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Welcome to the Heavy Infantry – More Raptors

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Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine Scouts, Devastators and Tactical Marines
join the fight. This group will join the other groups of Raptors I’ve
painted in my clients “all-infantry” Space Marine force. I think it’s a
cool idea and it will make full use of the Chapter Tactics and special
rules available to the Raven Guard/Raptors.

Ravenwing Black Knights – More Plasma Talons

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Warhammer 40,000 – I remember when bitz boxes the world over were filled
with left over Space Marine Plasma Guns. It was always a weapon that would
kill your own gun at the most inopportune of times, which meant any other
special weapon would see more play on the table. Eight Edition made it a
choice to supercharge your plasma and risk killing your own guy rather than
happening every time they fire their gun. Suddenly plasma guns are all the
rage and you see them on everything.

Hide and Seek Champions – Raven Guard vs Alpha Legion

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Warhammer 40,000 – Today’s question is who would win in a gunfight between
the two sneaky marine factions? Alpha Legion and Raven Guard mimic each
other in most of their chapter tactics and abilities so this should be a
fairly even match up. Maelstrom of War with Tactical Objective cards should
force both forces to move about a bit. Scorched Earth is one of the more
unforgiving missions out of Chapter Approved 2017, so of course that’s what
we rolled to play. 

Witness Me … Fuel-Injected Suicide Machine

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Gaslands – One day I’ll finish a race – honestly. I had a chance to play
several games of Gaslands and have yet to make it further than Gate 2
before losing all my cars. I probably am pushing to hard and not managing
my Hazard tokens well enough which means I flip or hit something and then
the rest of the pack catches up. 

A Space Marine Chapter – How I plan to build mine

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Warhammer 40,000 – One of the things I’ve been working on since the early
2000’s. What started as a bunch of random marines and bits a client traded
me for some paint work has blossomed into nearly a full chapter. (Well at
least a few companies.) Listening to the Independent Characters recently I
realized the latest Space Marine Codex had completely updated how a Company
is set up which might change how I lay mine out.

Wacky Racers? More Gaslands Cars

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Gaslands – One thing about “mad-maxifying” Hot Wheels cars is it’s pretty
easy if you’re not concerned with be accurate or to scale. It’s also really
enjoyable to mash together parts to make something unique for your
Wasteland Warriors to ride in. 

From the Deep – A Lobotomy Expansion

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Board Games – Pop Culture Icons/References trapped in an insane asylum
trying to escape from other Pop Culture Icons/References seems to be the
basis of Lobotomy the board game. I haven’t actually played the game, but
based on the large batches of minis I’ve painted for my client that’s the
general opinion I have about the game. The models are decent quality and
plentiful which is usually a good enough reason to pick up a game. (Because
if it’s awful you can always repurpose the minis right?) 

My Mossburg Goes Boom – Necromunda GSC vs Orlocks

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Necromunda – Combat shotguns are probably one of the most versatile guns
available when playing Zone Mortalis style Necromunda. Knowing you’re going
to get up close and personal against groups of enemy fighters means the
shredder rounds will put in work. Template weapons in general are nasty
because they pin you without having to “hit” against a close combat
orientated gang like my Genestealer Cult it’s devastating. 

Blade Runner-esque City Scape

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Terrain Building – Blade Runner really set the tone for me as to what a
dystopian future would look like. Dirty, crowded and dark. Ultimately
that’s the look I’m going for with my city table. Ideally this terrain will
be “useable” across several different rules sets like 40K, Necromunda and
Batman as well as any other random “near-future” sci-fi games I might find
myself interested in. 

Gasland – Converting Some Death Racers

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Gaslands – I’ve always loved Mad Max, Death Race and the like, when I was a
little kid the idea of a car with guns strapped to it was just so amazing.
I still remember the Christmas my grandma gave all the grandsons a vehicle
from the Tonka Steel Monsters line. I had the pick-up truck “Blaster” and
loved it. Many hours were spent tearing through the “desert” as Talon (the
driver) was joined by my collection of GI Joes fighting it out with
Badlanders in my 1980’s infused imagination of a post nuclear apocalypse. I
wasn’t introduced to Death Race 2000 until I was “to-old” for toys and had
moved on to Comics and RPGs as my money sink of choice. GURPS and the TMNT
role playing game continued to feed my “after-the-bomb” imagination.
Gaslands plays right into that nostalgia factor for me and has me watching
Youtube for play-throughs while I convert some salvaged Hot Wheels and
Matchbox cars. 

Shrouded in Secrets – More Ravenwing

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Warhammer 40,000 – I just wrapped up more iconic Ravenwing models. Like
most of the Space Marines Chapters the bulk of their army is made up of
units that are shared with the main codex with some minor variations. Each
of the chapters with their own codex then have several unique units that
only they can access. The Darkshroud and Black Knights are both examples
only the Dark Angels have access to.

Necromunda: Cult of the Rusty Claw

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Necromunda – Having played a few games with the gangs that came in the
boxed set I decided it was time to branch out and experiment with the
Genestealer Cult. I’ve always been a big fan and while I’m not using my
Warhammer 40,000 Genestealer Cult until they get a new codex I can use the
models I already own to build a pretty cool gang.

Raptors Completed – Another Batch

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Death of Soup has forced some of my clients to
revisit their army lists and comply with the newest FAQ. Having to have
everything be related on a deeper level than just their Super-Faction
keywords means they need more models to take advantage of the same

Stuffed Fables … Board Game Miniatures

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Board Games – My board game clients are always bringing me something new
and different that I I’ve either not played or not heard about, but wind up
intrigued by the models. Stuffed Fables is one of those games. The concept
of a family friendly game that takes place completely on a self contained
“book” that also acts as a board is intriguing. I might need to do some
more research into this game as it might be a good fit for my kids.

Fear the Gorm – Kingdom Death Expansion

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Kingdom Death – My own Kingdom Death campaign seemed to have faltered after
the Screaming Antelope murdered most of my party, and since that day most
of my play group has been interested in other things so I haven’t had a
chance to go back into the boutique nightmare horror realm that is Kingdom

Escalation Campaign – Finale and Deep Thoughts

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Escalation Campaign is over. Unsurprisingly Chaos
lost. In the final battle I used a different Chaos force than I had been
using to represent the Nightlords abandoning the system with the meager
spoils they claimed just as Chaos re-enforcements meandered onto the scene.
Given the once sided nature of the campaign it was inevitable that Chaos
would turn on itself.

It ain’t easy being green … Astra Militarum

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Defiled … Black Legion

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Black Legion commission I periodically do work on
continues to supply a steady stream of models to fill out any options he
doesn’t own yet. At this point the models I’ve seen are less common for
bulk painting so the models tend to be a bit more unique.

Escalation League – Session Three Final Week

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Warhammer 40,000 – Escalation Leagues are typically a sneaky way to get
people to finish off a force or get a reasonable amount of models painted.
Which is great because typically you win the war against gray plastic
thorough escalation. Tying it into a campaign system is just a bonus. 

Mix-bag Malifaux Complete

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Cowboy Up – Shadows of Brimstone Expansion

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Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone (the chronically mispronounced game
“Shadows over Brimstone”) has a ton of expansions. Most recently I painted
up the “Allies of the Old West” expansion. This added a few miners/outlaws,
a black smith, pack mule and dog to my client’s collection for the game.

Necromunda 2017 – First Games

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Necromunda – I’ve always loved Necromunda, the idea of fighting in a the
slums of a giant city with a small gang is just so cool. The original game
(and it’s nearly identical reprint) was incredibly fun even though their
were some noticeable issues with the campaign system and the common problem
of some gangs growing to fast for anyone else to catch up. The newest
version of the game seems to have addressed those issues and introduced
some new ways to play.

Soup to Nuts – The joys of 8th Edition Army Construction

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Warhammer 40,000 – One of the coolest (or most annoying) things about 8th
Edition 40k is list construction. The Keyword system means you can cherry
pick the units you want to build whatever force you want. From a thematic
aspect this is very cool as it can represent the disparate forces abandoned
to the darkness after the Great Rift ripped the galaxy in two. Which means
it’s feasible to have several units of marines traveling with the remnants
of a guard regiment being led by some group of Imperial Heroes with a
Knight backing them up. Or recreating odd pairing that you see in Black
Library books all the time. For instance I’m reading Death of Antagonis
right now and am tempted to pick up a Canoness to run along side my
Imperial forces. It’s not super strong but could make for a cool narrative.

On the painting table – An Assortment of Malifaux

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Malifaux – I have a regular client that sends me stuff after Gen Con each
year and doesn’t need it back until the following year. This is really cool
as it gives me plenty of time to work it in, but somewhat bad because I
tend to push it back for hotter deadlines. 

WIP – Iron Angels?

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Warhammer 40,000 – I don’t think I can extoll the virtues of making up your
own force and color scheme in 40k enough. The flexibility it affords and
money you can save in the long run is really worth it. Of course you’ll
occasionally get somebody who gives you the side-eye every time you say
successor chapter but whatever that will happen regardless of what you do.