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New Art for the Game Room

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 Some new art had been added to the game room in the form of a painting by Mark Churms of the Battle of Mobile Bay, which occurred in 1864 during the American Civil War. I grew up on Mobile Bay and spent many days on Dauphin Island, which is where…


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Yet another Star Wars themed Game – damn you Fantasy Flight Games!

The Analogue Hobbies Challenge VIII is Complete!

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Another 3 months of painting frenzy has come to a close.  Challenge 8 was a blast and I’m really grateful to Curt and all the Challengers for a wonderful experience.I set a new personal best, in terms of points, and managed to come in 3rd overall …

Basing Sassanids on a Sunday Afternoon

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I got a whole bunch of ’em to do today!

Terrain Squares

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 This week in the Lair it’s been an all out effort on terrain production – in the form of 1 foot square pieces from Sally 4th’s new Terra Former line.The rather garish white you see in the first picture is 1/8 inch polystyrene plastic sheet which …

Ground Cover – Which color do you prefer?

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 I’ve been working on a “secret” terrain project for this year’s Challenge.  Well, perhaps now not all that secret. given this post.  Anyway, I’m a bit stumped on the color of ground flocking.  I’ve got two on hand – a dark green an…

AHPC VIII: British 25 pounder & crew

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 Over the years, my Britis 8th Army North Africa collection has grown to be rather extensive but I was missing an icon from that era – the ubiquitous 2r pounder.  Well that gap has been filled by this fine miniature and crew from Brigade Game…

AHP VIII: Blood & Plunder Pirates and Sloop

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Firelock Games: “Blood & Plunder” is the new “hotness” and I’ve jumped in by buying a few factions and boats.  First up are 25 figures from the “Unaligned” faction which consist of 24 crewman and a captain.One side and then..the otherAnd …

Challenge Update: Union Infantry Regiment and

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 I’m a bit behind in posting my painting output for this year’s challenge so will try to catch up over the next few days.  First up is a 24 figure Union Infantry regiment. These are 28mm in scale and are from the “new” Perry plastic Unio…

Challenge VIII: Progress through Week 6

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The Challenge has completed 6 of it’s allowed 13 weeks and it’s important to answer a question on everyones mind – Is he still so daft and tracking progression a spreadsheet?It hurts me you have to ask the question.In a typically overcomplicated form t…

London in January & Meeting Mr Roundwood

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 A ery quick trip to London last week for work.  I’ve grown very fond of the city for both personal and professional reasons.  That’s good because I average 10-11 trips a year.  My wife and I are seriously considering moving there o…

Dungeon Terrain Tutorial, Part II – Painting

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Once the glue has set, it’s time to paint the sections.  I typically give the tacky glue at least 8 hours to set.  My method involves a four step sequence of:1) Priming with a black primer2) Painting grey3) Dry brushing a light grey4) Washing…

Challenge Bonus Theme 1: Flight

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The first bonus round of the Challenge was titled “flight” and I was caught a bit flat footed.  The I remembered I had bought a starter set for “Check You Six” and had some unpainted WW2 Pacific theater aircraft in 1/300 scale.These are some of my…

Dungeon Terrain Tuturial

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 I’ve been on a bit of a tear making geomorphic Dungeon terrain for this year’s Challenge.  I thought it might be helpful to put up a short tutorial on how to make these sections. Please note I’ve “borrowed” (OK, stole) the technique from Jer…

Technology is Taking Over the World

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My son has been playing around with his Alexa and Echo devices and has built some switches to let them control physical things – the cool part is that he wrote the code that works with both devices.  Being at Carnegie Mellon he gets these thing fo…

Introducing Izzy and Buddy

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 My wife wanted to get a new cat, as we our previous cat, Oliver, had recently passed away.  So off we trundled down to the animal rescue center and much to my surprise came back not with one but two rescue cats – a kitten we’ve named Izzy an…

Yet More Challenge Stuff – Dungeon Terrain

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 Taking advantage of the terrain category addition to this year’s challenge, production has commenced on some dungeon terrain. My “system” is based on 4×4 inch sections and everything is made out of 1/2 inch polystyrene foam aka “pink foam”. &nbsp…

More Analogues Hobbies Stuff

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 Two different groups of troops this time.  First up are some reinforcements for my DAK armies in the form of DAK infantry, some FJ’s and armor. A Rubicon plastic Panzer IV – really can’t recommend Rubicon models any more highly. My…

A Look Back on 2017

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 2017 has come and gone and overall it was a good year for us.  We spent a quite New Years day as a geeky family with our son fixing all of our tech related issues. On New Year’s Day, Sean got around to fixing my 3D Printer.  He got…

Analogue Hobbies Challenge VIII: First Submission

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 My first entry for this year’s challenge was done early in the morning and managed to be the first entry.  I went with a Russian tank as they’re pretty easy to paint up fast.This model is a plastic kit from Warlord and I highly recommend it….

Woodworking Christmas Presents

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 This year’s homemade Christmas presents included a dice tower for my son, who really likes to play D&D now.  A picture of it in “storage” mode and then…. It “transforms” into a dice tower.  It’s made of white maple and cherry…

Thanks WWPD!

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The crew over at WWPD have made the decision  to hang up their podcasting spurs and move on to other things.  While sad to see WWPD end, it’s good to see them go out in a classy way and I look forward to gaming with the crew in the future.Tha…


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Proof that a college education allows you to do something useful – behold my son’s farming ‘bot. He had some time off between exams and coming home for Christmas so built a farming bot that monitors water and nutrient levels in the soil and adjusts the…

Twas the Night Before the Challenge

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 My painting table groans from the weight of plastics waiting to be primed.  Just a few weeks ago it was pristine but now its a disorganized chaos of minis, paints, brushes and plastic sprees.  You know pretty much it’s natural state.&nb…

I AM A REJECT (honorary)

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 Last week I was in the UK for business and decided to extend the trip over the weekend to see if I could weasel my way into a game at the Legendary Posties game shed in sunny Gravesend England.  To my delight I was deemed worthy and had a fa…