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Forge World Releases Conquest Teaser Video

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Conquest is coming!And Forge World put out this little video tease for you all. Can’t wait!Loken

Black Library Releases "Child of Night" – A Night Lords Short Story

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 The Night Lords get a Horus Heresy short story.From The Black Library:The storyIn the dark hive sumps beneath Terra, Chief Librarian Fel Zharost of the Night Lords Legion is being hunted. Having abandoned his insane primarch and brothers many yea…

Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section

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Forge World released an image of upcoming Solar Auxilia.  The Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section features a Sergeant and troops with volkite chargers in reinforced armour. Very nice.  I’ll take a few squads. Loken

GW Corporate – More on what GW needs to do.

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More on what is wrong with GW.These videos, while a bit tough due to the gents accent, are very well informed and right on point about what is wrong with GW.  They echo the petition.  Well worth a listen. Frankly, the guy is righ…

Forge World New Releases: Dracosan Armoured Transport

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 The Dracosan is here!Forge World has released the baddest of all Imperial army transports and gun crew as well.From Forge World:The Dracosan Armoured Transport is manufactured to standards only usually required of war machines destined for servic… petition to get GW to do the impossible.

Posted on October 24th, 2014 under . Posted by petition asks GW to wake up! Now look, Tom Kirby will never admit when he is wrong.   But I think lots of us know Games Workshop is on an unsustainable path.  That as a public company, they need to grow year over year and…

More Forge World Bundles!

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Forge World has released more bundles for the Horus Heresy. Forge World bundles will save you some money, so are worth checking out.  First there is the Imperial Armour book bundle:The book bundle saves you £27 ($43) which is pretty good!Nig…

Forge World Shows Off New Contemptors

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Word Bearers ContemptorTwo more Legion Contemptors are coming.The Word Bearers Contemptor above and the Alpha Legion below.Alpha Legion ContemptorPlus a few more goodies in the latest Forge World Newsletter.Plus the previously releases Raven Guard Cont…

Forge World Releases Solar Auxilia!

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The Solar Auxlilia is here!From Forge World:The image of Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections arrayed in multiple, disciplined ranks standing firm against hordes of alien foes is a celebrated one, but it is far from the only way in which they are deploye…

The Master Forge World & Horus Heresy Preview

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Forge World and Horus Heresy details from Warhammer Fest! Thanks to Horus Heresy Forum members Garro and Penddraig for covering the event.  Full details and a great discussion on the Horus Heresy Forums.From Penddraig:Heresy Rules in general …

Warhammer Fest Forge World Q&A

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Horus Heresy details from Warhammer Fest.All of this is courtesy of The Responsible One’s Wargaming Blog. So give him some love!Warhammer Fest, Day 1: Afternoon Forge World SeminarThe first one up to the plate was Imperial Armour Volume 13: The Lost an…

Warhammer Fest Horus Heresy Photos!

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Warhammer Fest Horus Heresy Photos and Forge World seminar info!Once again Battle Bunnies has done an excellent job covering a major Warhammer event.  Much thanks and 30K love to the boys over there!The book is done and at the printers in China!Co…

New Forge World Coming!

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New Forge World models are pretty dope! I am loving me some new Basilisks and Dracosan Transports. (Why bother with Chimera’s anymore).All will be available at Warhammer Fest.Loken

The Horus Heresy has a New Look.

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Apocalypse40K is now Heresy30K. We finally made a move that was long in coming.  This blog is now focused almost entirely on the Horus Heresy, The Black Library and Forge World.  All things I love.  So stay tuned as we focus on the …

Warhammer Fest Tickets Still Available

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 All us Yanks are jealous about you Brits getting Warhammer Fest!So you better go if you are local! From Games Workshop:Tickets are no longer available to purchase through or for Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh Ar…

Horus Heresy Drop Assault Video Game

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The Horus Heresy video game is coming!The newest Horus Heresy Video Game is showing off some units including the Mighty Reaver Titan. The game publisher is Complex Games, and here is their latest unit overviews:Unit Overviews:  Game Basics:via C…

Custodes Proxies

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Kabuki models has some pretty impressive Custodes models out.The 5 man Halberdier squad comes in at 40 euro (photo above).   But 10 man squads are only 70 euro.  So if you can’t wait for the delayed “Prospero” volume from Forge World to …

Forge World New Release – Tau Battlesuit

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Forge World has released an ass kicking new Battlesuit!Forge World keeps coming out with great new stuff.  Yeah, it ain’t Horus Heresy, but still cool if you play the Greater Good.From Forge World:Rushed into deployment after the success of the R’…

Imperial Armour 13 is Here!

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Forge World is releasing a new limited edition Imperial Armour book for Chaos.And it looks like a winner!From Forge World:The latest edition to the Imperial Armour book range includes profiles and rules for the vehicles of the Chaos Space Marines, Chao…

The Primarchs

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Some very cool Primarch art from Kurt Metz!This has been out for a while, but worth reprinting.  See Kurt’s site here.      Thanks to Kurt for sharing his amazing art! (Now make us prints)Loken 

Forge World Knight Acheron

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Forge World has a new knight for you to lose your child’s college fund on.From Forge World:The devastation wrought by Knights-Acheron is terrifying to behold. Armed with a fearsome reaper chainfist, twin-linked heavy bolters and an Acheron pattern flam…

Black Library Charting its hits

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The Black Library has started charting its best sellers.These are always fun charts, just like the Forge World one.You can find the top ten download here.  The Talon of Horus is # 1 which is no surprise.  You can find the top 5 audio download…

Catching Up with the Heresy

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Miscellaneous Ramblings from 30,000 feet.I’m flying back to LA today after a few days with family in Orlando.  Got to love in-flight wifi!  Going through the recent emails from Forge World and Black Library, reading The Vengeful Spirit on my …

Forge World Open Day Previews

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 The Battle Bunnies posted some great photos of their trip to the Forge World Open Day in Amsterdam.  Their always great blog is here and I suggest you bookmark it.  Being UK based, they always have great Games Workshop event covera…

The Talon of Horus is Coming!

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 Finally we get to see the origins of Abbadon’s reign of terror!Even an Imperial loyalist like me is fascinated by this story. And the great Aaron Dembski-Bowden is writing it!From The Black Library:The StoryWhen Horus fell, his Sons fell with him…