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FIW Skirmish – The Battle of Brodie Bridge 1758

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 3 Rejects got together for a FIW skirmish at Posties the weekend before last.We pulled sides outta the hat. Ian ans Surj got the French & Indians and I got the British and Provincials.We used Posties own skirmish rules….6th July 1758 somewh…

RP No168 Loki Greathallson

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Another small entry into the Analogue Painting Challenge was this fine looking fellow, I bought this figure maybe 10+ years ago and have had him undercoated for nearly as long!You may recognize the figure a Wargames Foundry figure as the avatar from fe…

RP No 167 Donnybrook – Lord Francis Fezziwig

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This rather dashing??? looking chap was one of my entries into the Analogue Painting Challenge back in March. I’m not sure of the make of the figure but it could be Old Glory?? Any ideas?He was an 18th century figure, with the usual ponytail  but …

Salute 2015……….Blogger meet up…anyone???

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Salute 2015 is only 21 days away as I type……….Yee-haw!!!So who’s going???I’m planning another Blogger meet up at the Big Red Spot above.The meet up will be for around one hour starting at 1pm.So if you want to come and meet your fellow bloggers f…

RP No 166 NYW French – Gardes Suisses

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The Swiss Guard was a regiment that could trace its ancestry back to at least 1590. In 1615 it was first mentioned as a guard regiment and it was completed and functioning as such by 1616. By 1700 it numbered 12 companies of Swiss soldiers, b…

RP No 165 Napoleonic, Hanavarion – Prince Regent’s Hussars

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This unit was my 3rd entry into the Challenge apart from all the Bonus rounds of course, which is  not that good for the ol’ lead pile!! The figures are for Postie to add to his massive 15mm Napoleonic collection.They are the final unit he needed …

The Battle of Kadikioi, 1855 – A Crimean War batrep

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 A couple of Sundays ago, some of the Rejects and a guest got together for a Crimean War battle. The guest was Mike Sayce, you may recall his name from the mag Miniature Wargames with Battlegames were Mike has written several articles on those har…

Analogue Painting Challenge Anti-Hero Bonus Round – Judge Dredd

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Out of my comfort zone for this entry into the Analogue hobbies Painting Challenge.I had to paint up a Anti-Hero, which I though was a bit difficult for a historical figure. I did toy with the idea of painting Galloping Hogan…who??, click here to fin…

Cavalier Swag & Bits & Bobs

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Finally got around to posting a few pics of the swag I bought at last months Cavalier show in Tonbridge. Most of my hard earned dosh was lost at the Redoubt stall. Where I bought the Farrier/Blacksmith set, aboveTwo Milkmaids and a MooCow, (a…

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge – Donnybrook Brawl. Comedic Bonus Round.

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This was the only bonus round that I actually had a plan for from the start,  Originally it was going to be a bit smaller, only having the Dixon figures – Tavern Brawl, but I got a bit carried away adding figures and various bits and bobs of …

Cavalier 2015 – The Pics

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As some of you may already know, the Rejects, (well some of them) headed off to Tonbridge last Sunday to visit the Cavalier Wargames show.Here are some pics from the show.Tonbridge Wargames Club – Stalingrad 1942SEEMS – Border Reivers 1575Friday N…

Cavalier 2015 in Tonbridge anyone???

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Some of the Rejects will be making their annual trip to Tonbridge for Cavalier Wargame Show this Sunday. This is always our first Show of the year, and I guess like the other Rejects I’m quite looking forward to it!I’ve got a few bucks to spend, not su…

Analogue Painting Challenge Hot Bonus Round – Mi Ladies Bathtime.

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Once again I hadn’t a clue what to paint up for the next bonus round. I searched through my lead pile and found this little item. Its from Col Bill’s Depot Battalion range. Its a mere £4.50 and can be found here, if you’re interested in buying one. Its a miniature of “Mi Ladies Bathtime”. 

Why did I buy this? No one knows? 
 How the hell I’m going to use this in a game, you may ask and the simple answer is…… I haven’t a clue!

The pictures have came out pretty awful, I took at least 30 pics and these three were the best of a really bad bunch.
The figures believe it or not look a lot better in real life and are not shiny at all.
As for the Hot……well she’s not that Hot, is she??  Just look at that mush? She’s a rather healthy lady though, with all the bits and bobs in the right places, and the water isn’t that hot, its boiling!!!

I’m also with the points for the Robyn Hood bonus round, up to my top spot so far, the dizzy heights of 43rd!! And I’ve reached my points goal of 300 points too!! I suppose I’ll have to up my goal now?? Perhaps 500 points?
Check out the Bonus Round page and cast your vote for your favorite, if you haven’t already!!

Analogue Painting Challenge Myth Bonus Round – Robin Hood

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I struggled with a figure to paint up for the Myth bonus round, but while browsing through North Stars Military Figures, Bargain basement page the other day, I found this Robin Hood figure for the measly sum of £1.10. So along with another few bits and bobs from their 1672 range he was purchased.
I thought he’d be a good Myth figure, Robin Hood being a famous English legend, but who was the real Robin Hood??
Many names have been put forward, Robin Earl of Huntingdon, Robin of Loxley, Roger Godberd and the name we all know although spelt slightly different, Robyn Hode.

He’s not sculpted in the usual Robin Hood style, but he’s a more modern looking chap, he looks like he fit right in a Zombie game to me??

RP No 164 NYW French – Gardes Francaises

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Only my second entry into Curt’s Analogue Painting Challenge V, which is quite a sorry state of affairs, I’m sure you’ll agree???
These fine looking fellows earned me the massive sum of 42 points which pushed me up to my highest position in the Challenge so far, a lowly No 42, but as I type I’m already back down to 45th!

I thought it was about time the French had some guard infantry, so it just had to be the Gardes Francaises. The figures are as per usual from Essex minis. For some reason they don’t sell command figures for their Guard Infantry they sell, so a quick rummage threw my unloved bag and I came out with some WSS English Grenadiers, I lopped their heads off and replaced them with other spare figure heads and Volare! French command!

The Gardes Francaises were raised in 1563 by Charles XI of France, In times of war the Gardes Françaises had the privilege of choosing their own battle positions (usually in the centre of the first line of infantry). Other privileges included being that of leading the assault when a wall was breached during a siege, the first choice of barracks, and special rights of trail. When on parade, the Gardes Francaises took precedence over all other regiments in the Royal Army.
The Gardes were present at the following battles Walcourt 1689, Fleurus 1690, Mons 1691, Steenkirke 1692, Neerwinden 1993 and  Charleroi in 1693.

My 3rd Victorian Bonus Round entry – Analogue Painting Challenge & Fran

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I wasn’t going to enter this round as I don’t own any Victorian figures, but I was chatting with von Postie himself, who said he had a few 25mm Zulu Wars figures just sitting in a box. So I ended up flicking a little paint on the chap above.Postie thin…

RP No 163 NYW French La Marche Infantry regt

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My last unit painted in 2014 and my 1st entry into this years Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. In fact its the first unit I’ve painted for myself in a couple of months!! These fine looking fellows are the regt La Marche and they earned me 42 points…

The 2nd Battle of Leignitz – A SYW bat rep

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Back in December you may remember we put on a game for Fran, his final game before the git moves back to Ireland. Fran had the choice of game and chose a Seven Years War game using Age of Reason rules. You can see the batrep here.Well, it seems we were…

Happy New Year & the 2nd Bonus round

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I feel a little like that this morning……Wishing you all out there in Blogland a very Happy New Year.I’m glad 2014 is over and look forward to a better 2015!!!This is my entry into the 2nd bonus round (Mount & Rider)It wasn’t my planned entry, I…

Secret Santa and Santa Claus Pressies

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Well I did rather well in both the Secret Santa and the Santa Claus.I received 3 Warfare miniatures General’s, one pack included 2 wounded/deadfigures. Also included was the Artillery maintenance lift for barrel changing, which I’m sure will be the foc…

Merry Christmas 2014

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!I hope Santa brings you everything you desire?Smile you bugger, this just cost me a tenner!!!

Analogue Painting Challenge V – My 1st….. Small entry.

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Well I did say it was small, didn’t I. This poor chap is my entry into the “Cold” bonus round.I hadn’t planned to enter into this round, because I didn’t think I had anything to use, then Postie suggested one of the many dead figures I have for my Donn…

My Prize – The Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsburg 1688-1697

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Back in October I was very lucky (again) to win another Blog Giveaway. I’ve never won anything in my life…….honest?Ian over at “The Blog with No Name”, held  a competition and the first prize was a £20 voucher to spend on the lovely Bacc…

The Battle of Liegnitz or Fran’s Last Game. A SYW batrep

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The Rejects got together last weekend for a quickly organized game for Fran, He eejit is moving back to Ireland in the New Year, so our games with him will be few and far between.As it was his last game with us Postie suggested that Fran pick the game….

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge V

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Well its that time of year once again, and I’ve stupidly put my name down to join in the fun and games over at Curt’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge V.I’ve put in a measly target of 300 points and I’ll be VERY pleased if I reach it. Can’t see it m…