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Alien Artifacts: Discovery Expansion Review

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If you read my review of Alien Artifacts, you know that I really enjoyed it. Alien Artifacts is a card game that is based on expert play of multiuse cards and has, in my opinion, high replay value, both of which are characteristics that I love in my ga…

Pulsar 2849 Review

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Space is one of my favorite themes for a board game. X-Wing Miniatures, Space Hulk, Armada…the list goes on. The excitement of facing down your opponent be it in a starfighter or onboard a derelict vessel, making strategic plans and rolling dice …

Top 10 CMON Games

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My introduction to CMON Games was Xenoshyft, their first game that I backed on Kickstarter. I ended up not enjoying Xenoshyft (I sold it one month after receiving it), but while it was in production, CMON launched their campaign for Rum & Bones. Co…

Dragonfire Review

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DragonfireI believe I have stated this in previous reviews, but I love both coops and deck building games. In addition, Dungeons & Dragons was a staple of my gaming growing up. When I saw Dragonfire, a cooperative deck building game based on the Dungeons & Dragons brand at Gen Con 2017, I knew I wanted […]

Alien Artifacts Review

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Alien ArtifactsI seem to enjoy the games released by Portal Games. Several of their games have taken up permanent residence in my collection. Year after year they release quality titles. 2017 is supposed to be the year of First Martians, a title they have admitted to being their biggest release yet. This reviewer, while appreciating the […]

Scythe: The Wind Gambit Review

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Scythe: The Wind GambitI backed Scythe on Kickstarter in 2015 and the game did not disappoint me when it arrived in 2016. I loved the variable player powers and deciding how to best utilize my four actions while balancing the map control. And PLEASE do not forget about the art, which is some of my favorite board game […]