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Jutland refight

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Today we’d like to give some publicity to an upcoming charity event. This is a refight of Jutland (a historical version rather than our Aeronef one !) in aid of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity. It’s taking place at HMS Flying Fox, a Royal Naval Reserve base in Bristol. Participants are being sought, […]

UK Games Expo, Birmingham

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Games Expo, Birmingham, just one month to go.I’ve booked time off work to visit on the Sunday. It’s been a couple of years since I last visited so I’m looking forward to a great day out.Full details can be found here.Tony

Neo-Soviet Conscripts

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As mentioned before Salute, our 15mm Neo-Soviet forces are gaining several new packs of conscript infantry. There are four packs altogether – infantry (9 figures – six riflemen, squad leader, rocket launcher and LMG), support weapons (8 figures – 2-man missile squad, two 2-man gatling teams, plasma gun and sniper) and command (6 figures including […]

The Church of St. Laurence – or Tarting-up MDF part two

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Issue 84 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy – May/June 2016 includes an article written by me called The Church of St Laurence, Bradford-on-Avon, Building a Saxon Church. The article/tutorial carries on from my earlier published article – Tarting-up …

Ma.K Hover Tank – part 25 (Finished)

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At long last – here is the finished Ma.K Hover Tank…..

It’s been quite a journey, a £1.00 kiddies toy turned into a finished model which I believe captures the spirit and feel of the  Maschinen Krueger SF3D universe. I was able to use the Viper transfers from the Ju 87 Stuka – a model that I have wanted to build since I was a teenager, but I think the thing that I am most proud of is the fact that even though the build and the finishing didn’t always go to plan, I was able to produce a model that I like. One that I am proud of.

Thanks to everyone that has supported the project with comments and critique – they have been most welcome. Thank you. I can now move on to something fresh!

The images show the finished Ma.K Hover Tank Ju 87s – THE VIPER

The biggest costs of the whole project were the figures, during the build, I picked up Dust figures, Revell German ground crew and Graven Images 40mm German soldiers from the Internet. The ‘snake’ transfers were also bought from the internet, but almost everything else was scratch-built or found in my ‘spares box’.


Trouble at t’Mill

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15mm gamers have had it all their own way with the last couple of new releases, so it’s time for a change of pace, scale and era. Today’s new items are from an era of Charles Dickens, tyrannical mill owners and child labour – what’s not to like? In the Small Scale Scenery range we […]

Ma.K Hover Tank – part 24

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At the start of this build, I was not thinking – “What Scale Shall I Build This Model?” I was looking to produce a scratch-built Ma.K tank, very much in the style that you can find on the internet, instead the construction moved ahead using bits and pi…

Ma.K Hover Tank – part 23

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I have added a couple more decals following the first set (see earlier post). Once the decals were in place and sealed with Future floor polish, I varnished to whole model with brushed-on Galleria Matt Varnish.Then the weathering…..The weathering was…

Iron Fist

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Following hard on the heels of Friday’s new 15mm Fasolini figures, we stay in the same scale but get a bit heavier in terms of hardware today. Most powerful of all is the Henschel Pz266 Eisenfaust (Iron Fist) laser tank, a large blower tank equipped with a heavy turreted laser and a secondary autocannon in […]

Ma.K Hover Tank – part -22

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These first four images show the choice of transfers/decals I applied to the model. All of the transfers were applied over a brushed on coat of Future floor polish. The snake motif was a real pig to apply – the carrier film was thick and would not resp…

Ma.K Hover Tank – part 21

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The painting continues…..I have sponged on a second highlight of Linen and Leather Brown and Forest Green for the turret. The highlight has the effect of ‘popping’ the modelled on detail but is a little too light for my taste.I have therefore ‘washed…

Back to Normal

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After the rigours of Salute, we’ve had a relatively relaxed week – the workshop has been restored to some semblance of organisation (as much as it ever is !), all outstanding orders have been shipped out and the backlog of emails and other missives dealt with. Today we’re adding the first of the Salute releases […]

Warhammer Ancient Battles for sale on e-bay

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Two more-bay auctions this time Warhammer Ancient Battles. See this auction.And Warhammer Armies of Antiquity supplement . See this auction.Both books are in near perfect condition, never having been used and stored in a box file for years.Go…

Ma.K Hover Tank – part 20

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I have re-painted the base colour using the sponge technique (see earlier posts for details) on both the hull and the turret. I still need to add a lighter highlight colour over the top but as I have commented on earlier posts. I am much happier with t…

Ma.K Hover Tank – part nineteen

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The turret was painted green while the hull and turret have been given an all-over dark wash. I have given the engine nozzles and grills an even darker wash/undercoat ready for the first highlights.I think the brown hull and green turret works better t…

Ma.K Hover Tank – part eighteen

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The painting had reached a bit of a stumbling block. I’m not sure I like the green on brown camouflage – maybe the green is a little too bright. What ever the cause I’d found myself not wanting to proceed…..So where now?I found this image of a sand c…

Secondhand Book Shop Finds…..

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I have just returned from a morning out in the small village/town of Pershore, Worcs.  I picked up these two books from SEDGEBERROW BOOKS the second-hand book shop on the High Street. Just £10.00 each and I could have spent much more.

I have written about this book shop in previous posts, but feel I should point out to anyone interested in aviation, railways, naval or military history that this really is an Aladdin’s Cave of fine, rare and secondhand books.  If you are in the area, please treat yourself to a visit.

I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day. Settling down for a great read.


Last Minute Additions

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I’ve been tinkering over recent weeks with some of the remaining unreleased former ArmiesArmy moulds. In fact, some of the moulds we have are for items that as far as we know were never released, which includes these. In ArmiesArmy service these would have been RUSK Militia troops, but we’ve co-opted them into our Neo-Soviet […]

The Chapel at Rofenburg – for sale on e-bay

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I am selling this scratch built model of The Chapel at Rofenburg on e-bay, for full details of the auction please go to this link.The model was built some time ago for a planned Flintloque scenario that never happened and featured in Miniature War…

Something for the Smaller Gamer

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For the smaller scale gamer, there’s no heightism here at Brigade. Four more new moulds were uncorked yesterday, containing a selection of 6mm scale buildings in our Desert range. The first three are a selection of assorted towers to give a bit more variation in height to a desert cityscape. They come with a random […]

The Goodies Keep On Coming

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I cracked open two more new moulds today, both the hulls of 15mm vehicles. The metal turrets were in a different mould which Phil delivered at the end of last week, so after a very quick bit of resin casting I was able to assemble a sample of each. The first, and largest is a […]

Ma.K Hover Tank – part seventeen

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I have started to paint the camouflage scheme. I have used the sponge technique (see earlier posts) and have used colours from the illustration posted on this earlier post.I have used the same colours and techniques on the turret.The next two imag…

G-8 and his Battle Aces

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I came across these two books in a local Charity Shop.  They had others but I thought I’d try two before buying loads.The best way I can describe them it Biggles meets H.P. Lovecraft.The first is Squadron of the Scorpion (1935) and the second Scou…

Not Everything Always Goes to Plan !

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Today I was supposed to be posting about more Salute releases – some merchant spaceships, to be precise. We think the masters looked lovely (see below to decide for yourselves). Sadly the mould didn’t play ball :-(. This happens sometimes – we can get castings out of the mould, but they aren’t as good as […]

Ma.K Hover Tank – part sixteen

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Once the shading wash was dry, I re-applied the Leather Brown basecoat. As you can see I used a piece of Broken sponge rather than a paintbrush. For details of the technique please see this link.I then highlighted the tank with a lighter highlight…