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A Garden Gnome

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This must be one of the most unusual On-Line Builds I have even done – A second-hand, concrete garden gnome!

I picked up this garden ornament last week, from an antique shop in Evesham, Worcestershire for just £5.00. As I was leaving the shop this happy face looking up at me and I just knew that I would have to buy him.

When I got home I showed my Wife and Mother-in-Law and set about cleaning him ready to be re-painted.

Sue thinks that he looks like a Cecil – so from now on that is what he will be called – Cecil the Garden Gnome. Look out for further updates through the month.


Flintloque Oven

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The first post of September 2015 is this scratch-built Bakehouse or Oven. The model was inspired by this illustration found in a book on French regional architecture. The ovens or fours banals were communal ovens and usually built my the landowners or …

Last few days of Book Sale

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For the whole month of August I have reduced the price of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 – More Wargame Terrain to just £15.00 (plus postage). For full details go to this link.

The sale will run until midnight, Monday 31st August.

Unfortunately all the remaining copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 – Building Wargame Terrain have now been sold.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project.


Voyage of the Eagles – Commando Comic No. 4835

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One of the latest issues of Commando Comics is this Napoleonic themed adventure – Voyage of the Eagles (4835) which I picked up from W H Smiths earlier this week. I have in previous posts commented on how much I enjoy the Napoleonic themed sh…

Shapeways Free Shipping

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It rained today … boy, did it rain !? The Brigade workshop was in danger of turning into the Brigade Ark at one point, as I started leading 15mm tanks in two-by-two However, despite the hammering on the roof I managed to clear the decks of orders and make a start on a restock for […]

The Sale Continues

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You have just one more week to take advantage of the August Sale. Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 – More Wargame Terrain is available for the reduced price of just £15.00 (plus postage) until the 31st of August. For details please go to this link.

All copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 – Building Wargame Terrain have been sold. I have no plans for another reprint.

Thank you.


Celtos Skeletons

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Recently, Australian gamer Azazel send us some photos of some beautifully painted Celtos skeletons which he’d featured on his blog. They’re well worth showing again here, and we’re grateful to him for sharing them with us – visit his page to see more.

E-mail messages reporting to be from Dampfpanzerwagon

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Be aware that I have had a number of e-mails reporting spam messages sent from my e-mail address.I am sorry for the inconvenience and will try to get it sorted as soon as possible.Tony

Panzerfauste from Hysterical Games

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Regular readers and followers will know that I have been working on some model masters for the new miniatures games Panzerfauste from Hysterical Games, a joint venture between Steve Blease and Rob Alderman. I recently saw this post over on the Hysterical Games Facebook page and thought it was worth re-posting.


Further details can be found here.


“Ok you like the pictures, so let’s get you up to speed on what is happening behind the scenes…
The plan is that we launch Panzerfäuste through Kickstarter sometime this Autumn. We will have two levels of game providing different entry points, a section level skirmish game (approximately 10 miniatures a side) and a mass battle platoon level game (30 to 40 miniatures a side). The miniatures will be usable for both games.
We are currently working on five armies for the Kickstarter, the Dwarves, the Gnomes, the Orcs, the Troglodytes and the [REDACTED BY ORDERS OF THE KHOVEN GRALSKA BABA].
Funding permitting the plan is that each race has basic infantry, infantry command, infantry support weapons, a “brute” (a large shock weapon creature or machine), a “tank” and also some specialist troop sections (eg. Orc Commandos, Dwarf Penal Troops).
This is a lot of miniatures and we are working with Prodos to get a lot of this sculpted and the masters produced and painted BEFORE the Kickstarter so you can see what you are getting.
Of course the six million dollar question is how much will this cost you? At the moment we haven’t worked this out but we think the cost of one section of troops will be around £22.
For the skirmish game the minimum needed to play is one section a side plus a set of the rules. You can add more to the game as you expand your collection, but that is up to you. There will be a Skirmish entry set of two opposing sections plus a set of the rules for a discounted price on the Kickstarter which is a good thing to share the cost of with a gaming buddy.
The minimum you will need for the platoon game is three sections plus a command team but adding some support options will give more variety to your games. Again we have not nailed down an exact price but are trying to put together a KS deal for around £90. As with the Skirmish, we are planning a Mass Battle entry set of two opposing platoons plus the rules for a KS discounted price, again a good deal for two gamers wanting to get playing.
Finally there will be some bigger deals for those of you who must have everything, plus some special very limited exclusive offers and some KS exclusive freebies if we hit target goals.
Hope this helps, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to answer them…..”

Pax Bochemannica now available from Maveryc Games

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The original boxed game is available to order from Maveryc Games. They are still working on the supporting blister packs and producing additional metal character miniatures but the Pax Bochemannica complete starter set is back in stock.For full details…

Medieval in Minature

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We have a new addition to the 2mm scenery line today. This is a medieval set consisting of 20 buildings from a large village or small town. The set includes large and small houses, shops, inns, a Guildhall and buttermarket (the little octagonal pavilion). The main characteristic of these buildings is the overhanging upper storeys. […]

How I deal with my Lead Mountain!

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Answer;I paint my miniatures one figure at a time…..My latest Flintloque figure is this single Orc Readcoat that had sat in my to-do box for some time. I painted and varnished him in a couple of evenings.Yet another finished model. At this rate I sho…

Away-day, Hay on Wye

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Earlier this week, Holly, Sue and I had a day away in one of my favourite days out. Hay on Wye; The Book Town. In the past Sue and/or Holly and I have tried to have a day out in Hay on an annual basis, but this was our first return to Hay for a couple …

New Desert Domes

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The 6mm Desert Dome buildings released at Salute seem to have struck a chord with many gamers, so it was inevitable that we’d want to follow up with some more. I did a little bit of tinkering with my 3D design software to come up with five new buildings of various types, and the prints […]

Building Wargame Terrain – SOLD OUT!

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Thank you to everyone who has supported this project.

Earlier this month, I sold the last ‘perfect copy’ of Building Wargame Terrain and today, I sold the last ‘damaged’ copy. At this time I have no plans for a re-print.

The good news, is that I have limited stocks of More Wargame Terrain and for the whole month of August these books will be offered at the reduced price of just £15.00 (plus postage).

For details of how to order a copy of More Wargame Terrain see this post.


Painting the Stewart Regiment

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John Treadaway made an excellent job of painting his Stewart forces when he added them to the Hammer’s Slammers website last year. I was lucky enough to see them close-up earlier this year in a game at Maidstone (albeit from the wrong end of their gun barrels !) and was struck by the extra mile […]

The August Sale Continues…..

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For the whole month of August, both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain are being sold at the discounted price of just £15.00 (plus postage and Packaging). for full details see this earlier post.

However I can report that ALL perfect copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 – Building Wargame Terrain have now been sold and I only have a very limited number of slightly damaged copies left. Should you be interested in buying a copy of this book at an even further reduction please contact me following this link or follow the links to the right.

The good news is that I have spare copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 – More Wargame Terrain left. These can be bought for the reduced cost of £15.00 (plus postage and packaging) for the remainder of August.

At this moment there are no plans for a reprint of either book, I am however starting to think about a third book – any suggestions for content, should be directed here.


Terrain for sale – Books for sale

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I’m selling some items of scratch-built terrain on e-bay.The first is this Beacon that was initially built for Lord of the Rings, but could be of use in a number of different games. Secondly this Sphinx. For full details of these and a number of books/…

Scotland the Brave!

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In 329TW, the planetary governments of Hiroseke and Stewart, re-ignited their feud on Kalan, an iridium- mining colony they had founded together decades before hand, and over which they had already fought one bitter struggle. Japanese and Scots were again in open warfare over production rights and were shooting at each other for another five […]

Frostgrave vs. Otherworlds Fantasy Skirmish

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I have treated myself to both Frostgrave – Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City and Otherworlds – Fantasy Skirmish books. I have given my views, or at least my initial views of Frostgrave here, but thought that a comparison between the two might be…

White Dwarf – a retrospective

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Since Games Workshop decided to completely re-invent White Dwarf, I have not purchased a single copy but instead satisfied myself by looking back (through rose tinted glasses) at what I believe to be the Golden Age of White Dwarf or prior to the Lord of the Rings franchise (maybe even earlier). I realise that this makes me an Olde Foggie but I firmly believe that there was a period when I would eagerly await the release of the latest issue and hop down to W H Smiths (a retailer in the UK) and devour the contents from cover-to-cover (sometimes re-reading articles a number of times).

As I write I will freely admit to a bulging attic full of old White Dwarf magazines from single number copies through the 100 mark and onto the 200 and even later. Each of these issues a prized example which although I have threatened to get rid of, will I freely admit be leaving the house the same day I leave in a coffin.

So why am I so against the new WD?

I think it is that there are only odd articles or painting tutorials that interest me – the battle reports have all become same-as, same-as and I rarely even browse them never mind read them in depth.

Earlier today after a day-away in Cirencester, I picked up issue 337 from the Oxfam charity shop for just 50p. Issue 337 is an issue I completely missed the first time around and at 50p I thought it was a ‘no brain-er’ as I could always re-donate it when I had read it. I found that there was little to keep me interested and with the exception of a nine page Eavy Metal tutorial showing the construction and painting of Eltharion The Grim (High Elf on a Griffon sculpted by Ges Goodwin) little of real worth (at least to me).

On the one hand, it is fair to say, why am I bothered?

I think the answer is that with shelves full of modelling magazines (and in this I include model railway, model boats, aeroplane and tank magazines as well as figure painting and wargaming magazines) there is little that grabs me like those early White Dwarf magazines did. I have in the past written that a ‘son of White Dwarf’ or a figure painting, terrain construction magazine might very well appeal to me – maybe I am just grasping at straws and time has moved on, but I would be interested to know if I am alone in regretting the demise of Olde Skool White Dwarf?

I have in my wallet a £25.00 voucher for W H Smiths (a birthday present from my Mother) – even with this voucher I find it difficult to decide what or which of the many modelling magazines to spend this voucher on. A case of ‘water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.’

Even as I write this I am aware that it is turning into a rant!


But I’m just asking where is the next White Dwarf Magazine coming from?

Actually I think I’m asking – Is it likely that there will ever be a magazine to rival the Olde Skool White Dwarf?

Answers on a post card to…..


Советская статистика

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I am confidently assured (by Microsoft’s Bing Translator, no less…) that the above title translates to ‘Soviet Statistics’. So apologies if it really means ‘three-legged donkey’ or worse … What it signifies is that in a rare fit of efficiency, I’ve put up Starmada playsheets for our Neo-Soviet spacefleet on the website, and while I […]

Voie Libre – French language narrow gauge railway magazine

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Voie Libre – A French language publication featuring Narrow Gauge Railways from Europe. I picked up 8 magazines for just £5.00 from a charity shop in Pershore, Worcestershire last month and have had great fun trying to read and understand the various articles. However it is possible to get an English translation leaflet (but where’s the fun in that!)

The official Web page is now saying that the latest issues will be printed in English as well as French.

Each magazine has around 60 pages per issue and is full of both construction and layout articles. The images below show just some of the pages and what to expect. See this link for details.

Regular readers and followers will know I have a love of all things Narrow Gauge and even have a small layout (O-16.5 Industrial Diesel) so magazines like this are always going to appeal to me. The magazine is published and produced to a very high standard and includes layouts and articles that should be of interest to any modeller.


Shep Paine Model Maker and Historian has died

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I have read on a number of forums that the military modeller and historian Shep Paine has passed away. Shep was one of the inspirational figures in my formative youth and has been a driving force in my own model making career.I have a number of his boo…

Back Online

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After wasting far too much time trying to fix the PC, a box of replacement parts arrived this week. I had a bit of a false start when I didn’t configure the RAID array correctly, but it’s all now up and running – Brigade has returned to normal operation. We’ve managed to catch up with […]