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Stingwing – Cockatrice of Chaos

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My teenage Orc and Goblin army featured a Night Goblin shaman on Cockatrice.  I’ve sold the bulk of the army, but hung onto the Cockatrice out of sentimentality.  Bulking out my Frostgrave Chaos into a Dragon Rampant force demanded a fantastic monster, so this mythological bird resurrected itself from the ashes. The wings on my […]

Major Henry Fortisque-Smyth

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At this year’s Knavecon, sho3box ran a game of Dinoproof.  He provided a table full of jungle terrain and crates of dinosaurs, and participants had to make a Warhammer 40,000 big game hunter.  This was the excuse I needed to model someone wearing a pith helmet, much like the classic Mœbius character Major Grubert. Un […]

Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 2: Captain Paradox Zeeman

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“Let’s all paint Adventurers!” cried sho3box. “I have almost all thirty-two of those rare expensive miniatures!” “Yeah!” axiom responded. “I have all of that overly-fetishised and as such difficult-to-collect range.” “Yay!” Curis said, getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the group project. “I have … er … maybe … one?  But I’ll do a cool […]