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Vanilla Chaos Space Marines @ 1000pts

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2nd round of my local stores 40k Summer League tonight.  After last weeks pantsing at the hands of a bike swarm I thought I’d try something a little different tonight and give some of my other new BoC models a run.Terminator Lordw. Mark of Nurgle,…

Khorne Daemonkin get first run & its not pretty

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Well that didn’t go to well. In my 3rd ever game of WH40k 7th I took my infantry based Khorne Daemonkin (as I only really have infantry) up against an Iron Hands Bike Spam list and got railed.  My opponent had around 20 bikes on the table as well …

Scuffle In The Hedgerows

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It’s been a while since Kieran and I played a Crossfire game, but last weekend we managed to get one in – it was great getting back to playing an old favourite.It’s been quite a while since Kieran and I played

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Fireforge Medieval Foot

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Medievals have turned out to be the trickiest period I’ve tried. With World War II there are reams of uniform information to reference for painting. Dark Ages are pretty much “mut…

Interesting Look Behind World Of Tanks

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For those interested there is an interesting little peak behind who are the hosts of World of Tanks and other on-line games (World of Warplanes/World of Warships), talking about how they manage their massive game & player databases using

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Local 40k Summer League: Daemonkin @ 1000pts

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Gaming for me starts up again next week with a 40k Summer League held at a local gaming store/venue on Thursday.  and the re-start of my local clubs gaming night the following Tuesday.  Thursday’s (if I can organise it) will be my 40k gaming …

Book Review: Beast Arises 2 – Predator Prey

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Predator Prey is the 2nd book in the new Beast Arises series from the Black Library.  The author for this one Rob Sanders is not one I’m familiar with so I had no idea what style it would adopt but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.In Book 1 y…

Betrayal at Calth – Word Bearers finishing touches

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All of my Forgeworld Word Bearers shoulder pads and a small package of bits arrived from the UK today allowing me to start making the finishing touches to my Betrayal at Calth boxed set.  All of the principle painting and basing is done.  All…

Book Review: I am Slaughter – Dan Abnett

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Just finished reading the first in the new Beast Arises series from the Black Library.  1 book a month for 12 months set 1500 years after the Siege of Terror and detailing the rise of a new Ork Waagh that threatens Terra and the Imperium.This late…

Bloodletters of Khorne

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Another unit I’ve had partially completed for a while now.  Decided to finish them off this morning while waiting for the cricket to start.  Unfortunately I stuffed up the original layers so have last a lot of the detailing but they still tur…

Betrayal at Calth – FINISHED :)

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Finished the last of the models from Betrayal at Calth this morning – well finished except for the Forgeworld Word Bearers shoulder pads which arrive next week, a host of purity/oath scrolls and some grass tufts – but finished pretty much in terms of a…

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: "Oldhammer" Space Orks

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.I was all lined up to crank out some medieval foot when I noticed that the first theme for the Painting Challenge was “nostalgia”. I’m a late arrival to historical miniatures, and…

Retailer Review: Bitzbox (UK)

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I have to admit I’m not that smart a gamer in that I tend to chuck out the bits I don’t use from any kits I put together and then months later when I get a new kit regret not having the bits lying around to modify the new stuff. GW kits are fantastic for the range of options and extra bits they have in them but there are some that are quite hard to get enough of.  For my Word Bearers its Oath Scrolls, Skulls and Purity Seals all stuff I like to use to trick them out (see picture below).

After raiding mates bitz collections short of making your own the only recourse if you want bits is to order them from somewhere.  Over the years I’ve used several sources for this but the one that I’ve used the most and had the best experience with has been the UK retailer Bitzbox.  So far I’ve placed 4 separate orders with them over the last 12 months the most recent being last week.

The Online Store A+

Very easy to navigate.  The menu options are clear and the search function works well.  Every item comes with a very clear picture and description of what it is allowing you to see what your getting. Most importantly however, and something that many online retailers still don’t do, Bitzbox shows you how many of each item it has in stock.  They also have the option of hiding items that are out of stock which makes searching for stuff and completing an order extremely easy.  
Other things to like – contact info is clearly displayed, information on payment options and postage are easy to find and clearly explained.
Products available B+
The store has pretty much everything you would like covering Age of Suckmar, Wh40k and Forgeworld although the amount of FW stuff is limited (I really wanted some MkIII helmets but they didn’t have any).  You can also get the odd transfer set.  As expected the site is full of individual items from the Betrayal at Calth box set so either they brought some and cannibalised them or have recieved a whole bunch of bits from other people.  As expected some options are more readily available than others and the rarer they are the more expensive they get.  Prices range from a few pence to 1-2 pounds depending on rarity e.g. a purity seal can cost as little as 5p while a set of Space Marine legs can be £1.50  
Ordering A
Very easy to use as it follows the standard online format.  You can register and set up an account in a simple clean process that will allow you to track orders and get email notifications of bits you are looking for.  Ordering is a multi-stage process allowing you to go back recheck and modify your orders and the result is a simple email notification process.  
Payment Options A
Standard options are available Direct Debit, Credit Card or Paypal.  Paypal remains my preferred method for international retailers.
Delivery A
I placed the order on New Years Day.  The site had a clear message that they were on holiday and all orders would be dispatched once they returned.  January 5th (in NZ) and I get an email saying the order has been dispatched.  Like most international orders it will take 7-14 days but from previous experience 10-12 is about the norm.  

Overall a big thumbs up, and for reference my order this time was:

2 x  Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Hanging Head B
1 x  Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Hanging Head A
5 x  Space Marine Command Squad Hanging Parchment
8 x  Space Marine Sternguard Veterans Purity Seal
20 x  Grey Knights Terminator Purity Seal
7 x  Space Marine Assault Squad Purity Seal A
1 x  Grey Knight Strike Squad Purity Seal
3 x  Blood Angels Death Company Purity Seal A
1 x  Horus Heresy MKIV Tactical Squad Legs F
2 x  Horus Heresy MKIV Tactical Squad Legs A
2 x  Ork Boyz Zombie Head Accessory
1 x  Vampire Counts Corpse Cart Dead Skeleton
1 x  Space Marine Command Squad Back Banner A

Not as many skulls as I would have liked but the purity seals will be enough to cover all of my BoC marines.  I got the 3 sets of legs because one there are enough parts in the BoC set to make 3 more marines if you can get the legs for them. Hopefully also turning up around the same time will be 40 of these guys – MkIV Word Bearers shoulder pads from Forgeworld.

Dungeon Crawl 2015

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Each New Year’s Eve my friends and I get together to do some ‘crawlin’, but we’ve given up on the pubs and switched to dungeons. Check out our subterranean adventures after the jump as the heroes race to defeat the deadly Vampire Lord before the ball d…

Betrayal at Calth – Word Bearers Tactical Squad

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Getting a lot of painting done over the Xmas/New Year break and my Betrayal at Calth set is nearly complete.  Latest (nearly) finished models are 15 Word Bearers Tactical Marines. I’m painting the entire box set as Word Bearers because why not.Tac…

Betrayal at Calth Dreadnought finished

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Nearly completed entire BoC.  Just need to order Word Bearer shoulder pads from Forgeworld to complete the Marines.  Also  awaiting the arrival of a bunch of purity seals and other bits to finish the look I like.Latest completion includi…

Betrayal at Calth Terminators

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Finished the Terminators from Betrayal of Calth.  Painted up as Word Bearers as I don’t have any CSM versions yet and have always wanted some. Only issue is the lack of power weapons as they are standard CSM gear but the options are still pretty g…

WIP: Betrayal at Calth

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Had to wait a fortnight after getting my box set to start assembling these guys but progress is now being made.  Decided to start with the heroes, Contemptor and Terminators.  Of the models in the box the only ones I’ll paint up as Ultramarin…

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: Pregame

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The stars aligned this year and I’m finally able to participate in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The challenge runs from December 20 to March 20, and participants score points for painting up figures during that timeframe. There are prizes f…

Star Wars Armada

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The new Mon Calamari MC-80, a luxury liner converted for war. It makes up for a weak hull with powerful shieldsLooking over my blog I see I haven’t been posting very much, which is odd because I’ve been playing a ton of miniature games over the last fe…

Making Terrain Boards Part 6: Grass and Vegetation

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I was tempted to leave my terrain boards in their barren, desert-like state, but eventually forged on and added grass, shrubs and vegetation. Check out my technique after the jump.If you missed my previous progress, you can check out my build logs here…

Betrayal at Calth has arrived and its lovely

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Thanks to a club mate Simon who ordered them from a friend in the UK I was able to get hold of the new Betrayal at Calth boxed set for NZ$200.  Arrived yesterday and its awesome…. Only issue is I have no plastic glue left so now I have to wait f…

Holiday Miniature and Game Sales! Black Friday 2015

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It’s time for the annual round up of holiday sales starting on Black Friday. Tons of board games, war games, miniatures, and hobby tools for the discerning die-roller in your house. Plus, there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out in a month, which means there’s a bulk freighter’s worth of associated game and hobby gifts that will likely bleed over into the wish list of your tabletop gaming geek. Let’s get started after the jump!


Gripping Beast: Holiday package deals on hobby tools, SAGA bundles, and some pretty neat Viking themed shirts and sculptures stocking fillers.

Architects of War: Deep discounts on a number of lines, including 30% off Gripping Beast, Perry Plastics and All Quite on the Martian Front, and 40% off Perry Metals and AoW Terrain.

The War Store: Each year you’ll find great deals on Black Friday at the War Store, which typically include free sprues and figures with large orders and deep price cuts on popular lines. Will update once they announce their sales!

Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth: Whoah, slick! I’ve been out of the 40K scene since Rogue Trader days, but this new Horus Heresy era boxed set looks right up my alley.

Flames of War: Wow! 33% off Flames of War, and shipping capped at $10. Noice!

Newline Designs: 25% off all ranges including 20mm ACW and Ancients and 28mm Arthurians.

Two Hour Wargames: 25% off with code 25off

Murawski Miniatures Beautiful horse and musket figures. 20% off infantry, artillery. 10% off cavalry, command, battallion deals, Free shipping on orders over 100 lbs

Fantasy Flight: Good discounts on many of Fantasy Flight game lines including Dust figures if you need to flesh out any sci-fi or post apocalyptic warbands.

Warlord Games: 20% off tanks and vehicles when you buy three or more. Buy the D-Day Bolt Action intro set, get a free tank! 50% off plastic sprues! Plus secret deals littered across the site (follow Warlord on social media for clues on where to find them)

North Star: Looking for a stocking stuffer? North Star offers a mystery bag of 20 figures for £15.00. Their also running a pre order special for the new Osprey rules Honours of War that includes a free figure, and a bundle deal for intro armies as well. Lots of great figures there, hoping to see some holiday specific offers soon!

Discounts also abound at the Ion Age,, and Alternative Armies.

Hobby Tools: You can’t go wrong with a set of new paints, fresh clippers and blades, or basing material. Nobody pines over them, but you can’t make a dent in your lead mountain without ’em.

War Games

Dragon Rampant:
 Releasing on December 22, this fantasy expansion of the popular Lion Rampant rules debuts just before Christmas. That’s a tight deadline, but there’s a decent chance it arrives in time if you sign up for Amazon Prime. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Frostgrave: The current hotness in fantasy gaming. Build a warband of tomb robbers, necromancers, and malcontents and battle over snow shrouded ruins for treasure and glory. Besides the core rules, the new expansion Thaw of the Lich Lord is now available. Don’t forget to pick up some of their  great medieval style miniatures (kitbash with other plastics for a unique look) and new plastic cultists.

Two Fat Lardies: 20% off Through the Mud and the Blood until Dec 1st.

Crossfire: My first set of wargame rules, and finally back in print! Great little game, recommended.

This is Not a Test: No sign of a holiday sale, but I’ve played this at Historicon and saw numerous games with folks having lots of fun rolling dice with it.

Board and Table Top Games

Fury of Dracula: Back in print, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the previous editions. We’re a bit past Halloween, but I think you could sneak this under the tree as one of the traditional “scary ghost stories” that appear in at least one Christmas carol.

Pathfinder Living Card Game: My family has been playing this for many months, picking up expansions as we complete them. I know some reviews have dinged it for being repetitive, but since we only play a session every few weeks we haven’t gotten bored with it, and not having to relearn rules each time has been nice. Great art, interesting decisions each turn, it’s quite a bit of fun.

Pandemic: We also dig Pandemic, and have been playing through the On the Brink expansion. It’s a nice break from blowing stuff up to saving the world through science.

Sushi Go: A great “chuck in a bag” game, our family brings this on trips and to restaurants to keep our boy entertained. It’s a lot of fun for everyone as you collect sets of sushi cards from an ever diminishing collective pool trying to maximize your score over the course of several rounds. A great little game that’s quick to play between heavier ones or to bring when traveling.

Star Wars!

Most of my gaming the past few months has been with Star Wars Armada and Imperial Assault. With the new movie coming out, a seven year old son who is into Rebels and the original trilogy, we’ve got Star Wars on the brain in our house. Luckily, there’s plenty to scratch that ‘Galactic Itch’ this season.

I love Star Wars Armada. Wave 2 just released, and while I’ve already scored an MC80 Cruiser, I’m eager to get my hands on some MC30s, The Rogues and Villains squadrons and even a dreaded Imperial Star Destroyer.

There’s quite a few deals for Armada. Miniature Market has all Wave 1 ships on sale ($5 for more dice? Imperial fighters for $10? Nebulons and Corvettes for $10?! Heck yeah!).

X-Wing and Imperial Assault
 Miniature Market also has X-wing on sale too (New core set for $18 wow!) as well as Imperial Assault (I have dreams of creating a 30 man platoon of Imperial Assault stormtroopers, which might be feasible now that the pack is down to $9.99!).

Need to take a break from rolling dice and painting teeny tiny lead soldiers? I’ve been playing Battlefront for the last week, and it’s great for blowing off steam, perfectly captures the Star Wars aesthetic and is totally fun even when you’re losing.

Sculpting a Galaxy: I’ve always been fascinated by the special effects created by ILM for the trilogy. I’m eager to get my hands on this behind the scenes history of the various models and creatures designed for Star Wars.

Bandai Star Wars Models: There’s a pretty big crossover between the wargame hobby and model building (especially now that so many multi-part plastic wargame kits are being produced). I’ve had my eye on several of the Bandai model kits recently, and while it feels weird to build a model just to sit on a shelf, I think many of them (such as the AT-ST) could double as table top game pieces.

So that’s some of the stuff I’ve dug up for this year. Let me know if you’ve heard of any sales I’ve missed, and let me know what YOU are hoping to find wrapped up with a bow this year in the comments below!

Finished – Forgeworld Gal Vorbak

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Finished these guys off this morning before heading out to play cricket.  Turned out well in the end despite some early hiccups.  Photos taken from phone so light balance isn’t that great.Pictures are all pretty big so if you click on them th…

WIP Word Bearers Gal Vorbak

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Nearly finished….