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British FIW Command stand

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Over the weekend I completed this project, which I’ve been working on for a few weeks.

The is a British Senior officer is a Front Rank figure from the SYW range, as is the staff Officer (he is from their artillery crew collection). The hound is from…

Weekend reading!

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Nice to get home after a busy week at work to have not one but two pre-orders waiting for some attention.  So which one to digest first…

More Redcoats!

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Just before Easter I received reinforcements from Front Rank miniatures for my British FIW Army.  I also got my new sabot bases from Warbases to help rank them up and speed game play up (moving all those figures was taking quite a toll on game …

Indian Longhouse

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Presenting my Indian longhouse which was waiting in the wings for attention during the recent painting challenge (where terrain doesn’t score for points) so its nice to get it completed.  Hoping to get it on the table in the coming weeks for a F…

FIW Scatter Terrain

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A few pieces of scatter terrain I recently made for our FIW games. Its been fun to do some terrain after all the figs during the painting challenge :-)

Firstly, some rocky outcrops, made from bark.  I spray painted them black and then drushbrushe…

AHPC VII Reflections

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I thoroughly enjoyed AHPC VII and am still lamenting its conclusion. It has easily been the best sustained hobby productivity I have had in at least a decade.  Modesty aside, I also think its some of the best quality 28mm painting I have ever prod…

AHPC VII Reflections – Part 1: Facts and Figures

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While not a mathemagician anywhere of the calibre as the redoubtable Mr Miles, I have found myself tainted by his interest in some of the stats around AHPC.

So here are some completely self indulgent figures and graphics that will mean little to an…

Painting Challenge VII – final submission

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Times up – brushes down! AHPC VII has come to its inevitable conclusion

Major Brinkworth leads from the front with his Impressive Weapon!

To complete my AHPC VII submissions and add to last week’s submission of Major Brinkworth and his redcoats…

Painting Challenge Week 12 submissions

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Present – Fire!

The FIW Campaign “Frontier Aflame” that Dux and I are prosecuting against one another is intensifying, and so is my need for reinforcements!  Here is the first detachment to arrive on the scene: a unit of British Regular Infantr…

AHPC VII ‘Character/Scene’ Bonus Round: ‘Helped by a cup of tea’

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I had planned and even completed a different character earlier in the challenge with this bonus round in mind.  Then I finally got hold of this figure so that I could  pay homage to one of my favourite ever movie scenes, from the classic 19…

Painting Challenge Week 11 submissions

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First up is a six man unit of British Light Infantry (who were blooded on the table this week and naturally suffered heavy losses at the hands of Dux’s Canadiene Milita):

These ‘light bobs’ are rather handy in the wilderness; good shots and able to screen the regular troops in more traditional formations, they became critical to the war effort (yet somehow those lessons were lost during the subsequent rebellion of the American colonies…)

I’ve painted these chaps as members of the 24th Regiment, a Regiment that would later become famous in the Zulu War for both unlikely victory at Rorke’s Drift and disastrous losses at Isandlwana.  I’ve modelled the Regiment for that war in 15mm previously and thought it would be neat to game with the same regiment in another time period and scale.  I’ve used a dark, dirty wash to reflect their irregular nature and lack of spit and polish compared to line infantry.

And a second native american canoe, the crew of which look suspiciously like the chaps I posted last week portaging a canoe through the forest.  They look far more rested in this pose! I also did up two piles of trade goods, which will be good loot to capture on the table.

And what was to be my Bonus round Character but who got replaced at the last minute. Presenting
evil mastermind and super-villain Johan Schmidt, aka Red Skull, nemesis of Captain America and founder of Hydra.

“His Skull maybe Red but his heart is Black
I bought this mini some years ago – it is the “Herr Totenkopf” figure by WhatThe! Miniatures.  I love that this sculpt mirrors a classic cartoon image, complete with the Mauser C96 pistol (because anyone can have a Luger, right?).  As a result, I have been faithful to the colour scheme of this pic. 

All that black was a bit of a sod to get right but I’m really happy with the end result.

The skull isn’t so washed out IRL, but I got the blue eyeballs done!
Interestingly, Red Skull first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (dated 1941) and is, apparently, rated No 21 in the Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever list by the people who consider such things far more deeply than I – or so Wikipedia tells me anyway.

This AHPC entry can be found at: From PaulOG: FIW British Light Infantry, a Canoe and Red Skull! (60 points)

Together these three submissions total 60 points, leaving me a bare 3 points shy of my increased 1000 point objective.  2 weeks and one bonus round to go…

Almost there…
Close but no cigar!

Painting Challenge Week 10 Submissions

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A couple of entries this week, and first up is a native Canoe being portaged – I will be using this as a movable deployment marker in Sharp Practice 2, but have left the canoe separate so I can instead add a ladder or other ancillary equipment instead …

AHPC VII ‘West’ Bonus Round: Centurion Alanus

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Presenting Centurion Alanus, Defender of Western Civilisation, Britannia, 1st Century AD.

This is a special edition Warlord model which was came with the pre-order of Hail Caesar, back in July 2011.  I traded the rulebook long ago, …

Painting Challenge Week 9 Submissions

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This week saw me complete another dozen Woodland Indians for our FIW campaign.  Alan routinely fields two dozen of these bloodthirsty braves in our Sharp Practice games and seeing them bear down on my loyal Colonials gives them the heebie jeebies – hopefully my having a reciprocal amount will give his French equal pause!
These are really lovely sculpts by Bob Murch from the Flint and Feather range, aimed at early contact/pre-contact period, thus the myriad of traditional weapons.  Again I spent a bit of time on authentic warpaint as I think it really makes them look savage!
To command my 2 units of Native Allies I have added a Sachem leader and I really like his commanding pose.  This is another figure from the Flint and Feather range. 
Next up, this beast is the M8 Grizzly Assault Walker from Warlord’s Konflikt 47 range.  As this Allied walker is fielded by both US and British forces, I have pained it in the colours and insignia of a British Armoured Division and added a British tank crewman; so now it can support my British paratroopers when I want to weird them up a bit!  I really like this sculpt and had a lot of fun painting it, but putting it together was rather a pain and it required a lot of cleaning up and some parts needed work to bend them back into shape.  Regardless, I’m happy with the overall outcome.
The Grizzly is quite a sizeable beast and dominates the tabletop. Accordingly, I wanted something imposing for the base and agonised over that for awhile.  I’ve tried to convey it smashing through a small forest and crushing everything in its path, both natural and manmade obstacles with the barbed wire.
A panzergrenadier’s view – rather imposing!
Added to my Russian Spider Mechs from the Armour Bonus Round, this makes three Weird War walkers I’ve completed during this challenge – time to order some more!

This entry is at the AHPC blog here:

These submissions netted me 85 points, pushing me almost to the 800 point mark with a pleasingly consistent productivity line:

And just because Miles hasn’t done this spreadsheet analysis yet (actually he probably has but just hasn’t advertised it), here is what my average points per week look like over AHPC.  Soon to dip as some work travel takes a bite out of my time:

And so I have now officially upped my AHPC VII target to 1000 points – this will be a personal best for me and I will an attempt to avoid “abject failure in all aspects of life” as infamously decreed by the Dux last year before the challenge started…

Click here if you missed it…

Bolt Action vs Chain of Command

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My posts last year about moving on from 1st edition Bolt Action (BA) brought forth some interesting commentary about different rules sets.  I thought I’d indulge myself with a post to answer them.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinion, …

Painting Challenge Week 8 Submissions

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Two small entries this week – as always I got caught up in all the lovely detail on the models.  Most satisfying from a Hobby perspective but not so much for points efficiency.
Back in AHPC IV I did a Churchill tank to support the Paras that I fo…

CanCon – Part 2: The Confession

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The CanCon pile of shame – but in fairness it mostly came from the second hand stall and in any case I’m buying for two right? right!

A boy and his loot

Given our current foray into FIW using Sharp Practice 2 – I got some nice tokens and this mdf…

AHPC VII: ‘Home Terrain’ Bonus Round: Hearth and Home on the Ohio River

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Presenting a frontier log cabin and its defenders for our French Indian War campaign:  
Protecting Hearth and Home against a War Party

The Ohio River valley is rugged place where settlers carve out their lives the hard way.  It’s a tough existence and every cabin needs protection from raiders, thieves and worse.  So in addition to the homestead, there are six stout defenders (figs by Galloping Major).  Even the Parson needs to take up arms to defend his flock, but my favourite is the balding shopkeeper with the blunderbuss (Indian figures are not part of this round and were previously submitted).

I initially painted this Old Gory resin cabin with a grey, weathered look and while that was realistic it was a bit boring.  I have also been trying to put more colour on my tabletop lately; too many of my figures are drab greys, browns and greens.  So I stripped and repainted it as a more recently built cabin with freshly split shingles and newly hewn logs.  I’m glad I did and like the brighter overall look.  I also added a few sacks, barrels and to homewares from my bits box to give it a lived in feel.

The cabin has a removable roof and the interior has simple but nice detail which I have done in a worn, used style.  I have some furniture but left them out to make it more useable for gaming.  There is only the single door but each side has 1 or more windows from which to present defensive musketry.

Overall a fun and satisfying project to add some needed FIW terrain to our table, and added an Armed Civilians unit to my Sharp Practice 2 force. Thanks to Alan for the donation of those figures (they only took 5 months to paint up mate!)

“To Arms! To Arms!”

This entry can be found at the AHPC bonus rounds blog here:

Painting Challenge Week 7 Submission

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Presenting the last unit of my Riders of Doom themed army for Dragon Rampant.  This is a 12 figure light foot unit using plastic GW Chaos Marauders (quite nice figures once you cull all the silly over the top components).   I experimented wit…

Painting Challenge Week 6 Submissions

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Some Fantasy focused goodies from me this week, with some unusually good productivity prior to having a weekend away from painting to attend CanCon.
Orc champion riding a Warbeast
First up: Ta-da! This is a surprise present for JohnS’s birthday!

The colours specifically match John’s lovely 28mm Orc army, which is comprised of the long OOP Chronopia figures with their great Moorish vibe.   I carved the body off a Chronopia Orc Leader and remounted him onto a similarly dissected Scotia-Grendel Carnosaur.  This was a somewhat challenging conversion so I added a back banner which is actually a long steel rod which pins the model together very strongly despite the dissimilar materials.

Pleased to present a good buddy with something unique for his army and I know he will enjoy using it.  Naturally though, if I have to face it on the tabletop it will automatically fail all of its activation rolls :-)
Happy (belated) birthday John!

Elite Riders
These guys are the centre piece of my Riders of Doom fantasy army and while expensive points wise, they really kick butt in Dragon Rampant.  Yes they are indeed GW plastic Chaos figs and I didn’t de-skull/chaos them as much as my last batch because I think they look quite good as is.

Unfortunately, three of these had a little paint applied mid last year before stalling, so I’ll only be claiming 3 of them including the hand painted banner chap.  Great to have this unit finished and on the table!

4 big ‘uni which are lovely old and characterful Troll models, originally by Ghost miniatures and now by Old Glory.   Beheaded casualty fig is from the Conquest Norman boxed set and I quite enjoyed doing that dioramic basing to demonstrate that these lads are not to be trifled with!

They have already played their first game and yes they were slaughtered (by Reilly’s Dwarves from the Armour bonus round), but at least they looked good doing so :-)

Thanks to JohnS for the donations to the horde – I hope I’ve done them justice!


Classic GW figs to mix up my Riders of Doom force for Dragon Rampant.  I really tried to speed paint these but so help me I just cant leave all those details untouched.  Overall, these maybe took 2/3 of the regular time but I think the rougher and ready looks suits them well.  After painting all those FIW Indians recently I felt compelled to add some tribal warpaint and think it adds nicely.

They have also seen their first combat and were routed from the field after suffering 1/3 casualties, again at the hands of Reilly’s Dwarves.  So now we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do :-)
Yet another GW fig and I didn’t deskull him either – I understand he is a limited ed figure (?) so I let him be as is.  And standing on a pile of skulls? Well, who is going to inform your Riders of Doom champion that doing so is not in accordance with the warlord’s work health and safety policies? Exactly!

I went for blue with metallic features appearance – end result wasn’t exactly what I was after but he will do for now to get him on the table.

In wider terms this isn’t a points bomb, but its as close as you’re going to see from me!
You can see this submission at the AHPC blog here:

Points wise, this submission grabbed me 160 points to sail past the half way point to my objective.

So my target goal is in sight…and I’m contemplating a push to join the 1k club.  Mission Creep? You betcha, but in the best possible way :-) And peer pressure from Alan has nothing to do with it. Honest!