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WIP – 40K terrain

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Bit more progress on my homemade terrain pieces and one official one

Painting Challenge – Star Wars Armada Rebel Freighters

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The space battle in the recent Rogue One flick has inflamed my enthusiasm for Star Wars Armada, and reminded me that I have some tiny spaceships that still need to be painted up. I love Fantasy Flight’s game pitting Evil Imperial Space Triangles agains…

Painting Challenge – Space Marines

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Right! For the Armour Theme I knew I wanted to tackle a painting challenge that I’d been putting off for nearly 20 years. I’d always dabbled with Warhammer 40K, but the incre…

Local venue closes and homemade 40k terrain

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No gaming since November due to life but also the closure of the local venue I’ve been using to play 40k the last year or so.  It means our small group no longer has a regular venue hence no games for several weeks now.The loss of a venue was temp…

2016 End of the Year Wrap Up

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The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is helping me clear out this back log of lead!We’re nearly done with 2016 (and good riddance!) but before turning to plans for the new year, I wanted to evaluate what I’ve accomplished this year. My painting took…

Brigade Games Spanish/Caribbean House and Stable

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In preparation for our upcoming “Blood and Plunder”games, we’ve been gathering terrain for our tiny pirates and colonial Spanish to fight over. I built and painted a pair of resin buildings by Brigade Games and while I did run into some issues with the…

Thank the Dice Gods for New Opponents

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Outside local gaming conventions, finding fellow wargamers has been pretty tricky since I entered the hobby 10 years ago. I managed to convert some of my friends, roped my family into gaming, and contacted a few other local gamers, but locating opponen…

Harlequins vs. Iron Hands @ 1750

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Had my 3rd ever game with my Harlequins last night up against Caban’s Iron Hands complete with his FW Scarian Tank (which is just awesome btw).  He took something a little different to his usual list maxing out his tactical squads taking 4 units o…

Harlequin Star/Voidweaver x4 complete

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Finally got all 4 of them finished…Next on the table 4 more Skyweavers 

New 40k FAQ’s – Summoned Bloodthirsters are Ok now?

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New official FAQ’s for the 40k 7th Ed rulebook were released yesterday.  There are a number of key changes throughout, most of which have no affect at all on the armies I play.  There were some that stood out though:”If a FMC is conjured or o…

2016 Wargame Holiday Deals

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Each year I try to compile all of the various wargame related sales and deals for gamers to help the community find the best holiday specials. The fact that my wife invariably picks up a few items from this list to put under the Christmas tree is in no way related. Mere coincidence, I assure you. As always, if you come across any deals let me know and I’ll amend the list.

Gift Ideas

The Demogorgon: This is it! THE actual Demogorgon miniature featured in the Netflix series “Stranger Things”.  The mold is decades old and currently owned by the Italian manufacturer Mirilton. It’s 10 Euros, and their minimum order is 15 (so pick up two I guess?) and with shipping to the US you’re looking at $37 bucks for a pair, but still. Demogorgon!

The Grizzly Allied Walker: Konflikt 47 is Warlord Games expansion of Bolt Action. It thrusts the game into a pseudo-historical extension of WWII to the late 40’s, finding Axis and Allies waging war with super science mecha, zombies and tesla energy cannons. I’m not sold on the milieu but I fell in love with the Grizzly Walker after seeing an early production model at Historicon. It’s a solid, detailed mecha that could be employed in a variety of alt-history, steampunk or sci-fi games.

Frostgrave: Expeditions to the ice locked necropolis show no signs of letting up, and no doubt the wargamer you are shopping for would be eager to launch their own venture to it. I’ve been reluctant to jump into another game with so many on my plate already, but even I’ve been eyeing the Cultists, Gnolls and Undead for use in some of the fantasy games I already play. Also available from Warlord and even Amazon.

Star Wars Rebellion: Everything I’ve read about Star Wars Rebellion makes it sound like a tense, asymmetric board game that captures the struggle of the Rebels to overthrow the Empire before the might of their Death Star extinguishes the rebellion forever. A bit too long to play at our weekly game nights, but perfect for those lazy holiday and snow days when weather keeps the family cooped up indoors.

Imperial Assault: We’ve been playing Imperial Assault campaigns pretty regularly at our weekly game nights. Tense, sometimes frustrating but always mentally challenging, the intricate rule mechanics and gorgeous miniatures have won me over.

Author Marc Morris: I recently finished A Great and Terrible King about Edward I by Marc Morris and enthusiastically recommend it. I’m looking forward to picking up his earlier work about King John and I’m sure his book on the Norman Conquest is equally as thorough and engaging.

Tabletop Wargames: I’ve had this book on my watchlist for ages, and it’s finally gone into print. Rick Priestly, gaming luminary, has penned a volume covering his theory behind game design. I love getting into the nitty gritty behind game mechanics and would love to peek into the mindset of Rick’s obsession with d6s.

Rogue Stars: Cutting it close to the wire, Rogue Stars (Osprey’s latest blue book wargame rules) releases December 20. I enjoy Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant and I’m looking for a new set of rules to cover sci-fi skirmishes. This looks like the ticket!

Best Holiday Wargame Deals

Brexit: Sorry Brits, I know this likely stings, but the pound has dropped in value to near parity with the US dollar. For those of us in the colonies, this is a golden opportunity to take advantage of the increased buying power of the dollar in the UK. And with our own economic situation becoming a bit unpredictable in January, this shopping season offers a window to finally place some big orders with North Star, Foundry and other vendors across the sea.

Foundry: Currently running their Christmas special (buy 8 packs, get 2 free or buy 16 packs get 6 free). Coupled with the increased buying power of the dollar, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for American customers to get their hands on some beautiful Foundry lead. I’m partial to the unreleased Rogue Trader “Liquidation Squad”, Ancient Farmers and Townsfolk, Pirates (for the upcoming Blood and Plunder), and Old West (Westworld on HBO has fanned the flames of interest in doing some Western gaming in my game group).

Mantic: Typically offers some great holiday deals (including their Crazy Boxes packed full of a variety of their figures). This year they’re also running an event on Black Friday with hourly deals. Who knows what lies in store!

Fantasy Flight: Each year they run a sale on their board, card and miniature games and 2016 is no different. Check this out, our family’s favorite Lord of the Rings board game on sale for 20 bucks, Talisman for $20, lots of Game of Thrones and Hobbit games for cheap. And that’s just FFG’s own games. Plenty more from other publishers available as well. Or try their new Star Wars Destiny card + dice game, my favorite Star Wars Armada (extra dice and new Rebel squadrons make great stocking stuffers), or the ever popular X-Wing.

Minairons: Use code TMPR2016 when you order €50 or more to receive 30% off your order through Black Friday Nov 25.  The sales only extends to items on stock, so grab those Renault tanks and biplanes while they’re still available!

Miniature Building Authority: Bucking the trend, MBA has been running a sale that ENDS BEFORE Black Friday. 15mm items are 15% off, some 28mm are between 10 and 25% off.

Osprey: Their Black Friday Sale offers 30% all Osprey books ordered directly from them

Brigade Games: Now through Dec 16, receive 15% off all orders.

So this didn’t end well…

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Had another game with my Harlequins this week up against a 4 Hive Tyrant Tyranid list… didn’t go that well although I did have some fun with the Phantasmacy Lore.  Also learnt – after reading the rules post game – that Harlequin Transports are A…

Painting Harlequin patterns

Posted on November 17th, 2016 under , , . Posted by

Having a lot of fun painting my Harlequins including the checkerboard pattern on the vehicles and various infantry models.  I watched the GW tutorials with the ever effective Duncan and his “just thin your paint and twist to a point” technique but…

What’s on your painting table?

Posted on November 12th, 2016 under . Posted by

No painting since I finished Eldrad Ulthran a few days ago as I’ve hit a bit of wall painting wise. Instead I’ve been assembling my remaining Harlequin Troupes & vehicles and on sorting out what I have left on my painting to do list… turns out th…

Eldrad Ulthran completed

Posted on November 10th, 2016 under , , , . Posted by

Another model for my Harlequin collection done and dusted this time Eldrad Ulthran from the Death Masque set.  Painted him up so I can use him as a Shadowseer or as Eldrad if I ever opted to use the formation from that set.

Harlequin Solitaire, Death Jester & 2nd Starweaver complete

Posted on November 6th, 2016 under , , , . Posted by

More Harlequin fun as I slowly work my way through my collection of unassembled and unpainted models.  Latest models to be completed a Solitaire, 3rd Death Jester and 2nd Star/Voidweaver.  Apologies for my rubbish photo taking skills…Newest…

Daemonkin @ Warpstorm Day 1 in pictures

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Day 1 of Warpstorm and I had 3 interesting match ups against Jakes Dark Angels, Aidan’s Tyrannids and Caban’s Iron Hands.  Three very different lists and opponents and 3 very enjoyable games.  The first two match-ups weren’t ideal as Jake’s l…

Harlequin Voidweaver complete + lots of WIP

Posted on November 4th, 2016 under , . Posted by

Good week of painting this week focusing on my Harlequins collection which has grown considerably in the last month. Latest completed unit a VoidweaverAlso currently in the WIP stages are another Voidweaver 2 more Skyweavers a Solitaire and a Death Jes…

More Harlequins on the painting table

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Harlequin collection is starting to build up quite quickly now.  Probably have enough on hand or on its way to field 2000pts or more…Aiming to get 1500pts worth ready for a tournament in January

Holy Shit a Top 10 finish at a 40k event & Army Parade Pics

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Great weekend of 40k gaming at Hagen’s Warpstrom 40k event in Wellington.  28 competitiors (which is very good for New Zealand) playing 5 rounds in total – players pack is here for those who are interested.  In the end I did far better than I…

40k Chaos Maulerfiend complete

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Finished this guy just in time for a tournament this weekend where I’ll get to use him… would still like to fix up the blood effects by getting some Tamiya Clear Red but it’s not a biggie.1750pt tournament this weekend that has a lot of hard lists at…