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Pre-Dreadnought China Seas Campaign Map

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I’ve been thinking about ideas for a simple solo pre-dreadnought naval campaign, based on a counter-factual clash between the colonial powers in the South and East China Seas. This would be very much along the lines of the campaign approach from Victor…

Burma ’44

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I’m reading this at the moment, having flicked through a paperback copy on the ferry and then downloaded a copy onto the Kindle. I don’t tend to buy paperbacks anymore, preferring the digital option especially as I now can read books on my phone, thank…

TD Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts: The Cruisers

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ABJ8 TsushimaABJ9 SumaABJ7 AsamaABJ5 Idzumo A second instalment of photos of the unassembled, what you see is what you get, Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale pre-dreadnought era Japanese warships. This time I have some pictures of some of the armoured cruis…

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 90

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I have a little bit in the latest edition of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, although if you blinked you’d probably miss it. I submitted an article on the De Havilland DH5 which was a bit late and didn’t make it into the 1917 theme section, mainly due…

Anglo Japanese Naval War ‘What If?’ c1904

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What if this never happened?Over the holidays I sketched out some ideas for a counter factual clash between the Royal Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy, prior to the outbreak of the Russo Japanese War in 1904. This may seem a bit far fetched but, before …

For Sale (one careful owner!)

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I decided that I’m going to purge the lead pile over the next few weeks, with a load of stuff that I’ll never get round to heading off to eBay to find a new home. The first instalment includes a British and French Napoleonic plastic bonanza of Victrix …

Dom’s Decals Delivered

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I arrived home today to find an unexpected parcel containing the 1/600th scale Chinese Nationalist insignia that I ordered from Dom’s Decals back in January. This sort of postage time isn’t unusual for Dom and, as long as you are aware that t…

Magasin de Presse

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Superb cover art by Romain Hugault!I’m heading home over the weekend, so before I set off I’ve done the usual trawl of the newsagents for wargaming and military magazines. There are loads to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to three of the usual s…

Tank on Tank: Eastfront

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I’ve been playing a few games of Lock ‘n Load’s excellent Tank on Tank: Eastfront boardgame over the holidays and there are some after action reports over on the other blog: really would ma…

Atlantic Wall Treguennec

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I went for a walk on the beach this morning and took some photos of the bunkers at the northern end of the industrial complex at Treguennec. These bunkers and associated structures were part of the defences of the aggregate extraction works nearby whic…

Rise of the Battleships Revised

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One thing about the holidays is that I have the time to sit down and read through a set of rules properly, rather than just doing a quick skim read in between doing other less interesting things. I’ve been reading through Rise of the Battleships, the s…

Oh bugger, it’s…..

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I am conscious that a bad case of mission creep has started to cloud my judgement of late, with too many ideas whizzing about to be healthy. I should really be sticking to naval gaming this year, with a bit of aerial gaming thrown in for variety, not 1…

Aden Hawker Hunter Close Air Support

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I’m a big fan of model aircraft in wargames, so have been keen to incorporate some close air support in the 15mm Aden and Radfan project. This was an easy thing to do, as the RAF provided a very effective air to ground attack capability in the form of …

Fire and Steel in the Sudan?

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I’ve been wondering what to do with the box of Perry Miniatures plastic Beja warriors that I’ve taken on holiday to glue together over the Easter break. I don’t want to use them for The Men Who Would Be Kings or similar rules, as that would require man…

Reaping the Whirlwind

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I picked up the latest copy of Flypast in the airport today, only to find a feature article on my favourite WW2 fighter aircraft, the Westland Whirlwind. This includes a range of photographs and a detailed coverage of Whirlwind ops for both No137 and N…

Easter Holiday

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I’m of holiday for a few days so will be packing some stuff to keep me occupied on rainy afternoons. I vaguely remembered buying a box of Perry 28mm plastic mahdist figures ages ago on a whim, so had a rummaged in the loft and found them. These were or…

Schnell rules for Schnellboote Destroyer Down!

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I set up another scenario for SRFSB this afternoon, with a destroyer on convoy escort intercepting a lone S Boat as it tried to penetrate the convoy defences. The destroyer was a Hunt class I, HMS Exmoor, while the S Boat was an S-38 class, S-47. The K…

Into the Jaws of Death

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It’s the Easter holidays so time to catch up on some reading, with this optimistically titled book at the top of the reading list. I have Mike Snook’s book Go Strong into the Desert, which is brilliant, so I’m looking forward to this one, especially as…

Tumbling Dice British Pre-Dreadnoughts

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You may be interested to know that Tumbling Dice have just added thirty two British warship packs to the 1/2400th scale Age of Battleships range. There are no pictures on the website yet but I’m sure they are just as nice as the Japanese pre-dreadnough…

Schnell Rules for Schnellboote Solo Scenario

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I played an enjoyable solo game of Schnell Rules for Schnellboote this morning, although I forgot to take any photos. The action involved a returning rotte of two S-38 E-Boats being intercepted by three Vosper 72’6 MTB’s somewhere off the Hook of Holla…

The Men Who Would Be Kings

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With my change in jobs this year, to be an educational mercenary, I’ve been forced to cut back on my wargaming projects and significantly reduce my expenditure. This means that I have been looking for ways to double up or even triplicate the use of ter…

More 15mm Blotz Middle Eastern mdf

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I was really impressed with the Blotz 15mm middle eastern compound that I ordered a couple of weeks ago so, as it was pay day yesterday, I’ve ordered a wider selection from the range including some single storey buildings and a couple of the smaller wa…

Radfan Firefight 1964

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This very useful site has an excellent account of operations in the Radfan by the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines in 1964:

TD Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts: The Battleships

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The Imperial Japanese Navy battleship ASAHI

As promised, here are some pre-assembly photos of a selection of the Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale Japanese pre-dreadnoughts from the Age of Battleships range. These are the four battleships available in the ABJ range, which includes thirty packs covering most of the Japanese warships for both the 1894-1895 Sino-Japanese and the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese conflict. These larger models are £3.60 each, which is expensive compared to 1/3000th scale but with the added value of greater detail. I will post some pictures of some of the Japanese armoured cruisers and light cruisers to follow the battleships, as soon as I’ve sorted them out of the packs.

ABJ1 Fuji
ABJ2 Shikishima
ABJ3 Asahi
ABJ4 Mikasa

Tumbling Dice Pre-Dreadnoughts

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I’ve been slowly accumulating a small fleet of Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale pre-dreadnoughts from the Japanese range, with a view to using them with Rory Crabb’s Rise of the Battleships naval rules at some point later in the year. I promised to post a …