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Comparison of Byzantine battle Broads V1 -V2

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One will notice that there are some changes between V1-V2.  As how that these changes effect play I couldn’t say.  I have read on the Boards that a lot of people are upset with V2.   Why because it made all the supplements useless.&…

Return to Saga

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My good Buddy Anton emailed me yesterday.   He wanted to know if wanted to play Saga.  The Crusades.  Well my answer was yes, I bought Saga 2V in April.  The rules look to be more playable. Or should I say easy to understand.&n…

Bushido Oriental adventures Kwaidan

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Back to the good old days.  The old D&D group with Bill, Brian, Junior and Geno played a lot games just Bushido.   The White Dwarf even did a great series of scenarios for Bushido.  Tons of blood was spilled Temple, castles and …

New release for 40k Kill Team

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Should be released by the time you read this. 40K Kill team roleplay game.  Looks interesting more money down the 40K rathole. But hold on.. didn’t flight of fantasy do this.  Only to have games workshop pull the license after several years o…

Easy Eight Night combat rules.

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This is for the people who still follow my blog for the Easy Eight Battleground rule.  Hoping to add the last book on the Red Devils airborne troop. Currently that has to be scanned to my computer.

ECW flags

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Found these on facebook.  Some great stuff enjoy

Dungeons and Dragon

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It stuck me today that I have been playing D&D on off for over 50 yrs.  Yes 50yrs first of all where did the time go.  Groups I played with faded away in the Sunset.  The group I played the longest with six years straight broke up.&n…

Crescent Root latest 15mm release

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The folks at Crescent root have been busy again. Their latest release is a series of European Brick building.  Yes they are not cheap but these are some of best building out there.

A little humor for the day

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Have every wonder what happened to Thor’s when he missed his target?

Mission Model IDF paints

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Mission models now makes IDF paint.  Great stuff it is very easy to use. Plus levels out nice and smooth.Can be ordered here: Mission Models paint

Easy Eight M-16-1 Hit/Damage chart.

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Found one chart I missed.   M16 was an Anti-Aircraft half track.  That turned out to be devastating to infantry targets.

Gettysburg 1978 using Stars and Bars

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This morning I woke up to realize it has been 40years since the group played Gettysburg. The group at that time consisted of John Thull, Bob Krause, Bob Webb, Bill Parrish, Len Jellnick and myself.  At that time frame Scotty Bowden “Stars and Bars…

Perfect description of what wives think of your hobby.

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This pretty well sums it up for most of the married gamers.  How many guys do you know that quit gaming after they got married….

More Normandy picutres

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50 cal bullets in the gun emplacement.  You can still see the steel core of the bullets.

Back from missing in action for 14 days.

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The simple way to explain is with a picture or two.If you haven’t guess it. Normandy to see where my father landed late on 6 June 1944 on Omaha beach.  More holiday photos later.  Got to recover from Jet lag first..

Lock and Load new core rule 5.0

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Lock and load is going to release their latest Core rule.  According to what I heard is that a lot of corrections and updates to make the game easy to understand.

My miniature gaming started here.

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A trip down memory lane in the world of  gaming.  Do you remember what store or shop got you started life long pursuit of spending your hard earned dollars.    I do here it is.  The building was once the Alcove Hobby Shop.&nbsp…

Pikeman Lament with real pictures.

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Have not played Pikeman Lament in long time.  Just finished up my dragoons.  Cavalry is a real pain in butt to paint.  Been pushing these troops around on the painting bench for who knows how long.  Agin in my travel on face book I …

Photo of a Maus turrest with a Tiger I turret

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This photo shows how big the Maus was.  The Tiger turret on top looks like toy.  What is interesting if that there are two Maus turrets.  This would make one believe the Hitler had put the Maus into full production.  Hope you like t…

White Dragon Miniature

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White dragon Miniatures is out of the U.K.    They specialize in resin figures and terrain.  Some really amazing stuff.  They have a line 28mm British troops that fought in the Falklands.  But the items I like are the modern te…

Hero Sheet for Rolf Steiner

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The rest of the stats can be found here: Steiner stats

New 28mm figures from Empress Miniature

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Great movie for it time.  A group of tough wehrmacht troop facing the Russian streamroll.Well is your change to have these guys on your gaming table.follow the link to Cross at empressminiaturesUnteroffizier Feldwebel (S / Sgt.) Rolf Steiner …

Jun 6 , 1944 70 years ago

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74 years ago today June 6, 1944. My father landed at Omaha beach in Normandy. His unit was 105mm artillery battery. They started fire their guns off the LST in supporting fire for the troops on the beach. From there he would be many action. The most no…

Playing ASL on Tabletop Simulator on Stream

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This was on one my ASL face book pages.  Most people use Vassal to ASL. Great app but kind of clunky to use.  Table Top simulator to me looks like the to play the game with no headache. Grab your favorite drink, sit down and enjoy the video

Raketen Jag

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I think this is a kool tank destroyer.   Already have some in 1/100 scale.  But need to early model with the 90mm gun.  I have QRF model it is terrible hunk of lead.