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USAF F-86F Sabres W.I.P.

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I didn’t get much done for the MiG Alley / Bag the MiG project this weekend but have stripped the masking tape from the Tumbling Dice F-86F Sabres to reveal the yellow ID stripes on the wing upper surfaces. I wasn’t sure this was going to look that goo…

Empire of the Clouds

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I found this for £6.99 in the local garden centre of all places, while choosing a Xmas tree today. I read the paperback edition when it was first published but this is the hardback illustrated version, so a very nice volume to add to the bookshelf or even to the coffee table, if I actually had one of those. There are some splendid photos of post war jet aircraft too.

Dremel Dremel

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I got absolutely frozen and soaked this morning at the sprog’s rugby practice, so didn’t fancy sitting in an equally frozen garage at the workbench this afternoon with shaky painting hands. Instead, I whipped out my Dremel and cut off the sharp ends of…

Launch and Recover

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This is great! Just the job as inspiration for my planned Target Locked On! Flashpoint: Fleet Air Arm project next year. There are several similar films on YouTube and plenty of videos of 1960’s and 1970’s Royal Navy carrier operations, which are very …

MiG Alley USAF Primary Colours

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It’s the weekend, so I’ve braved the sub-arctic garage and have been cracking on with the 1/600th scale Tumbling Dice aircraft for MiG Alley and Bag the MiG. This involved adding the base primary colours of blue, yellow, red and green to various areas …

Taiwan Crisis 1958 Newsreel

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This is also worth a look, even if it’s jam packed full of 1950’s Cold War clichés! I particularly liked the Tawainese frogmen in their little bazooka equipped rowboats dropping plastic propaganda ‘messages in a bottle’ off the Chinese mainland to demoralize the Reds! I wonder if it worked? There are some really good shots of CNAF F-86 Sabres scrambling to intercept the Chinese MiG’s and some ground attack F-84 Thunderjets dropping napalm on some suspicious foliage. Brilliant!

Taiwan Crisis 1958 Declassified

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I found this de-classified US Government report on the Taiwan Straits Crisis of 1958 the other day. It has a section on the air warfare aspect of the crisis which is really interesting and includes some very useful details on the tactics and relative s…

Ramshackle Conversion Pack

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It’s pay day so I have splashed out on a pack of 20mm conversion bits for diecast toy cars from Ramshackle Games. I’m not keen on the over sized 40K style guns but the drivers, ram plates, turrets and missile pods should be very useful. 

Gaslands Gangs

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I’ve been rummaging about for various ‘stuff’ to use as conversion material for diecast toy cars, so that I can put together a second ‘gang’ for Gaslands and Axles and Alloys. I already have half a dozen Hotwheels and Matchbox conversions, all of …

Dawn Patrol

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We had another enjoyable game of Knights of the Sky at the club last night, although the dreaded lurgy meant that numbers were down to only seven players rather than the usual ten or so. I got shot down twice with serious structural failure, also known…

French Naval History

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I spotted this on the digital bookshelf, so have downloaded a copy to read on the ferry over to France at Xmas in a couple of weeks time. It covers the period from 1870 to today, so should have lots of useful and relevant stuff for my various nava…

Nautical Xmas Present

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A bit early I know but the wife has bought me a new sea cloth from Tiny Wargames for use with my 1/600th scale WW2 coastal warfare, 1/3000th scale WW2  and 1/2400th scale Pre-Dreadnoughts, Ironclads and Napoleonics. I…

MiG Alley USAF Blocking In

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It’s freezing in the garage at the moment so there’s been a limit on the amount of time I can stay in there without the risk of frostbite. I have now blocked in the matt white basecoat on the 1/600th scale Sabres, Shooting Stars and Thunderjets, with a…

Blotz Gas Station and Diner

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I thought I’d invest in a small number of 20mm scale scenic features to tart up my desert terrain for use with Gaslands and other post-apocalyptic car combat games like Axles and Alloys II. There’s not a lot out there in 20mm but this petrol stati…

Knights of the Sky WW1 Dawn Patrol

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I’ve organised another game of the club WW1 dogfighting house rules Knights of the Sky for next week, setting the scenario in early December 1917, with a dawn patrol over the frontline in search of the occasional Hun (or Tommy) to bag before break…

Gaslands Bundle

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I have now received the bundle of Gaslands rules, dice and templates that I ordered a while back, so will be flicking through the book over the next couple of days. The first impression is that a simple idea, driving around shooting things and crashing…

Thunder and Lightnings

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I was doing some reading for the as yet theoretical but dangerously compelling Flashpoint:Fleet Air Arm project, when I stumbled across this excellent online reference website, covering numerous types of 1950’s and 1960’s British militar…

MiG Alley Painting Rig

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One of the things that put me off using mini-magnets for 1/600th scale planes was how to go about painting them. They tend to move around even when attached to a metal surface and holding them in your hand is a recipe for painty fingers. So, to pa…

Flashpoint Taiwan Finished

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Well, almost. I have spent most of the afternoon finishing off the four F-86 Sabres and MiG-17’s for the Target Locked On! Flashpoint:Taiwan project, which means that I have everything sorted for a game. I do have some more ROCAF planes to paint but I …

Flashpoint Taiwan Bases

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I spent an hour or so this morning re-painting the hex bases of the Chinese PLAAF aircraft for the Target Locked On! Flashpoint:Taiwan project, so that they match with the ROCAF F-104 Starfighters. I like the shade that I’ve used, Vallejo Pale Gre…

Flashpoint: Target Locked On!

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I was having a chat with one of the players at the club who is interested in 1/600th scale modern air gaming, so I mentioned the Target Locked On! rules by Rory Crabb when asked what I was using. I then realised that I haven’t actually play tested them…

Heller HMS Theseus for Korea

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The kit bits and bobs including decal sheetTD Sea Fury for scale effectNice box art too!I managed to track down a Heller kit of HMS Colossus in 1/1600th scale via eBay, to use as HMS Theseus alongside 1/600th scale Tumbling Dice aircraft, for MiG Alley…

Rocketeers over the Reich Report

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The Bag the Hun 2 game this evening was a qualified success, ending in a narrow victory for the Luftwaffe, overturning the historical outcome completely. The rules for cloud cover and visibility worked well, although I had forgotten to think about auto…

The Magnifcent Seven

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I’ve been reading this excellent online article about the F86 Sabre and the WW2 veteran pilots who flew it in combat against the MiG15 over MiG Alley during the Korean War. It really is stirring stuff and great as inspiration for both Bag the…

Little White Dice

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In Bag the MiG and quite a few other sets of modern rules, there are more than six levels of altitude, which you can usually represent using D6 or a counter of some sort. I use 7mm blue D6 for games of Bag the Hun and will do the same for the Target Lo…