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Battle of Tolentino 1815-2015

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200 years ago, at the start of May, the Battle of Tolentino took place. Neapolitans versus Austrian, at the end of Napoleonic age, one month and half before the last act of Waterloo. So for the celebration we went to this city to participate with our Ganesha Games stand in the model and wargame area. […]

Grey Aliens by Ganesha Games (almost)

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A new kickstarter by Ganesha Games! Ops, I’m wrong, it is by Crossover Miniatures, an old mate of Ganesha Games. He produces 28mm superheroes miniatures and now he is realising another subject: aliens. They are small Greys and other are of insectoid kind. Moreover there are some human military squads that fight aliens. Why are […]

Po River WWII Museum

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Near Poggio Rusco, town where was the annual gathering of Italian paratroopers, there is the Po River WWII Museum at Felonica. After our duty we visited it. In this zone there was one of the last events of war, the withdraw of German forces with the passage of Po river, towards Alps. So a lot […]

Poggio Rusco 70 years after

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Numbers that build anniversaries. 2015 less 70 years is 1945, the last year of WWII. So 70 years ago, in those same days, 19-23 April, the Operation Herring was accomplished by Italian paratroopers of the Kingdom of Italy. Paratroopers formations after the 8th of September split in two parts, one for Allies and one for […]

A Fistful Of Kung Fu for Origins

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Each year the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design (AAGAD), presents the Origins Awards at the Origins Game Fair in June. The purpose of the Origins Awards is to reward excellence in game design. The Top 5 products in each category, as determined by the Academy Jury, are announced after the GAMA Trade Show […]

Hardcore Days at Vort’n Vis

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Before blogs there were other ways to speak about himself and passions. No instant messages, photos and videos, but typing, photocopies, glue and stamps. My first fanzine was published in 1989, I think. This one was in 1995. Obviously no wargaming issues but hardcore music, straight edge music exactly. All in English, but with the […]

Lucca C&G 2014: videos [part10]

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Yeah, I know, Lucca Comics & Games was in November. However I think that these videos are beautiful because they show my preferred convention. So, while we are waiting the next November, we can watch what the past edition was. However there are exactly only 6 months from now to Lucca. So it’s time to […]

Romics spring: part 2

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Another post for Romics 2015 spring edition. This one is dedicated only to statuettes and similar things. Sorry, no cosplay girls, they are more naked Saturday or Sunday. I visit the fair only Thursday. Here my friend Paolo with the present sensation about characters in a cute dolls format. Kaustic Plastik was present with their […]

Romics spring: part 1

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The Roman comic convention Romics, spring edition. We went the first day as usual, a Thursday, taking a day off from work. It is the only way to avoid crowd. What is empty in these photos is full as a Roman public transport during other three days. I’m a little sad because the first day […]

Hellana 2015: part 2

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And now always Hellana 2015 but with a view on Ganesha Games stuff. We had three tables. The first one with a Fightin’ Fungi preview. Miniatures aren’t the kickstarter ones, they are still in sculpting phase. Delivery is scheduled for June. Some items was sold by Andrea here. The other table was about a new […]

Hellana 2015: part 1

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The Italian wargame convention of the Spring. It is the longest running convention here in Italy. I went the first time in 2004. This year we chose to go the day before, even for the change of the legal hour. It is almost 3/4 hour far from Rome. With this choice we had the opportunity […]

Another Legio reunion

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Easter was another opportunity for a Legio Palatina reunion. Luca is back from London thanks to UK holidays and his wife researches for the new annual edition of Rome guide book. Narciso had to work for my house but his laziness produce no effort to finish house blueprints. However he appeared for dinner. Diego instead […]

Squig fighting arena

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Among my perpetual arenas proposal I want to show you something a little different, an arena for Squigs, in other words a fantasy biped creature composed of a head with a big mouth full of sharp teeth. We are in the GW’s Warhammer world, and these wild things are some kind of pets for Orks. […]

New miniature house

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In this beginning of the year something is changed. As I say before, I needed a new mobile, so these below are photos took with my Sony Z3c. No more blurred photos I hope. And now I can surf the web and use services by Android apps as public transports infos or To Do organisers. […]

DBA 3.0

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A taste of water about DBA 3.0. A couple of matches with our friend Attilio from Milan, the man who wrote our Italian commentaries about DBA 2.0. I found various improvements, more realistic troops behaviours, a less chess feel. Maybe some movements are too fast, but this topic have to be worth considering more. I […]

School of Pompeii part 2

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The new gladiatorial set by Kaustic Plastik. In the box one body, two helms, two shield and various weapons. So you can build one gladiator of a kind but you have pieces to build two more. You need another two bodies or you can change equipment to the present body when you want to do […]

Centuria tournament

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Centuria is a new wargame by Massimo Torriani together with some mates of him. Based on his engine called Operation Squad, they are rules for ancient wargame. You can obtain better informations on it on I tried it at Lucca and some weeks ago a tournament was held here in Rome. We were inside […]

A fungus among us

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I’m a fun guy because this Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is ended with a bang! $25014 and 290 pledgers. From a small proposal with only 6 miniatures and 1 rulebook to 35 miniatures and 2 rulebooks. And among these, 4 are mounted, and 8 are larger than a 28mm. Moreover, with $100 you could obtain a […]

Last day of Fungi people

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Now or never. The Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is at its end. I followed it since its first ideation to today. During this month I monitored everyday the pledge level. Fightin’ Fungi was a real thing since 30 hours after it was live. It is Kickstarter Staff Pick and 5th on Kicktraq after one day. Here […]

Tales of the Sun Kissed Vale

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Exactly 4 days left to the end of Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter. You have miniatures, a new version of Song of Blades and Heroes rules, profiles and rules for mushroom people, and a supplement for Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG system. This will be a 48+ page PDF only supplement that contains […]

Exactly 1 week left

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Fightin’ Fungi Kickstarter is entered in its last week. A lot of stuff is achieved. But I want this too! If the backers number would be 200 or more, this miniature is available and free. He is an halfling truffle hunter, Andrea Underoot, and his trusty pig mount, Davey Snoutbottom.

Kickstarter: only 9 days left

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Now we are at $10306 and 162 pledgers. And only 9 days left. We need more pledgers and money to unlock the following miniatures. Even with a low pledge you can pick what you want of the 17 available miniatures. Please, if you are interested, this is th…

More miniatures for the GG’s Kickstarter

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16 days to go. Until now, we have reached $8651, the 192% of the $4500 goal. At the moment for a $100 pledge you will obtain 32 miniatures. And more are in arrival reaching the next pledge levels. And the rules in a draft format can be playtested by pledgers. So this Fightin’ Fungi is […]

Song of Blades and Heroes new rules

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This Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter is the opportunity to taste a new step in Song of Blade and Heroes rules. Together with the miniatures, or with the “only rules” pledges, you obtain: New armor rules – instead of these being just a +1 on the C score, we now have listed when the […]

Fightin’ Fungi is live!

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Fightin’ Fungi is a stand-alone rulebook based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game (SoBH). Gamers who are new to the rules will find an award-winning, complete, easy to use system which lets you play a battle in 45 minutes to an hour, and a mini-campaign or tournament in a long afternoon. […]