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White Tigers in the snow

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Currently continuing on the vehicles for my Winter germans. I started with the Kingtiger with Zimmerit, that will be covered in a review along with the regular Kingtiger, an IS-2 and the Road to Berlin Bolt Action supplement, just as a little teaser for the next weeks. The Tiger II is accompanied by the Opel […]

Warhammer 40,000 STC Ryza Pattern Ruins

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Along with the Necromunda Release, Games Workshop put a lot of suiting terrain on the market. As a “entry” product, with a low price barrier the STC Ryza Pattern Ruins caught my eye and were added to my terrain collection, for their generic yet very 40k like style. This kit gives you four larger ruin […]

Bolt Action Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front

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Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front, picks up where the first chapter of Campaign Sea Lion stopped or better said came to a hold. The german plan of invading Great Britain was spun further. As the first chapter of the hypothetical campaign Sea Lion was incredibly successful as a product, it received […]

Upcoming events for 2018

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A short list of events, that I have my eye on for this year. If I missed something, or you would like me as a guest, feel free to invite me. 🙂 January 2018 05.01.-07.01.2018 – HdR Tabletop Szenario in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. 13.01.-14.01.2018 – Field of Glory Neujahrsturnier in Koblenz, Germany. February 2018 04.02.2018 […]

Ersatz StuG Ausf. G and more Germans in winter gear

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The StuG is done and here are the proper picture of the third vehicle for my Unternehmen Greif / Panzerbrigade 150 force for Bolt Action. You can read about the work in progress in more detail over here, Ersatz Stug Ausf. G WIP. I thought a double sided Zeltbahn camouflage would be a nice detail […]

Annual Review of 2017, Preview of 2018

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Wow, another year passed and what a year it was. Almost 60 updates on here, available in both English and German. A busy year for me and my family, both personal and hobby-wise. A lot of things happened. I got engaged early this year, went to New Zealand for a month in late summer and […]

Christmas Dinner Beef Wellington

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How do introduce this article? Some of the regulars may be aware of the food and cooking content on here, (like last christmas’ Pulled Turkey, or home made fried chicken) and I stumbled across a recipe from Spiegel Online (yeah, a bit weird, but hey you’re on a Wargaming Blog reading about food, so don’t […]

Ersatz StuG III Ausf. G Work-in-Progress

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Almost there with the Ersatz StuG Ausf. G for the 150th Panzerbrigade / Unternehmen Greif. Finished the white wash camo, decals are done, weathering with mud and cracks is satisfying. Only part missing so far is the stowage. Have to take care of the spare wheel, the jerrycans and the Zeltbahn. Actually, I’m thinking about […]

Ford M8(a) captured vehicle and further winter gear

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On the weekend I managed to do the last touches on the captured M8 Greyhound, named Ford M8(a) by the Germans. Applying the last few weathering bits and the fitting decals onto the vehicle. I used the Decal Fix and Medium by Vallejo, quite easy to use and the results speak for themself. Some suggest […]

Perry Miniatures AEC ‘Dorchester’ Armoured Command Vehicle

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Fresh from the molds, the AEC Command Vehicle by Perry Miniatures, directly covered as a review as part of the Africa themed week. The AEC 4×4 Command Vehicle was the most common ACV (armoured command vehicle) of the British Army. It was based upon the AEC Matador chassis (although available by the Perrys as code […]

Rubicon Models SdKfz 251/1 Ausf. C

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Yesterday we had the shorter command SdKfz 250/3, today it is time for the SdKfz 251/1 Ausf. C by Rubicon Models in a review to shine. The SdKfz 251 series was introduced as an armoured fighting vehicle, and designed to transport Panzergrenadiers (Mechanized Infantry) into battle. With at least 15,000 units (including various variants) the […]

Rubicon Models SdKfz 250/3 “Greif”

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Continuing with the Africa theme week, we stay with the vehicle kits, switch the manufacturer to Rubicon Models and take a look at Rommel’s personal command car, the SdKfz 250/3 “Greif”. Rubicon Models released a broad range of armoured vehicles and added later conversion sets to some of them, to give them even more options. […]

Bolt Action Light Tank M3 Stuart ‘Honey’ / M3A1

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You can’t play a proper Duel in the Sun without the matching gear, and what would be a better match for this as the M3 Stuart? To show you all the different options of this kit in our review we went with the platoon box. The M3 Stuart was used by most of the allied […]

Bolt Action Duel in the Sun

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The Bolt Action supplement Duel in the Sun covers one of the most well known campaigns of the second world war, the African and Italian Campaigns. And we want to share it with you in this review. Next to the final cover, we see the early cover shown in some of the Osprey newsletters. The […]

Crisis 2017 Haul

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Of course, no event coverage is really completed without the haul, the loot, the goodies that you’ve brought home. So let’s see what I got myself this time. So let’s take a look into the Goodie Bag. The current Crisis Gazette, the event miniature and an individual sprue. Yes, that is all. I’m a bit […]

Crisis 2017 – Part II

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Another view towards the gates of Crisis, roughly 2 hours after opening hours, the crowd was still coming. The first to come through the doors, were standing in line since 08:40 a.m.! Under the eyes of the maestro himself, Alex Buchel, Studio Tomahawk showed Congo and the upcoming Saga 2nd at their booth. We got […]

Crisis 2017 – Part I

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Saturday morning, short of 10 a.m., once again we are in front of the halls of the Waagnatie Expo. Decorated with the eight large banners, that can be seen from afar. It is time for Crisis 2017. Right before the doors opened, the Cosplayers were getting in role. You had the Space Marines and Imperial […]

Intro to Crisis 2017 Antwerp

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It is this time of the year, early November and the TinSoldiers of Antwerp host their annual show, the Crisis. For me, preparation started in summer just when I got back from New Zealand, getting the team ready and booking hotel rooms. I was really looking forward to this weekend, as I had to take […]

Winter is coming

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With the last two month of this year right around the corner, the planning for Winter is necessary. One of the next events on my schedule is the Crisis, as I already shared with you here – Crisis 2017 prelude. Usually I prepare an advent calendar for December, but this year I’ll schedule something different. […]

Micro Art Studios Foam Hills

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The polish manufacturer Micro Art Studio offers a broad range of terrain, made from resin, mdf and foam. They even carry licensed products for systems like Wolsung or Infinity. In this review I’d like to cover generic wargaming items in form of hills, made from foam. The pictures above are from the MAS online shop […]

Warlord Games – Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Pikemen

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This plastic kit of Landsknechts was finally released, after a very long waiting time, but I’ll cover this a bit later in this review. Warlord Games provided the range of Pike & Shotte with this kit of 30 miniatures in 28mm scale. What is so special about this kit? The whole Italian Wars range was […]

Crisis 2017 Prelude

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Only a month until Crisis 2017! On November 4th the hangars Antwerps harbour area will open their doors for Europe’s biggest wargaming event on the mainland. The show is held in two hangars in the northern area of Antwerp. Parking lots are available directly at the show. The opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to […]

Rubicon Models GMC CCKW-353 2,5t Truck

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Rubicon released with the CCKW-353 US 2,5 ton 6×6 Cargo Truck an allied counterpart to the amazing Opel Blitz kit (and the accessoires like Maultier available for it). It is one of the lighter vehicles by Rubicon and will be covered in this review. The US Army developed between 1939 and 1940 a 2,5 ton […]

Rubicon Models M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman

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Rubicon Models released the M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman in Q1/17, as an replacement for one of their first kits, the M4A3 Sherman. The kit got an overhaul with new options and variants included, giving you the options to build an early or late production of the M4A3 or the Easy Eight with broader tracks. The […]