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On the painting table – lots of WIP

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After a month or so with nothing to paint I now have a sizeable pile (for me) of models to get through after a few acquisitions over the last week.  Painting delayed though as I’ve run out of undercoat and need to buy a pile of new paints having r…

WIP – Deathmasque box set + some CSM action

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Making some progress on my Deathmasque box set.  Started with the Harlequins as I want to get some cork tiles to complete the basing on the Deathwatch before I start assembling them.   Really liking the models in the box the usual GW standard…

Chaos Space Marines @ 2500ps

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My last game of anything for the next few weeks tomorrow night and its going to be a big one (for me anyway) at 2500pts.  Having seen what SM can take at 2500pts I’m a little bit worried as my collection is limited so 2500pts is basically everythi…

Deathwatch is here

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Social 40k -Tau vs. CSM & that’s a lot of tanks!!!

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Some good games going down last night at my local store “The Bad Cave” including another match up between my CSM and Alex’s Tau.  The other guys were all running big lists at 2500pts one of which included 400pts+ of free vehicle upgrades.  I …

Dude wheres my Land Speeder?

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Just found this short story by Black Library author supremo Aaron Dembski Bowden which answers the question “Why does Chaos no longer have any Whirlwinds or Land Speeders when they had them during the heresy?” “Dude, Horus just croaked. What now?”Abadd…

Call to Arms 40k – Day 2 Two

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Game 4 vs. Grey Knights (Deon Adamson)Grey Knights vs. CSM and Khorne Daemonkin is a match up that isn’t meant to go well for the forces of order… sorry I mean Chaos.  The scenario only had 4 objectives and was played from short table edge to sh…

Call to Arms 40k – Day One

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Game 1 vs. Dark Angels (Jake Easton)Scenario for this match saw a Space Ship crash in the middle of the table.  To win you had to capture it and hold it with more scoring units than your opponent… simple right?  Having seen Jake’s list in a…

Call to Arms 40k – Results & Army Parade

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Back from a very enjoyable weekend of gaming at the Wellington Warlords annual convention Call to Arms.  Nearly hit a cow on the Highway on the drive down, didn’t play very well but 40k is still a great game to play.  Cheers to Craig Stewart …

Medieval Flags and Norman Foot

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I finished up some Fireforge Norman foot (with the addition of some Norman command figures by Crusader Miniatures to give me three full elements of 16 figures) recently, but couldn’t consider them completely finished until I figured out how to handle t…

Call to Arms 2016 – 40k 1st Round Draw

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Continuing a great trend by TO’s the last couple of years the first round draw for CTA has already been released giving everyone some idea of what they’ll face first up this weekend.  The first round match ups for this Saturday are:Deon Adamson (I…

CTA 2016 40k lists released; analysing the CSM

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Bigger field than expected for Call to Arms this weekend with 27 competitors overall.  There will be a bye round but luckily a couple of local players have stepped in to have friendly games during those byes so the players involved still get a gam…

X-Wing Regionals: Wellington 2016

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Back from my 2nd ever X-Wing regionals event and while it was fun it wasn’t as successful as my first outing.  The field had been cut to 27 due to some competitors getting grounded by airport fog meaning a bye round during the 5-round Swiss compet…

Historicon 2016

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I hit Historicon again this year and had a blast. Pics after the jump!Zombie ApocalypseI played a number of games. One of my favorites was a crazy zombie apocalypse in Jerusalem, while aliens, space ships, “rebels” and special forces battled it out to …

Good 40k reads

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Been doing a lot of reading lately and after the disappointment that was Book 3 of the Beast Arises series I was lucky enough to be given a copy of the first book in Gav Thorpe’s Last Chancers series. Yet again evidence that a 40k story doesn’t have to…

X-Wing Regionals practice & 40k Chaos army all done

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First visit to Nexus Games today for some X-Wing.  Definitely great to get back into it and I managed two games before I had to head off.  The first up against a Ghost + B-Wing combo, the 2nd against a Scum list with 5 x Auto Blaster Y-W…

GW New Zealand 40k latest pricing ripoff

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GW have put out some really good deals over the last 12 months or so the Betrayal at Calth box set and the new Start Collecting sets in particular.  But the latest releases really take the cake.  They’re the long anticipated individual kit ve…

Call to Arms 40k Scenarios, final list & X-Wing Regionals

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The mission pack for the 40k event at Call to Arms came out recently and its a real head turner with some extremely interesting ideas for each of the scheduled games.  I got the pack after finalising my list for the event but did note that one of …

WIP – Daemons of Khorne Starter Box

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Making good progress on my Khorne Starter box.  Its a good quality kit, Bloodletters come on the new 32mm bases which is nice and if you count the figures on the Skull Cannon you actually have enough for 12 Bloodletters and 1 Herald.  Paintin…

Operation Crossfire Videos

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Operation Crossfire is a fantastic set of introductory and training videos for Crossfire – put together by long-time Crossfire gamer and aficionado Nikolas Lloyd. They are highly recommended to all, even experienced Crossfire gamers – and if you have not

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The Impact of Terrain in North Africa 1940-43

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From Tobruk to Tunis: The Impact of Terrain on British operations and Doctrine in North Africa, 1940-43 is a new book by Neal Dando, published just recently by Helion & Co. The author/publisher states “This book focuses on the extent

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Latest hobby arrivals – Khorne & X-Wing

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Nice series of packages arrived by courier this week to add to my 40k and X-Wing collections.The new GW Start Collecting box sets are extremely good value most giving you at least 1 of the sets within them free.  For Khorne Daemonkin players this …

KD 1400pt 40k Tournie list & Book Review "Emperor Expects"

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Call to Arms is coming up in a month or so and at 1400pts with some interesting restrictions I’ve opted to make some changes to the list I took to Maelstrom last month.  Thanks to Glen B I’ll be able to borrow a couple of Helldrakes which will giv…

WIP – Lord of Khorne on Juggarnaut

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Making progress on the only model I have left to paint right now my Lord of Khorne.  So far I’ve been concentrating on the Juggarnaut itself rather than the character as I’m still working out how to paint or his little bits of detail.  So sti…

40k Tournament Report – Daemonkin vs. Dark Angels & Dark Eldar

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Games 2 and 3 of Day 1 @ Maelstrom were against two very different opponents and armies.  The first was a very large and highly mobile Dark Angels Bike and Speeder company.  The 2nd against the eventual tournament winner with his Dark El…