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Top 10 Egyptian Themed Board Games

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If readers have never been to Egypt, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience. The visible meld of ancient monuments, medieval farming and city structure, combined with modernity intruding onto a conservative culture beckons ages of anthropol…

Legacy of Dragonholt Review

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Roleplaying game products have an incredibly diverse range, just as complex and varied as board games. While the themes often focus on fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and alternate reality, the subtext and mechanisms of action resolution create a different me…

Hunt for the Ring Review

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If readers aren’t familiar with the concept of “hide-and-seek” games, they’ve been around for a while. Scotland Yard was a precursor for many games in this genre, where one player takes on the role of the mysterious bad guy while the other players, as …

Stellium Review

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Commonly here at Board Game Quest, reviews are doled out to the writer with the most street cred for a given theme or mechanism. Here in the Astronomical Creation and Modification Game Review Office, there’s a sense of pride in taking any game about th…

Vast: The Crystal Caverns Review

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One aspect to gaming which new gamers are not initially focused on is the relative ease of which certain games can be played. The ability to get a game “to the table”, as it were, is a critical judgement factor in deciding whether a game is worth inves…

Pyramids Review

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There can never be enough games about Ancient Egypt. The mystery, grandeur, and wealth of the civilization make it ample fodder for almost any game. It’s a drop-in theme for designers planning a game about building structures. Iello’s treading back to …

Battle for Rokugan Review

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Game reviewers are tasked with capturing the complete view of a game, especially with regards to the enjoyment and engagement it delivers. If a game isn’t interesting, or it has some fatal flaw, readers need to know about it. Beyond that, cultural inse…

Tahsin Shamma’s Top 10 Board Games

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This article is all Andrew’s fault. At Board Game Quest, we do our best to be pillars of the board gaming community. However, people need to know what those pillars are made of. Check out the games below that I think are the best of the best. If you’re…

Gaia Project Review

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The first reactions to a second edition or a game derived from a much beloved title usually fall on the polar opposites of the excitement spectrum. This reaction chart ranges on one end from “eyeroll meh” to “Ermahgerd! Shut up and take my money!” And …

878: Vikings Review

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Readers looking for a quick voice response to the question “When did the Vikings invade England?” should NOT try to dial the number 878-845-4647 (878-VIKINGS). There’s just a busy signal. Probably the lines are clogged with many others desperately tryi…

Board Game Bento Thoughts

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Writers for Board Game Quest are occasionally asked to evaluate a product that we might not be the main consumers for. In the case of a board game subscription service, receiving a monthly drop of board games is something we’re familiar with as a matte…

Heaven and Ale Review

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There’s a story that the phrase “one-trick pony” comes from a situation where a circus put on a display with a pony who knew only a single trick, that of playing dead. The phrase usually is one of condemnation, seeing as how it’s usually required that …

Circle the Wagons Review

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Size matters not as a wizened puppet character once said. This reviewer is a firm believer in the concept that a small game can be a great game. When a publisher sets out to craft a small game, it’s usually with the intention of maximizing portability …

Shipwrights of the North Sea Review

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There were these guys from Northern Europe during the early middle ages. They went around in boats raiding, pillaging, trading, and colonizing. All in all, pretty typical stuff for that era. Fast forward through history enough, and publishers get a new…

Turning a Page on 2017

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It seems to be an unwritten rule of calendar based civilizations that once your roll of years increases its count, there’s a required moment of reflection over what has transpired. As our thermometers drop and heating bills rise, my birthday also comes…

Cottage Garden iOS Review

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There’s this addictive computer game readers might have heard of that originated in Russia: Tetris. This block-packing insanity-inducer has on and off inspired similar board games. With the release of Patchwork a couple of years ago, Uwe Rosenberg seem…

Gut Check Review

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Here at Board Game Quest, we’re all about hard-hitting tough reviews that expose gamers to every niche boardgames have to offer. We vigorously crawl the innards of board gaming sites to find those games which deserve your attention. Just kidding, this …

Lessons Learned: When Not To Back

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Kickstarter BackingWhile Kickstarter may be the best place for publishers to nurture a game idea into existence, it presents some challenges for consumers. Instead of a simple store listing and a “Pre-Order” now button right next to the product image, Kickstarter gives creators a huge amount of visual real estate to craft their pitch. Here’s the […]

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn Review

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Civilization: New DawnDesigning board games is a challenging business. It has the same risk as movie production, albeit at a dramatically smaller scale. However, the need to meet the demands of a taste-specific audience while also attracting a larger audience is still at the core of some types of game design, especially when dealing with an existing […]

Wizards Wanted Review

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Wizards WantedIn software quality assurance testing, one of the most important concepts is to use the software in a way that doesn’t just test the most common scenarios, but also tests extreme scenarios. The software should work and present appropriate errors to guide the user even when they’re using it in a non-intended way. There should […]

Near and Far Review

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Near And FarArtist, designer and publisher Ryan Laukat’s success with blending the storytelling + resource management in Above and Below has the potential to be duplicated in a new sequel. Near and Far is a storytelling and resource management game in the same thematic world as his previous game. Players occupy the role of adventurers forming a […]

Smash Up iOS Review

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Smash Up iOSThere are a couple of primary axioms that strongly illustrate the reasons people will buy or switch to an iOS version of a game. The first is convenience. Getting players together for a physical game takes coordination to get people together and then manipulation of game components. The second is cost. A five dollar app […]

Ink Monsters Review

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Ink MonstersMonsters, Inc. has definitely registered itself in the minds of moviegoers as the default style for cute monsters. From the wackiness and cuddly factor of the creatures to the range of colors and appendage designs, the film’s style just ingrains itself into the minds of fans. That’s important because any game that implements that style […]

The Quest for El Dorado Review

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The Quest for El DoradoOne of the most common ways people sum up a game (and indeed the same way Board Game Quest does it) is to mention the primary mechanisms in a game. For example, a press-your-luck, dice rolling game might immediately conjure visions of Yahtzee and other derivative games. Unfortunately, this can also have the effect of […]

America Review

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AmericaVeteran game designer Friedemann Friese normally has a thing. He names all his games with the first letter F. However, when veteran game designer Ted Alspach joins in, some exceptions follow. The real exception in this case is actually a trivia party game. This, like its predecessor games Fauna and Terra, presents players with a […]