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Death Guard So Far

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Well for those keeping up I have been collecting Death Guard for nearly a year now! It started as a way to dip into 30K and I have been having great fun do the painting! So since I started at … Continue reading


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I have loved, loved, loved painting this guy up he has been great fun to do. Yes he is a pain to transport but I cant help but love the wheezy one! Advertisements

Imperial (Renegade) Knight

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He is done, woooo all magnets done as well as! I do need to finish the rest of the army options but that can wait as I do love how he looks at the moment! Advertisements

Fetid Bloat Drone

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Really fun model that is let’s be honest a bit bonkers even as far as daemon engines go! But my word does this guy get some work done for me, so much so I am planning on having a couple … Continue reading

Chaos Spawn

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Never been a huge fan of Chaos spawn models and he price they go for! So solution is some undead ghouls to tick a similar box, I probably wouldn’t run all 3 at the same time but they do allow … Continue reading

Plague Drones

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More Death Guard Nurgle fun, this time some of the Daemon drones. Fun models to paint but I will say if I had my time again I wouldn’t have added the legs. Very awkward to deal with! Saw a similar … Continue reading

Skarrd Book Review

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I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Skarrd book and boy is it shiny It weighs in a pretty hefty 240+ pages and all in a hardback, this continues the current quality we have seen in … Continue reading

Noxious Blightbringer

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This guy was great fun to paint, I do have plans to run two of them in a footslogger list so need to figure out how to make the other on look different! Advertisements

Malignant Plaguecaster

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I hated the look of the normal model, so some melting of plastic later gives me Mr Noface 🙂 Advertisements

Lord of Contagion

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Fully little model to paint, he is certainly a big point of where the game is going as he is a big ol’ boy and with some clipping he is certainly something that can be converted up to look very … Continue reading


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I spread these chaps out a little bit, one to make painting a bit easier and 2 it gave me an extra 2 bases over teh supposed 3 which helps as I am cheap 😉

Plague bearers

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So glad that GW dropped the AoS boxset to let me round out 2 armies at once 🙂 these guys were great fun and easy to paint so a win-win for me then! Not used them yet but I do … Continue reading

Plague Marines

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2 Guys done so far and for good reason as I only have 2 units of Plague Marines done. Another 5 to go, Now for those keeping up. My aim was always to mix my 30k and 40k together. I … Continue reading

Warzone Studio Alternator Review

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Hello, back again with another review this time with a really cool piece of terrain from the guys at Warzone Studio This is the Alternator set which comes in at $24.50 which is a decent price for what you are … Continue reading


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So many Poxwalkers, it has been years since I have had to paint such large units (like when I had a Skaven army!!!) I may MAY need another 10 of the them to make 2 units of 20 but we … Continue reading

Stuck in the Middle

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Source: Stuck in the Middle


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Not much to say this week except well that Primaris Super Heavy from Forge World!! Has to be the most mental thing I have seen, since well the Repulsor 😀 Games This Week A great game this week in which … Continue reading

Batman Second Edition Starter Set Reviews

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Got my hands on the following new plastic starter sets from Knight models (all thanks to Leodis Games). The first thing that strikes you is how small the packaging is now, at a guess we are talking about 30% small footprint … Continue reading

Emerald Motherships

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Bit more Shaltari love today and a bit more clear red added 😉 This is proving to be a nice way of banging out the models as I really struggled as to how to paint them, this looks cool and … Continue reading


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What do you need when you don’t have enough firepower? you go full on mental with the battleship super guns 😀 Also you can use it as a super carrier…..but that gun!!!! Advertisements


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He might not be as big as his 40K version anymore but I still love this model and will continue to use (mainly as the 40k pose is daft also I am cheap). Advertisements


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Been awhile since we have an update, honestly been getting my head down as I am off to Warhammer World in November for a massive game of 40k. Imperium versus everyone else 🙂 Which means we are all furiously painting … Continue reading

We Said WHAT?!

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Source: We Said WHAT?! Advertisements

Basalt Fleet carrier

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Told you I was on a mission with the painting 🙂 Advertisements


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So many little ships to paint, I of course made this harder by magnetising all the weapon options! Yep thats right every ship has a its weapons swappable! apparently I hate myself. Advertisements