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Away-Day Parabellum, Birmingham

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Image taken from the WebI am now back home after a great day out at Parabellum, Birmingham where over some tea and cakes I met up with Mark, Craig and John to talk about wargaming, model making and the new book.I also came away with some Flintloque Toa…

Des Res

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Today’s new release is another very useful set of 2mm buildings in the Small Scale Scenery range. These are larger detached houses, useful as country houses, rectories, larger town houses, even inns or small hotels. The sort of house that the Bri…

Celtos – The Saga Continues

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The slow but steady progress on the new Celtos rules continues; we held another round of playtesting a couple of weeks ago and, at the end of it, had very few notes or changes to make. Which is very good news, since it means that if we came up with so …

Pin-Head Ogres

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These are a couple of Pin-Head Ogres from the Monster in my Pocket miniature sets. I picked these up from one of the Pound Shops last year and they have been kept in my to-do box ever since. The figures are hard plastic figures that come with their own…

Indonesian Spaceships Released

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I’m back from my holiday and straight into the swing of things again. Phil has been mould-making like mad while I’m away which means we have lots of new stuff to bring you in the next few weeks. Today sees the first part of the launch of ou…

The Commandery, Worcester

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Sue and I have lived in Worcestershire for over thirty years and this week was my first visit to The Commandery Museum Sidbury, Worcester. Over the years I have visited the museum shop and even peaked over the fences, but this was my first ever visit t…

Platoon – Advance !

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As a little something while I’m away, we’re launching a series of Platoon Packs for our 15mm range. Platoon packs are a great way to build up your forces quickly and save money into the bargain. They contain three tanks, along with a pack o…

Gloucester Docks – part two

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Even more images of the Alice through the looking glass film set – Gloucester Docks.This fire-less locomotive would make a fantastic engine on a model narrow-gauge industrial layout.Lots of modelling inspiration.Tony

Gloucester Docks

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Earlier today, Sue and I visited the Gloucester Quays shopping complex. Before having lunch in one of the dockside restaurants we took a walk over one of the swing bridges and there under Llanthony Docks we saw these images.This is the set dressing for…

It’s a Small World

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I’ve been painting up some of our Small Scale Scenery range in the past week or two, ready for use in some upcoming games. I’ve started with some small factory and farm units, basing a mixture of buildings on 0.5mm plasticard bases. The fac…

The Princess Juliana Chasseur Elite – just one set left.

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Gavin has just posted over on The Notables Yahoo site that there is only one set of the Princess Juliana Chasseur Elite box set left. The set of 16 Very Limited Edition Dwarves was produced to commemorate the life of my Niece, Juliana Cartwri…

New South Africans

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To follow up the recent release of the South African Rhino and Wildebeest, I’ve been working on some additional vehicles. I’ve remodelled the popular Buffel APC from the old range and beefed it up substantially – it now shares the sam…

A Beacon

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This particular model was inspired by an illustration seen in a small pamphlet on Elizabethan England. Similar beacons were situated all across England to warn of a Spanish Invasion. I thought it would be worth building a simple Fire Beacon to use…

Nap of the Earth

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This is the Angelshark. It’s a small, one-man VTOL with a chin-mounted autocannon and a magazine-fed Kestrel-2 missile launcher in each tilting wingtip nacelle, which also house the main thrusters. The pilot sits between the engine inlets in a fl…

Chaos Dwarf – Astrogoth

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This Chaos Dwarf miniature has been stuffed in my to-do box for some considerable time. I believe that I picked it up at a bring-and-buy.Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to reduce my lead-mountain by modelling, basing and painting some …

More Wargame Terrain Book Two – an update

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Sales of More Wargame Terrain are moving along very well with Book 49 of the signed and numbered books being the last one to be allocated. All this within just two week of launch, so thank you to everyone who has supported this project.In addition I ha…

Holiday Time !

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It’s that time of year again when the Brigadieress and I disappear off to sunnier climes (hopefully sunnier, we’re staying in the UK this year). Phil will of course continue to man the fort, but for the next couple of weeks you may experien…

(Don’t) Paint it Black

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This post was inspired by an article in a magazine called The Artist from August 2003 that Sue had bought for me from a charity shop. The premise of the article was advising novices to watercolour painting on the use, actually how not to use Black (and…

Tears of Salt by Tony Harwood

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Image taken from OITW Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe has uploaded the latest Tales from the White Lyre short story. Tears of Salt written by me. For full details go to this link.For anyone not familiar with these stories, Craig …

Pintel Weapons

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We have some new 15mm accessories on the website today – and going by the correspondence I’ve had (mostly along the lines of ‘when are they going to be out ?’) I suspect that quite a few people need some of these. They are the 1…

Birch Tree Seeds

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Just a short reminder that now is the time to be collecting Birch Tree Seeds.See this post for details;Birch Tree SeedsTony


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Sharp-eyed readers might have noticed some cargo pods and containers in the background of some of our recent photos, and I’ve just added both to the website today – they were supposed to be released on Friday, but since the work is done and…

RAGNAROK 60 available as a PDF

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Ragranok 60 available from Wargame VaultThe latest PDF issue of Ragnarok – the newsletter of the SFSFW is available for a limited period as a free download from Wargame Vault. If you have ever thought of joining the Society for Fantasy and Science Fict…

Away Day – Birmingham on Friday 29th August

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I am planning to be in Birmingham on Friday 29th August. I will be visiting Parabellum, 54 Vyse Street for between 11.00 and 12.00.I intend bringing some of my models to show Mark and I will have some Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain b…

Black is Back !

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Just a quick note to say that Dice and Games have come up trumps and delivered a big box full of black flying stands (and some more clear ones, stocks of which were going fast in the absence of black stands). They’re now available again from the …