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Warhammer Fest 2018 Download

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It’s been at least a decade since I last attended any kind of Games Workshop event, so it was was something of a novelty for me heading to the Ricoh Arena for Warhammer Fest. New venue and new format from my perspective and I had a pretty fun day truth…

Season Three: Catch-up

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This weeks YouTube upload is wednesday’s Twitch/TV stream during which I showed the final (or thereabouts) Leviathan build ready for Warhammer Fest & Golden Daemon. On the painting table was a Word Bearers legionary, the topic being painting daemon…

Force Friday #3 Shriv Shurgav

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The next ‘Force Friday’ stream to get uploaded to the YouTube archive features Shriv Suurgav and more of the Rebels for Star Wars: Legion. Shriv is the Duros character from Battlefront II and was an immediate choice to give a painting nod to whilst doi…

Tarssis 4 – The Betrayal at Modgud Prime

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The tickets for the next Tarssis 4 Horus Heresy narrative event hosted by Geno Five Two have gone up and at time of writing 30 mins later there is one solitary space left. After missing the doubles event in February I was super keen to get back on the …

Legion Stormtroopers

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They are the faceless foot soldiers of the Empire and as someone whose childhood was shaped by Star Wars and the image of white-armoured Stormtroopers patrolling Mos Eisley I love the design of these guys. Fantasy Flight has nailed the look of them in …

Force Friday #2 – The Rebellion

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My second ‘Force Friday’ got off to a great start after spending a day gaming over at the FLGS where the Imperial gang scooped up a couple of things for their barrack walls. A great days gaming which was finished off by me rushing back to stream the ne…

Season Three: EP04 – Necron repaint

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Double post inbound! With the release of Forgebane I parked the Word Bearers in order to get some off-stream prep and assembly work completed and dug out my old Necron minis from ages past. They were speed painted to a basic tabletop standard originall…

Force Friday #1 – Painting Stormtroopers

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With the release of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games on the 23rd March, #ForceFriday has become my new ‘thing’. In the very first of my Star Wars Friday streams I cracked open the core box and immediately started on the Empire’s finest, or at …

Season Three: EP03 – Breacher shields

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I’m giving the Dreadnought a break in order to progress with the metal areas and subframe. In the meantime I’m dealing with the first batch of the Breacher shields and the thorny problem of how to make the runes stand out, but not stand out ‘too’ much …

Season Three: EP02 – Leviathan Continued

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Continuing the early sub-assembly stages on the Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Commencing laying down the base metals on the joints and frame. Now available on YouTube. Summary to date: The Forgeworld Leviathan is fantastic …

Season Three: EP01 – Leviathan

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Kicking off season three with the early work on a Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Experimentation with layering waterslide transfers under the clear coats and weathering to create a tinted effect and depth to the metallics. Now…

Winter cleanout

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Site News If you are reading this then hopefully it won’t have escaped your attention I’ve been giving the old site a long overdue overhaul. With the move to a streaming format I wanted to strip back the blog to a simple format and build out some prop…

Excuse my dust

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I’m giving the site a complete overhaul so please excuse any temporary loss of content, warping of reality or unexpected post emails (my bad!). Normality will be resumed just as soon as I work out what is normal anyway. Until then this is (hopefully) s…

Engine Kill

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It’s generally not a good idea to update the blog when tired, yet here I find myself doing exactly that at the end of what’s been a hectic week. Sadly not all hobby unfortunately, work having curtailed half of the week’s activity and …

The Cult of Paint

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Cult of Paint is a painting tuition initiative formed in its inception by Henry Steele and Andy Wardle. Although a relatively new endeavour with 2018 their first full year event calendar, I previously had the pleasure of being taught tank and infantry …

Short update

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Look who’s back? Loving that retro armour and shades…

Malign Portent

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If you managed to catch Friday’s stream, you’ll have seen me wrapping up painting of the first four Death Guard from the Dark Imperium set. These have been some of the nicest miniatures by Games Workshop I’ve ever assembled and painte…

New year, new-old army

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Admittedly late to the party, well for 40K at least, the Death Guard being very much last years story but in my defence I’ve been trying to workout how best to make use of my original 2003 Death Guard force making them relevant again. I’m n…

It’s a trap!

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It’s not all fun and games in the workshop. Sometimes there is the serious business of crushing the Rebel Alliance to deal with. Between Christmas and New Year I had a great game of Star Wars Armada with friends which gave me a chance to roll out…

Snow Angels

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It’s a whole new year, so I’ve been wrapping up two mini projects; the last of the Blood Angels from the Dark Imperium starter box (finally!) and a solitary plastic Escher gang member from the new Necromunda set. The Escher in particular wa…

Winter (and Season Two) is coming

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On Fridays somewhat belated stream (life and all its shenanigans) I briefly talked about Season Two, for want of a better title on Twitch. The first couple of months since I started this journey/adventure/endeavour have really been about finding my fee…

Poor Duncan

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Pretty sure two years ago this would have never happened. Still loving the new GW. Oh and Beast of Nurgle #allegedly

No stream this week

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Just a super quick note to say there won’t be any stream this week as I’ve a number of other commitment clashes. I will be back next week however with my regular schedule and talking about all of the good things below… Until then, have a great week.


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Decanting my Games Workshop paints into dropper bottles makes me happy. #NextlevelNerd

Shadespire – Garrek’s Reavers complete

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Painting Garrek’s Reavers, the muscle-bound berserkers of Khorne turned out to be a lot more fun to paint than I was expecting. From the start I set myself two goals: Keep it simple, tabletop standard. Details like eyes, blending or multiple layers were avoided and I stuck to the basics …