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This time next year we’ll be………..

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I’ve been falling a bit short recently on my blog and yours.Apologies for that!And I’ve just noticed I’ve passed the 1 Million hits mark!!So thanks to all of you who come by and visit me on my old blog.In celebration I will be doing a small giveaway??A…

The Battle of Valderas 1808 – A Napoleonic batrep

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The Rejects got together for a Napoleonic game today.Surj & Richard were the FrenchIan, Lee and myself played the SpanishTo put it bluntly…..the Spanish were crap!!!Postie set the troops our, Ian our Commander took the centre, giving me the right…

Secret Santa & Santa Claus 2015 Ideas??

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Gripping Beast MRC03 No 1Like many of you, yesterday I received my victim for my Secret Santa from Catherine and from Chris a few weeks ago, Catherine urged us all to post a few ideas of what we’d like. So here goes…….in no particular order.MR…

A meeting of like minds

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A mini blogger meet up occured last Thursday evening. Bloggers Tamsin, Lee and myself met up with the Uber Geek himself, Miles Reidy. Miles was over in the UK from the US on business and contacted us all to see if we wanted to meet up. As Tamsin knows …

SELWG 15 Swag

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Not exactly sure how much I spent at SELWG this year? It would have been more, if everything on my list was there, but alas it wasn’t. So here’s a few pics of what I did buy. As per usual it follows the same pattern as most of my buys over the last couple of years, (now there’s a surprise)

Quite a bit was spent on Col Bill’s stand, another pack of Unfeasibly minis, Tuareg’s with Jezail musket, piles of treasure, boxes of food and some Wolves. Also 2 packs of goods to fit on 4Ground wagons and a pack of Perry Bedouin command for my Tangier Moroccans.

I also bought some scenery items from Parkfield minis and an artillery piece and limber and some farm implements for some militia types.

And no trip to a wargame show would be worth it without a few pack of my favorite 15mm figures, Essex minis. I will be painting up a few Spanish units for my NYW collection. No, I don’t need them………I want them! I also bought enough figures for another English Dragoon regt. I’ve only got 1 so I neeeed another! And another impulse buy was a squadron of French Hussars. There was a regt during the period, but there’s no info on their uniform, so I’ve never bought them before, but hey, what the heck I needs them!

My stupid idiot buy of the show, was from Grubby tanks. Some 25mm cannon balls and barrels from Britannia minis. I pulled out what I wanted and expected to pay a fiver or so, so I was a bit shocked as I handed over £13. Should have given them back for that price! and told him to poke it!

A few close ups. 
Love these clean and crisp Treasure piles from Ainsty Castings
Not sure what I’ll do with them but……………..

Anyone for an apple or cabbage?
or even some mackerel?

Once again I didn’t really need these guys, but wanted the chap on the right, waving his musket
in the air, to use as a commander for my Moroccan musket men.

Finally you can never have enough wolves……can you??

Rejects on Tour – SELWG 2015

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On Sunday Rejects Surj, Ian, Postie and myself drove up to Crystal Palace for our annul trip to SELWG.
I bought a few bits and bobs during the day, I’ll show off my new shinies later in the week. I ended up with a sore throat at the end of the day, I did more chatting than buying!
Also, I got to try out my new camera, well its actually my mobile, but its got a better camera than my actual camera??? So hence the funny shaped pics!

The Queue

A Reject hug
Surg, Ian & Postie

The main hall, we got in early, it got a lot busier than this.

Just in the door and we met fellow Rejects, BigLee, Clint,
little Miss BigLee (Padwan Emily) and Tamsin.
I also met up with a few other Bloggers througout the day, Alastair from A Wargaming Gallimaufry, Al from The Wargaming Shed and Steve, partner in crime of Steve from The NorseyGamer

A waited a few hours to take pics of the games to get some action shots.
The first game and my personal favorite was from 
Loughton Strike Force – Waterloo

Crush the Kaiser – Hey Gringo
I quite fancy having a go at this Pancho Villa and all???

Random Shot No1

Southend Wargames Club – Capitan 18th Century Naval

Capitan’s new ship, its a big one! all made from MDF???

Gravesend Wargames Club –  The Battle of St Alfege’s Abbey
Phil, Reece and Chums!

Maidstone Wargames Society – James Bond on skis!

Deal Wargames Club – Prison Break, Los Banos, The Philippines 1945

Semi Naked Japanese soldiers exercising in the yard!!

Random Shot No 2

Newbury & Reading Wargame Society – Warlords of the First Crusade

Staines Wargames Club – Outrageous Fortune, Agincourt 1415

Tamsin got in on the action.

Peter Pig – Hammerin’ Iron ACW Naval 1861-65

Peter Pig again – PBI WWII

Random Shot No 3

Friday Night Firefight – Malifaux

And Lee’s (from Harold’s Revenge) game..
Revenants v Vikings

Loved the tree

TWWS – Very French Civil War

SEEMS – The Relief of Helios IV

“I’m just gonna suck on his metal thing”
said a lady these two chaps knew!!!

Crawley Wargames Club –  WWI Stretcher Bearer

A Return to Axanar – Star Trek game, not sure who these guys were??

Simon Miller – To The Strongest, Athens v Sparta

Warlords – Stingray

Shepway Wargames – The Destruction of Congo

Robert Dunlop – 6mm WWI
This game looked very impressive!!

Society of Ancients – The Battle of Paraitacene 317 BC

Random Shot No 4

GLC Gamers Club – ECW, The Battle of Nantwich 1644

Random Shot No 5
The Bring & Buy, quite late in the day

I bought a few bits & bobs from Parkfield, then Postie came along, flipped 
open his fat wallet….bang goes £130! 
Posties list had a few old figure codes, Poor Simon, was getting a little flustered !
And no he doesn’t take credit cards!

Why Men Cry………….

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………………when they drop 5 file boxes full of figures!
That’s when!!
As I’m painting up some Moors for Tangiers I thought I’d have a look in my shed 
to find my EL Cid/Moor collection, just to see what I actually have. (They’ve not seen
the light of day for some time??)
I was quite surprised to find 7 file boxes full to the brim with figures, all from my WAB days long ago. There were even  some painted by Fran, that I’d forgotten I even bought?? 
While some of the other
figures need to go on ebay fast, they were painted in my early wargaming days with what
 looks like a 4 inch brush and a tin of Dulux!
But……..while sorting through the 6th box I knocked the bloody lot off my desk…….
I cannot type what I said
but I think you can probably guess.
I looked down at the mess on the floor and could of cried!
When I’d recovered from the shock and the mourning set in, (which was around 2 hours)
I tried to put them back in their boxes , it took me well over an hour to put all the figures minus spears, shield’s, swords and Christ knows what else, back in their boxes!
Now I gotta admit, some looked a hell of a lot better all smashed and broke.
But to say I’m gutted doesn’t quite cut it!
But on the bright side, I’ve ripped up my Gripping Beast shopping list for SELWG next Sunday.
Anyone else going??

You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing?

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Yep, for the first time in months the brush has made an appearance!!StarringPack TA01 from Unfeasibly minisThey are actually Tuaragsbut they’re posing as Moors for Tangiers.Co-Starring 6 Foundry minisasa French/Jacobite/Spanish/.Dutch unitalso for Donn…

Rejects on Tour – Skirmish Sept 2015

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Three Rejects set off on the long journey from Gravesend to Sidcup on Sundayfor a maybe our last visit to the September Skirmish show.Speaking to one of the organizers, the April show may be being dropped from now on leaving just the September one…

Da da da……He’s back?? & Kirke’s Lambs

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As you may now all be aware, the Mad Irishman Fran is back. I spoke to the old git yesterday, he said he’d be online in around a week, but the lying git is back now!!! I’m sure over the coming weeks he’ll explain his near 9 month absence from Blogland,…

5 Years of Don’t throw a 1!!!

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It sort of slipped by me unnoticed, but at the beginning of this month was my blogs 5th Birthday!!Cheers for all the support chap and chappesses!and now for the boobs………aarrrggghhh!!!!

AWI Batrep – The Battle at Church Road 25th July 1777

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A game was booked up for last weekend at Reject HQ, but only 2 Rejects could make the bash, Reject Richard and myself and of course we had our own little Fuhrer, von Postie in charge!This was gonna be our last big bash before we all go on our summer ho…

RP No 171 Napoleonic Prussian – 1st East Prussian 2nd Battalion Line

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Good God, I hear you cry. A newly painted unit on Ray’s blog?? 
Whatever next?
Do you remember that little thing called a paint brush, well I’ve not used any of mine since April? Until this week that is! It’s not that I couldn’t be bothered or lost my mojo, I just couldn’t find a spare
minute to get the brush out!!! And to make matters worse, the figures are not even for me, they’re for His Nibs next door, Postie!

Its back to Napoleonic’s for this unit, who are the 1st East Prussian line, 2nd Battalion

Revolutionary Wars:
During the French Revolutionary Wars of the 1790’s the 1st East Prussian Infantry regiment was yet to be formed. The regiment that would become the 1st East Prussian infantry was the No.2 line infantry regiment ‘Ruechel’ under the command of Oberst Ernst von Rüchel. During the 1790’s the regiment was part of the Prussian forces used to combat France. The No.2 fought well in the brief Prussian effort, but after the battle of Valmy they were sent back to Prussia as Prussia tried to conserve it’s resources and soldiers.

Invasion of 1806:
In 1806, Prussia entered into the War of the Fourth Coalition in fear of France from their defeat of Austria. At the start of the Invasion the No.2 was attached to L’Estocq’s Corps with 4 other infantry regiments. L’Estocq and his chief of staff, Gerhard von Scharnhorst, commanded some 15,000 troops based at Thorn in December 1806 and at Freystadt in January 1807. Harassed by Marshal Ney, L’Estocq marched his troops from February 2 – February 8 through snowy and forested East Prussia; it has been described as “a model of the way in which a flank march in the face of a near and powerful adversary should be conducted”.

The Russian troops of Bennigsen were hard-pressed by Marshal Davout in the Battle of Eylau (February 7-February 8, 1807). Leading the last operational unit in the Prussian army, L’Estocq was only able to bring eight battalions, twenty-eight squadrons, and two horse artillery batteries (estimated at 7,000-9,000 men) to the battle; the rest of his soldiers were defending against Ney.Upon the small Prussian contingent’s arrival at Preußisch Eylau, Bennigsen wanted it split up to reinforce his weakened Russian troops. Scharnhorst, however, advised L’Estocq to strike with his cavalry around the Russian lines at Davout’s exhausted troops; the sudden attack threw the French into disarray. Following the battle, L’Estocq’s corps retreated to Preußisch Friedland to maintain coalition communications with Russia.

1806/1807 Reforms:
Following the defeat in 1806 Prussia was forced to reorganize and downsize it’s army. Six of the remaining infantry regiments were chosen to be reformed, and were each given a light infantry battalion, to complete them. The No.2 with it’s new 3rd battalion became the 1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment.The new army was organized into six peace-time brigades, and the 1st East Prussian were put into the East Prussian Brigade.

Russia 1812/1813
When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 there were 14,000 Prussian infantry attached to the auxiliary corps of the Grand Army. the six regiments were assembled from assorted battalions of multiple Prussian army regiments. The No.1 infantry regiment of the Prussian forces in Russia was mad up of the 2nd battalion/1st East Prussian Regiment, the 1st Battalion/2nd East Prussian Regiment, and the Fusilier battalion of the 1st East Prussian regiment. Unlike most of Napoleon’s army the Prussian forces returned home mostly unharmed, saved by the Convention of Tauroggen.

War Of Liberation:

In 1813 the war of the 6th coalition started, and Prussia mobilized it’s army for war. During the first battle of the campaign the 1st East Prussian Regiment had just returned 
from combat in Russia, and had two of it’s battalions (2nd battalion and fusilier battalion) in the “1st 
Combined Infantry Regiment”. At Lützen they were on the left flank under Generalmajor von Hünerbein, but were driven back like the rest of the army.

After Lützen the 1st East Prussian battalions were put back together and put in Generallieutenant von Yorc’s Korps, in Oberst von Zielinsky’s 1st Infantry brigade. The regiment was in the center of the Prussian line, and took heavy casualties first from the artillery barrage of the Grand Battery, and
then the successive French assault. The regiment was in the thick of the fighting for the entire day, but was beaten back to the village of Bautzen. The 1st East Prussian regiment was then present at the battle of Leipzig.

Battle of Leipzig:

At Leipzig, the 1st East Prussian Regiment was attached to the I. corp under Generallieutenant von Yorck, in the 2nd Infantry brigade (under Generalmajor Prinz CarlvonMecklenburg-Strelitz). At the time of Leipzig, the regiment had 1,840 men in total, or about 600 men per regiment. During the battle, the regiment was positioned on the allied right flank, and was ordered forward on the first day of fighting, to take the city of Möckern. The village was heavily fortified, and had a manor, palace, walled gardens, and low walls. Each position was turned into a fortress with the walls being loopholed for covered fire by the French. The ground to the west of the position was too wooded and swampy for emplacement of artillery. A dike ran east along the river Elster being 4 meters high. The bloody street fighting took a heavy toll on both sides, and the battle hung in the balance until Prussian cavalry charged and secured the field. Overall, both sides suffered around 9,000 casualties. For the next three days of the battle the regiment stayed on the right flank, and pushed to try to encircle Napoleon’s forces, and even helped secure the village of Leipzig itself.


After the battle of Leipzig, the regiment continued on the allied advance through France, fighting in the battles Brienne,The six day campaign, Craonne, Reims, and Paris. The unit was then sent back to Prussia. For reasons unknown, the regiment was not part of the army involved with the 100 days campaign, and so it’s service to the kingdom of Prussia ended at the battle and occupation of Paris in 1814.

Posties Rejects @ Broadside – The Battle of the Cross part 2

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As promised a few pics of the second Battle of the Cross, our game at Broadside last month.After the whitewash that was the first game, we decided to start again, hopefully me and Lee would have a bit of luck this time??For the second game we swapped s…

The Days of King Monmouth – A short booklet review

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If you’re a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I’m a tad partial to the period in history between the ECW and the WSS. So naturally I tend to look for and buy books on the period, I do own several other books on Monmouth’s Rebellion and the Battle of Sedgemoor. So when I noticed a new booklet being published, “The Days of King Monmouth” by Ralph Mitchard. it was a no brainer, especially as it was a mere £6 plus postage!
The book runs out at 45 pages and has both colour and black & white illustrations. But what I like the most is the booklet is written as a day by day account, starting on the 1st June when Monmouth sailed to Judge Jeffreys Bloody Assizes.
There are books and booklets with more info in them of course, but for a wargamer, this is gold, with details on the Skirmish at Bridport, the rout of the Somerset Militia, the Skirmish at Ashill and at Keynsham Bridge, the Battle of Philips Norton and of course the Battle of Sedgemoor. The 6 week War is a perfect Skirmish period for any gamer, so if you’re interested in the period my advice is buy it!

You can purchase the booklet direct from Ralph’s site here or on ebay here

You can also visit Ralph blog Wars of Louis XIV

Border Reivers, The Battle of the Cross – The Rejects at Broadside 2015

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It was an early start on Sunday, but not as early as BigLee’s, (click here for his report)
We all met round Posties house and  after a quick 35 minute drive down the A2, we arrived at Broadside!!!!

There were many traders already there, but we were one of the first games to set up

Lee looks very happy to be there!

Nearly ready….

Milton Hundred in their nice bright yellow tops, we could see you everywhere, 
but I guess that’s the idea!

Postie looks a little stumped?? 

And we’re off!

Walter Armstrong lights his beacon on the hill, to call for help from his fellow Scots.
But will any turn up and when?

This is a fictitious game set in the year 1590, somewhere in the Scottish Middle March.

Helen the young teenage daughter of Steven (Mad Dog) Stapleton (Surj) has sneaked away from the family home in England and crossed the border into Scotland, to be with her lover Robert (The Fearless), (Ray) son of Walter (Wally) Armstrong (BigLee). Since both families hate each other, Robert has pleaded with his Mother and Father to let Helen stay in the family home, this they reluctantly agreed to as they know it’s only a matter of time before the Stapleton’s arrive to claim their daughter back!

Thus the scene is set, can the Stapleton’s force their daughter to come home with Fire & Sword or can the Armstrong’s win the day by supporting their son and dishing out their own kind punishment to the English.


Defending the Bastille,  The Scots –  Armstrong’s 

Rejects BigLee & Ray

28 Foot (Not all on the table at the start)

8 Civilians

11 Horse

1 Dog

Attack Force, English – The Stapleton’s Rejects Surj & Smiffy (Who played a Mercenary Captain)
26 Foot

13 Horse

2 Dogs

6 Bundles of Faggots

1 Battering Ram

1 Pack Horse

Surj and Smiffy learned a few valuable lessons from our practice game.
Get in fast.
While myself and Lee decided to stay under cover and not advance.

We moved men inside the Bastille house straight away and didn’t move a Horse forward.

“She’s hiding in there, now how the hell are we gonna get her out”
Mad Dog screamed!

Mad Dog Stapleton led from the front, galloping fast to get his wayward daughter back!!

We were allowed to pick a sharpeshooter, we choose the chap in red behind the wall.
Lee then moved him into the Bastille, for more protection…it didn’t work.


We were out of range, and unable to fire.

My Horse wait in anticipation

The villages carry on as if nothing is happening??


Smiffy leading from the front, decides he likes the look of the sheep?

Smiffies Mercenaries pass the Cross, the Scottish horse look to be outnumbered.

The English foot are running through the open ground.

Foot move 6 inches and add the throw of  a D4 to run.
While Horse move 8′ and throw a D8 to run.

The first casualty of the day.

This figure and another 59 casualty figures were bought and painted by Postie in under a
 week from Hoka Hey Wargaming, check them out!!

At the end of the turn, we were very relived to receive some help, 
5 Horse from the neighboring village came to shed some English blood

We were unlucky, we kept missing the first turn, which meant we were on the
 back foot for most of the game.

Then in a just ridiculous turn, the dice gods deserted us and we lost all the Scots defending the
walls outside the House.
Smiffy and Surj needed to throw a 16 plus on a D20, which they managed with ease!

We fired back from inside the house and didn’t hit a bloody thing!
 We loved Posties fire markers, made from Teddy Bear fur, wrapped around a pipe cleaner, then poked into the widows of the building.

Things didn’t get any better for us, our newly arrived Horse were completely wiped out.
You can see what’s left of them in the pic above, just above the red X.

The English had total control of the Battlefield, we’d lost every man outside of the Bastille House.
While they had only lost a mere 10 figures. Our reinforcement, just never arrived in time.
Much to Robert’s sorrow Wally Armstrong raised the white flag and handed over Mad Dog’s daughter.

And so ends…The Battle of the Cross

The Rejects
BigLee, Surj, Evil Postie, Dave, Little Oliver, Ray & Smiffy
We did have a part 2 
We restarted the game and  swapped sides, 
I’ll maybe post a few pics of that game at a later date.

Broadside 2015 – The Games

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Just a quick…….ok quite long run down of the games at this years, Broadside in Sittingbourne.I’ll leave most of the pics of our game for another day, but here’s a couple.My favorite game and a lot of others was the quite spectacular Shepway Wa…

Posties Rejects @ Broadside 2015

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 Posties Rejects are off to Broadside Wargaming Show in Sittingbourne on 14th June 2015.
Postie has been up to his usually Megalomania and we’ve a new untried 
period out on show. 
The Border Reivers
Here are 2 pics of our practice game today, just to wet your appetite??


 If you’re going to the show, come on over and say hello, we’ll be at G15, circled in the map below.
                 CLUBS                                                                                        CLUBS

T1    ADLERS MINIATURES                                                            G1     HORNCHURCH  WARGAMES CLUB
T2    ARMOURFEST                                                                           G2     THE SOCIETY OF ANCIENTS
T3    BRIGADE MODELS                                                                  G3     MEDWAY GAMING SOCIETY
T4    REDOUBT ENTERPRISES                                                       G4     DEAL WARGAMES CLUB
T5    DAVE LACHESTER BOOKS                                                   G5     CRAWLEY WARGAMES CLUB
T6    CYMBERLINE GAMES                                                            G6    FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE FIGHT
T7    FENRIS GAMES                                                                          G7    RAINHAM WARGAMES CLUB
T8    TABLESCAPE                                                                             G8    GRAVESEND GAMERS GUILD
T9    HARFIELDS MILITARY FIGURES                                        G9     HERNE BAY WARGAMERS
T10  REALISTIC MODELS                                                               G10   SKIRMISH GROUP
T11  IRONCLAD MINIATURES                                                      G11   HEADS OF HYDRA CLUB
T12  CAPITAN GAMES                                                                     G12   SOUTHEND WARGAMES CLUB
T13  20MM ZONE                                                                              G13   SHEPWAY WARGAMES CLUB
T14  COL BILL’S                                                                                G14    MODEL DADS
T15  LESLEYS BIT BOX                                                                  G15    POSTIES REJECTS 
T16  WARGAMES n KITS                                                                G16   MAIDSTONE WARGAMES SOCIETY
T17  PILUM PAINTING                                                                    G17    MEDWAY WAGAMES SOCIETY
T18  MONARCH MILITARY BOOKS                                           G18    SOUTH EAST ESSEX MILITARY SOCIETY

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Blog Givaway Winners

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A big thank you goes to all of you who contribute to my little part of the blogesphere and its my pleasure to dish out some prizes to some of you. 50 bloggers entered the fray, some won more than one prize as well!!!Could all winners please contact me …

The Battle of Pattala 326BC Alexander’s Conquest of India

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Some Rejects got together over the weekend for our first game of Macedonians verses Indians for what must be at least 15 years!!!The Battle of Patalla 19th July 326 BCotherwise known asThe Massacre of Patalla, depending on who you want to win?A few day…

500 posts = Mega Blog Giveaway

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No1 Hasslefree – Michelle & PalsWell my 500th post has been and gone, infact No 500 was the collection of Salute photos that I posted last week. And as a seem to win my fair share of Blog Giveaway’s (I’m sure some of you will agree??)Talk…

Salute 2015 Blogger Meet-up

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The 2015 Blogger Meet-up was a great success, we had around 30 bloggers turn up, I tried to say hello to them all and failed miserably!I’ve named everyone in the pic above (pic pinched from Pendragon Without’s blog) that’s him kneeling in the front. Th…

Salute 2015- The Pics…….and there’s a lot of ‘em!

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A few Rejects took that long drive up the A2 and over Dartford Bridge to the Excel centre for our annual trip to Salute! It was a great day and like most at the show I’m bloody knackered!!! I did come back with a large bag of goodies, rather larger tha…

RP No 170 NYW French Generals

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Well the Analogue Painting Challenge is over for another year. These 6 Nine Years War French Generals were entered as my last entry earning me a mere 24 points. Pushing me up to my best position in the Challenge so far this year No 36. But in the final…

FIW Skirmish – The Battle of Brodie Bridge 1758

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 3 Rejects got together for a FIW skirmish at Posties the weekend before last.We pulled sides outta the hat. Ian ans Surj got the French & Indians and I got the British and Provincials.We used Posties own skirmish rules….6th July 1758 somewh…