmed traders include—amongst others—Warploque Miniatures, Daruma Productions, Dark Ops and Broken Toad, a limited number of pitches are still available. Traders or companies wishing to reserve such a pitch should email [email protected], as should potential partners or traders wishing to place their products in Chillcon’s goody bags.

Chillcon will be held at Ecclesfield School, Chapeltown Rd, Sheffield S35 9WD. Tickets will be £6.00 on the door or £5.00 in advance, with £1.00 of every ticket sold being donated to the Autistic Society, Help for Heroes and the Myasthenia Gravis Association.

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun! To get yourself some tickets or to check out the traders attending, head over to the ChillCon website and to keep up to date with the very latest news about the event, join their Facebook Event Page.

Deathwatch Blackstar – Showcase and a dislike of painting vehicles

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I detest painting vehicles. I don’t paint them often, which may be part of the problem, but there is something about their demand for smoothly painted plates and crisp edges, not to mention the large areas of metal work requiring attention that just do…