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More flying men for my Stormcast, I love the look but those wings are a right royal pain in the back side


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I made the call to go hairless as well, i think the model looks much creepier this way and sort of suits her.

JB Terrain Review

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As 40K starts to explode as it always does with a new edition time, I needed some new terrain to cover the board! There is loads of MDF terrain out there, but I need something that looks good but isn’t … Continue reading


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The man that started it all and made me love the dirty dirty ressers.

Lost Love

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Angry lady loved her man friend…..maybe a little too much

Shaltari go fabulous!!

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So I have been busy lately sticking some colour on things. Plus after some thoughts about making this blog a little more live rather than I have in the past.  Here is my WIP of my Shaltari for DFC All … Continue reading


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An agry lady is not one to cross especailly if she can manifest said angry.


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These have to be my favourite scheme runners just because of cost and that jump. Great models also helps.


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You may remember I have one Hanged painted up for my Jack Daw crew, well made sense to have resser one as well 🙂


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So I survived my first Dark Age event and I came last….Wooooooooooo a Spoon 🙂 Honestly I enjoyed my 3 games and if not for 2 dice rolls I may have got some wins in, honest! Game 1 vs Air … Continue reading

Mindless Zombies

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I was struggling with numbers for these guys and in the end I went with 6 and also used the mantic versions as I was feeling cheap 🙂

Skinning the Hunters – Skatha

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I am not even going to try a pun this one out…Just let it go!!! Its Skatha. Stats Her speed is average as is he TAC (perhaps a little low for a captain) while her KICK has a healthy dice … Continue reading

Skinning the Hunters – vHearne

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The grumpy old man is back and this time he is tired…well I assume he is tired if he is moving around when the moon is up!! Stats He is big man slow as you would expect, his TAC is … Continue reading


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As you read this today I will be taking part in my first event of the year :O and also my first Dark Age event ever! Now Dark age is having a bit of resurgence recently and locally is kicking … Continue reading

Death Guard – Spartan

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What is better than a tank with many lasers? one that has clearly been used….a lot!! Still enjoying painting the Death Guard, although I have been avoiding painting that 20-man unit!  

Skinning the Hunters – Ulfer

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Pretty sure Ulfer is what happens when someone eats too much raw meat.. Stats He has average speed, below average TAC but his DEF is average (but no ARM). His KICK is about average as is his INF. Unusually his … Continue reading


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More Angry ghosts

Skinning the Hunters – Snow

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I am going to resist any puns with this one don’t want them snowballing towards the wolf.. Stats Standard speed really and low TAC as you would expect from a mascot. Her DEF is average and no ARM. While INF … Continue reading

Triple Helix Wargaming

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So with the new shiny 40K I have started again looking at GW products again and being a good little adopted Yorkshire man I have been trawling the internet for the best deals. Past the usual suspects I stumbled across … Continue reading

Death Guard – Contemptor Mortis

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Everyone needs one (apparently) and well do love  with some cutting (and a second kit) you can get one of these from the contemptor plastics.

Death Guard – Leviathan Dreadnought

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One of my kits I love a LOT. Hopefully I give it a go good for my DG, great model to build and paint. The newer FW kits are amazing and well worth looking into.      


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Happy 40K weekend everyone!! I imagine there is going to be a flood of 40K content everywhere for the immediate future, so go out and enjoy some positivity around GW for a change 🙂 The Farmers are finally up for … Continue reading

Death Guard – Contemptor

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I do like the plastic Conemptor yes it is a little monopose but nothing a clip here and a twist there… Magnets also help 🙂    

Rogue Necromancy

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Wanted to use the model and already had Cojo, so figured why not throw him in my Resser crew with some extra heads 🙂  

Pulp City Starter Review

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Hello and welcome to another review, this time I have managed to get my hands on the 2 starter sets for Pulp City. A small skirmish game of super heroes…..sorry Supremes battling each other for no other reason heroes and … Continue reading