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Let paint those Shields

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Like most people when it comes to painting shield I draw a big blank.  I sit there staring at the shields waiting for a divine bolt of lighting to inspire in painting the shield.  I could be hours before I put paint to the shield.  Well …

Amazing what you can find in the Swamps of Russia

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So much stuff left over from WW2

How to make your own 40K bolter on foam board.

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If yo live in Germany these according to the owner of the face book face will be at the Cologne con.Gerard Boom is the maker of these awesome 40K bolter.   All you need is a foam board cutter. Yo Anton you reading this…  If I recall yo…

More 28mm Buildings this time made by Empire at War

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Here you go Anton!   More building for you pirate battles.   The company is called Empires at War.  Some really nice buildings.   The company can be found here: Empire at war   Also for Housemartin this…

Free star finder ship stat sheet

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Ran across this on face book.  These are provide by Ryan Wolfe.  Just click on this link :Star Finder ship stat sheetsMore can be found on Ryan’s website: Zero Hour

R.I.P. Lee Erme

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Not much to say except  OORAH Gunny !   Semper Fi  Marine.

Battlefield Accessories Hex system

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This is a great system.  To me it is a pretty flexible system.  With this battle broad  you  really don’t need a rule for measuring. The company is out of Australia.   Great for playing ASL with miniatures.Link to Battlefi…

Blaster from the past

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Fun for the day.  Han Solo blaster is used by Jerry Miculek would make Han proud.  My the force be with you…

Cresent Root latest releases in 15mm

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Cresent root miniature has just released more middle east building.  From what I can tell it is some great miniature again.  I bought their earlier series.  But failed to buy more.  Now I have that chance again…   I thin…

Beneath the Lily Banners rule set

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The latest version has been released.  What was the earlier edition like.  We have been playing Pike mans lament.  It is a beer and pretzel game. Too me it lacks a little bit.  Artillery is useless in Pike mans Lament.  Unless …

Check out my other blog

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My aircraft blog Kool airplane stuff   This is where all my aircraft and model pictures are enjoyOld Sarge

Lock and Load to release new core rules Version 5

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New from LnL publishing.  Yes I’m a fan of LnL games.  To me it is a simple version of ASL.For over 15 years the Lock ’n Load Tactical (LnLT) system has set a new standard in squad-level gaming. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled…

General de Brigade battle of Dennewitz 1813

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What a amazing game.  The picture of off the General de Brigade face book page.   I for one love to play and see large battles fought in 15mm.   Small skirmish battle for me should be played in 28mm.  Napoleonic’s is my fi…

Easy Eight Panzer II F Hit / Damage chart

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Panzer II F very early war tank.  Later the chassis was used to make a series of anti tank and mobile artillery

Just released for Saga Teutonic Knights (Gripping Beast)

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First of the SAGA Age of Crusade  Start warband now available for order.  The Ordanstaat(Teutonic Knights).   These Knights looks pretty fearless…..

Battle scenario for Easy Eight "Awaken the Panther"

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Here is a great way to see how the Hit/Damage work out.   I have posted all the rules you will need to fight this battle.  Let me know how it turns out.

Happy Easter

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Advance Squad Leader Counter reference sheet

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ASL how to read the game counter.   This is great reference for a beginner or experienced player.  As of late I have been spending my money of ASL games.  About a month I found a group of gamers that play ASL on a regular bases.&nbs…

Easy Eight M7 Priest Hot/Damage Chart

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I have noticed a major fall off of people visiting the blog since I started putting up the Chart for US Armor vehicles.  Looks like I will post the last two American vehicle chart. After that I will take a break from posting more Easy Eight rules …

Easy Eight M-18 GMC Hellcat Hit/Damage Chart

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This tank was used by many nations in the 60’s and 70’s   A small but very fast anti tank gun. 

Saga V2 question

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Can anyone tell about Saga V2.  Before I go out a spend a bunch of money again. So far I have found anyone in my area that plays Saga.   I got all the books which is a major investment sitting around as dust magnets.   Thank in…

Easy Eight M-10 Hit/Damage chart

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 US Army tank destroyer.  When the M-10 was up gunned with the 90mm gun. The tank destroyers had something to defeat all German armor.  The M-10 was used by the British but upgunned to the 17lb british anti tank gun.

Debacle at Dishu, Afghanistan 1879

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Perry brother posted pictures of another one of their great games.  For the normal guys it is eye candy.

Easy Eight M4A3E8 Hit/Damage chart

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Gamers dilemma

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Sound familiar