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Wasteland Express Delivery Service Review

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Wasteland Express Delivery ServiceWhile 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road may have brought the post-apocalyptic genre back into the spotlight, I’ve always had a fondness for that theme. So heck yeah I was excited to try Wasteland Express Delivery Service after seeing it at Gen Con this year. Trucking across a ravaged landscape, make deliveries, fighting raiders and earning […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 9/18

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Kickstarters of the WeekAs September rolls on, so do the Kickstarter campaigns. After a few lighter weeks, we have five new campaigns for you to check out, including one game we’ve actually played. Horizons is a fun, scifi 4x game that we got a chance to test out and you can read our full preview here if you […]

Maze Racers Review

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Maze RacersI love to build things. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing a tile laying game that has me constructing a city, or a dexterity game where I’m stacking things. Building allows me to tap into that creative part of my brain that loves to get used. Today, we are going to look at a unique […]

Memoarrr! Review

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Memoarrr!There seems to be a a growing trend of taking old/classic games and using them for a foundation in a modern board game. Bruno Cathala did it with 5 Tribes (Mancala) and Kingdomino (Dominoes), while Antoine Bauza did it with Samurai Spirit (Blackjack). Designer Carlo Bortolini is now joining their ranks with this new game, […]

The Goonies Adventure Card Game Review

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The Goonies Adventure Card GameNostalgia can be a powerful thing and publishers must be realizing that. Lately we have been seeing a resurgence of games based on 80’s IP. Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Terminator 2, and now The Goonies. Designed by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle (Morocco, Back to the Future Card Game), The Goonies Adventure Card Game […]

Photosynthesis Review

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PhotosynthesisCan you judge a game by its cover? Probably not, or else many of those eurogames would be tragically bad (Caylus, I’m looking at you!). That being said, a great cover can get you to stop and take notice. That’s exactly what happened to me when I came across the cover for Photosynthesis, a new […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 9/11

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Kickstarters of the WeekSeptember is moving quickly and, before you know it, Essen will be here. It feels like Gen Con was only last week. But alas, time doesn’t wait, not even for gaming. It’s another light week this week for our Kickstarter campaigns. There isn’t too much ending right now that we are excited about. However I […]

Parental Guidance: Deadline, Herbaceous and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft Review

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Parental GuidanceWe are back with another edition of Parental Guidance, where I play games with my parents and they let me know what they thought of my choices. This is all part of my never-ending search for games I can play with people who aren’t part of my usual gaming group. While we’ve always got the […]

Tiny Park Review

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Tiny ParkA few years ago, you probably didn’t pay attention to new releases from HABA unless you have children at home. While their kids games were known to be excellent, there wasn’t really much there for gamers. Thankfully, that’s not true anymore. While they still make plenty of excellent children games, titles like Rhino Hero, Karuba, […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 9/4

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Kickstarters of the WeekSeptember is already here, marking the beginning of the school year as we also wave goodbye to summer. It’s also Labor Day here in the USA, a time when people are usually quite busy, so I’ll keep this brief. Just a few campaigns for you to check out this week before you get off to […]

Slide Blast Review

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Slide BlastI can’t even tell you the last time I was on a waterslide. While they were a staple of my childhood (we are only a few hours away from the Waterpark Capital of the World), I just don’t really find the time any more as an adult. So I guess I need to live vicariously […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 8/28

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Kickstarters of the WeekHere we are at the end of August, the summer is winding down and, with it, the convention season. It’s hard to believe it was only a little while ago that we were looking forward to Origins. Yet now we are already in recovery mode from Gen Con. Which, if you missed it, we posted […]

Horizons Preview

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HorizionsNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. Daily Magic Games’ next game, Horizons, is coming to Kickstarter. Yay! Another game from one of my favorite publishers, Daily Magic Games! <insert awful attempts at witty and/or snarky tie ins to games you have […]

51st State Scavengers Expansion Review

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51st State Scavengers ExpansionThe 51st State Master Set released in 2016, and was a much improved version of that fun engine building game. If you don’t know much about it, you can read our full review here. Even though the Master Set includes two expansions (New Era and Winter) in the box, that didn’t stop Portal Games from […]

Gen Con 2017 Recap

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Gen Con 2017 is in the books and it was, as always, the “Best Four Days of Gaming”. The entire Board Game Quest team was down there to play games, meet people, and otherwise game our little hearts out. I’ll skip any more preamble and just get you right to the good stuff. Thoughts on […]

Herbaceous Review

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Herbaceousher·ba·ceous adjective of, denoting, or relating to herbs (in the botanical sense). To be completely honest with you, Herbaceous is a word that rarely, if ever, makes its way into my conversations. And this from an avid gardener and cook. But hey, it’s definitely a thing and I remember when this game landed on Kickstarter […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 8/21

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Kickstarters of the WeekGen Con 2017 is in the books and what a convention it was! The entire BGQ staff is diligently working on our convention recap, which you can expect to read later this week. In the mean time, the gaming goodness rolls on and we have four new Kickstarter campaigns for you to check out. Enjoy! […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 8/14

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Kickstarters of the WeekIt’s finally Gen Con week. The annual “Best 4 Days in Gaming” is set to be the biggest in the 50 year history of the convention. All four days have long since sold out; meaning tens of thousands of gamers will descend upon Indianapolis this week. Even though we are already busily prepping to go […]

Top 10 2 Player Board Games

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Top 10 2 Player Board GamesEven though I have regular game nights at my house, my primary gaming partner is still my wife. And I’m exceedingly grateful for her willingness to try just about any game I toss onto the table (especially if I need to play it for a review). So I definitely appreciate when publishers come out with […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 8/7

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Kickstarters of the WeekAugust is finally here and it feels like the summer is just flying by. We are also less than two weeks away from GenCon. This is the 50th anniversary of the convention and it’s selling out for the first time in as far as I can remember. But we are not quite there yet, so […]

Between Two Cities: Capitals Expansion Review

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Between Two Cities CapitalsBetween Two Cities is Stonemaier Games take on the pick-and-pass drafting genre. If you haven’t played it before, you can read out our full review of Between Two Cities here. But suffice to say, I found it an enjoyable game that also worked really well as a gateway game. Recently, game designers Matthew O’Malley and […]

Unlock! Review

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Unlock ReviewNote: This will be a spoiler free review of the Unlock! series of games. All photos showing the front of cards are from the small tutorial deck included in each game. I am a big fan of escape rooms. I’ve done more than a few in my area and, so far, have escaped from each […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 7/31

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Kickstarters of the WeekIt’s still July for one last day, but it’s a Monday, so you get your new batch of Kickstarters to check out. There has been quite the range of campaigns lately on the crowdfunding site, with some exceptional ones, and some of dubious quality. Regardless, we’ve pulled out some interesting looking campaigns for you to […]

Deadline Review

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DeadlineIf there is a genre of movies that I would love to skyrocket back into the limelight, it has to be the film noir style. They way they speak, the cinematography, everything really, it just is able to grab my attention and never let go. So when I saw that WizKids Games was creating a […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 7/24

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Kickstarters of the WeekJuly is all but over and I tell you, the summer is flying by. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was looking forward to the annual Origins Game Fair, and here we are, only a couple of weeks away from Gen Con 2017. But we are not there yet, so in the […]