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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (3)

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Following on from our previous Wellington & Auckland refight posts, on Saturday 21 June a third Waterloo Re-fight happened in New Zealand – at the Christchurch Wargaming Club, in 28mm using General de Brigade rules rather than Blackpowder that had been used in

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X-Wing Regionals List: Ride of the "3 Amigos"

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Decided on a list for the Wellington X-Wing regionals in months time. Going to take my 3 Amigos list which has been a consistent favourite of mine. Although I didn’t use it effectively the other day and it is somewhat fragile in terms of hull points …

Carolingian vs. Viking Rematch No.2

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Thursday night Roundie and I had our third Dux Bellorum encounter with Carolingians vs. Vikings – and like last week it turned into another tense struggle that almost went to the wire! Those scurious Vikings once again invaded the Frankish Empire

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Video tutorial for making a great X-Wing gaming board

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Really want to build my own game board for X-Wing especially after seeing the great boards used at Cerberus Games.  Quick search and I found this fantastic tutorial amazingly simple method for a great result.  Hard to believe the small view c…

Restarting the Word Bearers Tale of X gamers project

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A couple of years ago Pete Dunn over at FieldsofBlood got a small group of us involved in a project called “Tale of X Gamers” basically a 30k Horus Heresy themed idea to build a small force of space marines from either the Loyalist or Traitor Legions.S…

Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin march to battle at Panzershrek

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“King Druegar Stromnisson surveyed the massed ranks of Dwarfs spread out before him with pride. As the Old World burned in the flames of the End Times the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin remained strong and resolute having seen off massed assaults by Skaven …

Carolingians vs. Vikings

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I’m slowly getting through my Carolingian Army, after a delay to add some additional figures – which has delayed completing the basing and such like. However we are almost there and in the meantime over the last two weeks I

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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (2)

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Continuing on from Waterloo 200th Anniversary (1) the second re-fight was staged by the Auckland Wargaming Club, here in Auckland on the 21 June 2015. The game was played in 6mm scale using Sam Mustafa’s ‘Grand Armee’ rules to facilitate the

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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (1)

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The 18 June 2015 is the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo, the battle – that along with Wavre on the same day – saw the final defeat of Napoleon and ushered in the ’50 years of peace’. Here in New Zealand

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14 days till the end of Warhammer as we know it

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Doom doom doom… Doom doom doom… Doom doom doom Doom doom

Dwarfs vs. Evil Dwarfs – Panzershrek practice & Final List

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In what may well be the final weeks of WHFB as we know it and my ability to use the vast majority of my collection I gave my Dwarfs a run against the evil McCrae and his evil Chaos Dwarfs last night.  First game in a long time, still rusty, still …

Dwarfs on the march…

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Having my first game of WHFB in 6-7 months tomorrow against McCrae’s Chaos Dwarfs as I figured its time I got some practice in with Panzershrek coming up next month.  ETC rules are in effect so max of 450pts per unit but for Dwarfs virtually no re…

Making Terrain Boards Part 2: Base and Edges

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With planning complete (see Part 1 here) I moved on to the early stage of construction for my skirmish terrain boards. This is my first stab at terrain boards and I’m learning as I go. Check out my progress after the jump. My terrain boards are bu…

AoW Dwarf Doomcrushers – on their way but maybe too late?!

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Way back in July 2014 I pre-ordered through Avatars of War 30 of their new Doomcrusher models as they offered a fantastic looking alternative to the GW Hammerers – both my current old school metal versions and the newer plastic ones. As with any new pr…

X-Wing Battle Report: Darth & Escort vs. Bigg’s Boys

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More X-Wing at the club last night this time running my new favourite ship the Lambda Shuttle along with a small escort up against Murray’s Rebel filth.  +  +  +  +  +  + Both sides skirt the …

ADB & the Horus Heresy make for good reading

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Nice package in the mail today especially as I ran out of stuff to read a while ago.  This time another of Aaron Dembski-Bowdens excellent books and more Word Bearers killing Ultramarines goodness…Been looking forward to Talon of Horus for a whi…

Dwarf Slayers Ahoy!!

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Believe it or not I’m actually playing in a WHFB event next month my own clubs Panzershrek which is using ETC rules as its comp system.  Not taking it too seriously so using a fun giggles Dwarf list. 2400pts DwarvesRunesmithw. Ro Parring Ro Spellb…

Making Terrain Boards Part 1: Planning

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A portion of a beautiful terrain board from Wargames Illustrated Historicon 2014 displayI’ve always loved the diorama aspect of wargames,  but my focus always tends to drift towards painting up figures rather than making terrain. The fields, walls…

A Visit from Nurgle (or the Night before 9th Edition)

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Found this fantastic piece on the blog Trouble in the Border Provinces 

So with mixed emotions we all wait with bated breath for what 9th Ed brings.
The anticipation is almost like Christmas, with the very real fear that we may just end up with coal in our stockings…

A Visit from Nurgle (or The Night before 9th Edition)

- With Apology to Clement Clarke Moore

‘Ts been months  before 9th Ed, and all through the web
Not a creature was blogging, not even a pleb;
The rumours had run dry, does anyone still care?
Feels if Fantasy Battles 9th Ed will never be here

The gamers are nestled all snug in their beds;
Elves on round bases dance through their heads;
End Times, speculation and rumours, so sick of this crap,
I’ll  just settle in for a long winter’s nap.

The faithful departed to Warmachine: that’s bad
Or Star Wars X-wing, to me that is sad
The End times left us stunned and confused
GW’s marketing policies are oh so obtused

Does all the anticipation still matter,
When my Ogres, Lizards could all just go splatter ?
They squatted the Elves, my Druchii lament
What does combined stats, KFC and the Glottkin portend?

Down to my man cave I flew like a flash,
Tore open the doors and looked at my stash.
The moon on the figures like new-fallen snow,
Gave Lustria’s denizens a sad sorry glow

What else to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a unit of dwarfs drinking Bugman’s sad beer,
My Warhammer world once lively and quick,
Now gone? In Bubbles?  I’m feeling so sick.

More rapid than eagles my feelings came,
I cursed and I shouted called them all names:
“Now, Dashit! Now, Hashit! You Pratts and you Vixens!
Oh, come on, how stupid ! Oh, Donner und Blitzen!
From the top of the porch! From the top of the wall!
Now dash it all! dash it all! dash it away with it all!”

As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
I wonder about 9th Ed and look to the sky;
So up to the workbench the modeller withdrew
To his pile of plastic models, and paints and of glue

The stump of a brush I clenched tight in my teeth,
And bent down to my Flames of War, underneath;
With Tigers and Panthers, with StuGs  I made merry
Painted Russians and Germans and Brits (and a dairy).

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of a harpy’s hoof ?
As I swung my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney I spotted a green Nurgle hound

Please nerf him, I thought, as hard as my Kroot
And his mates conga-lining behind him to boot;
A bundle of misery he had flung on his back,
Nurgle’s herald was just opening his pack…

The stats – how broken:  poison, challenge, regen, how scary!
Line ‘em, smell the roses, oh look, oh how merry!
My Daemon army, at least this I know,
May still remain useful come the 9th Ed blow.

Nurgle was chubby and plump, not quite a dour Dark Elf,
But I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon gave me to know I had everything to dread;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Of  poisoned blogs and of rumours; then turned (what a jerk),
Pulled the finger, and blew snot out his nose,
And passing wind, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his palanquin, to his nurglings a whistle,
And tangled me quick in bramble and thistle.
As I screamed he exclaimed, ere he drove out of sight—
“Here comes 9th Edition, and to all a good night!”

Call to Arms X-Wing Escalation list idea

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August in New Zealand for wargamer’s in this part of the country means one thing the Wellington Warlords annual convention “Call to Arms” .  Call to Arms is one of my favourite gaming events so much so that this year will be my 6th CTA in 7 y…

Repainted X-Wing miniatures: Slave1 – Firespray

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You don’t have to paint X-Wing models but a lot of people do and I’ve jumped on the band wagon as well.  Some ships are easier to paint than others the Firespray in particular – it was also in need of a paint job as its original paint job is somew…

Forgeworld Horus Heresy Book 5 Trailer

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I am a huge fan of the Horus Heresy novels and the books put out by Forgeworld and Aaron Dembski-Bowden in particular.  40k as a game doesn’t interest me that much but the literature behind it is simply fantastic.My sole concession to 40k models i…

Critiquing an X-WIng Escalation list

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Yesterday’s event was a lot of fun but it was also important for giving me some more insights into the game and a clearer idea of what works well in X-Wing.  As a game its very balanced, far more so than WHFB for example and there doesn’t appear t…

X-Wing Escalation wrap up

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I’m back from my first ever official X-Wing event this was a lot of fun and a great day of gaming.  Plus and at just one day it was an easier trip away than the typical WHFB event. Escalation made for some interesting lists but the balance seemed to be fairly even with no one faction dominating among the 16 players, although there were only 2-3 Scum players. Neither the rebel or imperial players stuck to one particular list and the meta showed a large amount of variation; overall there was only 1 Han Solo in the entire event and a spread of ship types including A, B, X, Y & E-Wings. A couple of Rebel players also took HWK’s which was interesting, Z95 spam got some takers, Tie Swarms are not dead and a Shuttle even made an appearance.

One the gaming tables

Gaming wise I saw some very cool custom paint jobs including a Tie Fighter painted up like a graffiti version seen in the cartoon Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD channel for those of you with sky). There were also custom templates and tokens galore, painted ship stands, laminated and sleeved cards and some seriously large collections.

The table tops were fantastic custom painted pieces of chipboard. But they were incredibly slippery making it hard to move ships and asteroids during each game. One player did have wads of blue tac on the bottom of his ships which helped keep them in place and that’s something I’ll try this week at the club.

Tactics/list wise I learnt a few things including some good E-Wing ideas which given my latest acquisitions will come in handy and the event reinforced my belief that shooting first is king. Got better at moving too including keeping Ties’s in formation.

I  managed 1 win out of 4 games and came close to winning a 2nd the smaller points games proved the hardest to play and I lost count of the number of times I forgot to de-cloak the Phantom. Participants also got some nice bling for turning up (the winners naturally got more), bling that was more than useful given the list I took – a Cloak Token and an alternative Tie Bomber Scimitar Pilot Card (original on left, alternative bling card on right).

Round 1 vs. Alastair @ 60pts
Up against a bare bones Z95 and Han Solo with no upgrades I didn’t help myself but moving badly leaving 1 and at times both Tie Fighters with nothing to shoot at. Echo also missed a lot but I was out played with Alastair moving the Falcon extremely well. With 3 ships to his 2 I had a slight advantage and did managed to strip the shields of the Falcon, but Echo went down very quickly and after that it was game over as the Tie’s couldn’t do enough damage. One seemed to spend the game flying a Figure-8 pattern around 2 particular asteroids.

Han just won’t die

Round 2 vs. Brent @ 90pts
Really enjoyed this game, Brent (like myself) hadn’t been playing long and his Imperial list stood out as he took a Shuttle and a Tie Bomber along with Dark Curse, Backstabber and an Academy Pilot. There was a lot of good movement all round and Brent in particular had a knack of setting up at list 1-2 ships in good firing positions. Echo didn’t help himself by turning the wrong way a couple of times and I struggled with the bendy de-cloak of his. Soontir proved a nasty shock for Brent but when it counted most I couldn’t get any hits and with my other ships crashing into stuff he was able to whittle me down pretty quickly. Time ended before he could move in for the kill but I at least managed to kill something this time round. Final points tallies (kills) were 16-42 in Brents favour.

Round 3 vs. Michael @ 120pts
An awesome rolling dog-fight of a game with melee’s breaking out and moving all over the board. Mike’s list was very interesting and really built itself around a synergetic combination of different unique pilot skills and ship upgrades. His list consisted of: Kyle Katarn (HWK-290), Gemmer Sojan (E-Wing), Etahn A’baht (E-Wing), A-Wing & a Z-95. Ethan was brutal giving any friendly ship with 1-3 the ability to change a hit to a critical. However, looking at the rules after the event I see that this rule only applies to ships within Etahn’s firing arc not anywhere in Range 1-3 which is how Mike was playing it; another important lesson in learning the rules (and having your phone battery not run out on you so you can check them yourself).

The first of many confused dog-fights during this battle

The end result were ship losses on both sides including all of my Tie’s and a final tally of 43-54 in Mike’s favour giving him a modified win.

Round 4 – vs. Ian @ 150pts
Last game and last chance to secure a win against another rebel player whose squadron consisted of 2 B-Wings, Coran Horn, Jake Farrell, and Roark Garnet. Asteroid placement was rather random as it was with the other 3 games (no-one seemed to consider moving table sides after asteroid placement so maybe this is frowned on here or like WHFB people just don’t do it). I rushed my two Interceptors up one flank while Echo and the Swarm moved up the other. Ian shifted his entire Squadron right to take out the Interceptors but only managed to take down one. I finally got Echo moving properly – in between forgetting to de-cloak a couple of times – and with Ian’s ships in a bad position got the Swarm and Echo to power down on a shoot his HWK down early.

(Unfortunately my phone battery gave out so I couldn’t take any pics during this match)

 This left him with 1 ship with able to shoot before mine and with the dice going my way and some good movement I was able to target individual ships en-mass and start doing some serious damage. Unfortunately for Ian while he was scoring a lot of ships he couldn’t finish any of my guys off. My only loss was the Royal Guard Interceptor in Turn 2 but all of my Tie Fighters had 2 damage on them. But I was able to get my ships into better positions nearly every time and in the end Ian had a single A Wing up against 6 of my ships and the win was mine 149-22.

Cerberus Games Escalation List: Ready to go!!

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After much umming and ahhing here is the list I will taking to Cerberus Games Escalation Event in Wellington on Sunday. Had to make one change to it as I have lost an upgrade card somehow, but it should still work.  Anyway my final list with pictu…