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Age of Sigmar Soul Wars

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Well I am in with both feet.  I hope it works out this time.  My luck with Warhammer fantasy games has not been good.

US Marines for Bolt Action

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My first army specifically built for Bolt Action is done (well, not really done but playable).  This is about 1200 points of US Marines.  All the models are from Warlord Games US Marines line and are pretty nice models.  The core of the …

Age of Sigmar

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After three years of delay I finally bought an Age of Sigmar starter box.  Yes, I know that a new version and a new starter set drops in about two weeks.  That is why I bought this as they will soon be gone.  My friends and I have decide…

Battle of Point 213

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Long time followers of this blog are likely aware that I have had a dream, for many years. to play the Point 213 battle from the Flames of War Normandy Battles supplement.  But like many of these dreams it had to be more than just a game of Flames…

May Work in Progress #1

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I have been putting many hours of work on my corridor set for Necromunda.  This is from Death Ray Designs and is made to match the wall siloettes on the game boards. I also got the matching door set.  I really thought this would be a quick pr…

Warlord Tiger Comparison

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Recently I completed Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger (which I think is now out of production) and last year I built and painted two Warlord Games plastic Tigers.  I thought it might be interesting to do a side by side comparisons of these two…

Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger

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My Warlord Games Michael Wittmann Tiger is finally complete.  This is another item for my Point 213 game that I have had in the works for a long time.  Wittmann will be an emergency reinforcement unit in case the British get Tiger kills early…

Bolt Action Normandy Battle Photo Dump

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Just a quick photo dump from a fun game of Bolt Action I played over the weekend.

Da Bosswagon!

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I have had an unbuilt Ork Battlewagon in my model stash for several years.  The plan was to get an Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue and really deck it out.  The problem was this project was never a priority so I never ordered the upgrade.  …

Swiss 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment

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I really needed a break from all the ACW painting so I decided to paint a unit of Warlord plastic French line infantry as Swiss.  This is the 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment Suisse.  There seem to be some different interpretations of the uniform …

Battle of Salem Church – Black Powder ACW

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On March 3rd my friends and I held the third and last game of our Chancellorsville Black Powder campaign.  Our first battle was almost 2 years ago.  We started with Jackson’s flank attack against the Union XI Corps. About a year ago we played…

March Work in Progress #1

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I am working on my first unit of Napoleonic Swiss.  I am using the Warlord plastic set.  This time I not only white primed but I am painting before assembly.  I really hoped this would speed up the process.  I have actually found it…

Killa Kan Reinforcements

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As I mentioned in my February Work in Progress #1, I need more Killa Kans for my Orks.  I had three more of these in my Ork project pile that I have had for years.  For this set I built a Big Shoota, a Skorcha and a Rokkit Launcha.  The …

Necromunda – Old vs. New Goliath Models

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When I was taking the pictures of my Necomunda Underhive Goliath models I thought it might be cool to do some comparison pictures between the old and new models.  People are always asking if new models match up with older stuff so take a look.On t…

Necromunda Underhive Goliath

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As many of you know I am a huge Necromunda fan.  When I heard it was going to have a new edition I knew I was going to jumping in with both feet.  The last time this game got a new edition I had a really crappy attitude and took a bit of a ha…

February Work in Progress #2

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Another new unit for my 40K Orks.  This time Deff Koptas with big shootas and bigbomms.

ACW Union Camp

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I have completed another ACW vignette project.  This time we have Perry Miniatures Union Camp set with Renedra bell tents.  This is just a fun little piece that will help spice up a large table.  I might find some game function for it in…

February Work in Progress #1

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After my last game of 40K over the weekend I have concluded I need more Killa Kans.  They really worked well.  Fortunately I had three more waiting to be built.

Union Field Hospital for Black Powder

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One of the thinks I love about playing games in a large scale, such as 28mm, is the spectacle of it.  Our ACW Black Powder games have mostly been huge affairs that really draw in spectators.  For these large games there is a lot of opportunit…

Black Powder ACW Point-match Game

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Yesterday Tim and I tried out a game of Black Powder using the points from the Glory Hallelujah! supplement.  We tried this with 700 points.  This gave us forces of about three brigades with a total bout about 11 regiments and two guns. …

Perry Plastic American Civil War Confederate Artillery

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The work on the Black Powder American Civil War project continues.  This time we have Perry plastic artillery models.  I have painted these as Confederate artillery units.  I really love these models and I think they are and excellent va…

13th Mississippi Infantry

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Another unit if American Civil War figures completed and ready for battle.  This time we have the Confederate 13th Mississippi Infantry of Barksdale’s Brigade.  These figures are metal miniatures from Sash and Saber.  I love the characte…

Black Powder ACW on a Sunday Afternoon

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Last Sunday Tim and I got in a small ACW Black Powder game.  We had a few goals in mind for this game the main one being reacquainting ourselves with the rules.  It has been nearly a year since our last game.  We also wanted to try some …

5th New York Volunteer Infantry

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Yet another unit for my American Civil War collection is ready for battle.  This time we have some Perry Miniatures plastic Zuoave figures.  These are painted up as the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry regiment.  This is probably the most…

Bolt Action Churchill AVRE

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Another lingering project is complete and off the paint table!  This is a 1/56th scale Churchill AVRE tank for Bolt Action.  This is the plastic Warlord kit.  This model belongs to my friend Tom and I built and painted it in trade for an…