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Light Wizard Duo for Silver Tower

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oldhammer warhammer talisman empire silver tower light wizards and blue horrors of tzeentcoldhammer warhammer talisman empire silver tower light wizards and blue horrors of tzeentcMove over Penn & Teller, move over Siegfried & Roy – a new magical double act is in town.  Coming all the way from the pyramids of the Old World are twin brothers Lapis & Lazuli  – fantastical Wizards of Light. Masters…

War Griffons Warhound Titan

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At the start of the year me and my mates realised we were all keen on painting Titans, and March of the Titans was born – paint any Titan at any scale by the end of Mars’ month.  I fancied rewinding time…

Alan Horseman: Blandford Warriors Episode 2

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Oldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansOldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansAs names for ranges go, “Blandford Warriors” is a little … underwhelming.  Rather than conjuring up images of medieval warlords on their bloodthirsty rampages it puts me instantly in mind of the sleepy Dorset village – Blandford.  Blandford’s top tourist attraction is…

Silver Tower Brimstone Horrors … but Oldhammer

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Oldhammer Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch Silver TowerOldhammer Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch Silver TowerBrimstone Horrors!  The cheeky pairs of scampering bastards you get when you kill a Blue Horror.  I’ve painted four sets of these quarter-demons, but with an Oldhammer twist. And it’s all in how you mix the two. And it starts just where…

Choose Your Own Adventurers #17: Theodolitus, Ruin Priest

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Rogue Trader Space Marine Crimson Fists survey teamRogue Trader Space Marine Crimson Fists survey teamIt’s the first Choose Your Own Adventurers of 2018, a group project where axiom, sho3box and I take turns painting a classic from the Rogue Trader Adventurers range.  This time I present Battle Brother Groma from the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter,…

Late Imperial Roman Comitatenses

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Late Imperial Roman Comitatenses in 28mmLate Imperial Roman Comitatenses in 28mmWith Britannia on the telly, I’m fired up for Roman Britain.  The Emperor’s finest stabbing druids has given me the focus to paint these eight Late Imperial Roman spearmen. “Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy,” they sang. Late Imperial Romans?  Late…

D&D Paladin and Gobslob the Bugbear

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dungeons and dragons dnd paladin versus citadel bugbear in phandelverdungeons and dragons dnd paladin versus citadel bugbear in phandelverEvery year the Curis Christmas list (or “Curistmas list”) features swathes of miniatures suggestions. Family assume I’m no longer a teenage nerd (haha!  half true!) and that I can’t possibly still want tiny toy soldiers.  However, me and a group of miniature-loving…

Exclusive Forge World Mark III Space Marine Boarding Sergeant

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Exclusive Forge World Mark III Boarding Space Marine Blood Angel SergeantExclusive Forge World Mark III Boarding Space Marine Blood Angel SergeantThis is one of my Golden Demon entries – Sergeant Rophocalas of the Blood Angels chapter.  He was entered into the Staff Category at Golden Demon Space Marines back in 2015. Sergeant Rophocalas with Breacher Squad Aceldamus during a boarding action on the…

Bucellarius of Majorian: Blandford Warriors Episode 1

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Oldhammer Bucellarius of Majorian Late Imperial RomanOldhammer Bucellarius of Majorian Late Imperial RomanThis is “Biscuit Dude”, and he’s come to fight you with his sock dragon.  He’s my first painted miniature of 2018, and it’s exactly thirty years since he was released. Rock out with your (dragon) sock out. “Biscuit Dude” is a Late…

Grenadier Dungeons & Dragons Umber Hulk

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The Umber Hulk is the iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster, a powerful tunnelling beast with the power to confuse anyone who sees all four of its eyes at once.  This confusion is a form of psychic hypnosis, rather than puzzlement over the fact it has eyes in its nostrils, and what might happen when it …

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Exo-Armoured Squat Squad Rædwald

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Eggs on legs!  The greatest Warhammer 40,000 miniatures of all time!  Chibi Terminators!  The most iconic Squat models! Thane Rædwald in Exo-Armour – a tough egg to crack. This Exo-Armoured Squat Thane is the first Squat miniature I ever bought for a bargain 60 pence.  He’s the nucleus around which my Squat obsession has grown, …

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Choose Your Own Adventurers #16: Judda, Space Eunuch

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Sometimes models take on a life of their own. They become personalities through the games they’re used in and the experiences they have. Add the character of the sculpt into the mix, and you end up with a firm favourite. “No, Mister…

Dark Ages Church

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Saint Augustine arrived in Britian AD 597 to revitalise Christianity.  For the next four hundred years, crudely constructed churches like this one appear across the island. A humble friar takes a stroll around the Saxon minster at sunset. “But Curis,” I hear you cry, “Friars didn’t exist until centuries after the Dark Ages ended.  Your …

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Choose Your Own Adventurers #15: Rex O’Thermic, Squat Engineer

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Assuming possession of two functioning hands, only a weirdo wears a single glove.  I decided to paint the Squat Engineer to match the Squat Miner (as seen last time), which means that both of them match the Construction Crew that I have…

Dungeon & Dragons: Great Wight Shark

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James over at Gonzo History is running a competition inspired by Gary Gygax’s antics designing the original D&D monsters.  Legend goes that young Gary, looking for fantasy monsters to populate his dungeons, got  a bag of cheap plastic monsters from Hong Kong and made up names and rules, bringing  Rust Monsters, Bulletes, Owlbears to life …

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Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 14: Necromunda Mauretania, Space Amazon

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Necromunda’s just been re-rereleased, and there’s a piece of art floating around in White Dwarf and Warhammer Community that doesn’t correspond to any of the miniatures released yet, but is a lovely call back to a couple of 1980s classics. Necromunda Mauretania makes all her decisions on the hoof. The hoofed mad-haired Amazon in stockings …

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Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck

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Friar Tuck, legendary tonsured companion of Robin Hood, joins my miniatures collection. “Praise the Lord!  And pass the tax rebate!” Friar Tuck was an impulse purchase whilst acting as Nottingham cultural attaché for visiting family members.  Warlord Games (a Nottingham company) have a small range of Heritage Miniatures they’ve slipped into local tourist spots like …

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Chaos Thug Life 2

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The Citadel Miniatures Chaos Thug range is melting pot of influences and ideas.  Unlike Games Workshop’s modern Chaos Marauders, who are uniformly bearded barbarians, the classic Thug range had odd chaps with mullets, Saracen-flavoured archers and even stray ninjas. Hot as thuggery. It makes the individual Thugs fun to paint, as they’re each full of …

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Nemesis Chapter Primaris Intercessor Sergeant Space Marine

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I painted my first Primaris Space Marine!  He’s Nemesis Chapter – an Ultramarines successor chapter with origins in the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Sergeant Glaucon, 2nd Battle Company, 3rd Squad, Nemesis Chapter.  His banner reads ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ – “nemesis” in Greek capitals. This Intercessor Sergeant, from Games Workshop’s Dark Imperium starter set, is largely …

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Citadel Call of Cthulhu Gumshoe Detective

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Over at the turbo-niche Night Horrors and Gothic Horror group, Ashley’s running a Halloween painting competition – paint one of these mythological or Lovecraftian pieces from the titular ranges by Citadel Miniatures. “Here’s looking at you, kid.” Games Workshop had the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game licence in 1985–1987, and released a whole slew of …

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Squiggy Stardust – the Orctober Squig

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It’s Orctober, and as my initial plan to model and paint a Warhammer 40,000 scale Ork Spleenrippa  has stalled, I fired out this David Bowie inspired Squig.  Presenting Squiggy Stardust. He could lick you by smiling. Other musical Ork mashup ideas considered were: The Notorious S.Q.U.I.G. Red Grot Chili Peppers Squig Squig Sputniks Björk Tina …

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Chaos Thug Life

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Chaos Thugs are a Warhammer range released in several batches between 1986 and 1991.  Games Workshop stamped them out of existence in 1994, omitting them from Warhammer Armies: Chaos.  Thugs are firmly anchored solely in Warhammer’s past, quintessential incarnations of Oldhammer, meaning they command decent prices on the collector’s market. I regret going with the …

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Star Trek Discovery Klingon

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Preslotta Citadel Miniatures Gnorman Gnoll Reinforcements

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Decades of exposure to Games Workshop’s marketing materials has conditioned me not to paint individual figures, but regiments, and then armies.  There was no stopping at just one Gnorman Gnoll.  Gnot on your gnelly.  eBay trawling has turned up two more preslotta gems from 1981–3. Lord Tisserand with his hawk Antonius, accompanied by two Gnolls. …

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Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 11: Indiana Jones, Xenoarchaeologist

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Warhammer 40,000 and archaeology.  My two hobbies melded together.  There’s not been this much combination of leisure pursuits since the notorious Inquisitor Bingedrink. “1988 Rogue Trader Citadel miniature?  That belongs in a museum.” You might wonder what Indy is doing in the forty-first millennium, but seems Games Workshop had a serious thing for the archeologist …

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