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The Big Push.

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One of the benefits of teaching is a long summer break. This summer will be devoted to getting together units for the next display game at Newbury this September. The Light Car Patrol is now complete. A second Rolls Royce Armoured Car is finished. Two …

More Bolsheviks! Special Task Unit (ChON).

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Copplestones with greenstuff headgear.

Converted Light Car Patrol Model Ts from Matchbox

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Preparations have begun for the next demonstration game at “Colours” in September. The quest was on for some Model T vehicles for the Light Car Patrol that will play a prominent part in the game. I had gently tried scratchbuilding some (posted earlier …

La Gorgue Airfield Demonstration Game. Partizan 2018.

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Adrian was kind enough to send me images of the game last Sunday showing the recent set of vignettes on the table in context. Thanks, Adrian.The game won “Best Demonstration Game”. A splendid write up and more excellent images of the whole game can be …

Skoda 75 mm M15 Gebirgskanone

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A scratchbuilt Austrian mountain gun with a crew destined for service in Palestine with Austria’s Ottoman allies. The barrel and wheels come from Adrian’s lead pile.

Mutton Chop WW1 German Jaeger. Pack GER12.

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The second pack of Jaeger from Mutton Chop. To be based by the client.

Time for Tea!

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Positively the very last vignette for the WW1 La Gorgue Airfield demonstration game at Partizan next weekend. The whole idea for this set up came from Adrian Shepherd who was responsible for converting the Model T van into a mobile canteen. The figures…

Ladies behind the lines.

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A little more table dressing for the WW1 La Gorgue Airfield demonstration game at Partizan later this month.From left to right:Driver, Womens’ LeagueWorker, WAAC/WAAFDoughnut Dolly (more on this to come)Controller, WAAC/WAAFNurse, First Aid Nursing Yeo…

No Smoking and Watch the Birdie.

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The final two pieces of table dressing for the La Gorgue Airfield game at Partizan. An airman carries cans of fuel from a small collection point while two others prepare a Type F camera for a reconnaissance flight.

Fussing over the Cooper Bombs.

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The third of the small vignettes to populate the La Gorgue Airfield demonstration game at Partizan, Newark, in late May. Three members of ground crew fuss over a number of 25lb Cooper Fragmentation Bombs before attaching them to the rack…

Filling in the Maintenance Log

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A couple of ground crew fettle the Vickers guns and fill in the maintenance log book while PO “Beaky” Johnson (now Sergeant “Beaky” Johnson seeing as this squadron has just ceased to be a RNAS unit and is now RAF) walks past and casts a professional ey…

Waiting for the fog to lift

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Four pilots and Sopwith the dog chat amongst themselves as they wait for flying conditions to improve. These four chaps belong to a Royal Naval Air Service squadron, hence the dark naval cap. The telescope on the wheel was inspired by a photo from the …

Mutton Chop WW1 German Jaeger. Pack GER11.

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Part of a job of sixteen of these chaps. This is the first tme I have had the opportunity to paint up the two Jaeger packs from Mutton Chop in their normal uniform rather than that worn in Palestine. Pack GER12 is currently on the table. Basing to be d…

Improvised Ottoman Archie WW1

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The first of three different WW1 Ottoman Anti-Aircraft elements. This one inspired by the guns in background of the period photo showing guns used at Gallipoli. The figures are converted Perry Sudan Egyptian gunners, a Woodbine gunner and the gun is th…


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Some Copplestones and a Brigade Games figure painted up as Trotsky’s Armoured Train Guard. More Copplestones and a Brigade figure ever so slightly converted to create some Red Army Cadets.

Going Out For A Spin! Light Car Patrol 3.

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Taking the RPM 1/48 1917 Model T Ford Ambulance kit, cutting a few bits off and adding a new rear end resulted in this little run-about for the Light Car Patrol in Palestine. Not a perfect  representation of a 1917 Model T Ford Utility,  but …

Going out for a spin! Light Car Patrol 2.

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I have made a second scrachbuilt  Model T for the Light Car Patrol. I need to paint a driver and his mate. These two scratchbuilt models are “1912 Model Ts” as were used in Egypt and the Southern Palestine campaign in 1917. Today this arrived in t…

Over Open Sights 2018-03-14 06:55:00

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A little while ago I completed some Perry WW2 Italians for Adrian. He has very kindly sent me these images of the chaps based up an in context. The big self propelled gun is painted by Shaun Bryant (and what a splendid job he has done on it).

I have always wanted to own a Rolls Royce….

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… and now I do. Here is the HLBS (ex-Copplestone) RR 1914 Admiralty model RR AC painted up for service with 12th Light Armoured Motor Battery in Palestine. A 28mm Tommy is alongside for size. As Toad would say “Poop! Poop!”

Limbered General Service Wagon.

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Another piece of table dressing to go along with the Mark 1 Light Ambulance scratchbuild posted earlier. The Limbered GS Wagon is from Great War Miniatures and the three walking Tommies are from the Perry Mafeking range. All have headswaps with Woodbin…

Going out for a spin! Light Car Patrol 1.

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I scrached up a stripped down Model T Ford. A couple more of these will follow in time. The drivers are from Warbases with Woodbine headswaps.

Mark I Light Ambulance.

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It is very pleasing to be asked to make something different. This piece is part of a set of “table dressing”. The client’s Great Grandfather served with 130th Machine Gun Company in Mesopotamia and was brought up on a charge of hitching a lift on the b…

97 Heavy Artillery Group 3. Pulling the 6 inch Howitzers.

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I decided that I would have some of the guns of 97 HAG pulled by mechanical means other than the Holt Tractor. I have one Holt that I completed sometime last year. The choice, to me, was an obvious one, the FWD Model B truck that was used to pull field…

Czech Legion Cavalry, 1919. 3.

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The unit of ten are now complete. That was quite a job! All based on temporary bases.


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The original plan was to take a Sloppy Jalopy 1916 Thornycroft flat-bed truck and have it carry a scratch built 13pdr 9cwt gun on a pedestal mounting. The Sloppy Jalopy model is big and very heavy being cast entirely of white metal. When it was built I…