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Chaos Possessed – it pays to read the rules

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Had a great day of gaming and pre-Maelstrom practice at Glen B’s place yesterday.  6 of us were there getting ready for Maelstrom and having a good chat about the local gaming scene and what to expect at the event.  Its interesting to note th…

Khorne Daemonkin Tournament Army – Final List

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Finally decided on a list to take to Maelstrom in 4 weeks time.  Going with a Khorne Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment.  While I have been practicing with and using a Blood Host almost exclusively the last few months it has limitations espec…

Summoned BloodThirsters kind of suck?!?

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Got a final ruling from Hagen the TO at the 40k event I’m going to next month as he knows what he’s doing and getting the TO’s opinion makes sense.  Pretty much in line with what I’d been reading and dreading in regards to how you play a Blood Thi…

Lion Rampant: Feel the Burn

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We got a chance to play some Lion Rampant recently. I ran an historically accurate refight of the famous battle of the Red Guys vs. the Yellow Guys this time.Check out some pics and battle report after the jump.We decided to play the town defense game …

Tabletop World Fantasy Medieval Buildings

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Tabletop World produces fantastic terrain: 28mm resin buildings rendered with exquisite detail, both inside and out and chock full of charm and character. They are works of art, and honestly a bit intimidating.After receiving them for Christmas a few y…

WIP #2 – Bloodthirster of Khorne painting & summoning rules problem

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Finished of the main parts of the wings and started work on the bronzed/gold elements of the armour. Bronze areas used a base of GW Burnished Gold followed by 2 layers of Sepia Wash.  I’ll dry brush Mithril Silver on them later on.  Wings rel…

WIP – Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

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Skin on the Bloodthirster is completed.  Last layers and small highlights were applied and the final wash put on.  Next up will be the wings which after a suggestion from my 9yr old I am really wishing I had painted blue rather than the flesh…

40k State of the Game Survey

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Found this online today very interesting reading.  Its a bit light on details about the methodology so as an academic I’m not entirely trusting of the results – the sample size isn’t that great for example and participant self-selection tends to s…

WIP – Blood Thirster of Insensate Rage

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Making progress on this guy.  Base coats and first wash done.  Started doing highlights/layers on selected areas starting with the chest area.

KD Blood Host – Holy Crap D Bloodthirsters are fun!!!

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Last two games of our local summer league last night up against a Grey Knight Psyker we hate Daemons list and a “Look everyone has a melta and massive flamers” Salamanders list.  For both games I was using the Blood Host I’m planning on taking to …

Online X-Wing simulator

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Thanks to one of the New Zealand X-Wing Facebook groups I’m in I came across this really good online X-Wing simulator last week – Squad Benchmark  It allows you to build lists for all the factions and fly them against other opponents either human …

Age of Sigmar getting points now?!

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It appears that GW has “listened” to the public and decided to modify Age of Suckmar for competitive play by returning to a points based system. Nice idea but it’s 12 months too late for me and the local community which was gutted by the death of 8th E…

WIP – Pinning the Bloodthirster

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Models fully assembled so pins went in this morning and the BT was pinned on his base.  Surprisingly hard to drill into the skull footing on the model but it should be secure now. Painting next once I get some more Mephiston Red and Drakenhoff Wash

WIP – Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage

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Budget wise I shouldn’t have gotten him but I got a very good deal and I’m impatient so why the hell not.  The kit is another example of GW excellent workmanship and the gulf between their plastics and those of other manufacturers.  Trickiest…

Khorne Blood Host vs. Tyranids & Iron Hands

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Two more games last night.  The first against a difficult to face Tyranid force complete with 4 Hive Tyrants all of which were flying meaning I needed 6’s to hit them and my close combat orientated army was largely powerless.  The 2nd was aga…

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host or CAD @ 1500?

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Thanks to a mate with UK connections I’ll be getting a Bloodthirster earlier than expected and a lot cheaper too meaning I’ll be able to take one and a Lord on Juggarnaut to Maelstrom in June.  The BT turns up on Thursday so I should get 7 weeks o…

CSM Display Board finished + some Plasma gun dudes

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Finished the display board as you can see its pretty simple so well below Adepticon standard but it works for me.  If I get the cash I’m already working on building a larger version complete with terrain and buildings.  Darkened up the paint …

Chaos Rhino finished… nothing left to paint

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Finished my Rhino this morning (benefits of being home with kids for holidays) which is good, but also bad as I now have nothing left to paint.  Or rather nothing left I want to paint as I’m not counting the 3 Plasma Gun armed CSM I can’t be bothe…

Khorne Daemokin Blood Host vs. Biker Orcs @ 1500pts

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Pictorial report of my 2nd match from last week against another Orc horde this one full of bikes and jet bikes.  Deployment meant we were playing along the length of the table and some lucky cards allowed me to grab an early TO advantage.  We…

Daemonkin Blood Host vs. Orcs @ 1500pts

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Two more games of my local summer league again last night and once again the Khorne Daemonkin Bloodhost found itself facing off against hordes of Orcs.   Two very different games the first against an infantry horde army full of shooting, the 2nd a…

WIP – CSM Display Board lava pits & Rhino

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The practice attempts with the Vallejo Still Water worked out pretty well so I started work on the lava pits for the display board this afternoon.  Product takes 24 hours to dry properly but after only 4-5 hours the results are looking quite good….

WIP – CSM/Khorne Daemonkin Display Board & CSM Rhino

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A few more supplies arrived today and I also managed to pick a couple of more up allowing me to make some additional progress on my CSM/Khorne Daemonkin display board.  Paint has gone down its just basic poster paint with a few extra layers dry br…

Chaos Flesh Hounds & Obliterators completed + extras

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Finally finished these units yesterday (well finished minus some grass tufts which haven’t arrived yet) which means I officially have no units left to paint just a few minor odds and ends (3 Plasma Marines & 15+ Roman Legionnaires).  Army star…

Khorne Daemonkin tournament list @ 1500pts

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For Maelstrom in June army composition will play a big part in how many points you start the event with.  Maximum overall score is 150 = 100 for results + 25 for sportsmanship + 25 for composition.  If you take a straight up CAD fro…

CSM vs. White Scars Dbl Demi-Company @ 1500pts

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Seriously some armies get really cool stuff.  Hoping that any new CSM codex gives us some variation of the Chapter Tactics & Formations that Space Marines get – Legion Tactics for Word Bearers along the lines of Forgeworld would be grand.Deplo…