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Our Ships Were French Oak And Hearts of Oak Our Men

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Contre-amiral Thierry Victore’s ad-hoc squadron has been in pursuit of an enemy Royal Navy ship heading towards the safety of its waters. Aboard the ship was a passenger carrying vital intelligence of great importance to The Directoire. Capitaine Géroux’s mission

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When The Fog Lifts

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Capitaine de frégate Josepe Aurèle Géroux had been pursuing the English frigate for several days now, but finally he had outthought his foe and was almost upon them. His command, the Dryade (a 36-gun Frigate of the Republic) was in

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Trying out "To the Strongest"

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After finishing up my latest batch of Romans I was eager to get them on the table. Rather than pull out my trusty Hail Caesar rules though, I decided to christen them with “To the Strongest”, Simon Miller’s new diceless, grid based wargame. Check out o…

Setting Sail With Sails Of Glory

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Ahoy there shipmates, we’re setting sail with Sails of Glory! That’s right, hopefully there is finally a playable, fun, Age of Sail ruleset – and it features ready painted ships for those who just want to get into playing… After

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Quick and Easy Grid Markers for "To the Strongest"

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I picked up Big Red Bat’s “To the Strongest” the other day, a new set of ancient and medieval wargame rules that use a grid to regulate movement and distance. I didn’t want to mar my game mat with grid lines or ugly stickers, so I whipped up some “tabl…

Dogfight over Peepinghtohm 1917

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Great video from West Tokyo Wargamers of a World War I aerial game using the Wings of War (now Wings of Glory) game and miniatures!  

Steven Zaloga Says Fury OK

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Stumbled across an interview with Steven Zaloga (c/- Mad Padre Wargames Blog) and it’s discussion around the movie “Fury” and the performance of the Sherman (and Allied Armour in general) in North-West Europe 1944-1945. Zaloga criticises some of the accepted truisms on

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Warlord Games Romans vs. Wargames Factory Romans

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I polished off another 48 figures for my late Republic era Romans, this time using the plastic sculpts from Warlord Games. I started my entry into ancients wargaming with Wargames Factory’s release years ago, and now Warlord’s latest will be joining th…

Fire & Sword Turn 05: March 1884

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After the rather erratic results in February 1884 the Anglo-Egyptian forces were facing some great challenges (and some perhaps unrecognised opportunities) in March. Both Eastern & Western Sudan are only showing very low levels of rebellion and not offering a

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New Year’s Dungeon Bash

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After this summer’s dungeon crawl I was eager to make some tweaks to the rules and run it again. The holidays seemed like an awesome time to get some friends together so we grabbed some beers and dice on New Year’s Eve and ran a wintery dungeon crawl. …

Italeri Church

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Following on from my last post (Italeri Country House With Porch) the other model I picked up from Kieran’s cancelled commission project was the Church (Italeri Kit 6129). This includes an attached (custom made) cemetery and is an outstanding model (if

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Italeri Country House With Porch

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Back at the start of 2013 I posted about my gaming buddy Kieran building some Italeri Kitsets for his WW2 Normandy Games – and that as he did such a great job I might need to get him to build

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Blücher By Sam Mustafa

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Early this year Sam Mustafa will be releasing his latest game system in his “Honour” series, Blücher, which provides the ability to fight grand-tactical type games in the Napoleonic Wars. One units, stand, or counter, represents a Brigade or Regiment (incorporating multiple-battalions)

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Marching On Richmond: The Conclusion

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Having broken from their 1864-1865 winter camps the armies headed further into Virginia, the mass of the Union forces always looking to outmanoeuvre the Confederates to expose Richmond and end the war. By late March a decisive battle emerged to conclude the

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Fire & Sword Battle 06: The Gardner’s Jammed & The Yorks Vanquished

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As described in Fire & Sword Turn 04: February 1884 Sir Henry’s column continued South towards Dongola, and at the 3rd Cataract is met by the first supply steamer to have made it beyond the 2nd Cataract. It resupplies his column and brings welcome reinforcements

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Dux Bellorum With Carolingians

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Well I’ve been mucking around for sometime planning to do something for Dux Bellorum – and 12 months or so ago decided to do a Carolingian Army, albeit slightly outside the chronological and geographical period nominally covered by the rules (Arthurian

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2014 Year End Round Up

Posted on January 1st, 2015 under Posted by

If it’s not lead, it doesn’t count as adding to “Lead Mountain”, right? Right?It’s a new year, so time to review my hobby accomplishments this year and plan for next year.Painting:This year I completed:28mm Foot: 6728mm Cavalry: 20Elder Gods: 1Small Bu…

All the Single Ladies

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Christmas saw the arrival of several boxes of figures to replenish Lead Mountain, which means I need to get cranking on some existing miniatures to make room.This week I finished up few female fantasy figures from the Reaper Bones kickstarter. I’ve pai…

Gary Chalk Pirate Ship Update

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In an update to Kieran’s highly popular Avast! Ye Lubbers: A Pirate Ship in 28mm article about how to build a pirate ship similar to the famous Gary Chalk one featured in Wargames Foundry’s magazine, we have with some help located

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Tabletop World Windmill

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I just finished painting up a windmill by the Croatian vendor Tabletop World. What a great little kit! I love Tabletop World’s work… details are deep and exaggerated, making painting fun and the final result full of character without getting too cart…

The Force Awakens: X-Wing Miniatures Battle

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My son and I were psyched to see the new Star Wars trailer for Episode VII, and after seeing the Millennium Falcon perform some aerial maneuvers in battle over Tatooine, we had to break out our X-Wing Miniatures and recreate the battle.Check out the c…

Black Friday and Holiday Wargame Deals

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Lot of great deals this year. Let’s get to it!Wargame and Miniature Holiday DealWarlord Games: Lots of great deals from Warlord but the best seems to be the FREE TANK with the order of the D-Day Firefight boxed set.  Want to go whole hog on your a…

Blogging and gaming hiatus

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As you could probably tell from the lack of posts in recent weeks/months I have taken a break from gaming although I have had a couple of games with my High Elves which I started to enjoy again. But I am taking a big break from gaming for a while. &nbs…

Wargame Terrain: Sherfy Barn

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15mm Sherfy BarnI’m continuing to knock out a host of terrain projects that I’ve been putting off for far too long. At Historicon I caught the “All Quiet on the Martian Front” bug and loaded up on tripods and tanks to take home. I knew I’d need some te…

Architects of War scenic pieces: Donkey Mill, Well and Pig Poke

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I try to spend October concentrating on terrain since I’m invariably distracted by modeling men, horses and vehicles during the rest of the year. This October was crazy and I had to put most of my wargaming and painting projects on the back burner.I’m …