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Romics – october 2017

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Two times every year, this is an appointment that I don’t want to miss. As the same I go here in the less overcrowded day of the convention. I find some comics that I didn’t pick up previously, a lot of gadgets (as Funko), and a day immersed in one of my principal interests. And […]

Empoli Games 2017

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Again in Empoli for one of the best historical wargame convention. Two days of wargame in September 2017. Here our Ganesha Games big table with some books of ours. We showed Sellswords, Palaeo Diet and the upcoming fantasy big armies game. Some pics about other things around. The tables quality is rising in these years. […]

Arena by ARSM

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In Roma Wargame 2017 I found this arena for gladiators made by Renato Pacotti. It was built appositely for Ferrum et Gloria. Here some photos about its realisation.

Roma Wargame 2017

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The first of a new series of Roman wargame conventions, we hope. A new location before used for railway modelling fairs. And the new proposal for a convention that could call people even from outside Rome. This was exactly a year ago, in these days of 2018 the second edition instead. A large game of […]

Hellana 2017

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Hellana is one of the most important wargame convention in Italy. I go there almost every year since 2004. And as Ganesha Games we have one or more tables where to present new games and to distribute our stuff. What to say more? Look at tables, games …

Romics – april 2017

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Time travel. There were two more Romics editions after this one. Always the same story about backlog of posts. However we had fun at time. It is the excuse to buy comics, gadgets. And to taste strange foods and drinks from Asia. And to watch beautiful female cosplayers. We visit Romics during an entire day […]

Damon in Rome

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Damon went to visit his Ganesha Games colleagues here in Rome for two times from Malaysia, at the end of 2016 and at the start of 2017. Here in the photo a cocky Roman seagull saw during his tourist visit. Here we are in ARSM club headquarters for some playing. Together with us Damon’s wife […]

Roma Gioca 2016

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Every year we can have our Roman wargame convention in spite of logistic problems. In the 2016 we were guest in locals under a large technical school. We had a lot of tables with Gothic Wars, zombies, WWII, Star Wars, Gundam and other delicacies. As Ganesha Games we propose Rogue Stars and Faustus Furius. As […]

Shingle – dec 2016

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Why to play with something high only 15, 20 or 28 millimetres? You can have real uniforms and gears of war at bargain prices. The only thing to do is to frequent one of the fairs on the theme. This one is in Aprilia. After we went to Piana delle Orme to visit their military […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Cosplay [part12]

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As every year the last post of Lucca Comics & Games is dedicated to cosplay. Here only a small idea of what you can find, with photos took by me and others stolen from the web because I am involved in Miniature Island and cannot walk around too much, especially to watch beautiful girls. At […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Walk around [part11]

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I showed close-ups at the most on particular subjects. Now is the turn to watch some views of Lucca and his habitants in the 50th year of the convention. Always a partial view, but it is something at least. The eye of the camera is so small that cannot reproduce hundred of thousand people that […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Computers [part10]

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Videogames entertainment is more profitable than cinema industry. Videogames require updated computers for their heavy graphic use. Videogames are something that you can find in Lucca Comics & Games.

Visors are the new 3D evolution. Monitors an…

Lucca C&G 2016: Lego Forum Traiani [part09]

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How to rebuild ancient Rome with Lego bricks: here the Forum Traiani. Last year we saw a fraction of it, new bricks and Roman minifigs are now added. To build the entire Forum could be required a lot of more bricks. But for now enjoy it.

Lucca C&G 2016: Lego [part08]

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Another constant of Lucca C&G are Lego bricks. They are very popular nowadays. Here some builders bring their enormous creations. Look at Scooby Doo and dinosaurs that follow chicken minifigs. They are small in the photo but you can see them. This year was the turn for something WWII themed. Lego don’t produce them but […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Statuettes and gadgets [part07]

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Comic conventions are the reign of gadgets more than the reign of comics. Here some statuettes and gadgets that I saw around. And with a large participation of Funkyo puppets, the most popular gadget of these years. There is so many stuff that your hea…

Lucca C&G 2016: Sexy statuettes [part06]

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I like this kind of statuettes. You can find around a lot of models at very high prices. It is another world as miniature world, with its sculptors and people involved. I don’t know it deeply but I like this stuff. Even because I like female figures, obviously. However I am more inclined to buy […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Gundam [part05]

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Gundam is not a Japanese giant robot, it is an universe. Gunpla is a big business too. I still read new Gundam manga and new Gundam anime. But I don’t build more Gundam models because I don’t know where to put them in my house. However they are so beautiful. Some examples here took around […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Go Nagai [part04]

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Go Nagai work is still popular not only here in Italy. A lot of new models of the same giant robots are produced. And some are reshuffled versions. I can’t count how many Mazinga variations are around.
At the end even an Italian proposal of a gia…

Lucca C&G 2016: Miniatures close-up [part03]

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After a walk around of Miniature Island in Games pavilion is the time to show some miniatures among all those around. In the first stance how not to show this marvellous scenario by Torriani. An harbour and a goth WH40k dungeon by those crazy people that demo games with an high alcohol rate in their […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Miniature Island [part02]

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We are inside a large area called Miniature Island, a place for playing with miniatures and learn how to paint them. It is a large area but only a little portion of what Games pavilion is and nothing compared to the entire Lucca Comics & Games. Here a picture with the best of Italian wargame […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Ganesha Games [part01]

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Time travel again. Here we are at Lucca Comics & Games 2016. I have got a pile of photos took in those days and it is good to show them to you because there are a lot of interesting things to watch. As I said before, this is the biggest convention for Comics, Games, Cosplay […]

Let’s try Faustus Furius – 2016

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In the 2016 I worked on Faustus Furius, the race game by Nic Wright. I suggested some rules for the book, later I translated it in Italian. You can see here the first stage of my involvement with chariots made with simple paper and a track consisted of my mother table with a ruler. Then […]

Maker Fair 2016

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Lost post. It was October 2016, the same day of the Japanese market. Among various things, and drones, a large proposal of 3D printers: giant ones, for chocolate, for pasta, for a reproduction of people through acquisition by a specialised cam. But plastic ribbon 3D printers was just a old technology in 2016, now is […]

Mercatino Giapponese – oct 2016

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Lost posts. It was in October, but 2016. The Japanese market in Rome in a new location near the underground and third university.

Happy New Year!

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Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past, blogging about miniatures and life. The 2017 was the year without posts because of virus infection on server. I feel sad for this. A lot of work made during years stolen by fake Hogan sellers. I hope that now there will be no more problems. […]