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Shrewsbury away-day

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Another away-day, this time to Shrewsbury, where I took these images.The image below was a modern reproduction of a timber framed building which I thought caught the traditional construction style very well.Tony

Small Desert Domes

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Today we have two new 15mm SF buildings in the Desert Domes range, again making the scale transition up from 6mm. They are two simple hemispherical dwellings, each with a single door and window. They’re useful in a multitude of settings – although we title them ‘Desert Domes’, that just happens to be a catchy […]

Happy Birthday – some of the presents

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In addition to a new sketch book and some gift vouchers for W H Smiths (newsagents/book seller in the UK), I received this near pristine second-hand copy of the Andreas Miniatures Catalogue from Sue and a copy of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman from Hol…

West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell 2017

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Here are some images taken by me at the West Midlands Military Show, Alumwell last Sunday.The show was the venue for the official launch of the latest Dampfpanzerwagon Guide – Models For Wargamers. Should you wish to learn more, please use this link&nb…

Slammers Upgrades

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Today we’re releasing more reinforcements for our 6mm Hammer’s Slammers forces. There are uparmoured versions of the M2A4UA tank and M9A7 combat car, plus new artillery support on the form of the M53 20cm Artillery Hog. The new tanks have extra armour plating pretty much all over – the difference is obvious comparing the two […]

Dampf’s modelling page 2017-03-15 04:54:00

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Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers is now available to order. For full details of how to get your own numbered and signed Limited Edition copy, please go to this link.I should also point out that there are a few copies of Dampfpan…

Anarchy in the UK

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In preparation for the release of our new 15mm Neo-Soviet tanks, the Vombat and the Bars, I wanted to paint up some samples for the website. Inspired by an article written by the editor in the February issue of Miniature Wargames I thought I might try out the airbrush stencils made by Anarchy Models. I […]

West Midlands Military Show 2017 Alumwell

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Sue and I are now home from a very busy and enjoyable day out at the WMMS, Alumwell where I exhibited some of my scratch-built models and launched Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers book.Image One – Sue volunteered to help out and had …

Guards, Guards !*

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We’ve put out the odd photo of a new 15mm tank lately, and we’re pleased to say that it’s finally ready for release. There are in fact two of them, similar but each with a different role on the battlefield. Both vehicles are used by Neo-Soviet Guards armoured divisions instead of the smaller Bizon used […]

Models For Wargamers Book official launch this weekend

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On Sunday, Sue and I will be at the West Midlands Military Show, Alumwell where I will be officially launching the Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers. My intention is to have models from all three books on display plus some others, for example the resin casts from the Panzerfauste range and a couple of models that have featured in magazine tutorials. If you are attending, please stop by and say hello.

I have a couple of copies of More Wargame Terrain which will be sold for just £15.00 a copy but it will be the new book that I will be concentrating on.

As with the earlier publications, the first 100 will be numbered and signed. My plan is to hold a prize draw once these books are sold. Should you wish to order your own copy, please go to this link.

While details of the Alumwell show can be found here.

Thank you.


Rathcore Holders & Grips

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Earlier this week my Rathcore Miniature Holder and Grip arrived. I had chosen the larger, pale wooden handle with extra cork inserts for my pledge and all were delivered safely. I have still to try it out but I must admit that they are beautifully made…

2mm Terrain

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We have a bit of small-scale eye candy this afternoon. Jonas Dahlberg has sent us some pictures of his impressive 2mm WW2 layouts, featuring the Battle of the Bulge, D-Day landings and a really nice pacific island – I especially love the snow-covered industrial zone. Enjoy !

WMMS, Alumwell, just one week to go…..

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The West Midlands Military Show, Alumwell is just one week away. My plan is to be one of the exhibitors and show off some of the scratch-built models featured in all three of the Dampfpanzerwagon Guides as well as officially launch Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers. The new guide will be on sale for just £18.00. The first 100 copies will be signed and numbered.

Pop by and say hello if you are attending. Full details of the show can be found here.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, details of how to order can be found here.


Hammerhead Shark BS2017- the voting is now open.

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The Lead Adventure Forum Build Something 2017 Contest is now active and votes are being taken on the entries. For full details go to this link.My Hammerhead Shark Aeronef is in Group AHere are some construction and painting images for your perusal…

The trilogy is now complete!

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Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models For Wargamers has just been picked up from the printers, well in time for the official launch on Sunday 12th March at the WMMS, Alumwell.I need to let the book ‘rest’ before packing them for postage, but I would ex…

Ocean Blue

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As we’ve been hinting at for a while (starting with the Polyversal remastering work), our Pacific Federation 6mm forces have been getting a bit of a makeover to match their 15mm cousins. The overall configuration of each vehicle hasn’t changed, but the original designs have all been replaced by sharper, more detailed versions. Phil has […]

Roman Temple from Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 89

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Issue 89 of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy features a 28mm scale, scratch-built Romano-British Shrine/Temple based on the artists impression of the building at Godmanchester near Peterborough and was built by me.Details of the shrine can be found at t…

Happy St David’s Day

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Happy St David’s DayWith all the excitement and rush of getting Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models for Wargamers ready for print I had missed a very important landmark. Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of this Blog. Details of how to order M…

Track Painting

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With the recent release of our new Small Scale Scenery engine sheds and track, I thought it might be a good time to quickly run through my painting method for the track. When I first got hold of prototypes of our original track to paint, I looked at all the little tiny sleepers and thought […]

Models For Wargamers is now available to order

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Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models for Wargamers has been ordered and is now at the printers. I would expect the official launch date to be Sunday 12th March and copies will be available to purchase at The West Midlands Military Show (WMMS, Alumwell) see this post for details.

The new book will be;
   A4 Portrait size
   Perfect Bound
   Premium paper – 300gsm gloss cover and 170gsm gloss pages
   112 pages (plus cover)
   8 articles and 10 step-by-step tutorials
   Over 330 full colour images
   Over 20,000 words


I am pleased to confirm that the books will be sold for £18.00 each. Payment via (old fashioned) cheque or Paypal. 

Should anyone wish to order a copy of the book, could you please e-mail me at;  dampfpanzerwagon(at) With your full name and address and your Paypal account details (so I can send you an invoice).

Please include the title Models for Wargamers in the e-mail.


Each copy will be wrapped in clingfilm, enclosed in a custom card wrap and posted via Royal Mail.

Postage & Packaging will be;
  UK – £5.00
  Europe – £9.50
  Rest of the World – £13.50

(Subject to change)

(Anyone who wants the book/package to be signed for – please contact me at the time of ordering and I will amend the P&P cost).

Pre-launch orders will be processed as soon as the books are available – please keep checking Blog for details.

Thank you.


A couple of books from the library

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Sue and I visited The Hive, the main library in Worcester and I picked up these two books on loan. The first is Recreating The Past by Vistor Ambrus and Mick Aston, the on-site artist and presenter of Time Team, a TV archaeology programme. And The Pen …

Railway Assortment

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Today we’re expanding on the railway options available in our Small Scale Scenery range. We have two different engine sheds – one is a large shed (over 250 scale feet long) with room for multiple engines and carriages. It’s not based on any specific prototype but is more generic. The second is a more distinctive […]

Three recent purchases

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Here are three recent book purchases. The first was bought for me by Sue and is an illustrated book of paintings and watercolours showing the Victorian ideal of a country cottage. Victorian Cottages (part of the Country Series) by Andrew Clayton Payne. The book is full of inspiration for future models.

Secondly a real find – again a gift from Sue who has a way of finding these fantastic little gems. The Hutchinson Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare. It was picked up for just 50p.

Finally a book found by me in a charity book shop, Traditional Houses of Rural France by Bill Laws. The book is jam-packed with colour illustrations of beautifully photographed rural houses. Just my type of book. This one cost just £1.00.


Cavalier 2017

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Our next show is on Sunday 26th – Cavalier in Tonbridge, Kent, just a few miles down the road from Brigade Towers. For this particular long-standing show we’re in the same position again, a couple stands along from the entrance to the trade hall on the right. We again have a smaller stand than usual, […]

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part eighteen

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The Build Something Contest on Lead Adventure update.The entries are in and we are just awaiting details of the contest rules and how the entries are going to be judged. Good luck to everyone who entered and commiserations to those brave soles who…