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Rogue Trader Lizard – Space Cowboy

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The Rogue Trader Lizard is an obscure collector’s piece.  Designed to take the plastic RTB01 Space Marines, this miniature was only available through Mail Order for a brief time in 1988.  I nabbed one for a bargain years ago, but never had the willpower or funds to collect enough to make a full squad (as, […]

Even Less Exciting 30th Anniversary Primaris Marines

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Games Workshop have shown off their special edition figure for the 30th anniversary of Warhammer 40,000.

Special editions are normally incredibly characterful, with loads of unique details and an iconic pose. Not this model. I tried to imagine the i…

Sneeky Rim – Goblin Acolyte

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Delving deep within my Lead Mountain for robed acolytes I came across this Mantic Goblin Sneek.  He’s been painted with fire-motif robes as he will be joining my warband as one of Clyro Burns’ assistant sorcerers. This miniature is out of production, which is weird as I still think of Mantic Games as the new […]

Late Imperial Roman General

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Back in 2014 I proudly declared I was starting a Late Imperial Roman army, and showed off my first test model.  I adhered to the time-honoured tradition of planning an army, buying an army, telling everyone about my plans… then only painting one figure before quietly packing everything away and never mentioning it again.   But […]

Trooper Altryn Greymore – Ironclaw Space Pirate

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Having painted two Space Pirates, Paradox Zeeman and Nebuli Tsar, for Choose Your Own Adventurers, I wanted to grow my pirate gang.  Here’s Trooper Altryn Greymore, otherwise known as Banzai Jones from the Ironclaw Space Pirate range. He was a lot of fun to paint – as with all Ironclaw figures it features Bob Olley’s […]

Ramshackle Oldhammer Acolyte

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Curtis over at Ramshackle did a limited run of figures for Bring Out Your Lead 2016, and I’ve painted one to accompany Clyro Burns. As an event, BOYL focuses on “Oldhammer”, so Curtis sculpted this model holding an old hammer.  Ha! I’ve converted my figure with a new face shaved off a Citadel Judge Dredd […]

Salute Gold Ex-Citadel Normans

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Years back I bought loads of ex-Citadel Wargames Foundry Normans and Vikings, with the intention of converting them as Men of Rohan to go alongside my 1980s Citadel Lord of the Rings. The project never materialised. Years later, I’ve dredged up the figures to make a historical Norman force. I sold off the bulk of […]

Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 5: Nebuli Tsar, Ventolin Pirate

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My second model in this group painting project is the Ventolin Pirate – the one figure I actually had when I started this project! Nebuli Tsar with a Squat boarding party. The Adventurer range is full of a great many concepts that weren’t developed further in Warhammer 40,000.  The Ventolin Pirate has two pieces of […]

Stingwing – Cockatrice of Chaos

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My teenage Orc and Goblin army featured a Night Goblin shaman on Cockatrice.  I’ve sold the bulk of the army, but hung onto the Cockatrice out of sentimentality.  Bulking out my Frostgrave Chaos into a Dragon Rampant force demanded a fantastic monster, so this mythological bird resurrected itself from the ashes. The wings on my […]

Major Henry Fortisque-Smyth

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At this year’s Knavecon, sho3box ran a game of Dinoproof.  He provided a table full of jungle terrain and crates of dinosaurs, and participants had to make a Warhammer 40,000 big game hunter.  This was the excuse I needed to model someone wearing a pith helmet, much like the classic Mœbius character Major Grubert. Un […]

Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 2: Captain Paradox Zeeman

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“Let’s all paint Adventurers!” cried sho3box. “I have almost all thirty-two of those rare expensive miniatures!” “Yeah!” axiom responded. “I have all of that overly-fetishised and as such difficult-to-collect range.” “Yay!” Curis said, getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the group project. “I have … er … maybe … one?  But I’ll do a cool […]