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Managed to paint a little bit more Death Guard 🙂 This time the crazy Tallyman, I admit I haven’t had chance to run him yet. Mainly because I have struggled to fit him in and I know that remembering his … Continue reading →

Brood Starter Box Review

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Its been a while but wooohoooo new shiny models 🙂 This time we get to have a look at the new Brood starter box for Dark Age. With all the genetic freaks (the need to do a Scott Steiner model) … Continue reading →

Arkanaut Admiral

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The boss! Great model to paint and wish I had more reasons to pick up another one to convert. Advertisements

Spirit Lord

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Why have a Spirit Lord all about casting Pysgenics when you can have a Spirit Lord with 2 massive swords!! I do love the Ice Caste. Advertisements


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He is big. He is mean. and he carries a BIG axe. Its Lucky to his friends and he is the most fun I have had with a model in along time. Yes the sculpt is old, but he is … Continue reading →

Cog Building 101 – Starting Ad Mech

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Exciting news if slightly belated, I am starting a set of articles around New Year New Army…. Yes I know it is nearly a quarter of the way through shush now! Anyway huge shout out to Triple Helix Wargames who … Continue reading →

Arkanaut Frigate

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First addition to my navy and who doesnt love floating boats?! Plus got to play with magnets 😀 Advertisements

Dark Age Arena of Death part 2

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Welcome to the second Dark Age Arena of DEATH!! Post, continuing from the first post and the Skarrd Cup we are moving onto the other faction prize. Rules the same (200 points and not a character). This time we are … Continue reading →


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First batch of the fly-boys done, I kept the sort of floating island look with these guys as honestly I do not trust myself with those flying stands. Too many bad memories of jetbikes going snap.. Advertisements


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Vaccum cleaner of doom!! Tis a bonkers model but I don’t think you will see an army without one or two. Advertisements

Grundstok Thunderers

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Lets face it these guys are the A-team of the Kharadrons, any gun for any occasion! I do hope they get a little help in the next GHB just so they can also be battleline if nothing else. I love … Continue reading →

Soul Splitter

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He maybe shamed as an Ice Caste member but at least his bow is nasty and he can deliver some sunder armour from a far (no-one likes sunder armour).. Advertisements

Armoured Digital Kickstarter

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So I have been following the life of a game called Armoured Digital for a while now, brain child of Word Forge Games (of Devil’s Run fame) it finally goes to KS today at 2000 GMT I believe. So the … Continue reading →

Spot of Reflection

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So I have known for a few weeks but as of yesterday it was officially announced that; Yes apparently I am a hobby hero, some how the title doesn&#82…

Arkanaut Company

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First batch of Kharadrons, and by accident I went for a yellow scheme that matches my Stormcast. I hadnt planned too but the idea of boiler suit dwarves was too strong to turn down 🙂 Advertisements

Black Library Print Raffle for #WAAC

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  That is a mouth of a title… So first raffle of the year, and it is a very very nice one as I have 2 prizes to give away. A huge thanks to Jamie (@_hotrodthug) on twitter for doing the … Continue reading →

Dark Age Arena of Death

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Welcome to the Dark Age Arena of DEATH!! (*thunder and lightning*), so a bit of fun we are going to have ourselves a little sport in the shape of some one-on-one hacking and slicing! The competitors have been carefully chosen … Continue reading &…

Kids are Alright

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via Kids are Alright Advertisements

Firing the Blacksmiths – Hearth

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Home is where the Hearth is.. Stats She is a slow lass but then with what she is carrying is it any wonder! Her TAC is average and her KICK is OK lacks the range but healthy dice pool. Her … Continue reading →

Firing the Blacksmiths – Alloy

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Sometimes it’s good to mix things up…. Stats One of the fastest in the team, he is on par with Fishermen fast! His TAC is OK and his kick is great (not super striker but there are ways). His DEF … Continue reading →

Firing the Blacksmiths – Burnish

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Keep on rubbing lets see what shines.. Stats His speed is pretty average as is his TAC, his KICK is decent without being spectacular he can do a job for you but he isn’t a go to goal scorer usually. … Continue reading →

Firing the Blacksmiths – Cast

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I feel I need to make a boating pun here for some reason.. Stats Her speed is about average for the team, although her sprint is pretty decent. Her TAC is average as is her DEF and ARM. As is … Continue reading →

Firing the Blacksmiths – Ferris

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In a game with crazed drug addled mutants, sure lets throw in a horse what could go wrong! Yes I couldn’t think of a good Farris pun!! Stats She is on a horse!!! So her jog is fairly average but … Continue reading →

Firing the Blacksmiths – Bolt

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Like something out of the blue.. Stats He looks pretty slow but in fact he can be one of your fastest options. His TAC is average as is his DEF and he still gets some ARM. As an apprentice he … Continue reading →

#WIPWednesday Drone

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Been bloody ages since I remembered to tag anything with a WIPWednesday 🙂 So I got my hands on a second drone and well he didn’t want to be a twin of his brother. So cue the Diagnosis Murder music! … Continue reading →