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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum: Narrative Campaign Report – Part #1

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The post relates to the ongoing narrative campaign that is being run by my gaming group. All the missions used for the first phase use fixed forces and have clearly defined objectives. Two of us tested the missions before those whom had not seen the missions, prior to them being played took control of the forces. The campaign itself is based around a chaos invasion of the planet designated Mirum Ostentum. As we wanted to end the first phase with a battlefleet gothic > planetstrike combo, it was decided that the first phase chaos presence would be limited to alpha legion…continue reading

Kitbashes and Conversions – Creating Alternative Models for Your Armies

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Conversions. A simple but potent word that also comes closely related to its sister term kitbashing. Beloved by those who play Orks or Chaos in 40k as it is very simple to steal something vaguely interesting to you, and load it with spikes, heretical symbols, or random armour plates to denote its newly corrupted/looted state.   Back when apocalypse first dropped, Games workshop released a few ‘formation’ box sets. I found out, after reading through the book, that anything the imperials could get – chaos could take. This led to the acquisition of the basilisk 3 pack. I took two…continue reading

Alternative Thunderwolf Cavalry: Creating the Thundergryph Cavalry.

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My personally designed space marine chapter originally started in the fourth edition space marine codex where you could choose traits to alter your force to your liking while having detriments. I loved the flexibility that those rules provided. I chose…

Remembering and Revisiting Battlefleet Gothic

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Battlefleet gothic still plays well for an 18-year-old game. While first being released in 1999 the game received FAQs and was updated until 2010. Until I had picked up the original boxed game I was a fully engaged player of 40k starting way back durin…