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Models For Wargamers REDUCED

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Earlier this week it was pointed out to me that Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 – Building Wargame Terrain was first published over five years ago and Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 – More Wargame Terrain over four years ago. How time flies…..Please note; …

Holiday Time Again

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I returned home from Sheffield where I’d been attending the Joy of Six last night, and after a brief night’s sleep, the Brigadieress and I were up and off to Dover to catch a ferry to France. By the time this is published we’ll probab…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-seven

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Work on the layout has been slow, I have managed to build some items of clutter (more on this later in the month and for the whole month of August) but with the hot weather and baby-sitting most of my modelling and/or painting has been done in short se…

Jo6 Preview #4 – Ostfront

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As well as our 6mm ranges, we also take the Small Scale Scenery range to Joy of Six. It’s used by some 6mm gamers who prefer their scenery to be nearer to ground scale than figure scale, and we’ve seen it done very effectively. After the bu…

Slamming into Sheffield

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After any number of minor but irritating delays (mostly around getting the turrets to cast successfully), we are finally able to add 6mm versions of our recent Hammer’s Slammers releases to the website. There are a lot of them – from the Fa…

Jo6 Preview #3 – Air Support

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Our Squadron Commander range of starfighters stand as a range (and game – you can download the rules for free) in their own right, but also do double duty as air support for our 6mm SF range. It’s been a while since the last release, but we…

Jo6 Preview #2 – Guido’s Boys

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Number two in our short series of Joy of Six previews is a new set of 6mm infantry for Hammer’s Slammers, Fasolini’s Company. We already have these available in 15mm, and sculptor Martin Baker has done a fantastic job of scaling down the la…

Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018 – part two

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Part two and some of the weird and wonderful cars that were taking part in the hill climb.Tony

Jo6 Preview #1 – The Nightmare Bridge

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Before I start – this is the last call for Joy of Six pre-orders, I’m at Brigade Towers tomorrow casting stock and it’ll be my final chance to put any orders together. We have a few new 6mm SF items ready for the show this coming Sund…

A Box & Co (Very) Ltd. A Narrow Gauge Railway layout built to 1mm = 1 foot

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I recently picked up a second-hand copy of Railway Modeller from September 2017 and was pleasantly surprised to see a Narrow Gauge layout built to 10mm = 1 foot running on O Gauge or 32mm track and representing a 3 foot industrial narrow gauge layout. …

Chateau Impney Hill Climb 2018

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Sue and I visited the Chateau Impney Hill Climb event, day one yesterday where I took loads of photos of both display cars and racing or event cars. In this first post I have pulled together some of the displays, starting with this stunning Morgan thre…

That Sinking Feeling

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Following on from last week’s first steps underground with the release of the buried structures, this week we have four more ways to live below the surface of a planet – clearly HG Well’s artilleryman was onto something. For want of a…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-six

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The larger, end-on building (to the right) has now been fixed to the base and backboard. I used PVA and superglue to glue it in place. The metal salt pan and concrete wall section have still to be fixed in place.Tony

Slammers Decals

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For ages I’ve been putting off sorting and categorising the huge folder of decals for the 15mm Hammer’s Slammers range. Now I’ve finally done it, and I know why I was reluctant to start ! It’s taken a ridiculous amount of time t…

Kidderminster Electrical Sub-Station

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Earlier this week, Sue and I were walking along the canals in Kidderminster. We often park the car on the outskirts of the town and walk in alongside the canal. On this occasion I watched while workmen were updating the electrical sub-station behind AS…

Severn Valley Railway 1940’s weekend

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It is rare for me to have a Saturday off work and so with financial audits ending on Friday and some hours owing, Sue and I decided that we would have a day out. We drove to Bewdley and visited the Severn Valley Railway to see the 1940’s festival. The …

Going Underground

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Firstly, we’d like to give ourselves a small pat on the back – if you look to the right you’ll see a shiny medal which we’ve received from Feedspot, a content aggregator for websites, blogs and Youtube channels. We haven’t…

Models For Wargamers Book still available

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There are still copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – MODELS FOR WARGAMERS available to purchase. For more information on how to purchase a copy of this limited edition book, please see this link.Thank you.Tony

Slammer Troops

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We have a number of 15mm detachment packs available for Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible, although none for the Slammers Regiment themselves. We’ve made some steps towards rectifying that by releasing seven smaller Troop packs, which are half…

7mm Narrow Gauge Association model railway exhibition

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These are just some of the images I took at the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association model railway exhibition earlier this month.These models by David Wright were modelled to 7mm = 1 foot and built from DAS covered foamboard.Tony

AmRep Upgrades

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A number of our American Republic 6mm vehicles have been out of production for a while, in particular the support variants of the Baumann and Oldmann light tank. Today we’re releasing (or re-releasing ?) new versions of these models derived from …

Upton upon Severn an industrial treasure trove

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Earlier this month, Sue and I visited Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire. The plan was to have a walk along the river front and check out the Cafe/Bookstore that had recently opened. However the cafe was closed on the day we visited and we ended up driv…

Macbeth at the RSC

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Last night, Sue and I visited the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon to see the latest play; Macbeth with Christopher Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack. This is the first time I’ve seen Macbeth at the RSC and was initially disappointed…

The Joy of Six, 2018

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Coming up in the next month is our next show, the Joy of Six in Sheffield on Sunday July 15th. Run by Baccus Miniatures, the event (as its name suggests) is a 6mm scale-specific event covering all eras and genres from ancients to Sci-Fi. We’ll be…

Fathers Day 2018 – part two

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Holly bought me this board game for Fathers Day (as well as two bottle of Cidre). We are looking forward to having a game later this week.Thank you.Tony