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Panzerfauste Kickstarter up and running

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At long last and after much Internet chatter, the Panzerfauste Kickstarter is finally here.

For full details go to this link.

Just in case it is not obvious (and it should be), I will be supporting this project with custom built, themed terrain and pledging support once I have decided on what level I can get away with!
I went with the £52.00 Sergeant Pledge – but may update later…..
There is also information and chat on Steve Blease’s Blog – Bleaseworld. Keep checking back for further details.
The Hysterical Games Facebook page (the home of Panzerfauste) can be found here.
Congratulations and Good Luck to everyone involved.

Mythical Beast

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The Kirin (or Qilin) is a mythical creature known in Chinese, Japanese and other far-eastern cultures as an omen of prosperity or serenity. It’s also the name given to our latest new 15mm release, the Kirin Combat Walker. Designed by Kirk Alderfer with input from Zac Braham, the same pairing that created our range of […]

Panzerfauste Kickstarter – just 24 hours away

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The Panzerfauste Kickstarter is to be launched on Friday 09.10.15 at 8.00pmFor full details go to this link.Good luck.Want to know what it’s all about?Tony

Panzerfauste – coming soon…..

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The Panzerfauste Kickstarter is coming soon, very soon and I can confirm that the resin figures look fantastic.For full details go to the Hysterical Games Facebook Page. (Note you can access the page/pages without being a member of …

Panzerfaust – coming soon…..

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The Panzerfauste Kickstarter is coming soon, very soon and I can confirm that the resin figures look fantastic.For full details go to the Hysterical Games Facebook Page. (Note you can access the page/pages without being a member of Facebook)….

SELWG Last Chance

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SELWG is now just four days away, and we’re in the process of topping up our stocks again after Blast-tastic!. This is your absolute last and final chance to get in a pre-order – we need them by the close of business today (Wednesday) if we’re to have a chance to get them packed in […]

More Frostgrave Terrain

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I have continued to add to my collection of scratch-built wargame terrain for the new game Frostgrave. This time a short section of ruined wall.Images Three and Four – The construction was simple. A couple of pieces of spare or waste Blue Foam, on a 3m…

Illustrations by Angus McBride

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I picked up this pamphlet in the Blue Cross charity shop in Stratford upon Avon last week. As I browsed the illustrations I was reminded of on of my favourite illustrators – Angus McBride and when I checked the inside front cover I saw that he had been the artist responsible.

The image below shows Harold at the Battle of Hastings – from Warlords and Warriors also by Angus McBride and one of the illustrations from the pamphlet. The similarities in style and pose are unmistakable McBride.

The five illustrations below were taken at random from the pamphlet and again show the touch of this master artist. The first illustration also reminds me of a painting of Jan One-eye also by McBride.

I’m not sure that these illustrations are available on the Internet and I thought it was worth while sharing them with other modellers.

In Memory of Angus McBride 1931 – 2007
The pamphlet is 210mm x 150mm and has 48 pages and a card cover. It was published in 1981 by Battle Parish Council, Battle Civic Association, Battle and District Historical Society, Battle Chamber of Commerce and Battle Arts Group.
It does not have a cover price or an ISBN – I bought it for just £1.00



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As mentioned earlier in the week, we have a number of new 15mm SF models that we’ll be taking to Blast-tastic! tomorrow, and some of these are hitting the website today. The Blaireau (Badger) and Belette (Weasel) are French-made 6×6 utility vehicles that are used for liaison, scout, troop-carrying, casevac, ELINT and any number of […]

A Mausoleum for Frostgrave

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A Mausoleum for Frostgrave or a Witchlands Tomb for Flintloque.Continuing with my series of terrain building/terrain gallery posts as the first post of each month, for October, I present this scratch-built Mausoleum built for the newly released skirmis…

Pudigrochumsberg Barn – part two

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Part two – the painting of the Pudigroan Barn for Flintloque. For details of part one please see this post.Images Two and Three – The whole model was given an undercoat or basecoat of dark brown. I find that this helps to define the detail and giv…

A Blast-tastic! Brucie Bonus

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I’ve been busy casting resin stock for Blast-tastic! on Saturday, and it looks like we’re going to be able to bring along some as-yet unreleased models for sale on the day. I’ve managed to produce enough stock of several new models – the South African Ratel medium wheeled tank and Oliphant SP gun, support and […]

A Pudigrochumsberg Barn for Flintloque

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This scratch-built Barn was built as a challenge – to build a Pudigochumsberg themed piece of terrain to support the newest releases from Alternative Armies/Flintloque – the Pudigroan Line. For full details go to this link.I wanted a completely di…

Garden Gnome – part ten

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Cecil the Garden Gnome is now finished.I have also given him three coats of matt varnish in the hope that this will protect the paint when he is placed outdoors.I am fully aware that this has been a rather unusual series of posts, but one that I have e…

Brockhampton Estate Nr. Bromyard, Herefordshire

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Sue and I spent the morning at Brockhampton a National Trust estate near Bromyard, Herefordshire. This was the first time we had visited this particular site and were very impressed with the grounds and the main Manor, particularly the ‘close timbered’…


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Slightly delayed by one or two minor issues (including my sudden realisation that if I got a move on I could finish an extra model), today we’re releasing three new items in our 10mm SF Buildings range. In this release we have two towers of different designs and a building with twin roof domes. All […]

Frostgrave Statuary – part three

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Yet another statue for Frostgrave.”I am well aware that it is becoming a bit of an obsession!”Image Two – A Monster-in-my Pocket Hell Hound and two MDF bases.Image Three – The two bases glued on top of one another and the Hell Hound glued on top of the…

Statuary for Frostgrave – part two

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My latest piece of statuary for the planned game of Frostgrave is this Pillar of Good.Image two – The main model is a Reaper Bones Pillar of Good (77246) that I picked up as part of a mixed-bag of models at a recent e-bay auction. In truth, I was more …

A Quiet Week

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After the hustle and bustle of Colours, during which I discovered that putting up, manning and breaking down the stand on your own is flippin’ hard work, I fancied a quiet week last week. It was also the Brigadieress’ birthday, so I had a very pleasant day off with her. Some things got done – […]

Simple Statuary for Frostgrave

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You would be hard-pressed not to have seen and read about the phenomenal rise of the latest Osprey publication/game Frostgrave. I have already written a Blog post detailing how I purchased a copy the first week it was launched.Since then I ha…

Garden Gnome – part nine

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Tartan trews on a garden gnome! Whatever next?To be honest, I’m not sure it works and I might over-paint them. But they were fun to paint.The design was copied from my work jacket – a Golf jacket that once belonged to my Father and the coat I still use…

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

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I have just finished reading Raising Steam, the 40th Terry Pratchett Discworld novel and can confirm that the master has produced another winner.I wrote earlier in the year of the passing of Terry and it seams rather strange to be reviewing a book when…

Garden Gnome – part eight

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Cecil the Gnome – nearing completion.I have really enjoyed painting him and although not true modelling or gaming, I hope other have too.Tony

Garden Gnome – part seven

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I think it is obvious how the painting has progressed since the last post. I have spent some time ‘blending-in’ the flesh highlights and toning-down those ‘rosy cheeks’.The beard was first painted mid grey before being highlighted with Titanium White a…

Witchlands Tomb

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The Witchlands Tomb

This particular model was inspired by a collection of graveyard buildings modelled by Hombre over on The Lead Adventure Forum.  In addition I had wanted to model some Witchlands themed terrain for some time.

It first appeared on the now closed Barking Irons site in September 2011.
I already have a large collection of grave stones which were made some time ago, but thought that my graveyard could do with having an imposing centre piece.
I set about sketching some ideas and settled on a box shaped tomb with a domed roof on top of some stone steps.
The basic construction is a block of Blue Foam, actually a couple of blocks glued together with a hot glue gun and then sanded square.  The main structure is simple however I added a front panel that has a doorway aperture which was also glued with the hot glue gun.
Note;  When working with Blue Foam, I have found that a hot glue gun speeds up construction time.  However there is no reason why you cannot use uPVA and reinforce the joints with either steel pins or cocktail sticks.

The doorway is made from textured lollipop sticks, cut into strips, distressed with a scalpel and some coarse sandpaper then glued to a piece of thin card backing.  Once the glue has set, the door can be shaped, sanded and glued into the opening.
The next step was to add some architectural features.  I choose a simple archway over the door, which was first cut with a scalpel and later ‘opened out’ with a sharp pencil.  In addition I added some stone blocks to the bottom left of the doorway to show some disrepair using the same technique.
I have used some 5mm thick plastic card (actually a For Sale sign that I have had for some time) to build the roof and step.
Note;  Old or disused plastic For Sale signs offer cheap modelling material, ideal for scratch-building. Always be on the look-out for suitable plastic card which is usually thrown away.

I then added two more plastic card steps to the base and one more to the top of the roof.  The domed shaped plastic ball is actually the plastic ball from a roll-on deodorant bottle cut in half and sanded flat before being superglued to the top of roof.
Note; Never throw anything away!

The main walls of the tomb were a little bare and needed texturing and filling-in in places.  I used a mix of ready mixed filler, uPVA glue and some white acrylic paint to ‘plaster’ the building.
Next comes my favourite part – the detailing.  I added a large cross to the roof, which was carved from a piece of 5mm thick plastic card with the edges sanded smooth.  I mounted the cross with a metal pin in its base and superglue it in place as I can envisage this particular joint being a little fragile. 
The door is details with a small lock, some metal strapping and loads of sliced plastic rod.  There is also a small plastic card plaque above the door.
Note; Slice the plastic rod into thin slivers and apply superglue to the door strapping.  Pick up each individual sliver (or rivet) with the point of a No11 Scalpel and apply one-by-one.  It is sometimes necessary to ‘wash’ the area with some liquid cement to seal these small pieces in place.

I am often asked, “How long did it take you to model that?”
The Tomb was constructed in one evening, greatly speeded up by the use of the hot glue gun and not having to wait for the glue to dry.
Now on to the painting.  I wanted to use a new technique and basecoated the whole model with a mix of Raw Umber and a small amount of Chaos Black acrylic paint.  This gives a very dark brown base.
Once dry I mixed up a very dark grey.  I used Raw Umber, Chaos Black and some Titanium White.  The first highlight is a very slight colour change but by using Raw Umber instead of a more traditional Black/White base for the grey it has given the model a more ‘rich’ colour.
With the second highlight I used some Light Flesh and more White with the Raw Umber.  Once again the use of a non Black/White grey has given a better colour.
The thirds highlight has more white added to the mix and some extreme highlighting on the very edges of the roof and wall panels.  For the extreme highlights I used some watered-down pure white.
Note; When painting grey, it is sometimes the case that a plain Black and White mix can be a little too ‘stark’.  By adding Raw Umber and Light Flesh, this has not been the case on this project.

Now for some real colour!  The door was first painted with a mix of Raw Umber and Snakebite Leather, highlighted with some Snakebite Leather and highlighted again with Snakebite and Skull White.
The door strapping and plaque was painted in Bestial Brown and Snakebite, highlighted with Snakebite and then pure Orange.
The final detailing was a wash of Devan Mud which I watered down and ran along the major joints and shadows.
I also added some Grass Tufts, which were cut in half and glued with uPVA glue with the straight edge against the join.
The final photo shows the Tomb finished and a Flintloque miniature alongside.  I am very pleased with the colour of the finished model.  I think that using the Raw Umber to give an alternative grey stonework colour has worked well.
It is obvious from the photos – that I have not added a base to this particular piece of terrain as is my usual custom.  I felt that with a ‘footprint’ of 120mm x 120mm the stone steps were more than enough and a larger grass textured base would have been over-powering as well as limiting its use.
The painting took about three/four hours or one evenings work.  With the simple construction – this model is a project easily within the skill base of any modeller.

As stated earlier, this particular piece of scratch built terrain was first included on the closed Barking Irons Online site. In reproducing it here I am hoping that I can raise some money for charity. If you have read and enjoyed this short tutorial, I would ask that the next time you pass a charity collection tin or someone in the street collecting that you donate whatever you think fit and remember this article.

Thank you.