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Great Unclean Slug One…part 2

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For those keeping up my GUO is getting there from where it was in post number 1 GUO1 So I am at the stage now where I think he is done! As hopefully you will see.. The next stages I had … Continue reading →


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He is an old old model now but dont let granddad Mean Jelly Bean not terrify you he is still the boss. Advertisements


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So this is my gaggle of Slaves for my Dragyri 🙂 the are soft and squishy but boy are they cheap. Plus everything matches my scheme so these are easily Ice or Air caste slaves. Advertisements

Cog Building 101 – Dominus

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Well here it is, officially finished the start collecting box and my first steps into the Dark Mechanicus. As such he needs to be the most turned of the models so far. Thankfully he came with multiple arms already so … Continue reading →

Cog Building 101 – Onager

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Work continues a sort of pace with my Dark Mechanicus, and yes you may cry out that my Onager is looking very unchaosy… I want some of my more vehicle type units to keep the ad mech look without going … Continue reading →


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So my Fallen knights needed some firepower help. I had a Hellbrute model but he was not close enough to the look of the rest of the army. Well I had some spare bits and things sort of happened. Yes … Continue reading →


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So I wanted to knock up a Driago model to do with my Fallen Knights and well seemed really bad to use the official model on a Fallen concept. Cue a bits box raid and here he is. The Custodes … Continue reading →

WWX – Reavers

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First time I have managed to paint up some of the WWX models, admittedly these are the older v1 models not the newer set up from Warcradle. I have struggled to decided on a scheme for them, as didn’t want … Continue reading →

Kharadron Characters

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So using some spare bits and a sale at one of the bits shops I have managed to knock up some extra characters 🙂 So the right is an Aether Khemist, with his double guns and the left is a … Continue reading →

Grundstok Gunhauler

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The baby balloon is done Made sense that the smallest of the airships was also the home of the daredevils of the force and determined to fly to the MAX!!   Advertisements

Arkanaut Company2

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Unit number 2 of Arkanauts just one more to go to have all my battleline. So who is betting Thunderers get battleline in GHB2018 just as I finish unit 3 🙂 Advertisements

Lord on Dracoth

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He is big and scary, but perhaps for me outshone my his 2 other iterations. Nearly Lord on foot as dammit that bubble for hitting is glorious and his big brother on the drake 🙂 But I still love the … Continue reading →

Paladin Ancient

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So this is my Ancient for my Fallen knights, clearly he has fallen further than most 🙂 Advertisements


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So here are my hammer guys, yes they are converted from the starter set Lord but they do the job (and I think I get away with it 🙂 )      

Plagueburst Crawler

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I only have one of them so far, but I do love the model. It has been great fun to paint well, all of the Death Guard are fun to paint         Advertisements


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Even those dedicated to the Tzeentch need a little pick me up sometimes.. Advertisements


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So this is my Voldus model, who you can see inst as corrupted as my other fallen knights 🙂 Advertisements

One for all and all for Hobbit

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via One for all and all for Hobbit Advertisements

Cog Building 101 – Paint Scheme

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So after the first article outlining want I wanted to do HERE and shout out to Triple Helix Wargames for helping me out as always with the army. I have my color scheme, it ties in with my fallen knights I think … Continue reading →


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Well here it is the big boy himself, the Ironclad, been a long time coming. But he has been great fun to paint though.   Advertisements

#WAAC Space Marine Raffle

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  Well this year we are doing great thank you to everyone that has donated so far (over half way to the total). Excitingly I have some great giveaways coming up. Thanks to a lovely young man who posted what … Continue reading →


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Big floating ships? then you need a guy with a big bloody hammer to make sure they keep working!! When in doubt bring your own anvil as well 🙂 Advertisements

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

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Say hello to my little friend. Finally got round to painting this bad boy and I am really happy how he has turned out and hopefully gives me something very unique to use as I hate the official GW model! … Continue reading →

The Great Unclean (Slug) One

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So the idiot I am decided that I didn’t want more than 1 Great Unclean One to the look the same. This had nothing to do with me watching Star Wars at the weekend either… So I decided a F’off … Continue reading →

Fallen (Grey) Knight Terminators

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First batch of my Fallen Knights are done and I am pretty happy with them. Yes they are bonkers but it gives me plenty of options for both Grey Knights and 1k Sons. Advertisements