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Mortar Set – part nine

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I have varnished the model and base with Galleria Matt Varnish, then highlighted the metal parts with Klear floor varnish before adding my usual ground covering of dyed sawdust and the odd bit of static grass.The Mortar is fixed to a nearly round base …

Normality Has Returned

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My insides are at last functioning relatively normally, and I’ve finally caught up with orders. Everything we received by close of business yesterday has been cast and packed, and the last ones will be going in the post this morning. To celebrate, I’ve put some new bits on the website (new release day is normally […]

Mortar Set – part eight

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Here you can see the last stages in the painting of the Mortar and base prior to varnishing.The base has been painted in my usual Snakebite Leather, basecoat with Snakebite/Skull White drybrushed highlights and the details all painted with a long-handl…

Dremel – RIP

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This week my long-suffering Dremel gave up the ghost and stopped working. I’ve done the obvious like changing fuses and checking all the connections but nothing can breath life back into the old girl. I think it might be time to buy a new one.RIP Dreme…

Mortar Set – part seven

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I think it is obvious from the image that most of the painting so far has been layering lighter colours over darker ones and washes.I choose a brass mortar with a green wooden base, while the Gin is painted to represent aged timber.There is still a lot…

Delicate Imbalance

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Upset tummies and reactions to strange food/water are a common experience of Brits abroad. Not me. I’ve managed to contract a stomach bug immediately on my return to dear old blighty! I got through the Joy of Six on tablets and water, and since the weekend just haven’t been right – not bad enough to […]

Mortar Set – part six

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The model has been undercoated with a Black/Dark Brown watered-down mix.Since the last post I have added a scratch-built pulley, made from varying sections of cheap knitting needles and florists wire  and some steps to one of the tripod legs. I ha…

Mortar Set – part five

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I have further detailed the base with a Reaper Bones large barrel and the powder scoop from a GW Empire Cannon plastic kit, both were glued in place with superglue before the groundwork was re-modelled.The mallet was scratch-built from a skewer and coc…

Mortar Set – part four

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As you can plainly see, I have not been idle…..The gin was built from strips of scrap wood (actually an old fruit packing case) with the tripod hinge at the top made from a piece of florists wire detailed with plastic card washers and more wire. I ha…

Mortar Set – part three

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The mortar base has been glued in place and the groundwork built up from DAS modelling clay with sieved stones and sand glued over uPVA glue. I felt that the base or mortar frame needed some additional detailing so I added cocktail stick wooden pegs to…

Just in Time for Sunday

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I’ve safely returned from a very pleasant trip to Cyprus – the weather was fantastic and the Brigadieress found us a lovely secluded villa (although the less said about the hire car saga, the better…). Obviously a backlog of orders has built up while I’ve been away – Phil has tackled some, and I cleared […]

Imperial Upgrade #1 – Japanese Cruisin’

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To support the Imperial Skies Kickstarter, we’ve needed to produce large numbers of models. Although we chose models that we felt we had reliable production moulds for, one or two have ended up being more troublesome than expected. One of these was the mould for the Japanese Akashi and Yakumo cruisers, which if we’re honest […]

Super Clay

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Earlier today, Sue and I visited Coventry, I was able to take some photographs of Spon Street, while Sue browsed the IKEA superstore.Amongst other bits and bobs, I picked up this pack of air drying modelling clay from one of the discount stores. I…

Mortar Set – part two

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The barrel was drilled out with a standard drill bit and an electric drill, then the rough edges were cleaned up with a new scalpel.The base was cut from some 3mm thick plastic card and the groundwork built up with DAS modelling clay before being furth…

Walking Small

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Today’s “while-I’m-away” bonus release is a 6mm scale version of our Mercenary Kirin combat walker. This is a two-man, bipedal walker that comes in three different flavours with a gatling, laser or twin powerguns on each arm, and nine-round missile pods on the shoulders. They are available (or will be very shortly … see below) […]

Mortar Set from Alternative Armies

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Image taken from the Alternative Armies websiteVarious modelling projects and commissions have meant that I have neglected some of my recent purchases, this is about to change. The Mortar Set from Alternative Armies and intended for Flintloque was boug…

Books for Sale on ebay

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I have placed these four modelling books on ebay for full details see this link.First up we have Painting Miniatures from A to Z by Angel Giraldez.Next is Styrene Modelling published Evergreen.Then 222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures.A…

Holiday Time Again

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It’s that time of year again when I clear off for a few days’ break. By the time this post gets published I should be flying high above the Mediterranean on the way to some sunshine, which has been sadly lacking in our corner of Kent so far in this rather damp summer. I’ll be […]

Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 – Update

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Various modelling projects have contrived to delay work on Book Three, but I can report that I have completed three chapters and am currently working on three more.At this moment, I am again looking at a full colour card-covered A4 format very similar …

Tiny Fist

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Way back in the mists of time (April), we released two new 15mm vehicles – the Eisenfaust (Iron Fist) laser tank and the Kastenwagen (box van) platoon APC. These have now both been translated down to 6mm, and are available on the website today. The Eisenfaust is a large blower tank equipped with a heavy […]

Scratch-built Water Pump and Trough

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This scratch-built water pump and trough was constructed and painted at the same time as the Gnome Farm or Snail Walls (see earlier posts). It uses a metal casting of a water pump that was originally modelled by me some time ago and then cast in metal …

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy – The Decorative Mausoleum

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The latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Stratgy, issue 85 has another terrain building article written by me – The Decorative Mausoleum is a two page article detailing how I scratch-built and painted this themed or decorative mausoleum. For full d…

Joy of Six Reminder

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I’ve been beset by niggling technical problems in recent weeks, with the latest being a PC that refuses to come out of hibernation and has ended up having to be reinstalled (I’m getting to be a dab hand at Windows 7 installations). Fortunately I keep all of my data on an external hard-drive (backed up […]

Gnome Farm Walls – part six

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At last the three Panzerfauste themed wall sections are finished. The originals were sculpted by me some time ago and feature small snail shells which in these images were painted using metallic paints to make them stand out from the grey walls.For ful…

Away-Day haul

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Sue and I have had another weekend away, this time a trip around the Cotswolds. We started out from Droitwich yesterday morning, then down the M5 and across to Cirencester. From there we drove down to Swindon via Lechlade where we spent the night. On Sunday morning it was a quick trip across to Swindon Village and then back north again via Lechlade on to Burford and then to Stow before making our way back to Worcestershire.

We had a great couple of days away and I took lots of photos of both buildings and stonework. Here you can see my model making haul. Rust coloured dusting powders, a Roman thimble (I thought I could use it as a cauldron), some not-Snakebite Leather acrylic paint, olde dice, drill bits and a scribbler.

Total spend less than £16.00.

I’ll keep you informed of how I use them.