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Death Guard – Terminators

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Everyone needs some heavy lifting and until I fo another Forge World order then these chaps will be doing it for me. Banged up but still rocking the Death Guard Way! Advertisements

Bette Noire

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The most hated Resser model for me to face, now I have my own 🙂 although I am struggling to fit her into lists at the moment as I dont have Nico. Advertisements

Rotten Belles

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Everyones favourite dead ladies of the night, lets just say if you are Lured by them you deserve everything you get 😉

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Thresher

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When you really need to clear a path you need to Thresher the opponents. Stats His speed is average as is his DEF again no ARM for the farmers. His KICK is decent and hovering around that Striker range, His … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Jackstraw

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Are you scared yet? Maybe you should be its Jackstraw! Stats He is I believe the slowest model in the game, like amazing slow. His TAC is also very low, but his KICK is interesting dice pool is low but … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Millstone

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I feel a weight around my neck, hopefully it’s not because of Millstone. Stats Her speed is average, while her TAC is a little low. Her KICK is average and her DEF is meh but she does come with a … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Tater

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It’s the bonny lad of the team in the great shape of Tater. Stats He is pretty fast (just above average), while his TAC and KICK are average as well as his DEF (but no ARM). He also brings a … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Buckwheat

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When you need a mascot you better bring some carrots and no seaside rides this time! Its Buckwheat time. Stats Pretty average movement for a mascot, he does have OK TAC as is his DEF (no ARM though). His KICK … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Windle

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He is big and he is not too bright but no-one puts Windle in the corner.. Stats He is slow, really slow, like tortoise slow! His TAC is average as is his KICK. His DEF is bad and he has … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Peck

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Let the feathers fly…Its time for a bit of gentle Peck(ing)! Stats Her speed is decent about average for a Mascot, as well as her TAC and KICK. Really good DEF but no ARM which would have been funny.. INF … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Bushel

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When you are starting a new team, you need someone that can carry the team possibly in some sort of container…..Its Bushel! Stats She is average speed but her TAC is rubbish, while her KICK is pretty healthy, not quite … Continue reading

Muck Spreading the Farmers – Harrow

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Well this one is going to be a Harrow-ing post…(sorry, not sorry). Stats His speed is pretty average, as is his TAC and as his KICK. His DEF is a bit meh and he doesn’t have no ARM either. His … Continue reading

#WAAC Black Library Raffle

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The generosity of strangers is an amazing thing really and WAAC has certainly started something that makes me incredibly proud of this hobby community!! So a very nice young man called Jamie (aka @_hotrodthug on Twitter go follow him) has … Continue reading

Dead Doxies

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To back up the Belles I also have the other side of Seamus’ hareem..

Copycat Killer

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Figured why not make him/it look a little silly, as I do think there is a lot of dark humour in Seamus and have the little un a bit wonky.

Anna Lovelace

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I really struggle with how to paint her as I could have painted her to match my Freikorps stuff. In the end I settled for the resser scheme…but I may end up picking a second model.

Necrotic Machine

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I have flashbacks to how horrible the metal model was to put together and Wyrd tried their best for some regression with this one. In the end I do like the model just not the journey..


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Do not cross the boss lady she will crush you! I am finding it very hard to not take her in my Molly lists just as a great bodyguard for Molly herself.


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Curse of the faux models strikes with these guys so spindly connections. But still great models and very useful in game.

Phillip and the Nanny

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Sounds like a really bad romcom but the talking head is a fun model, although I did struggle with the head itself for some reason any glow I added didnt look quite right for some reason..


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More flying men for my Stormcast, I love the look but those wings are a right royal pain in the back side


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I made the call to go hairless as well, i think the model looks much creepier this way and sort of suits her.

JB Terrain Review

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As 40K starts to explode as it always does with a new edition time, I needed some new terrain to cover the board! There is loads of MDF terrain out there, but I need something that looks good but isn’t … Continue reading


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The man that started it all and made me love the dirty dirty ressers.

Lost Love

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Angry lady loved her man friend…..maybe a little too much