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Warlord Games – Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Pikemen

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This plastic kit of Landsknechts was finally released, after a very long waiting time, but I’ll cover this a bit later in this review. Warlord Games provided the range of Pike & Shotte with this kit of 30 miniatures in 28mm scale. What is so special about this kit? The whole Italian Wars range was […]

Crisis 2017 Prelude

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Only a month until Crisis 2017! On November 4th the hangars Antwerps harbour area will open their doors for Europe’s biggest wargaming event on the mainland. The show is held in two hangars in the northern area of Antwerp. Parking lots are available directly at the show. The opening hours are from 10:00 a.m. to […]

Rubicon Models GMC CCKW-353 2,5t Truck

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Rubicon released with the CCKW-353 US 2,5 ton 6×6 Cargo Truck an allied counterpart to the amazing Opel Blitz kit (and the accessoires like Maultier available for it). It is one of the lighter vehicles by Rubicon and will be covered in this review. The US Army developed between 1939 and 1940 a 2,5 ton […]

Rubicon Models M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman

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Rubicon Models released the M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman in Q1/17, as an replacement for one of their first kits, the M4A3 Sherman. The kit got an overhaul with new options and variants included, giving you the options to build an early or late production of the M4A3 or the Easy Eight with broader tracks. The […]

Bolt Action Campaign Sea Lion

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The second campaign supplement for Bolt Action Second Edition leaves the road of historic events and goes for the What-If scenario of the Operation Sea Lion. These were the plans of the german forces to invade Britain. Sea Lion is another big expansion for Bolt Action, at least page-wise. At 124 pages it shares the […]

Wellington Great War Exhibition Part 1

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One of the stops that I was most eager to visit, was the Great War Exhibition in Wellington. It marked more or less the last stop on our trip around the north island, before we went for further two and half weeks on the south island. But let me tell you why I was so […]

Wellington Great War Exhibition Part 2

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The Great Hall of the GWE ends in a hallway, leading on one way towards the cafe and shop, and on the other end towards the ANZ room. After the hard focus on the western front, the hallway moves over to the New Zealand part of the ANZAC. Explaining which parts of the country raised […]

Wellington Te Papa – Gallipoli The Scale of our War

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Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is home to many cultural sites, among them Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Museum of New Zealand. The name means “the place of treasures of this land” and covers many different exhibitions, about the history, the animals and plants of this country, as well as a current exhibition about […]

Necromunda Re-Release

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Last Sunday, shortly after I finished the coverage on my visit to the Lord of the Rings Hobbiton Movie Set, the first info from Forge World Open Day trinkled in. And it was quite hot news. The first guests in the line were handed flyers covering the artwork below, announcing the rerelease of Necromunda! Games […]

A Tour of Hobbiton – Movie Set Tour 2017

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This article is for the terrain builders and Lord of the Ring enthusiasts. First proper one about the trip to New Zealand, so enjoy! After we arrived in Auckland, our first stop along our route through the Northern Island of New Zealand was near Matamata, in Hobbiton. While driving through Waikato we already got the […]

The Great Wargaming Survey 2017

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Wargames Soldiers & Strategy repeats their Great Wargaming Survey in 2017! A brief introduction by Guy and Jasper, the two heads behind WSS Magazine. Welcome to the Great (tabletop miniatures) Wargaming Survey 2017! Apart from rolling dice, there seem to be few things wargamers like to do better than discuss the state of their hobby. […]

Historicon 2017 Kurt Knispel & Tanks

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In July, from the 12th to 15th, the Historicon 2017 was held in Fredericksburg, VA (Virginia, United States). It is a large wargaming event by the HMGS, Historical Miniature Gaming Society, and will return to Lancaster, PA, next year (after leaving it in 2009). As many other events, the Historicon offers a special annual event […]

Made-to-Order Blood Bowl Halflings

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In late June, just before my vacation, Games Workshop announced another wave of made-to-order Blood Bowl teams on Warhammer Community, among them the Halflings. Games Workshop would offer the 3rd edition Blood Bowl Team of Halflings from 1994 for a week. It was sculpted by Gary Morley back in the day (I thought those were […]

New Zealand / Aotearoa 2017

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You might be wondering, why it was so quiet in July on Chaosbunker. The ones following me on facebook, might have seen it – I was in New Zealand / Aotearoa for a month. It was a great journey and I’m very lucky and happy to have experience the islands for this amount of time. […]