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Gal Vorbak on their way

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Thanks to Pete Dunn over at Fields of Blood these lovely guys are turning up with free postage sometime soon.  Will make a nice addition to my Word Bearers collection either as Possessed or Unit Champions.

X-Wing Repaint: Lambda Shuttle

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Latest addition to the repainted X-Wing ship collection is my Lambda Shuttle (only have 1 for the moment but another one is coming soon).  Decided to stick with the Red/Blue theme a scheme I’m going to apply to all of my ships with the odd Elite p…

X-Wing Repaints: Tie Swarm

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Finished first batch of repainted Tie Fighters last night.  My idea for a flying circus theme went out the window as my paint collection is depressingly small at the moment.  Consequently I opted for a simple red+blue palette for all of the s…

X-Wing at CTA: the 100pt event

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Took a slightly different list to what I had intended to a few weeks ago into Day 1 of Call to Arms running with a list I call the ‘2.5 Amigos’ consisting of:Soontir Fel w. PTL, Shield, StealthTurr Phennir w. VI, Shield, StealthOmicron Pilot w. EU, Ion…

X-Wing Repaints: Tie Bomber

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Got inspired after coming back from Call to Arms last night and decided (around 10pm) that I needed to repaint all of my Tie Fighters.  After playing a 120pt escalation game where I couldn’t tell my Ties apart from my opponents I thought painting …

Call to Arms Tournament Pictures

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Back from 2 days of great X-Wing gaming at Call to Arms.  Took a mass of pictures, here’s a random selection of the non X-Wing stuff.War of the Worlds Demo GameVietnam Skirmish Demo GameGlen Burfield’s Amazing EldarThats right someone brought Smau…

Making Terrain Boards Part 4: Building Hills

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I spent some more time on my terrain boards, adding hills and mapping out some roads. It took some time to get everything juuuuuust right. See my progress after the jump.This is the fourth stage of my terrain board build. Check out the earlier steps if…

Call to Arms X-Wing Lists

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Been doing some juggling with various lists and decided I’m going to go with something fun rather than competitive for Call to Arms in a couple of weeks.  Quite frankly I find the meta and cookie cutter net lists kind of dull and I prefer (in X-Wi…

Chaos Terminator Lord & Word Bearers WIP

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Thanks to a load of bits from a couple of club mates bitz boxes (Jeff & John G) I’ve managed to finish adding the final touches to several of my Word Bearers.  Getting particular attention were the Aspiring Champions for each unit and my Termi…

Word Bearers vs. Daemons of Khorne

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A XVII Legion host battle a horde of Daemons for possession of a sacred Chaos IconWarriors of the XVII host deploy ready for battle – Cultists, Tactical Marines, Raptors, a Hellbrute and their Lord in his Terminator armour armed with the Axe of Blind F…

X Wing Regionals post-event list ideas

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My 100pt list for the Wellington regionals reflected a list I like to play (multiple interceptors) balanced out with a nod toward the prevailing large ship meta (autothrusters) in terms of how it worked over the event a couple of things stood out.As us…

X-Wing Regional’s Report

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Great days gaming at the Wellington X-Wing Regionals on Saturday, 27 competitors playing 5 rounds dominated by Interceptors and Decimators with (somewhat ironically) only a single X-Wing in sight.  First up thanks to Adam Baenre who came down from…

Making Terrain Boards Part 3: Cutting the River

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The key feature of the terrain boards I’m building is the river that winds its way across all three surfaces, providing a tactical challenge for figures that can’t cross it or needing to capture bridges and fords across it. See how I did it after the j…

Historicon 2015

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I’d written off Historicon this year after we made plans for a week long vacation in California. I couldn’t spare the additional days off, and resigned myself to visiting one of the other HMGS cons later in the year. My son really wanted to attend Hist…

More Word Bearers progress

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Getting more and more Word Bearers finished and my overall force is starting to build in size with the addition of Cultists and some Bloodletter’s..Unit of 14 CSM all complete (except one guy still waiting on his Melta Gun)Painted this guy a while ago …

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek – Final Games

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Day 2 of Panzershrek and we finished with 3 more games only one of which went my way.  Unfortunately because I didn’t write these games up soon after the event I’ve forgotten the majority of the details so the pictures will just have to tell the t…

Word Bearers get their first run

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Thanks again to Jeff’s hospitality Caleb and I managed to get in what were my first ever games of 7th Edition 40k yesterday.  My 40k experience prior to that had been a single 6th Ed game nearly 2 years ago.  We went for 1000pt forces using s…

Summer Update

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I saw a lotta cool stuff recentlyI haven’t posted lately because my summer has been so busy. Work continues on the terrain boards, but I’ve been doing quite a bit more hobby and gaming related activities as well. Check out my adventures after the jump….

Book Review: Ardennes 1944 by Antony Beevor

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Something a bit different this morning a book review.  I’ve been a fan of Antony Beevor’s work since I read his book Stalingrad several years ago.  It remains one of my favourite pieces of narrative history even after multiple readings. &nbsp…

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek – G2 vs. High Elves

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“Following the death of Godrim Fireforge at the hands of the Tomb King horde the Thorinkin retreated to their mountain fortress to rebuild and enter yet more names and ill-deeds into their book of Grudges.  The name of Tomb King P’eter Wil’liam’so…

WIP – Heresy Era Word Bearers

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Finally getting my Word Bearers project back on track and have managed to get a lot of painting done this last fortnight. I started off by stripping all of my MkIII/IV marines (not sure why now) and attaching some FW Word Bearers shoulder pads to them …

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 – Game 1

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“Godrim Fireforge stood amongst the Warriors of his clan watching as the vast army of undead deployed in front of him.  Hordes of Skeletal archers, massed ranks of chariots and 3 giant constructs walking statues in the shape of lions.  The ai…

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 – Part 1

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Back from another Panzershrek and another outing for my Dwarfs under the glory that is 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.  Not my best weekend of gaming results wise but I had a hell of a lot of fun playing some great opponents and in some tough games…

Valdemar Miniatures

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I was recently contacted by Valdemar Miniatures – and looking at their website they look to have a pretty stunning series of products. Including 3D Printed ships suitable for Viking Longships and small Medieval Cogs. They describe their figures as

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Avatars of War Doomcrusher’s pictures & unboxing

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Further to my post this morning about the Avatars of War Doomcrushers that I recently received I finally got the pics I took while unpacking them off my phone.Front of the boxMy kids got extremely excited when they saw the box the models came in as it …