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Game Review – The Chameleon

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The Chameleon Review: Big Potato is at it again with one of their newest party installments: The Chameleon. When was the last time you played a party game requiring quit wit, creativity, and customization? The Chameleon brings all three of … Continue reading

Game Review – Cobra Paw

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Cobra Paw Review: I love the use of dominoes in a game. Mexican Train was always a staple in my family, so when Bananagrams reached out to us regarding Cobra Paw, needless to say I was excited. This unassuming domino/dice … Continue reading

Meercat’s Game of the Year

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Game of the Year 2017 I was able to play a lot of games in 2017. Because I’m prone to enjoy beer & pretzel games more, most of my top games might look completely different than that of the other … Continue reading

Game Review – Bears vs. Babies

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Bears vs. Babies Review: From the same people who brought to us the glory of Exploding Kittens, comes a new installment that pushes the boundaries of family appropriate filler games…Bears vs. Babies! For those of you not familiar with Exploding … Continue reading

Game Review – Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball

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Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball: Everyone is a fan of filler games. Even alpha gamers will play filler games between turns of their more intense gaming sessions. They are typically easy to learn, appeal to a wide audience, … Continue reading

PAX Unplugged – a Message from Meercat

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The debut of PAX Unplugged is this weekend and there is an enormous amount of buzz going around. This will be my first time going a convention of this size. My hope is to cover as much of the event … Continue reading