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A Year of Transition and Great Expectations

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Gen Con Photo RecapOne of the things that will be racing through my mind as I attend this year’s Gen Con is how much has changed. My last time attending was in 2006, and I don’t think I fully appreciated the board game revolution that was accelerating then. I stopped attending for a variety of reasons, but this […]

The Lost Expedition Review

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Lost ExpeditionThe opening scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark (now Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) are legendary. The precise sequence of shots and movement of subjects in the different scenes creates the mystery and danger viewers anticipate through the whole film. Gamers looking to capture some of that feeling might be […]

FourCuatro Review

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FourQuartoTwenty five years ago, the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering stepped onto the gaming scene. The hobby has never been the same since. The main challenge with competitive, collectible card games is that they usually require a lot of upfront investment (time, knowledge, and money) and a level playing field to adequately compete. This […]

Incantris Review

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IncantrisThere are two types of games that have been around a while: skirmish miniatures games and wizard dueling games. Skirmish miniatures games like Chainmail, Warhammer skirmish variants, and Heroscape are big affairs involving considerable preparation time. Wizard dueling games are also fairly popular with Magic: The Gathering, Mage Wars, Summoner Wars, and even Wiz-War all […]

Far Space Foundry Review

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Far Space FoundryOuter space is a great theme. It’s more of a setting than a complete theme. When implemented, the concept of a future set in a vast frontier with aliens galore can accommodate many different types of games. Sure, adventuring through space blasting enemies is fun, but if you really want to see if sci-fi/outer space […]

Kickstarter and the Fear of Missing Out

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Fear of Missing OutA lot has changed in the world since I was a kid. In those pre-Internet days, you generally frequented the local game store to see what new games had come in stock. This physical space was the mini-BoardGameGeek of its time. It was a forum and game dissection lab rolled into a comics-cum-game space. These […]

The Butterfly Garden Review

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The Butterfly GardenGames can be about anything. So much of life is a series of mini-conflicts every day just to get through the normal stuff. When a game can slow players down and allow them to focus on small, maybe mundane, even joyful activities, it can make a big deal out of a small theme. The Butterfly […]

Belfort Review

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BelfortIt’s hard for people to remember certain games when so many are being released these days. A blizzard of cubes, mechanisms, and player boards can blow by in the form of ten different games. Some players need a reminder of the theme or core mechanism just to get a sense of whether a game was […]

Rhein: River Trade Review

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Rhein: River TradeGamers who have spent time stressing over the myriad shipping options on a board game order should take heart; their woes are not mere chaff for the game designers waste bin. Those stress inducing moments are now an opportunity for fun, in-game stress inducing moments. Maybe. The famed designers of ZhanGuo, Marco Canetta and Stefania […]

Top 10 Fantasy Games of Legend

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Top 10 Fantasy Board Games of LegendHistorically, “fantasy” board games are an outgrowth of the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons and the resurgence of Tolkien fantasy in the late 1970s and 1980s. With this in mind, constructing a list of the Top 10 Fantasy Games of Legend brings back memories of late Friday nights of gobbling bad pizza hunched over a table […]

Jaipur iOS Review

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Jaipur iOSIt might be surprising to many readers out there, but this reviewer’s first experience with Carcassonne was the XBOX Live Arcade version in 2007. With any digital translation, it’s much better to have it late, polished, and reach a wider audience than never. Such is the case with the newly released Jaipur iOS app. Jaipur […]

Clank! Sunken Treasures Expansion Review

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Clank! Sunken TreasuresClank! has become a big hit in the board gaming community. Although steeped in a pretty common paradigm (push-your-luck meets dungeoneering), the structure and perils of the game married with the deck building mechanism have kept players coming back again and again. If you haven’t played it yet, you can find out more in my […]

Isle of Monsters Review

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Isle of MonstersThere’s always something to learn. Fun fact: Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah, Anguirus, Gorosaurus, Manda, Daikondura, Maneater, and Rodan are all kaiju living on Monster Island. Readers interested in a gaming monster island should read further about Mayday Games new release, Isle of Monsters. Isle of Monsters is a card drafting, set collection game […]

Black Hat Review

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Black HatComputer hacking has a notoriously cool aura surrounding it. The genre spans the worlds of crime, technology, and sometimes even a little bit of science fiction. Working in IT, this reviewer knows that real hacking is hardly glamorous, usually involving many, many hours sitting in front of a computer looking at databases and file systems […]

Big Bang 13.7 Preview

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Big Bang 13.7Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. There are an incredibly small number of games that deal with the organization and manipulation of the universe. Moving planets and stars may be a bit too large of a scale for many players, especially as […]

Gaming Canon: Stone Age

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Stone AgeEveryone has a game that they’ve played more than all their other games. Perhaps it’s for the pure enjoyment of the game mechanisms or perhaps it’s for the theme and integration of style. One of the games I’ve been able to play profusely and come to see all the strategy in is Stone Age. I feel […]

Lorenzo il Magnifico Review

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Lorenzo il MagnificoThe Italian Renaissance in the 15th century was a time of revival and renewal in terms of trade, art, culture, and expansions of power. This was partially achieved through a recovery of Greek classics found in the middle east, and the expansion of trade routes therein. This accelerated meeting of different minds helped create a […]

Salem Review

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SalemOver 300 years ago, in the small village of Salem, Massachusetts, 20 people were executed for the crime of witchcraft. Having visited Salem recently, this reviewer can attest to the town’s capitalization on the history. On more than one street visitors will find references to witch history, magic souvenirs, and other Wiccan or occult merchandise. […]

Potion Explosion iOS Review

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Potion Explosion iOSThese are strange times to be alive for sure. This review covers a digital game conversion of a tabletop game that borrows its core mechanism from other digital match-3 puzzle games. Asmodee Digital hopes gamers who aren’t confused will love the new iOS app for Potion Explosion. Game Overview: Bumbling students of potions class mixing […]

Gnomi Review

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GnomiA Renaissance era scholar named Paracelsus first introduced the concept of gnomes. He described them as earth elementals standing about a foot tall, and able to move through solid earth at will. For the gnome lover in the family, there’s a new game from Poppy Jasper Games called Gnomi. Gnomi is a hand management card […]

Bio-Logic Preview

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Bio-LogicNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. Anyone who has studied biology, anatomy, and/or medicine can tell you that biological systems are a perfect subject matter for good board games. They are complex systems at work, upkeep that needs to happen, and combat […]

RONE: Races of New Earth Review

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RONEOne of the difficulties of playing Magic: The Gathering for many years is that players can eventually grow tired of the collectible nature of the hobby. The physical demands of managing a large collection of cards needs considerable time. Those same players who are looking for more compartmentalized games often seek out designs with a […]

Level Up My Game:

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MelodiceBack in my roleplaying days, one of the things that I always sought for game sessions was immersion. I really wanted to feel like I was part of the scene and the experience was as cinematic as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this was to have a running game soundtrack. Here’s where […]

Coal Baron: The Great Card Game Review

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Coal Baron Card GameGoing back many moons, the marketing and usability efforts when creating a card game version of a board game are a well trodden subject. Even this reviewer, with a recent review of a popular board-to-card game (Castles of Burgundy Card Game) has been annoyed with the trend, especially with games that simply convert a board […]

Green Deal Review

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Green DealApparently, the “Green Deal” is a real thing. When searching on the Internet for videos, readers should take notice of the many Green Deal videos posted by UK residents. Is there room for a game with the same name and something of the same subject matter? Karma Games and designer Juma Al-JouJou have presented just […]