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[5e] Two books on Ancient Greece released

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I have been hard at work getting those two book done and out. With my recent sidetracks into the world of Ancient Greece, a multitude of side plots, items, characters, races and stories. These were placed into one of the many, many text files. Eventual…

State of FOE and some of my Yearly Resolution

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I have not shared this with a lot of people, but one of my goals for 2018 is to increase both my throughput in terms of products and my sales in number of units and gross. This will allow me to grow, get more art and writing done, offer better pay to b…

A Question of Judgment: a Greek adventure for 5e released

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I am very happy to announce the release of FOE’s latest adventure on DM’s Guild, A question of judgment, and adventure set in mythical Greece where the PCs rub elbows with the gods and their brood. This is a simple adventure with the typical twists yo…

FOE (almost) Sold out at Gencon 2018, random thoughts, and ActionMan

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FOE nearly completely sold out for Gencon! Within 24h of opening, FOE events have but a single ticket left! Because of my two awesome GMs: Isabelle and J-S, this means there will be two slots throughout Thursday and Friday. I requested the addition of…

Treasures: Ten Magic Items released for 5e

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Some book come together through hard work and other come together without any effort at all. The latest FOE release to the DM’s Guild, was one that was both. Some of the items came naturally and without any work on my part. Some items just wrote themse…

[Review] All your base are Initiative Tokens

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Every so often, I happen to see products on-line that draw my eye. In this particular instance, I was on DM’s Guild trying to get one of my latest products out when I noticed a product called ‘Initiative Token’. I know many people love these tokens and…

Lexicon 2018 After Action Report

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This year’s Lexicon has come and gone. I must say I have some mixed feeling about this one for a variety of reasons. But let’s go over what happened. I arrived in Lexington on Friday night with the last 2 miles taking about 45 minutes to cross! It was …

Greece trip in the works

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With Conglomeration in the rearview mirror, now is the time for me to look forward to the next thing to for me to complete: Lexicon in Lexington KY. I submitted games there this year again. Unlike MidSouthCon and Conglomeration, Lexicon is a pure gami…

Akhamet book cover WIP

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Akhamet keeps moving forward… One of the (many) elements that is in the works, is the book cover. Zammy has been working on it. The cover is a fight between three of the iconics and a massive sphinx.

Conglomeration 2018 AAR Part 2

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This is part 2 of my Conglomeration 2018 AAR. Here is a link to Part 1 posted yesterday. SundayThis morning, I had little room to play here. It was time to check out, get the three kiddos ready, pack everything, feed them ANND get ready for an 8:30 g…

Conglomeration 2018 AAR Part 1

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Louisville, KY. My own small piece of Americana… I do own a small plot of land in that town… And it is one of the cities that really grabbed me. I always said good things about the people of Kentucky, from their welcome to their acceptance and encouragements, I will always have a small piece of bluegrass growing on top of my heart. They’re great. Kentucky folk, you stay awesome.

This past weekend was Conglomeration 2018 now at the Crown Plaza by the airport. It is a place I went to for Imaginareum before, a site that is welcoming and comfortable. I prefer it to the Ramada inn on the east side (and closer to my own tiny piece of Kentucky…)

This year, I waffled about going due to a number of factors. However, talking to my good friend Derek-R, who once again took the reigns of gaming with Chuck, I allowed myself to be convinced. Okay it was not exactly a hard sell, but still. The con coincided with the kids’ spring break. So I would be able to get there on Friday earlier, run on Saturday and Sunday morning, and be back home in time for my wife’s awesome Easter ham. GREAT!

As the event drew closer, I contacted one of Jojo’s friends in Louisville and invited her to attend the con, allowing the two girls time to hang out together. ActionMan who is more into gaming would play RPGs with me, all except one slot: the Lost Pyramid of Neferheket, which he play-tested (with Jojo). For that slot, I contacted my buddy Randy-P who was running Pathfinder games. I opted to let Jojo and Aubrie self-organize after pointing them to a few places they could do things.


The con officially started with a family lunch at our local Indian buffet. We are all big fan of Indian food, and the buffet allows everyone to eat what they want or try some new stuff. Filled with delicious food, we got on I-65… just in time to get stuck in traffic. Sheesh… just like in 2016.

We got to the con around 5pm, checked in to our hotel, and spent the evening bouncing around. I walked around talking to people, listening to games, and just soaking up the con’s vibe. While fun and distracting, I grew more and more restless with the desire to get it started, to GM something. Good vibe, hall filled with people.

I went to my room, poked some files here and there as the kids snored to my left and right.


Morning. Shower. Breakfast.

We headed to the car and rolled out all my gaming material to the gaming room. I was glad to see all my games had at least enough names to go off. Great!

The first game what my latest adventure, Come to the Hills set in Rhym. My players, including ActionMan, Jojo, and Aubrie, really loved the game.

The second game was set in Saggakar, Exalted Pains. This adventure was inspired by an adventure I wrote for Living Greyhawk. The Saggakar redux adds a lot of new elements, so it’s not just a simple port. The move to 5e allowed me to add more combats and a few surprises. I think the last time I ran it was back in 2003, so few people may have recollections about the original.

The evening was the first public running of the Lost Pyramid of Neferheket. This was the first time running Akhamet in public. I was worried about this first public display. There are so many things to worry about: avoid info-dump, focus on what is important for the game, how will the races be accepted, what was missed, and so on.

Things went very well. I have a few things I want to alter to the iconics, but nothing particularly massive. That adventure is pretty cool and it provides a surprising amount of versatility for the PCs to decide what they want to do.

Running this, I forgot about the kids. ActionMan went and completed his Pathfinder game with Randy. The girls headed to Artemis: the star ship simulation, a place they spent a lot of time in. I sent them a text to go to bed and they went.

Tomorrow, the story of Sunday and the good, the bad and the conclusion…

Gostor: Olympians for 5th edition released!

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I love Greek Mythology. The stories have entertained me since before I first read Clash of the Titans (yes, I read the novelization before I saw the original movie). Fun tales of heroes, misbehaving gods, magic items, and bands of warrior traveling to …

Creating a special adventure: Terrain and all

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Way back when, I submitted a blurb for a half-formed idea to Derek at Conglomeration Gaming HQ. Now you might be wondering “JP, why would you send something you did not really know what to do?”A-ha! My young padawan, allow me to provide you some insig…

Weekend in Rokugan 2018 AAR

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One week following MidSouthCon was Weekend in Rokugan held in St Louis, MO. This event dedicated to the Legend of the Five Rings game system is one that I look forward to more and more. With Arcanicon’s demise, I seem to have fewer and fewer playing op…

MidsouthCon 2018 AAR

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The weekend started on Friday. I left work early, using the opportunity to get some work done on the car (a much-needed tune-up). Then I waited for ActionMan’s return from school to leave. Three o’clock and we loaded the car with gaming material we h…

[Old-Pro Tips] Explain it all vs Say nothing

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I have been and played with many GMs. Some good, some bad, some okay, but they all fit into one of these two categories: The Explain-it-All and the Say-Nothing. These types are not static as GMs go from one extreme to the other… I found it really ha…

Old FOE favorite now on DM’s Guild

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Revisiting old works is something that is always interesting to do. Adventures I once thought was very interesting and well-written just read odd and awkward years later. I mean, I remembered them as well-thought out now feel empty and full of strange …

Conglomeration Louisville Update(s)

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Just to let you know that we are on the program for Conglomeration in just over a month. Here is the link if you want to pre-register for games. Also I remind you of the special promo code that takes 5$ off your registration! Here is the Registration…

[Rant] System is irrelevant for RPG?

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This is one of the endless conflict. And one that came to the forefront of my thoughts after I posted my review of Starfinder. A review that ignited the passions of many. Mostly along the expected lines: lovers of Pathfinder and its haters. One of my i…

The Many Secrets of Tothet Island Released

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Legacies has now been run by FOE for five years. FIVE years! Time flies. During this time, FOE has grown and grown, with many product released all the time. Moving more into the world of 5th edition, I revisited some old favorites to update and make t…

[Campaign Report] The Awakening… the finale

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After months of trying to get people together, we finally got together (most of us) for the finale of the many one-shot campaign started back in September. Today was the final of this storyline. After the last two sessions where the party cleared ou…

[Rhym] Lord of the desert released

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One of the things I love about Rhym is that it allows me to write adventures I cannot in Saggakar. This includes desert-based adventure such as this one. Following the success of Black Sails, I was inspired to write a follow-up adventure. This advent…

[Review] Starfinder: Is it worth it?

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I spend a long time mulling over this review because I wanted it to reflect my thoughts. I wrote most of it shortly after I played my first game and persevered for quite a few more. My first impressions are only confirmed by more adventuring. How much …

FOE at Conglomeration in Louisville in 2018

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With the spring convention season nearly upon us, I have to start and schedule my yearly travel times. Not only with the cons themselves, but also with the Missus and the kiddos. This year, I plan on returning to Conglomeration in Louisville KY. It is …

Writing Updates for January 2018

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A quick update on the (many) projects I am currently working on actively. This does not includes projects on which I jotted down ideas because there are a lot THOSE. Akhamet Setting I am continuing to work on Akhamet… The setting is in a good shape b…