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This Country – King of the Nerds

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I remember a documentary about fans of Dr Who, where folk reminisced about the glory days of the 80s and 90s and that if the Doctor turned up in any programme other than the show, it was such an ‘event’ for a Whovian. I’m sure as hobbyists we all get a…

Where’s my head @?

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The problem with these posts is they’re very much a snapshot of what I’m feeling at the time and if I already have a schedule of posts, which unusually I do at the moment then how I’m feeling right now may very well have come and gone/resolved itself by the time this is posted. Nevermind, I will continue regardless because it’s like a tattoo, it’s relevant at the time… or at least seems to be. So where is my head @? It’s all over the place actually.

You probably noticed a few weeks back there was limited service on the blog, this was really due to a lack of content. The Ravenwing were priority and photographs did not really show the efforts and progress achieved. So there was a lot of satisfaction – I’d settled on something, I felt good about it, I’d overcome hurdles [all the metallics] and now it was the black to highlight which I thought I was cool with… and immediately refused at that hurdle. So I looked back at my previous Ravenwing post to reassure me of the process, and inadvertently hit on the same action of focussing on one miniature – the Apothecary. And progress was physically continuous, it just wasn’t mentally.

I felt I’d hit upon the approach to overcome the hurdle but I couldn’t quite crack it. As much as I wanted to tackle these bikers and get them done they just wouldn’t play ball with me. I would add some details here and there but really it was just avoiding the black. I took the Company Champion through both sets of highlights and was ultimately disenchanted despite it remaining true to my previous Ravenwing efforts. I highlighted another bike so I have one completely highlighted with the black and one or two on first highlights, leaving 10 still to do and that’s where the brakes came on as I realised the enormity of the task remaining.

I immediately looked round for an alternative and did a little update on my Assault squad – Stonewall Grey again. I looked mournfully at my Land Speeder Dark Shroud – can’t get past building the Icon of Caliban/magnetising hurdle. I’d solved a problem with Project Z that may one day mean it actually moves into reality but there’s still much to do before I feel confident enough to reveal it. And ultimately it led me back to my Genestealer Hybrids, just Stonewall Grey on their environment suits but it’s stuff that needs to be done and when better to do it than when my heads all over the shop. The thing is I can see ahead to the end of the Hobby Season and I think I’m confident of what I could achieve in that time but that requires my mind to engage and for me to focus on those tasks and I know that’s just not realistic.

The downside to staying up late to paint is that leaves you with a lack of sleep. I’ve managed to get by on 5-6 hours a night for a good few years now I’m used to it but eventually it does catch up on me. I’ve tried going to bed earlier, it doesn’t make me feel any better and I know for it really to pay dividends it has to be consistent, which means I’ll have to sacrifice the late nights altogether. It also means should I choose to stay up I’ll really feel it when in fact nowadays it’s that one early night that feels worse than the six lates in a week.

None of this is new on the blog though, it’s a perennial moan that I need to get off my chest [mind] every now and again to hopefully kickstart my motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way unhappy or worse there’s just an emotional detachment and frustration that I’m not progressing how I should be. Of course that is the nature of the addiction whereby the enjoyment of the activity ceases and I’m compelled to completion because ultimately it’s what I achieve which is the payoff for me at the moment. That’s been most evident by not having posted regular TO DONE! posts to keep me ‘maintained’ and instead bingeing them all at once, which has perhaps prompted this observation 

With these thoughts discarded into my internet penseive I hope I can move forwards. It’s reminded me of mushin ‘the mind without mind’ from when I was doing kendo. There are definite moments where I need to stop thinking and just do. Looking at that Wikipedia page I have to say this quote from a ‘legendary Zen master’ is not a million miles from what I’ve been saying from day one on the blog, who knew I’d mastered Zen along the way?

The mind must always be in the state of ‘flowing,’ for when it stops anywhere that means the flow is interrupted and it is this interruption that is injurious to the well-being of the mind.

And it also reminds me a bit about The Game, which you just lost.

Fingers crossed by the time this post finds itself published* my headspace is once again free, uncluttered and in full flow. But no need to worry about anything I’m just getting my head straight is all, that’s what the blog is for.

* Yep, first highlights are all done, whether I’m over the worst of it is still to be determined though…


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Apparently there is a new edition of 40k due. What? You hadn’t heard? Sorry, I thought that rock you were wearing was a fashion choice. Already we’ve had Alex’s thoughts on the Q&A on From the Fang and Nick’s views on the FAQ on The Burning Eye. Ob…

Dark Angels – Ravenwing – Some little progress

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I’ve a post on Wednesday of where my head is @, and I recognise it may well feel very different because it was written when these pictures were taken on the 10th April. Its only now I can fit the posts into my schedule but the situation currently is th…

‘nids part 214 – Genestealer Cult so far

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In truth this is not everything, it’s just what I had to hand while I was taking the pictures but it is a statement in that it shows there is more to come. Alongside my Brood Coven is my Aquila Lander pilot and the Spawn of Cryptus [which could be anot…

‘nids part 213 – Genestealer cult – Aberrants – TO DONE!

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Last of my Genestealer Cult successes so far. As you can see some pretty harsh shadows from the sun on these, that’s why two lights help even them out. Still they’re not too bad in showcasing what I painted. Not 100% sure why these snuck into my painti…

‘nids part 212 – Genestealer cult – Brood Coven – MOAR SHOTS.

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And tthe next plethora of shots of the Brood Coven, once again Camera 360 managing to capture quality that perhaps it shouldn’t ought’a.They make a nice little family unit.I’d also played around with my light box and a white background. As much as I am…

‘nids part 211 – Genestealer cult – Brood Coven – TO DONE!

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As you may recall, when I was struggling with my Drop Pods I was seeking solace in the Hive, or more accurately the Cult and managed to get the Brood Coven done.Interestingly I hadn;t quite realised what I’d been achieving and while the Primus, Familia…

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], MOAR Shots!

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Here’s a bucketload of additional pictures, they were all done in my light box. As you can see the Ferron background was a bit washed out, my digital camera struggles a bit with it but the Drop Pods look alright.Drop pod deployed.Squad deployed.Rather …

Dark Angels – Drop Pod[s], TO DONE!

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Quite a variety of pics here, first up my digital camera in the daylight. The colours are pretty accurate but you can see how the sunlight casts quite the shadow.But the finished models are all I could have hoped for. My Dark Angels are a little random…

Dark Angels – Bastions – MOAR SHOTS!

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Looks like these initial shots are my obligatory phone pics with my Camera360 app [usually the Velvia filter]. it certainly mamaged to capture the vibrancy of the background and although the green is a bit brighter in the process I do love staurated an…

Dark Angels – Bastions – TO DONE!

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The Bastions were another project that had been sidelined repeatedly. Although simple they required a fair amount of effort and taking on two, although efficient, was probably not the wisest course of action given how laborious they were.I think this i…


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I got the opportunity to take a few pictures of items that have been TO DONE! at the weekend. I’ve been trying out my light box, tweaking it for better results. But with the weather changing for the better I’d give some [ill-advised by GW] daylight sho…

Dark Angels tribal markings

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A while back I was discussing the use of tribal markings on my Dark Angels. This of course harks back to the Deathwing origin story that centres around the ‘native American’ inspired recruitment world that subsequently is represented in the redoecorati…

‘nids part 206 – Lictor remodelling 1 – The Great Build part 5 – TO DONE!

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Having settled on my Ravenwing as my ‘projet du jour’, it was clear I had to go off list. Technically the Lictor is on my Great Build list so I’m not too bad. Now, we all know the Lictor pose is pretty static and with five of them in the Forest Brood a…

Dark Angels – Ravenwing – Turquoisewing shading

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It’s been a week since my last post which is a big gap for me. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy, it’s just once again the elements that are occupying my efforts do not really translate to pictures. That said I have shaded the ‘Turquoisewing’. I’m …

Dark Angels – Ravenwing – Turquoisewing

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I did my first ‘true’ Ravenwing feathers near enough a year ago and now I’m back doing them again. I just went with the Army Painter Turquoise first. I did refer back to the original post and was reminded of the two techniques I’d employed and for some…

Dark Angels – Ravenwing aged METAL!

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What a difference a day makes… actually the difference is marginal but pivotal. I have applied ‘liquid gold’ my Army Painter Strong Tone and all the doubts I had about the brass effect has been resolved. You can see how unrealistic and ‘blobby’ the gold paint had been on the left model. However, I washed half my Ravenwing with Strong Tone and you can see just how much the wash has evened things out and brought the sheen down to manageable levels. It’s fille dme with confidence and with all the METAL! brought to the same point I’m eager to move things on.

I did need to resupply all my washes just in case – £7.50 added to my growing hobby spends but I still things it’s the best value available

With the bronze/brass done is finally moving onto the black. This basecoat should be mind-numbingly unpleasant but having suffered through the previous METAL phase the simplicity of a basecoat is wildly appealing. I’m not daft though and after 30 minutes getting this guy’s basecoat completed I recalled that the process is much easier if I break it down further – do all the wheels, then the wheel fairings, the marine, then all the other bits and it seems less onerous. It’s still going to be around 13.5 hours on a process I’m not sure I even need to do. I have some recollection having done this last time with the Ravenwing bikers that after the highlights I shaded it with black [much easier than blending the highlights]. So I essentially covered up all the black anyway.

That said there’s nothing like having a reset and starting from a tidy point having covered up all the previous processes mistakes. So although it might be a waste of time and effort I’m just going to enjoy the monotony but very evident progress in basecoating the black.

Yet moar pics from GW Manchester

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I was passing by GW Manchester the other day so had to nip and photographanything of interest, you’re all worth it! This doggy was really cool.A REALLY big dreadnought – Bjorn the Fellhanded?Such a subtle stule of painting, no dark contrast edges like …

‘nids part 209 – Genestealer cult – Hybrid METAL!

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With Warplock Bronze on the brush I started the METAL! on my Hybrids. Their weapons are going to be distressed gun metal but I start with bronze just to get a dirty base.You should be able to pick out some Gun Metal debris too. I want a variety to the …

Dark Angels – Ravenwing and Assault Squad METAL!

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I was reminded a few times at the Birthday Bash I did not have enough Ravenwing – well I was running all I had painted but these are WiP. They’re on my To Do List and all of them have had Balthasar Gold and Runelord Brass highlights. The paintwork is s…


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I’ve been tied up with a number of intensive but dull projects recently. They haven’t been particularly photogenic but as a potential hurdle came up I was lucky enough to sidestep onto my Deathwatch. In truth it wasn’t just the Deathwatch but I’ll do s…

Birthday Bash best army pics

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Here’s some pics of the best army and Unknown Soldier entries and first up is inevitable eventual winner Liam’s Khorne Daemons ;)TauMy own Dark Angels.Hendrik’s Dark Angels, painted by Den of Imagination [he didn’t enter them into the painting competit…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Necrons – game 3

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Who do I get drawn against for game 3? Only Ben and his implacable Necrons! It’s over a week since Birthday Bash, I’m still playing catch-up so as usual my recollection of the game will be very sketchy.

The low down:

  • One of the Maelstrom missions – 3 cards per turn
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • Warlord Trait – 3 enemy Units take pinning tests
  • I set up second and failed to seize the initiative
  • No night fighting. 

Ben puts his Necron defence wall across the road, presumably to stop foreign invaders!

The Ravenwing hold my near flank, Tactical Squad the far flank.

Scouts secure the ruins

Stalker, Scarabs and Spyder advance up the table. Don’t know what Bend did shooting wise but he came away with 2 VPs for Ascendancy and Supremacy.

Dreadnought drop pod arrives behind the defence wall, the Dread taking a shot at the Quad Gun to help keep the Dark Talons safe [eventually]. I swing the Land Speeder Typhoons round the Bastion to get a lock on the Triarch, they blast away.

And it is no more! First Blood.

This might be the reason why! [that’s 1/1296 BTW, I should have put a £1 on it]

My bikes get into combat with the Tomb Blades, or what remains of them thanks to my shooting.

He couldn’t survive those odds but the bikes don’t consolidate far and the enraged Spyder close by seeks revenge. First Blood, Objective 3 and Behind Enemy Lines get scored this turn.

The Scarabs manage to reach the Bastion and disassemble it with consummate ease before my Techmarine can even affect any repairs. This nets Ben a VP for Demolitions and leaves me just 3 surviving Devastators.

2nd Pod arrives, and I think the Dreadnought targets the Quad Gun again.

Just two bikes remain from the unit thanks to the predations of the Canoptek Spyders! I score no VPs

Flayed Ones that had infiltrated at the back of my DZ finally catch up with the Tactical Squad, killing them and leaving that flank with just a few Marines left from another combat squad. Ben captures Objective 6 for a VP.

The Land Speeders manage to insta-kill a few Scarabs but move out of range to leave the Techmarine to hold them in combat.

The Ravenwing must have been killed but their last known location is a beacon to the Dark Angel’s finest who appear in a flash of light.

Tactical Squad and Dreadnought assault the Necron Warriors, two survive, I still can’t score a VP.

Flayed Ones join up with the Scarabs against the Techmarine who his systematically smashing the Scarabs to pieces.

But he can’t hold back their numbers and succumbs giving Ben Assassinate [and Slay the Warlord].

The Scarabs catch up with the Speeders and I’m lucky to come away with only 1 Hull Point of damage.

My Drop Pod gets destroyed,

 and the Spyders take on the finest of the First!

Two fall… er I mean not fall, we don’t mention the Fallen, they die, that’s it, dead, no more. But the remaining unfallen take out a Spyder and the last is wounded. Ben scores another VP for Obj 4.

Finally the Dark Talon arrives, screaming up Main Street.

He blasts away with all his weapons.

Killing one measly Eternal! Grr!. The Deathwing kill the last Scarab getting me Big Game Hunter and I also get Blood and Guts for 2 VPs

That’s it, game over and it’s 10:8 [Ben scoring 8 plus Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker, while I scored 6 plus First Blood and Line Breaker].

Necrons triumphant yet again but no bother, we had a great day and a good laugh. We were both exhausted at the end, made me realise I do not look forward to another weekend tournament if I feel like this after one day! Three great game with three great people.

I have some pics of the best army nominees to share and wrap up next…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Space Marines – game 2

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Doogie Doyle was my game 2. The low down:One of the Maelstrom missions – 3 cards per turn Dawn of WarWarlord Trait – Move through cover and Stealth RuinsI set up second and seized the initiative No night fighting. His list had some similarities to…