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Ten Sale Days Remaining

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The Christmas sale is merrily sailing along (excuse the pun), and I’m going up to the local post office almost daily with piles of orders to be dispatched. It has ten days to run, so you still have plenty of time to make a saving (although be mindful of the last posting dates if you’re […]

Foul Mouth Freddy and the Wrong ****ing Wagon

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Image ‘borrowed’ from Orcs in the WebbeDay Four of this years Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar and we see that ‘potty-mouthed Orc sergeant’, Freddy get involved with some Wine Barons. The short story and gaming scenario which was written by me, can be…

Book Three – where are we and update.

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Images of the completed Damaged Tower House – one of the models to feature in book threeI have agreed to exhibit at the Alumwell or WMMS on Sunday, March 12th 2017 – see this post. Having made this decision it then followed that I would like to have Da…

Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar 12016

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Image ‘borrowed’ from OITW siteAnd so it begins. Thursday 1st December 2016, day one of the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar. Craig has chosen a Panzerfauste scenario written by Matthew Hartley called Fear Itself as the first post.For full details see…

IPMS 2016 – Pre-WWII Aircraft

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Not as many as in previous years, but still a wide variety of models.Tony

PacFed Upgrades

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One of our most popular 15mm ranges is the PacFed (Pacific Federation), probably because of their futuristic look with the wide grav skirts and rail guns. The designs are based on their 6mm counterparts but with a rather different styling and much more detail (as befits some of the first 3D sculpts we made). We […]

Some More Timber Framed Buildings

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Sue and I were in Stratford earlier today and on our return home we stopped in Alcester. Our plan was to pop in to one of our favourite restaurants and have a late lunch, but in the end we drove back to Droitwich and had tea at home.Here are some image…

IPMS 2016 – Modern Aircraft

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Part two of my IPMS Scale Model World photo report features modern aircraft from a wide range of different ages, styles and countries. I hope you like them.Tony

Black Friday Specials

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We don’t generally do anything special for Black Friday – usually we already have our sale running, or about to run, so we’re covered. However, this year we thought we’d join in the fun and do a one-day special just on three specific ranges. So for today, from midnight to midnight UK time we’ll be […]

Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar – just one week to go…..

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The Orcs in the Webbe 2016 Advent Calendar is now just over a week away, for those who are new to this fantastic Christmas giveaway, full details can be found here.I have at least one short story ear-marked for publication this year and will be re…

IPMS 2016 – Golden Age Jets

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Here is my first report from IPMS 2016 – Scale Model World, Telford and I have chosen jets or aircraft from what I believe to be the golden age – post WWII to the 1970’s. These are aircraft of my youth and in most cases aircraft that I have modelled. I…

A lump of balsawood!

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I was recently given this block of balsawood. It’s a lump measuring 600mm x 140mm x 70mm.I usually buy my balsawood as balsa scrap or odd pieces, so this will be ideal for my purposes.Thank you Alex

Last Posting Dates 2016

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As mentioned in the sale announcement last week, one of the reasons for bringing the sale forward is to allow overseas customers to place orders in time to receive them by Christmas. All of our orders are sent by First Class mail (UK) or International Standard mail (overseas). The Royal Mail’s last recommended postings for […]

Alumwell Wargame Show 2017

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I can confirm that I will be exhibiting at the WMMS – Alumwell Wargames Show on Sunday 12th March 2017. I first exhibited in 2015, see this blog post for further details but took a break this year. I should have new models and am planning tha…

Sale-ing on the Seven Seas

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2016 has flown by, and it’s the time of year again when the Brigade Elves dust off their little hats with the bells on, while Phil’s looking dapper in his red and green tights again. And the Brigadier puts on his red Santa hat and launches… So for the next four weeks, until December 16th, […]

Full gloss shine on plastic models

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I recently encountered a problem in getting a truly high gloss shine on a plastic model. I had used Halfords Plastic Primer then Halfords Gloss Black, then Halfords Gloss Lacquer , but still the finish was not good enough.I tried T Cut, Glass Polish. J…

Three reasons to take up a hobby

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I recently saw an article in one of my Mother-in-Laws magazines and thought it was worth posting here.Three Reasons To Have A Hobby;1 – IT MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPYWhen you are completely absorbed in a hobby you love, you enter a ‘flow state’ where you lose…

Miniature Holder – Latest Update

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Following on from my earlier post here are some images of my Miniature Holder Mk II. I picked up four grey napkins rings from a charity shop in Kidderminster for just 50p. They are made of wood and a sticker on the inside says MADE IN INDIA.I…

PayPal Problems

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We’ve had a notification from PayPal this morning that there is an issue at their end with the shopping cart system – they’re apparently working on it. For some customers it’s fine (we’ve had several orders this morning) but for others it’s been playing up for a couple of days. In the meantime, if you’re […]

Return to the Skies

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Two big cardboard boxes appeared on the doorstep of Brigade Towers yesterday, each stuffed full of shiny new Imperial Skies rulebooks. Which means that the rulebook is available again from the website – woo-hoo! Unfortunately we’ve had to make a modest adjustment to the price, and as these things inevitably are, the adjustment is slightly […]

Away-Day – Birmingham November 25th 2016

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I have written on previous occasions about how I try to have an Away-Day at Parabellum, Birmingham at least once a year and usually around Christmas – 2016 will be no different.This years Away-Day will be Friday 25th November and like earlier ones. I p…

Wedding Cake Topper

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You may have wondered why updates to the Blog were a little slow last month. One of the reasons was that I was ‘press-ganged’ into producing this Wedding Cake Topper by my daughter Holly, who was bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding.The plan was to build the f…

Small-Scale Slammers Action

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Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible author (and newly-appointed Miniature Wargames editor) John Treadaway recently visited our club, Maidstone Wargames Society, again for another Slammers game – this time in 6mm. We utilised the club’s Pegasus Bridge WW2 terrain boards, but replaced all of the Normandy houses with ones from our resin SF ranges. The game saw the […]

IPMS Scale Model World less than a week to go

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The IPMS Scale Model World – The Worlds Greatest Scale Model Show is less than a week away. For full details of this fantastic day out, see this official link. My plan is to be these on Sunday.This will be the eighth or ninth time I have driven up…

A Labour of Love….. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 87

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Issue 87 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy features the first of what I hope will become a regular Irregular article/articles talking about my love of building scratch-built wargame terrain. It is a major step forward for me as this is a written fea…