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Salute 2018 – Part 3

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As Salute being such an important event for the wargaming community, lots of companies schedule their announcements and releases for that particular saturday in April. Some of them are just teasered, some proudly announced in the newsletter before the show and others are huge surprises. And as a enthusiast you have your hopes, what will […]

Salute 2018 – Part 2

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Let us focus on the gaming tables and participation rounds at Salute in this part of the coverage. A table, that I was really looking forward to see, was the one by Andy Singleton and Kildaire Paintworks, it is a 20mm / 1:72 World War two Setting in the mediterranean. He documented the different kits […]

Salute 2018 – Part 1

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Salute began early for us, after the day-trip to Nottingham, we we’re ready and waiting at 7 a.m. at Cambridge Station. Taking the Great Northern towards London, we had some time on our hand. It takes roughly an hour and gets you to Kings Cross without a stop. Spending that time on going through our […]

Intro to Salute

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Last thursday, on April 12th, Operation Sealion 2018 started. We went to Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport, for our four day trip to the UK for Salute and a brief day trip to the Leadbelt. There are a couple of ways to get to London. Two years ago and before that, we did the Salute as […]

Campaign Sea Lion 2018

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It is time to take another approach and try to loot the Island for pewter, plastic and resin! Thursday we head over to the UK, for a short trip to the “Leadbelt” of Nottingham as well as paying a visit to the Salute on saturday. Salute is the largest wargaming event in the UK, hosted […]

More from the Balearic Island of Mallorca

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On friday, March 30th, our exploring journey of the island continued. We set for the southern part and made several stops along the coast, beginning with Cala Figuera. We had great luck with the weather, it was bright and sunny, and just look at these blues of sky and sea. The second row shows the weathered […]

Vacation on the Balearic Islands, Mallorca

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On March 26 we said goodbye 3° and !Hola! 20°, as we were on a Easter vacation to Mallorca. The flight was taken care of by Condor and it was such a positive start into the week off, to exit the airport and to be welcomed by this warm breeze and sunshine (especially after having […]

Aviators, get your engines running!

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I got my hands on a Airfix Dogfight Doubles set back in 2016, and build the Messerschmitt Bf109 and a Spitfire MkVb right away. Now I found some more 1:48 scale kits, that could be used as terrain. So I bought a Junkers Ju-88 by Revell and a Ju-87 by Italeri. About the scale, that […]

Bolt Action M3 Lee medium tank

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This is a M3 review double feature, as I’ll show you today the M3 Lee and the M3 Grant (with track guards). The M3 Lee kit is a regular shelf product, that comes in a boxed set. Warlord offers the Grant as a made-to-order / direct order product. The M3 medium tank (not to be […]

Bolt Action M3 Grant medium tank with track guard

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In addition to the M3 Lee review, this article will cover the british Grant variant of the M3 with track guards. Unlike the M3 Lee, this kit is only available as made-to-order and therefore comes without a box in a simple bubble wrap bag. As the M3 is already introduced in the other article, I’ll […]

Bolt Action Campaign New Guinea

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After Empire in Flames, Bolt Action revisites the far east with the supplement Campaign New Guinea. With 132 pages, Campaign New Guinea set a short new high score for page load, trumping Battle of the Bulge and Duel in the Sun (both 124 pages), only second to the recently released The Road to Berlin (148 […]

Bolt Action Universal Carrier Wasp Mk II

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Along with the previous introduced Chindits, there is need for suiting vehicular support. In Burma they used the nimble bren carriers to transport soldiers and goods, some of the universal carriers were fitted with a flamethrower and called Wasp, which I want to introduce in this review. Of the more than 110,000 units that were […]

An army with an exotic theme – Chindits for Bolt Action

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I have this lot of chindits lying around for quite some time now, and I want to explain why I chose these and what is the motivation behind it. First of all, why a themed army? I always liked from background to my projects, wether it is sourced ficitional or historical. I like to have […]

Infamous JT Warsaw Uprising Kubus

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The “crown jewel” of the currently running Warsaw Uprising Kickstarter campaign by Infamous JT is most certainly the Kubus, that I want to show you in this pre-release review. The Warsaw Uprising is part of the late war years of the second world war. It was an operation of the polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa) […]

Blood Bowl – Skycastle Titans Part 2

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A guest article by Daniel / DinoTitanEdition on his Blood Bowl Underworld Team, the Skycastle Titans. “Oye … what is dat?” “Dunno coach, da troll wanted to eat da little gobbo there and did`t let go.” “Da git is quite big …. O.K. Place our most delicious player near the middleline. We gon’ keepz da […]

Citadel Painting Handle

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End of the year is always time for terrain and hobby supplies at Games Workshop, so around Christmas we got a new painting handle by Citadel. There are a couple of different approachs to this topic. Beside the basic not using a miniature holder, there are a few non-commercial / non-professional ways, like using caps, […]

Iron giants, iron calves and hovering boats

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I saw this picture on facebook, it is a K2SO toy converted by Steve Perry (Rubicon Models UK represenatitv) into a 28mm terrain piece. That would be awesome for all kinds of Sci-Fi settings, from the Ashwastes of Necromunda, over Gates of Antares to Rogue Stars. This K2SO toy from Rogue One is available in […]

White Tigers in the snow

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Currently continuing on the vehicles for my Winter germans. I started with the Kingtiger with Zimmerit, that will be covered in a review along with the regular Kingtiger, an IS-2 and the Road to Berlin Bolt Action supplement, just as a little teaser for the next weeks. The Tiger II is accompanied by the Opel […]

Warhammer 40,000 STC Ryza Pattern Ruins

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Along with the Necromunda Release, Games Workshop put a lot of suiting terrain on the market. As a “entry” product, with a low price barrier the STC Ryza Pattern Ruins caught my eye and were added to my terrain collection, for their generic yet very 40k like style. This kit gives you four larger ruin […]

Bolt Action Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front

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Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front, picks up where the first chapter of Campaign Sea Lion stopped or better said came to a hold. The german plan of invading Great Britain was spun further. As the first chapter of the hypothetical campaign Sea Lion was incredibly successful as a product, it received […]

Upcoming events for 2018

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A short list of events, that I have my eye on for this year. If I missed something, or you would like me as a guest, feel free to invite me. 🙂 January 2018 05.01.-07.01.2018 – HdR Tabletop Szenario in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. 13.01.-14.01.2018 – Field of Glory Neujahrsturnier in Koblenz, Germany. February 2018 04.02.2018 […]

Ersatz StuG Ausf. G and more Germans in winter gear

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The StuG is done and here are the proper picture of the third vehicle for my Unternehmen Greif / Panzerbrigade 150 force for Bolt Action. You can read about the work in progress in more detail over here, Ersatz Stug Ausf. G WIP. I thought a double sided Zeltbahn camouflage would be a nice detail […]

Annual Review of 2017, Preview of 2018

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Wow, another year passed and what a year it was. Almost 60 updates on here, available in both English and German. A busy year for me and my family, both personal and hobby-wise. A lot of things happened. I got engaged early this year, went to New Zealand for a month in late summer and […]

Christmas Dinner Beef Wellington

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How do introduce this article? Some of the regulars may be aware of the food and cooking content on here, (like last christmas’ Pulled Turkey, or home made fried chicken) and I stumbled across a recipe from Spiegel Online (yeah, a bit weird, but hey you’re on a Wargaming Blog reading about food, so don’t […]

Ersatz StuG III Ausf. G Work-in-Progress

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Almost there with the Ersatz StuG Ausf. G for the 150th Panzerbrigade / Unternehmen Greif. Finished the white wash camo, decals are done, weathering with mud and cracks is satisfying. Only part missing so far is the stowage. Have to take care of the spare wheel, the jerrycans and the Zeltbahn. Actually, I’m thinking about […]