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Warmachine: Grymkin Piggybacks

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I finished these beauts off this evening, amazing models and absolutely stacked with character:Apparently they aren’t the greatest in the game; requiring a lot of support pieces and run counter to the rest of the Grymkin infantry forces in play style…..

Knight Models: Spider Man & Wonder Woman

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I’ve painted up a couple of Knight Models long out of production Spider Man and Wonder Woman models for wedding gifts for some friends of mine, we are off to their wedding this coming weekend and these are their favourite comic book characters:

Warmachine: Grymkin Lord Longfellow

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Just a quickie, the deadly spider dandy that is Lord Longfellow is finished:Hard to use truly effectively, but if i can get him a beeline on an injured caster with a hit buff then that caster is toast with 4D6+10 damage per gunshot haha

Warmachine: Grymkin Hollowmen

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I did 99% of these on Wednesday but have been killer busy to get the bases done and photos up!First unit for my new force, eyeless sight, apparition and combined ranged attacks yes please haha! I have a second unit of these but will paint them up in a …

Warmachine: Grymkin

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So i finally caved and bought myself some Grymkin, nearly two years after my last game of Warmachine haha.I managed to snag one of the last Grymkin army boxes and have made some decent headway so far with my caster and Battlegroup finished:Cage Rager -…

Black Gate Miniatures: Ogre Mammoth Riders Regiment!

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In all the kickstarter work, casting and prep, we forgot to get a unit of these painted for Black Gates display haha… Only discovered it as he has now built his website fully and was missing these!Again great scuplts and casts as you would expect fro…

40K: Nurgle Daemon Prince

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A follow on to the Cultists i painted last week, here is a mighty Daemon Prince to lead the foul forces of Nurgle to victory mwhaha:I love this model! I painted the original metal one for my own Black Legion forces about 10 years ago in the morning bef…

Guildball: Farmers Veteran Honour

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A nice quick project from yesterday, i was asked to paint up Veteran Honour to add to the Farmers team i had previously painted up for a client:Nice model to paint, and ties in well with her Masons past and Farmers future!

40K: Chaos Cultists

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A nice and quick job today, one of the last few commissions i will be doing until after the summer:Twenty chaos cultists for my clients Death Guard army, nothing fancy as they were time critical. He will be adding to the bases to match his existing for…

Star Wars Legion: Princess Leia and Fleet Troopers

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I’ve been working on these for the last day or so, doing a bit here and there as coats dried on those last few Zombicide models:Fleet TroopersPrincess LeiaThe Princess is the second commander model for the Rebels and is more of a buffer than a fighter …

Zombicide: Black Plague Survivors and Bosses

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Last but not least on this project, the Survivors and Boss Monsters:Necromancer and AbominationAnn, Nelly and BaldricSamson, Clovis and SilasIt has been hard work doing all these but enjoyable none the less!

Zombicide: Black Plague Fatties!

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Finished up the Fatties, here they are in all their glory!On with the Heroes and the Bosses next!

He-Man Miniatures Game: Getting Started

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A while back i got involved with the creation of a He-Man Miniatures game rules set by a mate of mine! I loved He-Man when i was younger, i was far more into it than Marvel or DC comics so i knew this was right up my street:He-ManRam ManTrap JawBeast M…

Zombicide: Black Plague Female Walkers

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I’m really motoring through these now, here are the fourteen female walker models all painted up:On yo the Fatty’s next hehe

Zombicide: Black Plague Male Walkers

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Next up for this project is the largest group of models, the Male Walkers, with three sculpts and seven copies of each its a big batch:As before, each one is slightly different to break up the monotony of poses, on to the Female Walkers next. 

Zombicide: Black Plague Runners

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On with the next commission and its for a copy of the awesome Zombicide Black Plague by Guillotine Games! I’ve never played any of the series but always fancied painting up a set so now i get that chance haha.First up are the Runners:Came out quite wel…

Star Wars Legion: A New Hope!

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Spent the day finishing off all my Rebel Alliance models, luckily my third AT-RT arrived today so i could bust that out too:I picked up a set of the alien heads from to mix up my squads with some more varied looks heheThese bring…

Star Wars Legion: AT-RT and Airspeeder

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I’m on a bit of roll now, these two vehicles were finished yesterday afternoon:AirspeederAT-RT with Rotary CannonAgain i have the brown scheme to match my infantry and board, its worked out well on the walker but i still detest painting the flat surfac…

Star Wars Legion: Seeds of the Rebellion

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So i had a demo of this from a mate at the club and really liked it! Its much better than i imagined and its Star Wars hahaI picked up my own core set, bought my mates rebels and then also purchased an Airspeeder from a local store Marquee Models.I’ve …

Black Gate Miniatures: Greenlings

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Next on the paint station is this unit of the new Greenlings from Black Gate Miniatures, they were the last unit funded by the kickstarter and have caused a few problems getting moulded… but they are done now and are a joy to paint!Its a good job as …

Bushido: Ito Commission Shimogama Vipers

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The last bits from this project are complete and on there way back to my client:I remember how much of a pain these guys were from doing my own a few years so i pinned the hell out of those silly large wings hehe

Bushido: Ito Commission continues

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Another week and very little time, but today we are nearing the end of the journey on the project:Taisei and YuuiOkyo Ashigarus and TakejiSaburo and The Child of OrochiYatsumata and Kano (Completed by me to match existing warbands)These just leave two …

Bushido: Ito Commission Redux

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Man brush time is hard to come by at the moment! Since my last update 12 days ago ive managed to paint just these two models… two! Its ridiculous!Ito Ancestor and Kami of ReflectionsHopefully i can get further into this project tomorrow and then get …

Age of Sigmar: Blood Sisters!

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Im alive! Im back from my hols and ready to paint!First up are a unit of ten Blood Sisters for my growing Daughters of Khaine army:My local store managed to track down another Blood Coven box so i have a second throne/cauldron to build up soon too!

Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine!

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A friend of mine struggles with the motivation to paint big armies so to help im out we are going to do a mini escalation league over the next few months; him with Slaanesh and me with Daughters of Khaine!I picked up one of those excellent Bloodwrack C…