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Escape from 100 Million B.C. Review

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Escape from 100 Million BCWhatever big budget movie next summer has in store, the concept usually begins with a pitch meeting where the producer needs to be convinced that the idea is viable. In this game review, that pitch goes something like this: “Ok, what if there was a team of time travelers sent back to the distant past […]

Lisboa Review

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LisboaSometimes the word “backdrop” is used to describe a game’s theme, especially with games that have only a minor connection to their theme. On other occasions, designers can take a theme and elevate it beyond the confines of the game. Vital Lacerda is a designer who knows this. When his new game was announced as […]

Loot Review

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LootPirates. Once they were they were the darlings of the board game theme hivemind. Today, they still make the occasional appearance but they’re certainly not in vogue. One release from way back before even pirates were a thing is the card game Loot. It’s got a new printing from Gamewright. The concept of Loot is […]

Schotten Totten Review

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Schotten TottenThe title for Schotten Totten has a bit of a story to it. The word Schotten means “Scots” or Scottish people in German. Totten apparently comes from another phrase in German using the word Hottentotten, a derogatory term for a certain tribe in Africa. It basically means that the customs of these people, misunderstood by […]

Safe Breaker, Break Free, and Operation: Escape Room

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Operation Escape RoomThere clearly aren’t enough games to teach kids how to be crimin…, err… spies. Readers who agree with this statement or even those looking for a safe space to allow their kids to be… uh… spies will appreciate this next review. Here we’re taking a look at some offerings from YULU Games in their SPY […]

Level Up My Game – Game Haul Game Night Bag

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Game Night BagEver since I started going to game night, my luggage has always been a point of fixation for me. In my roleplaying game days it was what kind of filing box to bring and how to tote all the miniatures. In my board game era, the bag chosen for game night has been slowly evolving. […]

Age of Rivals iOS Review

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Age of Rivals iOS review7 Wonders: Duel is a great adaptation of the card drafting civilization game. Depending on your point of view of the style of drafting, some gamers felt that the structure was not drafting in the same vein as the original. The simultaneous card selection is devolved into a turn-by-turn selection that may force your opponent […]

Brutal Kingdom Review

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Brutal KingdomsHaving first seen the cover for Brutal Kingdom, this reviewer was a bit taken aback. There’s a vulture pulling a dagger from a cloak with nefarious purpose in mind. Gamers entering this world may ask: “Is the image appropriate?” In this small card game, each player uses characters to outwit and gather more influence than […]

Crows Preview

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CrowsNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. There are some abstract games that implement a modicum of theme just to deliver justification for the gameplay. Even Chess historically derives its play from medieval armies lined up for war, but has generally been accepted […]

HASCON… Worth it?

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HasconAs one of the largest toy companies in the world, HASBRO knows a thing or two about childhood fun. They also happen to own Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering and (since 1997) Dungeons & Dragons. With this in mind, you would expect their presence at Gen Con to be huge […]

Ethnos Review

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EthnosEach game has a personality. Like getting to know someone, when choosing a game, there are things that may be instant attractors and then aspects which, once experienced, become real annoyances. CMON has presented a set collection and area control game filled with this dichotomy. Ethnos is for 2-6 players and takes about 60-90 minutes […]

Vikings Gone Wild Review

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Vikings Gone WildKickstarter is changing the way gamers purchase games and altering the expectations of what is an acceptable level of quality and content in a game. Lucky Duck Games’ recently published Kickstarter release is at the forefront of this sea change. In this review, we’ll explore what that means for Kickstarter fans and those who are […]

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain Review

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Avalanche at Yeti MountainEveryone plays games for a variety of reasons. Some players love certain mechanisms and mental challenges, while others crave a good story via gameplay and an engaging theme. Rare is the game which scores high marks on both aspects. Green Couch Games is offering a new foray into the skiing with monsters while avoiding natural […]

The Golden Sails Review

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Golden SailsIf gamers aren’t familiar with set collection, they should throw a rock in a game store sometime. Chances are, unless they’re in the Avalon Hill or miniatures section, they’ll hit a game that has set collection as one of its mechanisms. However, it’s a challenging mechanism to get just right. The Golden Sails is a […]

A Year of Transition and Great Expectations

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Gen Con Photo RecapOne of the things that will be racing through my mind as I attend this year’s Gen Con is how much has changed. My last time attending was in 2006, and I don’t think I fully appreciated the board game revolution that was accelerating then. I stopped attending for a variety of reasons, but this […]

The Lost Expedition Review

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Lost ExpeditionThe opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark (now Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) are legendary. The precise sequence of shots and movement of subjects in the different scenes creates the mystery and danger viewers anticipate through the whole film. Gamers looking to capture some of that feeling might be […]

FourCuatro Review

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FourQuartoTwenty five years ago, the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering stepped onto the gaming scene. The hobby has never been the same since. The main challenge with competitive, collectible card games is that they usually require a lot of upfront investment (time, knowledge, and money) and a level playing field to adequately compete. This […]

Incantris Review

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IncantrisThere are two types of games that have been around a while: skirmish miniatures games and wizard dueling games. Skirmish miniatures games like Chainmail, Warhammer skirmish variants, and Heroscape are big affairs involving considerable preparation time. Wizard dueling games are also fairly popular with Magic: The Gathering, Mage Wars, Summoner Wars, and even Wiz-War all […]

Far Space Foundry Review

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Far Space FoundryOuter space is a great theme. It’s more of a setting than a complete theme. When implemented, the concept of a future set in a vast frontier with aliens galore can accommodate many different types of games. Sure, adventuring through space blasting enemies is fun, but if you really want to see if sci-fi/outer space […]

Kickstarter and the Fear of Missing Out

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Fear of Missing OutA lot has changed in the world since I was a kid. In those pre-Internet days, you generally frequented the local game store to see what new games had come in stock. This physical space was the mini-BoardGameGeek of its time. It was a forum and game dissection lab rolled into a comics-cum-game space. These […]

The Butterfly Garden Review

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The Butterfly GardenGames can be about anything. So much of life is a series of mini-conflicts every day just to get through the normal stuff. When a game can slow players down and allow them to focus on small, maybe mundane, even joyful activities, it can make a big deal out of a small theme. The Butterfly […]