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Bolt Action – Painting Guide for US Airborne

Posted on March 20th, 2017 under , , . Posted by

By Patch,
Welcome to another painting guide to add to our collection, this time I will look at the very iconic US Airborne. Before reading on though please be aware that while I have themed my force on historical US Airborne I have adapted the colours and general look to suit my style and how I like my wargaming miniatures to look. If you are after a totally accurate historical representation this guide may not appeal to you.

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Bolt Action AAR – Colonial Free French V DAK

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By Patch,I recently got the chance to play James who I shall refer to as JL, a wily opponent and Bolt Action Veteran here in Canberra Australia at our local games store – Jolt Games. The match was set at 1000 points and was to be my Vichy French, who had recently changed sides to be Free French under De Gaulle for the match, against JL’s seasoned German Africa Korps (DAK).

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Bolt Action – My British Expeditionary Force, A Run Through the Ranks

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Howdy folks, I have been gathering and painting my British Expeditionary Force for Bolt Action for some time now, and it is finally in a game ready position to write about. I will cover off on why I chose to play a BEF force, what units I intend to take to the table and where I sourced the miniatures from.

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Bolt Action – Cancon Charity Raffle – The Results

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Over the Cancon gaming convention weekend held on the 28th and 29th of January 2017, the Bolt Action Alliance held a charity raffle to raise money to support Soldier On. The raffle consisted of two prizes. A rather large LRDG force, and a Fallschirmjäger force based on the invasion of Crete. I had painted up both of these forces and donated them to the raffle as my way of giving support to a worthy cause.

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