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Went The Day Well? + UKdirectseller

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No, not really. Today has been a woefully unproductive day. UKdirectseller is possibly the worst eBayer I have ever had dealings with. If you are going to buy something on eBay don’t buy it from them. I have finally got the money to post it back. I hav…

Heat, eBay, And FabLab (And Stuff)

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I did my best to get an early night. I was asleep just before midnight and had till about half seven this morning. The cat decide that she wanted to go out at around 5a.m. and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So I am hoping for a better night tonight…

Another Day In Hell/Paradise

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Well I thought I’d get on and start typing a bit early. Having had to work exceptionally hard to stay awake during training today, I am sufficiently tired that I think I might try and get an early night with the hope of getting some sleep. Despite the …

Heat And Work Kill The Day

Posted on June 19th, 2017 under Posted by

Today has been the hottest I can remember for a while. It has topped out at 30c which is pretty warm for where I live. It was maybe a five year high. It is a big part in me not sleeping and my body clock is all over the place as a result. I got a lot d…

Sunday, Sunday

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Yesterday was more about playing games than today. That was more Saturday, Saturday. We played through one of my friends ideas about a World War 2 game. It was quick and but needs a lot of work doing to it but it wasn’t all bad. Then we had a go at Cas…


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Spent a bit of time at my local show Phalanx today. It’s more a chance to catch up with a few people and have a brew. It’s not the biggest show by I like it. That said I am not sure that this is the show I have spent the least money at but it’s probabl…


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With a couple of friends over at the house the evening has pretty much been all boardgames. I play Tokaido again. This time I won and by a fairly comfortable margin. I managed to start of a lap of honour on the victory point track. Which is always fun….

Another Day at The Fab Lab

Posted on June 15th, 2017 under Posted by

I’ve had a good day and got a lot done. There has even been beer involved which is a bit of a novelty. The morning was spent working on the stuff for printing at the FabLab. It’s not come out as well. Different materials and different advice seem to ha…


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The end of the world seems to be Underground at the moment. Well in the Underground if I am being literal. I am just about to finish the content of the first thing I think I could actually publish. There is plenty books right behind it as, whilst I wor…


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Not much done today, well nothing that is tangible. After working on the Underground background again, I thought it was time I did a bit more on the laser cutting front. I have worked out some more ideas. Having kind of gone overboard with the fallout …

Busy Doing Nothing

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Not been feeling so good today. I am struggling sleeping again so I haven’t felt much like being active today. So I have spent a lot of time doing stuff on my roleplaying ideas. At some  point in the future, I am hoping that something might come o…

End Of The Week And Tokaido

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It was about ten years ago whilst reading a book about Japan that I first heard about people walking along the Tokaido. I am not sure if the word pilgrimage is the right one but it has a status in Japan a little like a spiritual version of the Pennine …

FabLab And Modular Buildings

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I have spent a fair bit of time developing my skills on CorelDRAW just lately. The aim of this is to develop some ideas for laser cut buildings. I am quite pleased with the results. Using the laser cutter properly for the first time in the lab was grea…

Late Night

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I think I might have missed my deadline for posting. It;s been a busy day and my battery is about to die. I have worked on my post apocalypse London setting a fair bit today. Mostly it has been filling in missing chunks on charts and tables. There is s…

Too Tired To Sleep, Too Wired Not To Turn The TV Off

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Instead of going to bed I am watching the election. The run up to the election has been slow from my point of view, Trump seems to have been getting more of my attention. This has been mainly down to me thinking I was not going to like the result much….

Dead Beat Ebay Idiots

Posted on June 6th, 2017 under Posted by

I am trying to get my money back from the clowns that sold me a metal box full of junk electronics. They are playing the usual games of those who don’t want to give the money back. The first clue was when they told me that they want me to e-mail a non …

Six Hundred Posts

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This has been a busy year for the blog and for me. The first year of the blog was 2012 and I only posted for about nine months. That was the busiest year until now, I guess there was a bit more exuberance back then. I have already surpassed that total …

End Of The Week, Frustration & Laser Cutting And Terrorists

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Another terrorist attack in the UK. More dead and it’s all homegrown. Somehow it would seem easier if the killers were foreigners. I guess that pretty much all terrorists in the UK, in the course of my life time are homegrown. I worry less about the de…

Apocalypse Underground

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The end of the world under London.


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A picture paints a thousand words….Words do okay too…

Frustration & Laser Cutting

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I have had the new toy for about a day and a half now. So far I have not been able to turn it on. Let alone get anything printed out. I need to add a water supply to keep the laser cool enough that it does not explode. Finding something that I can use as a container is currently defeating me. I need a closed container that will admit a submersible pump. So far, having done a tour round town, I have drawn a blank. I am currently think that maybe a fish tank or a home brew barrel might be the answer but these are not cheap. It would be almost cheaper to buy a ten litre paint can and throw the paint away and even then it’s not got a seal around the cable.

There are no end of things wrong with it. This is apparently the way they are built. I still see it as better to buy a £400 laser that will require a little work than a £2400 laser that will work out of the box (but will still require a water container).

Missed It Again But There was A Reason In A Very Big Box

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My laser cutter arrived yesterday. I was so busy farting around with it that I dozed off early. Then when I woke up in the early early hours (the magpies were screeching for hours) the internet was off.So, time to catch up.When the delivery arrived, I …

Underground With Pictures

Posted on May 30th, 2017 under Posted by

I woke up with a few ideas for a game I have been working on for years. It’s a post apocalyptic Savage Worlds game set in the ruins of London. Having finished work (for the time being at least) of the picture of my other half (see below) I had a bit of…

Corel Draw Artwork – Not A Gaming Post

Posted on May 29th, 2017 under Posted by

I am still trying to give my all to Corel at the moment. I spent the morning working on some post apocalyptic fencing ideas. One lot is done and I am working on the proportions for the next lot. harder than it sounds. I got a bit distracted this aftern…

End Of The Week & Modular House

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My stated aim was to finish five figures a week on average. On average I am still ahead of my target. This is despite the fact that I haven’t picked up a brush all week. Over the course of the week I have probably sat at my work bench for about an hour…