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Yet moar pics from GW Manchester

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I was passing by GW Manchester the other day so had to nip and photographanything of interest, you’re all worth it! This doggy was really cool.A REALLY big dreadnought – Bjorn the Fellhanded?Such a subtle stule of painting, no dark contrast edges like …

‘nids part 209 – Genestealer cult – Hybrid METAL!

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With Warplock Bronze on the brush I started the METAL! on my Hybrids. Their weapons are going to be distressed gun metal but I start with bronze just to get a dirty base.You should be able to pick out some Gun Metal debris too. I want a variety to the …

Dark Angels – Ravenwing and Assault Squad METAL!

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I was reminded a few times at the Birthday Bash I did not have enough Ravenwing – well I was running all I had painted but these are WiP. They’re on my To Do List and all of them have had Balthasar Gold and Runelord Brass highlights. The paintwork is s…


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I’ve been tied up with a number of intensive but dull projects recently. They haven’t been particularly photogenic but as a potential hurdle came up I was lucky enough to sidestep onto my Deathwatch. In truth it wasn’t just the Deathwatch but I’ll do s…

Birthday Bash best army pics

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Here’s some pics of the best army and Unknown Soldier entries and first up is inevitable eventual winner Liam’s Khorne Daemons ;)TauMy own Dark Angels.Hendrik’s Dark Angels, painted by Den of Imagination [he didn’t enter them into the painting competit…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Necrons – game 3

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Who do I get drawn against for game 3? Only Ben and his implacable Necrons! It’s over a week since Birthday Bash, I’m still playing catch-up so as usual my recollection of the game will be very sketchy.

The low down:

  • One of the Maelstrom missions – 3 cards per turn
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • Warlord Trait – 3 enemy Units take pinning tests
  • I set up second and failed to seize the initiative
  • No night fighting. 

Ben puts his Necron defence wall across the road, presumably to stop foreign invaders!

The Ravenwing hold my near flank, Tactical Squad the far flank.

Scouts secure the ruins

Stalker, Scarabs and Spyder advance up the table. Don’t know what Bend did shooting wise but he came away with 2 VPs for Ascendancy and Supremacy.

Dreadnought drop pod arrives behind the defence wall, the Dread taking a shot at the Quad Gun to help keep the Dark Talons safe [eventually]. I swing the Land Speeder Typhoons round the Bastion to get a lock on the Triarch, they blast away.

And it is no more! First Blood.

This might be the reason why! [that’s 1/1296 BTW, I should have put a £1 on it]

My bikes get into combat with the Tomb Blades, or what remains of them thanks to my shooting.

He couldn’t survive those odds but the bikes don’t consolidate far and the enraged Spyder close by seeks revenge. First Blood, Objective 3 and Behind Enemy Lines get scored this turn.

The Scarabs manage to reach the Bastion and disassemble it with consummate ease before my Techmarine can even affect any repairs. This nets Ben a VP for Demolitions and leaves me just 3 surviving Devastators.

2nd Pod arrives, and I think the Dreadnought targets the Quad Gun again.

Just two bikes remain from the unit thanks to the predations of the Canoptek Spyders! I score no VPs

Flayed Ones that had infiltrated at the back of my DZ finally catch up with the Tactical Squad, killing them and leaving that flank with just a few Marines left from another combat squad. Ben captures Objective 6 for a VP.

The Land Speeders manage to insta-kill a few Scarabs but move out of range to leave the Techmarine to hold them in combat.

The Ravenwing must have been killed but their last known location is a beacon to the Dark Angel’s finest who appear in a flash of light.

Tactical Squad and Dreadnought assault the Necron Warriors, two survive, I still can’t score a VP.

Flayed Ones join up with the Scarabs against the Techmarine who his systematically smashing the Scarabs to pieces.

But he can’t hold back their numbers and succumbs giving Ben Assassinate [and Slay the Warlord].

The Scarabs catch up with the Speeders and I’m lucky to come away with only 1 Hull Point of damage.

My Drop Pod gets destroyed,

 and the Spyders take on the finest of the First!

Two fall… er I mean not fall, we don’t mention the Fallen, they die, that’s it, dead, no more. But the remaining unfallen take out a Spyder and the last is wounded. Ben scores another VP for Obj 4.

Finally the Dark Talon arrives, screaming up Main Street.

He blasts away with all his weapons.

Killing one measly Eternal! Grr!. The Deathwing kill the last Scarab getting me Big Game Hunter and I also get Blood and Guts for 2 VPs

That’s it, game over and it’s 10:8 [Ben scoring 8 plus Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker, while I scored 6 plus First Blood and Line Breaker].

Necrons triumphant yet again but no bother, we had a great day and a good laugh. We were both exhausted at the end, made me realise I do not look forward to another weekend tournament if I feel like this after one day! Three great game with three great people.

I have some pics of the best army nominees to share and wrap up next…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Space Marines – game 2

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Doogie Doyle was my game 2. The low down:One of the Maelstrom missions – 3 cards per turn Dawn of WarWarlord Trait – Move through cover and Stealth RuinsI set up second and seized the initiative No night fighting. His list had some similarities to…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Dark Angels – game 1

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First game and I’m drawn against Hendrik from Germany. We’ve met at previous Blog Wars [where I played against his friend Tobias] and Double Trouble [where I faced his brother Kai-Uwe]. This was such a nice pairing as I’d really appreciated Hendrik’s s…

Old Stuff Day 2017

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It’s old stuff day 2017. A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of hobby blogs. To choose one of your own blogposts that your most proud of, or may not have got the attention it deserved or…

Birthday Bash 2.0

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I’m about to start writing my battle reports for the Birthday Bash but thought I’d just post an interim post event review to tide you over. First up I was given this pretty cool laser etched aluminium paque by one of the attendees. Unfortunately I was …

March 2nd is Old Stuff Day

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Just a heads up March 2nd is Old Stuff Day A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of hobby blogs and it’s still going strong today. To choose one or more of your own blogposts that you’re mo…

Birthday Bash 2.0 – Moar updates

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A little over a week away until the Birthday Bash you can see I’ve been a busy boy preparing some objective cards. Here’s the front of them with the Birthday Bash artwork. I’ve sliced and diced like a sushi chef over the last few weeks and got about 36…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], The final push

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The final push and I couldn;t not do the company marking in each fin. That’s the thing about ‘freehand’ even when it’s not perfect you can still see the effort involved and it makes it al worthwhile. Each circle was stamped on in black with the end of …

Dark Angels – Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 2

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Havingspotted the gaping holes in the jets I knew I couldn’t live with them unless they were filled like the Jetfighter. I got some DAS air drying clay, balled it up, dampened it and plugged each nacelleI used the cap off a Polycement tube to get the i…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], Pod 2 playing catch up

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Another quick one, you see, I can paint those holes neatly [or at least neater]. I’ve pretty, much brought the pod up to the weathering stage now.Having done all the holes and door edges I also stamped the mumbers on the fins and found a pencil tube to…

What’s on my palette?

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Bless me readers for I have sinned, it’s been nearly 3 months so it’s long overdue, although some of this has been covered in recent posts having it altogether will help me take stock and potentially make me stick to the plan. After a period of…

Dark Angels – Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 1

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I managed to pick up this Land Speeder Dark Shroud for £30 on ebay. It really is the missing link to make my Ravenwing that much more effective. I’ll probably magnetise it too [following for the Limey’s guide]. I don’t see much chance of using the Vengeance but it doesn’t hurt. I pointed out it would fit into my Double Trouble list which prompted it making it to this stage part of me wants to crack on with it to completion but I need to be sensible and get stuff done and try to keep my plans on track. It can’t take priority, as much as I’d like it to. I know that flies in the face of ‘going with the flow’ but other things need attention.

What is annoying though is the jets – because those holes really won’t give me opportunity to paint them properly.

If you recall I had the same problem with my Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter/Dark Talon and had to plug them with tissue and DAS air drying clay. Doing it at that stage was a nightmare and I mentally noted it would have been so much easier during the build stage, before the intakes at the front went on.

With that in mind I’ll probably have to fill them in now so I can create a similar jet effect as below.

Meanwhile, I picked these up for £15 too. It was a bargain I couldn’t turn down even though I’ve enough grey tide to face already. Hopefully this will fill out my Ravenwing alongside the 6 completed bikes 6 other bikes in progress and 7 Black Knights.

I can foresee a few more Land Speeders down the line but hopefully won’t need to buy anything else until these are all painted, but first they need stripping and then I have to decide if they’re armed appropriately…

Dark Angels – Deathwing Knights – METAL!

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Quick post. These guys just really don’t fit into my schedule but I wanted to crack on with them somehow. Luckily they’re just base coats so I thought I could find some time in my lunch just to add some Warplock Bronze. It is incredibly untidy, I’…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], Pod 1 numbering

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Despite feeling confident to leave pod 1 well enough alone I felt the urge to add numbers. The original plan was awesome massive numbers on the door but I threw that idea out the window when the chapter markings looked alright as is. So instead it was …

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], Pod 1 weathering

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I’d had the opportunity to get a good few hours concerted effort in resolving the edges on the doors but moreover I was happy with the result. However, the process wasn’t without a new issue in overspill from the orange getting on the green outside of the doors, not to worry though as the doors were to receive some weathering that would potentially hide all my sins [until some Interrogator Chaplain tortured them out of me for his little black pearl].

In the mean time I also finished marking out the symbols on the sides, really quite pleased with the results, just Valejo Stonewall Grey, Army Painter Strong Tone [Agrax], Stonewall Grey and white. Obviously the rivets had also been done, I think I counted 165 are on each pod, add in the 150 holes on each door and it really is the repetition that can kill you with a pod. Regardless you’ll notice some additional splodges of paint that got caught on the doors. Once again not to worry as the weathering would cover these up.

Sponge and Rhinox Hide as per Duncan’s advice. I tried to be a little bit economical with it this time [compared to the damage on my Aquila Lander], only really catching the edges of the door.

I think both the Aquila and Euronymous suffered from too much weathering, Euronymous I fluff-excused the Aquila made a little more sense as it had crashed afterall but both seemed a little busy and had to be salvaged in one way or another to make me happy with it.

Interestingly the Dark Angel Codex features some painted miniatures that are clearly done at a ‘tabletop’ standard as opposed to the ‘Eavy Metal team standard. As much as I approve of them showcasing a standard that’s achievable by all in the Codex I was determined to do something better than the weathering on this at the very least.

So here’s my first attempt with the sponge and Gun Metal on the left door.

And then I continued round the model, note where I covered up those paint smudges.

I added a subsequent wash of Strong Tone, just to make it less clean and unrealistic. I didn’t go as far as I did with the Aquila and add Typhus Corrosion and then Strong Tone to blend it in as I thought the results were OK by themselves.

Here you can see the doors open and how the sepia wash on the door edges blended the oranges together. Compared with the piece of the crashed Aquila you can also see that the orange almost looks like my Ferron Proxima Red Planet Basing, unsurprising given the similar colours and yet unintentional. However, the result is most welcome and once again ties things together.

The fact is the pods, Aquila Lander and Euronymous run a fine line between process, effect and consistency. There have been slight deviations in process – choices in green and weathering that are completely different. The effects and how they’re consistent across the army was always a concern, not helped by the pod being started before I went all Verdigris Bronze on everything. And yet the inconsistencies are still valid as in reality not all materials are made at the same time so there will be differences in colours, some armour will be scuffed and reveal an undercoat, some will reveal bare metal. Some metals will be steel, some will be bronze etc.

I think 100% colour matching is really effective and I’d love to have that but for the most part my nids deliver on this front. As much as I’d be happier for the Dark Angels, who I consider rightly or wrongly, to be the army I put more effort into; they’re also the army I agonise over more intensely so I have to take success where I can find it. There’s little left to do on this, I considered litany markings before the damage but wanted it left without extra paint breaking up the strong green. There are some yellow pipes inside that I also don’t think should be black and yellow striped. They’re so small breaking them up with black would disturb their ‘silhouette’ in the model. There’s quite a few more details I could pick out but I need to remind myself this is just a pod, I’ve another one to do and this is pretty much better than I expected anyways. So, it just needs varnishing and some of the dials/radar need Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 and it’s done…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], no seriously!

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One of the reasons why the drop pod was put to one side involved the doors. The standard is usually to put yellow and black chevrons done the side/inside and although I love a good chevron [yellow and black in particular] this was never what I wanted. …

‘nids part 208 – Genestealer cult – Aberrants et al progress – skintone 2

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It would seem the Genestealer Cult has applied it’s insidious nature into my painting schedule, much as they do in the Imperium. it would seem they’re my priority, despite having no urgency or relevance with what I need painting at the moment. In fact …

SPORTS FANS – It’s Wednesday Night Blood Bowl

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First game of the year ans it’s actually first game of the season and my first ever game of new edition Blood Bowl. I say ‘new edition’, anything past 2nd edition is new to me. So here’s some good old ES Posthumous to start the ball rolling.PeteBan I b…

‘nids part 207 – Genestealer cult – Aberrants et al progress – skintone 1

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Probably because there are elements that are comfortably familiar the Aberrants continue to receive my attention. I thought perhaps the Bonewhite highlights would be sufficient effort for me to switch to another project but I think I may have reached a…

1500pts [not a] battle report – Tyranids v Khorne Daemonkin

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Before Caledonian Highlander PeteB and I got in a practice game in his man cave. I promptly lost the score sheet and it’s so long ago now I can hardly remember what happened but I took the pictures and thought I’d just post it up as a couple of standou…