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Forge World Phasing Out Certain Books

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 Forge World is phasing out certain books.  Siege of Vraks is first. You can get the Siege of Vraks v1 for only £15 or $23.50.  Pretty cheap.But it looks like The Badab War books are next.  Why?  Because you can get the pair f…

40K EDITORIAL: How My Love for the Sicaran Made Me Hate ForgeWorld

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So is Forge World’s quality control failing?  This is an important editorial that Larry over at BoLS published so I am reprinting here. a guest editorial by BeardyHammerAlong with what seems like everyone in the entire hobby, I was very excited t…

New Blood Angel Terminator Captain

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A new Blood Angel Captain model is coming! The new Deathstorm campaign boc will have this new Blood Angel terminator captain.   It may not be perfect for the Heresy, but options abound.  Pretty cool.Loken

Games Workshop vs. Chapterhouse Studios

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 The famed Chapterhouse vs Games Worhshop case has been ongoing for over 2 years.  It’s over at last… This is a big case for anyone who uses the resin aftermarket.  I have always said that this case really doesn’t mean much as Cha…

Forge World Solar Auxilia Basilisk and Medusa Released

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Solar Auxilia finally gets its heavies!Forge World just released both the Basilsk and Medusa that Solar Auxilia  fans have been waiting for.BASILISKFrom Forge World:Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, favouri…

The Horus Heresy Weekender 2015

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Horus Heresy Weekender Details and TicketsTruly the  must-attend event of the year for Heresy fans!Info from Forge World:How to buy tickets for this eventThe Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 will be held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Saturday 7th &…

Conquest First Look – Solar Auxilia

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Here is a first look at the Solar Auxilia rules from Conquest.Overview:All infantry have ‘disclipined fire’ which allows them to overwatch with BS2.’Close formation fighting’ gives +1WS to models with at least two other friendly models in base to base…

Horus Rising for Free!

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 Get a free ebook of Horus Rising!Horus Rising is free to download from iTunes as their book of the week.  I already have teh hardcover, but I read everything on my iPad now.Go get it!Loken 

Conquest Legion Relic Rules

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 Conquest has shipped and here are the first looks.First up, Legion Relics. There are 28 relics. Most relics range from 30-50pts.  Any independant character that isn’t ‘unique’ may take one. 6 basic ones, that any HH army can take:-rathe…

GW / Forge World Rumors

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Some interesting rumors about the future of Forge World.via Steve the Warboss 11-16-2014 After the reorganization of the Management, the replacement of Kirby and the switch of CEO, GW will have probably some more little changes in the assortment:Look f…

Amazing Dark Eldar Army Board

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To hell that there are no Dark Eldar in 30K!This was just too cool not to post.  This display board is just astounding.  Games Workshop should be putting stuff like this in their magazine.Check all the pics out here?…

New Imperial Fist Upgrades from Forge World

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Some new Imperial Fist upgrades are heading your way.And any loyal Son of Dorn will love them!  This was just revealed in the Forge World bulletin.From Forge World:First up is the soon to be released upgrade set for the Imperial Fists Legion.&nbsp…

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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 Well, no surprise here.Tom Kirby hired the COO of Games Workshop as the new CEO. via Games Workshop Investor Relations:The Board of Games Workshop is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Rountree as Chief Executive Officer with effect f…

Conquest Details and Video

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The details of book four of the Hours Heresy: Conquest are up.And the details are here:And the obligatory video:There are still copies available of the limited edition, so go buy one! Loken

Conquest Special Edition on Pre-Order!

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 The Conquest Special Edition is on pre-order!So hurry up and order it!  (Go here)   I just did.  Thank God I was in London heading home after the Black Library Weekender, and not asleep in L.A. as I usually am at this time of …

Graham McNeill on The Seventh Serpent

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The Black Library released The Seventh Serpent at The Black Library Weekender III this weekend.The Seventh Serpent is a direct sequel to Angel Exterminatus, the dynamite Heresy novel that featured Fulgrim’s evil scheme to use his brother Perturabo to a…

Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 Announced!

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Mark your calendars!I will be there for sure, and I hope a bunch of you will be too!Loken

Horus Heresy: Drop Assault Video Game Coming

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 A Horus Heresy Video Game is coming!This is a few weeks old, but worth bringing up since it is Horus Heresy!From Complex Games, a new Horus Heresy Video Games promises another way to enjoy the Heresy.via Complex Games:”We’re excited to announce…

Warhammer App for iPhone

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Games Workshop has finally released an iPhone App.But sadly Android users are SOL at this point.  I downloaded the app yesterday and it is nice, but simple.  It is pretty much a sales tool for GW, but a good source of news on releases and suc…

Forge World Knight Styrix

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From Forge World:Housing machine spirits which some say became too accustomed to wholesale slaughter during the Age of Strife and the Great Crusade that followed it, many of the more conservative Households consider the Styrix to be a dark and malev…

The Black Library Weekender

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This is the weekend of the Black Library Weekender in Nottingham!Well, I am sitting at LAX (Also known as Los Angeles International Airport) and waiting for my Delta non-stop to Heathrow. I arrive tomorrow at 3:00pm and then off to Nottingham.  If…

Heresy Raven Guard

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Dave Paints on Facebook posted some beautiful Raven Guard images.I am a huge Raven Guard fan, so loved seeing a well executed Storm raven with Chapterhouse conversion.  Now where is Nykona Sharrowkyn?Loken

Imperial Fist Contemptor on its way!

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 Yellow just got a bit meaner!The latest Forge World Bulletin has a photo of the soon to be released Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnaught.Plus two cool photos of some Knights and a conversion.Good hunting!Loken

Forge World Voarx Battle-Automata

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More Mechanicum goodies from Forge World!Forge World is the gift that keeps on giving.  Of course, its a gift that costs you lots of sheckles.From Forge World:Vorax Battle-Automata Vorax class Battle-automata are hunter-killer units, their d…

Forge World Releases Conquest Teaser Video

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Conquest is coming!And Forge World put out this little video tease for you all. Can’t wait!Loken