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Pig Sty for Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter

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Sue and I were babysitting in Leamington Spa yesterday afternoon, looking after our grandson Finley. On the way over I stopped off at Hysterical Games to drop off the latest masters to Rob Alderman for the Olde Hammer – Apocalypse Miniatures …

Models For Wargamers Reviewed in W, S & S issue 90

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Issue 90 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has a short review of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers, written by the magazine editor Guy Bowers and featured on page 80. Thank you Guy, I pleased that you liked the book.

Copies of Models For Wargamers can be purchased from me for £18.00 plus postage, for further details please see this link.

I also have copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 – More Wargame Terrain. These last few books are available for just £15.00 plus postage and details can be found here.

Thank you.


Alien Fire Support

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Today sees the first of our Salute releases hit the website. The new 15mm Yenpalo Xarledi grav tank is now available, along with the support railgun and mortar teams. The Xarledi is a very alien-looking heavy grav tank with remote mass-driver turret and two twin railgun mounts on either side. It has a resin turret […]

April Update

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I am very conscious that updated to the Blog in April have been very scarce. The Apocalypse Miniatures Kickstarter is still planned for launch later this year. I have just finished another two models which are going off to be cast early next week. for …

The Cottages of Lilliput Lane

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Another charity shop find – The Cottages of Lilliput Lane published by Portfolio Press in 1991 bought for just £2.00.

I have in previous posts commented on how I look to Lilliput Lane and David Winter Cottages for inspiration when building my own wargame terrain. This hard-back book lists and details each of the Lilliput Lane sculpts as well as giving details of how they are modelled and cast.

I can see me using these illustrations as more inspiration when modelling further buildings.


The Cottages of Lilliput Lane
Published by Portfolio Press, New York
Photographs by Walter Pfeiffer – Text by Deborah Scott
266 pages full colour
ISBN – 0 942620 14 3

Last Minute Additions

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Phil’s just emailed me to say he’s remade the mould for our long out-of-production Kerberos spacestation, so we’ll have several examples of that for sale tomorrow. The Kerberos is a three-spoked ring station which is a single-piece resin casting, and he tells me that the new ones he’s had out of the mould so far […]

Stocked Up

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Firstly, an apology – Easter has played havoc with my normal weekly schedule, so I’m a bit behind in getting orders to the post office – not casting and buyfilling the orders, that I’m on top of, but there’s a big pile of them in the office that need to be posted. Hopefully I will […]

That’s All, Folks !

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There was an outside chance that we would have even more stuff for Salute to show you, but in the end it hasn’t happened. As I’ve mentioned to several people at shows over the last few months, I have been working on some dockyard buildings – mostly based on Chatham Naval Dockyard, not all that […]

Armour Modelling by John Prigent

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Sue and I had a day in Cheltenham and I picked up this second-hand copy of Armour Modelling by John Prigent, part of the Osprey Masterclass series for just £5.00. The book was in one of the many charity stores in Cheltenham and I thought it too good to miss out on.

It is a card covered ring bound reference book of 192 pages, full-colour illustrations with lots of step-by-step projects, just the sort of book I like…..

I look forward to reading it.


Armour Modelling by John Prigent
Published by Osprey Publishing in 2008
Cover price – £19.99
ISBN – 978 1 84176 974 5


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Let’s have a brief change of pace from Salute for once – Beasts of War are inviting nominations for their 3rd annual awards, and you can win a prize for suggesting something for any of their categories. Far be it from us to seek to influence the jury, but maybe someone could sneak something of […]

Upgrading the Federation

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When I mentioned yesterday that we’d reached the end of the new items for Salute, that wasn’t quite true (turns out that I’d got my order of publishing posts mixed up !)- although we really are almost done now. Today’s offering is a set of upgraded models for our European Federation spaceship fleet. This will […]

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter.Tony

Squadron Commander (2)

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This might (or might not) be the last of our Salute previews – you never know. Following on from the previews of the new British Squadron Commander models, we’re offering some opposition in the shape of two Neo-Soviet fighters. Like the Brits these are reworkings of the smaller models from the Spaceship range. The models […]

Squadron Commander (1)

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Our Squadron Commander range has been static for a while, but it’s had a revival in sales recently, partly we suspect because of ‘gamers using the models as air support for 6mm ground games (the models are the same scale). So it’s time we added some new models, and today we have two British fighters. […]

Alien Big Brother

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There’s a bit of an alien theme pervading our Salute SF releases this year – we’ve already previewed our first 6mm Yenpalo models and then followed them up with some nifty 15mm support weapons. Well, having made the 6mm tank, did you really think we wouldn’t make a 15mm version ? And now it has […]

Yenpalo Support

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A couple of days ago we previewed the first of our Yenpalo aliens which have been scaled down to 6mm. Today we return to their 15mm cousins, who are gaining some heavy firepower in the form of crew-served railguns and automatic mortars. Each comes in a pack of two teams consisting of a two-part weapon […]

Top 5 Star Trek Board Games

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Top 5 Star Trek Board GamesA while ago we gave some love to “a galaxy far, far away” with 10 Great Options for Star Wars Gaming. While this wasn’t an exclusive board game list for Star Wars, tabletop games did comprise the majority. Well the conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion isn’t the only “star” universe out there. So […]

Orange Order

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The airbrush was out yesterday on various models, which gave me the chance to put the final touch on a new building in our Research Base range. I used another of the Anarchy Models stencils to add some warning letters to the main door of this large garage block as a last flourish – which […]

Alien Nation

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Today was a rather glorious one weather-wise – the sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot, ideal for sitting out with paint and brushes putting colour on some more new models. Next up in our Salute preview series are some new 6mm items. The first is a set of Yenpalo infantry, expertly scaled down […]

Some charity shop finds

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These three books were picked up from the Oxfam Book Store in Cirencester yesterday. The Look and Learn book is full of beautiful illustrations, many by one of my favourite artists; Angus McBride, while the two Roman booklets are illustrated by Ronald …

Ten-mil Towers

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We try to have a spread of new releases across as many ranges as possible for Salute, and today we’re showing off two new 10mm SF buildings that we’ll have available on the day. They are small towers from the Desert Domes which have been scaled down from the 15mm range (or up from the […]

Models For Wargamers – the first review

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Earlier today I was directed to this post over on Wargames and Railroads, a Blog written by Kris Marquardt a long-time supported of my ‘how-to’ articles and guides. The Blog post is a review (the first review as far as I am aware) of Dam…


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It’s been longer than planned (mainly due to delays getting things painted), but it’s time to unveil the next of our Salute releases for this year. It’s based on the hull of our recently released 15mm Vombat tank, but features a new turret fitted with four missile tubes and two tri-barrel gatlings as the ultimate […]

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel(shark) 

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A couple of weeks ago we released our new 6mm PacFed models – or at least we thought we did. It turns out that we missed one, accidentally leaving out the Angelshark VTOL from the list of new models. So today we’ve rectified that oversight and added it to the website alongside the rest of […]

The 2017 Salute Sticky Page

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Welcome to our Salute 2017 Page. Salute is the biggest event on the UK wargaming calendar, around 8000 people and 150 traders gathering at the ExCel centre in London for a day of frenzied shopping and gaming. For those who are new to us, what we tend to do is save up a lot of […]