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Models For Wargamers is now available to order

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Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models for Wargamers has been ordered and is now at the printers. I would expect the official launch date to be Sunday 12th March and copies will be available to purchase at The West Midlands Military Show (WMMS, Alumwell) see this post for details.

The new book will be;
   A4 Portrait size
   Perfect Bound
   Premium paper – 300gsm gloss cover and 170gsm gloss pages
   112 pages (plus cover)
   8 articles and 10 step-by-step tutorials
   Over 330 full colour images
   Over 20,000 words


I am pleased to confirm that the books will be sold for £18.00 each. Payment via (old fashioned) cheque or Paypal. 

Should anyone wish to order a copy of the book, could you please e-mail me at;  dampfpanzerwagon(at) With your full name and address and your Paypal account details (so I can send you an invoice).

Please include the title Models for Wargamers in the e-mail.


Each copy will be wrapped in clingfilm, enclosed in a custom card wrap and posted via Royal Mail.

Postage & Packaging will be;
  UK – £5.00
  Europe – £9.50
  Rest of the World – £13.50

(Subject to change)

(Anyone who wants the book/package to be signed for – please contact me at the time of ordering and I will amend the P&P cost).

Pre-launch orders will be processed as soon as the books are available – please keep checking Blog for details.

Thank you.


A couple of books from the library

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Sue and I visited The Hive, the main library in Worcester and I picked up these two books on loan. The first is Recreating The Past by Vistor Ambrus and Mick Aston, the on-site artist and presenter of Time Team, a TV archaeology programme. And The Pen …

Railway Assortment

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Today we’re expanding on the railway options available in our Small Scale Scenery range. We have two different engine sheds – one is a large shed (over 250 scale feet long) with room for multiple engines and carriages. It’s not based on any specific prototype but is more generic. The second is a more distinctive […]

Three recent purchases

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Here are three recent book purchases. The first was bought for me by Sue and is an illustrated book of paintings and watercolours showing the Victorian ideal of a country cottage. Victorian Cottages (part of the Country Series) by Andrew Clayton Payne. The book is full of inspiration for future models.

Secondly a real find – again a gift from Sue who has a way of finding these fantastic little gems. The Hutchinson Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare. It was picked up for just 50p.

Finally a book found by me in a charity book shop, Traditional Houses of Rural France by Bill Laws. The book is jam-packed with colour illustrations of beautifully photographed rural houses. Just my type of book. This one cost just £1.00.


Cavalier 2017

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Our next show is on Sunday 26th – Cavalier in Tonbridge, Kent, just a few miles down the road from Brigade Towers. For this particular long-standing show we’re in the same position again, a couple stands along from the entrance to the trade hall on the right. We again have a smaller stand than usual, […]

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part eighteen

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The Build Something Contest on Lead Adventure update.The entries are in and we are just awaiting details of the contest rules and how the entries are going to be judged. Good luck to everyone who entered and commiserations to those brave soles who…

Defending the Harbours

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Today’s new release is an expansion to our Small Scale Scenery Harbour Walls set. It’s a set of compatible pieces with fittings for various sizes and type of gun turret, plus fixed gun mountings (from our Fort Guns). They’re aren’t based on any historical prototype, so technically I suppose they’d fall under the remit of […]

WMMS Alumwell 2017

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The West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell is less than a month away. Regular followers will know that it is my intention to be an exhibitor at the show and if all goes to plan, use the show to launch my new Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models for Wa…

Troglodyte Terrain pieces for Panzerfauste

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These are some painted examples of the Troglodyte Pillar terrain pieces for Panzerfauste. The originals were sculpted by me some time ago and then cast in resin by Hysterical Games.The models were expertly painted by Hannah of Hysterical Games and…

Orcs in the Webbe

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Image borrowed from Orcs in the WebbeEarlier this week, I was checking back on some articles that I had written for Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webb and while looking for the particular story, I realised just how much information I have on OITW. For d…

Polyversal Fulfilled

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Great news – two large boxes landed on Collins Epic Wargames doorstep last week containing around 1600 vehicles and 1200 Power Armour. That means we’ve fulfilled the final part of our contribution to the Polyversal Kickstarter. Apparently we’re the first of the six miniatures companies involved to do so, but I’m sure the others aren’t […]

Edward Trencom’s Nose by Giles Milton

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This particular novel was bought for my Mother-in-Law as a Christmas present and after she had read it, I thought that I would give it a try. Edward Trencom’s Nose – A Novel of History, Dark Intrigue and Cheese, is a little difficult to categorise as it does not sit in any one genre. Giles Milton has succeeded in writing a story that combines historical fact with fiction as well as adding humour and intrigue – then there’s the cheese!

A fuller review can be found here.

I found it a great read, full of humour and interest, the descriptive comments about cheese and particularly the one chapter describing a flood were some of the best descriptive writing I have read for some time. Highly recommended as a Jolly Good Read.

Edward Trencom’s Nose – A novel of history, dark intrigue and cheese by Giles Milton
Published by Pan Macmillan in 2002
ISBN – 978 -0-330-44538-2
UK price £6.99


How to Sharpen Pencils

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Earlier this week, I met with an ‘old school’ craftsman who was installing a fitted kitchen in to a neighbours house. I needed to make some notes and was about to pick up his sharpened pencil, when he stopped me saying that I could not use his pencil! …

The Flying Dutchmen

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Although not one of the conventional major powers, the Netherlands nevertheless has significant colonial assets at the end of the 19th Century, both in Central/South America and the Far East. The Royal Netherlands Air Fleet watches over the skies and seas of these far-flung territories with its force of unique twin-hulled Catamaran craft. We’ve had […]

These Things Are Sent To Try Us

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Yesterday the power went out at the workshop, mid-casting session, and didn’t come back for the rest of the day. Unfortunately this plunged me into pitch darkness and meant I wasn’t able to finish all the outstanding orders, which is a pain. Everything placed up to last Friday (Feb 3rd) has been packed and sent, […]

Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Models for Wargamers

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A Dampfpanzerwagon Blog exclusiveI am pleased to be able to show – for the very first time, the proposed or mock-up cover for the Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 –  Models for Wargamers and confirm that an early March 2017 launch is still very much o…

Starship Crew

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As today’s new release we have a pack of extremely useful new 15mm figures – a set of uniformed starship crew. The set of four includes two armed figures, one with a datapad and a senior officer – the perfect landing party. I’ve painted up two sets, one in primary coloured tops indicating different crew […]

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part seventeen

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With the construction finished, here is the promised image of the undercoated model. I have used Vallejo Game Color Leather Brown as both a primer and an undercoat and a Sepia wash to highlight some of the sculpted or modelled detail. Both the paint an…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part sixteen

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The construction is finished.I have added two deck mounted guns, one on the fore deck and one to the stern. These were constructed from plastic card and plastic rod with sections of knitting needles as bases (the red discs).The model is 140mm long, 54m…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part fifteen

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The model, at long last is nearing completion. The Pectoral and Pelvic fins were constructed from plastic card and after scraping and sanding to a slight aerofoil section, they were glued in place with superglue. I have built up the join from fin to hu…

Watching the Wall

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As a follow on to our recently released Hadrian’s Wall set, this week we’re adding a Roman Wall Fort to the range. This metal 20-piece set has four gates, eight wall pieces and four corners with turrets plus extra plain wall sections including two T-pieces that connect with our Hadrian’s Wall sections. Each piece is […]

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part fourteen

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Yesterday evening I added the main Dorsal Fin or sail which was constructed from .75mm thick plastic card. The method I used to add the sail was to cut out the sail section with a small upright addition to the bottom and then carve out a portion of the…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part thirteen

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The latest post shows how I have added the viewing ports or galleries to either side of the rear hull. These were constructed from sections of pen barrels with plastic card bases and tops. They were glued in place with superglue and further detailed wi…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part twelve

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 The tail section was constructed from a single piece of .75mm plastic card which was cut and sanded to shape before being inserted into a grove in the tail section. Once the tail was in place I sealed the area with both Green Stuff and superglue….

PacFed Progress

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Although we’ve had a bit of a cold snap lately, during the day yesterday it was warm enough in the sunshine to work outside. I took advantage by firing up the airbrush and putting some paint on our new 6mm PacFed models. I have a game or two of Horizon Wars lined up at Maidstone […]