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Game Review – Box of Challenge

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Box of Challenge Review: Every once in a while, you need a break from your normal library of games. This usually entails the shopping of a new game online or at some brick and mortar store. Twelve hours of researching … Continue reading

Game Review – Total Party Kill Handbook

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Total Party Kill Handbook Review: Anybody with and experience as a dungeon master can identify with the common problem of creativity. There are a lot of resources out there for D&D, but some people just aren’t great story tellers. This … Continue reading

Game Review – BaRPiG

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BaRPiG Review Pigs are not people, but if they were, I’m sure they’d love to party. That’s the circumstances you’ll find yourself when you play BaRPiG (RPG, get it?). Developed by Jonathan Franklin and Phillip Melchers, this card game is … Continue reading

Game Review – Texas Hold’em with ZOMBIES

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Texas Hold’em has always been an iconic game throughout the years. Whether it is in a western saloon or a high stakes casino, this timeless game has always been about playing your opponent rather than playing your hand. That is, … Continue reading

Game Review – OK Play

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OK Play Review: While I recently published a review of Big Potato’s The Chameleon, there’s a more portable ace up this game company’s sleeve: OK Play. This simple yet versatile game enhances the best aspects of Connect Four and broadens … Continue reading

Game Review – Alien Entity

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Those of us who are older or enjoy classic horror movies (or really shoddy reboots) can appreciate The Thing. Though it came out in 1982, the movie is a classic among both science fiction and horror movie fans. Now take … Continue reading

Game Review – The Chameleon

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The Chameleon Review: Big Potato is at it again with one of their newest party installments: The Chameleon. When was the last time you played a party game requiring quit wit, creativity, and customization? The Chameleon brings all three of … Continue reading

Game Review – Cobra Paw

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Cobra Paw Review: I love the use of dominoes in a game. Mexican Train was always a staple in my family, so when Bananagrams reached out to us regarding Cobra Paw, needless to say I was excited. This unassuming domino/dice … Continue reading

Meercat’s Game of the Year

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Game of the Year 2017 I was able to play a lot of games in 2017. Because I’m prone to enjoy beer & pretzel games more, most of my top games might look completely different than that of the other … Continue reading

Game Review – Bears vs. Babies

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Bears vs. Babies Review: From the same people who brought to us the glory of Exploding Kittens, comes a new installment that pushes the boundaries of family appropriate filler games…Bears vs. Babies! For those of you not familiar with Exploding … Continue reading

Game Review – Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball

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Brew Dice and Sports Dice – Baseball: Everyone is a fan of filler games. Even alpha gamers will play filler games between turns of their more intense gaming sessions. They are typically easy to learn, appeal to a wide audience, … Continue reading

PAX Unplugged – a Message from Meercat

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The debut of PAX Unplugged is this weekend and there is an enormous amount of buzz going around. This will be my first time going a convention of this size. My hope is to cover as much of the event … Continue reading