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HMS Vanguard

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The first of the new Imperial Skies Kickstarter models to be launched is the British battleship Vanguard. This all new model has a resin hull and a dozen metal parts which make up a detailed flying battleship, ready to serve Her Majesty’s aerial navy in all corners of the Empire. Armed with two heavy-bore cannon […]

Taking to the (Imperial) Skies

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Today is the day – the Imperial Skies rulebook is now available from our website for those who missed out on the Kickstarter. We also have accessories such as the turn rulers and logo dice. In case you don’t know, or are new to us, Imperial Skies is a set of fast-paced rules for aerial […]

Ogre Bruiser – part four

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The uniform was painted in the traditional British Red with green turnbacks and a white sash.I think this second image shows the conversion better.Tony

Abstract Acrylic Paint reduced at Hobbycraft

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Abstract acrylic paint is currently being sold for just £2.00 a pouch at Hobbycraft UK. The quantity of premium quality, high pigment acrylic paint you get for your £2.00 makes it some of the best pound for pound value you can get. I’m not sure this product will remain in Hobbycraft following this promotion so – get it while you can.

My personal experience of this paint is that it is slightly thicker than the paint you get in pots, but can be watered-down and slightly thinner than acrylic paint sold in traditional artists tubes. It has great covering properties and a smooth finish. I have experimented with mixing it with other brands of acrylic paint and have had no problems. Brushes can obviously be cleaned with plain water.


I’m a Winner – update

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I recently posted that I had won a £25.00 voucher from Warlord Games, see this post. After much deliberation and browsing the Warlord web pages, I decided to go with the tried and tested route of modelling paints. In fact the Russian Napoleonic paint set.

The paints arrived last week and I have started using some of them already – once again thank you to Big Lee.


General Ridgway

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The M-65 Ridgway is a one-man American Republic combat walker which can be equipped with a variety of weaponry depending on the required role. It’s also an additional contribution that we made towards the Polyversal Kickstarter – everyone who pledged at ‘Adjutant’ level or higher gets a free set of three models, one of each […]

Ogre Bruiser – part three

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No real surprises here; I started with the flesh areas which are as usual built up over a Snakebite Leather base and highlighted with Snakebite and Skull White. I then washed the areas with the old blue topped flesh wash from Citadel/Games Workshop.I w…

Imperial Update #5 – Liftoff Delayed

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Let’s start with the good news, shall we ? I can finally say, after a last visit to the Post Office yesterday, that 100% of pledges have now shipped! Robin and ourselves should really be dancing in the aisles at this point after the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. But … and there’s always […]

Ogre Bruiser – part two

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The modified Flintloque Ogre has now been undercoated with ‘rattle can’ black spray paint and touched up with acrylic black. I’ll be adding some colour soon.Tony

Home made sanding sticks

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I have found that foam-backed nail files are one of my favoured sanding tool, the sort that you can pick up for £1.00 in discount stores. However the last couple of examples I have bought have been inferior (the abrasive material flaking off) and I have been thinking about making my own sanding sticks by sticking sandpaper to strips of scrap wood with double sided sellotape. You can also use wooden rulers or lollipop sticks.

The home-made sanding sticks are one of my most used tools and are great for sanding wood, plastic, resin or metal. For details see this earlier post.

While searching the internet for some better examples of nail files I came across an e-bay auction offering over 100 sanding/abrasive foam off-cuts for just £1.99 (plus postage) and thought it was worth taking a chance. See the above image.

The foam-backed abrasive pads come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but as any modeller knows, you often need to cut these sanding sticks back to fit tight spaces.

Below you can see the first two sanding sticks, stuck to off-cuts of modelling plywood with double sided sellotape and then trimmed back. The 2p coin in the foreground gives an idea of the size of these sticks.

While this image shows the plywood side.

The abrasive comes in many, many different grades, while the foam backing gives it a bit of ‘give’. I am sure that firmer sanding sticks (without the foam backing) can be customised by removing the foam layer.

I now have a life times supply of abrasive pads, which can be custom built to suit a multitude of different jobs. £1.99 very well spent.

Here is the link to the e-bay auction;


Imperial Update #4

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Just a quick one this time – I’ve been sweltering at the workshop this morning (on the hottest day of the year !) and over a keyboard this afternoon, and can report that 92% of pledges have now shipped Just a baker’s dozen to go now, and if all goes well they’ll be finished tomorrow.

Flintloque Ogre Bruiser

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Following close on the heels of last month On-Line Build comes yet another single figure conversion. Using the huge KGL Officer 56006 from Alternative Armies I cut off both arms and the sword and replaced them with resin arms from the HeroClix Mr Hyde …

Imperial Update #3 – The Akashi Flies !

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The good news is that Phil has managed to get enough good castings of the Akashi to fulfill all the pledges for Japanese fleet packs, so there are now no obstacles to finishing the shipping of Imperial Skies. The not-so-good news is that the mould is still too unreliable for normal use, so the Akashi […]

One Month, Two Magazines, Two Articles

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As detailed in earlier posts, this month I have had two articles published. one in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy and the second in Miniature Wargames. This is not the first time that this has happened, but it is rare enough to be very special.This im…

Imperial Update #2 – The Baked Brigadier

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During a rather hot, sweaty and muggy day yesterday, another large chunk of Imperial Skies pledges were packed up ready to be shipped off. I did my best not to perspire on the rulebooks! This means that… 51% of pledges have now shipped The current state of play is: If you are in North America, […]

I’m a winner!

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Earlier today I noticed a ‘spike’ in my Blog viewing figures, upon further examination I came across a post on Big Lee’s Miniature Adventure, see this post informing me that I had won second prize in his Prize Draw…..Thank you Lee.Tony

Polyversal PacFed

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In the recent Polyversal Kickstarter, one of the starter armies available featured our PacFed models. We’re going to have to cast several thousand PacFed models to fulfill our part of the pledges, and we had already decided that we’d need to create some new moulds to do this. And we figured that if we were […]

Imperial Update #1

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I had a bit of a blitz on packing Imperial Skies pledges yesterday while Phil was fiddling with his moulds. A big pile of orders will be going to the post office this morning (it’s only a small local branch, so they’ve been pre-warned to expect them !). So far we’ve completed just over 30% […]

Making More Hay – Miniature Wargames 401

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Henry has published part two of my model haymaking project first seen in Miniature Wargames issue 392. This model is of a covered haystack, a novel (but reasonable common) design that kept the hay off the ground by supporting it on a raised platform, w…

A Napoleonic Redoubt – Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 86

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Issue 86 of Wargames, Soldiers Strategy features this Russian Redoubt built by me to support the Russian themed issue. The article gives a step-by-step account of how I built and painted this large model.The model was inspired by the Borodino Battle Pa…

Age of Shipping

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We’ve finished casting and bagging all of our contributions to the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter – a few hundred resin buildings have been boxed up and are ready for shipping off to Myriad games for distribution. Now onto the task of boxing and sending the rest of the Imperial Skies pledges…

Recent Purchases

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This month, I picked up these two books, Model Airplanes of WW1 was bought from a charity shop in Stratford-on-Avon for just £1.25 and The Display Your Model guide was purchased via e-bay for less than £3.00.
Model Airplanes of World War 1 by Graham Goodchild is my type of book, full of illustrations and step-by-step tutorials with loads of useful tips for producing scratch-built model aircraft, at just £1.25, a real bargain and a book that I expect to be sitting on my workbench for some time. I reminds me of the earlier Harry Woodman book – Scale Model Aircraft in Plastic Card, another one of my favourite ‘How-To’ books.
Highly recommended.
Published in 1987 by B T Batsford Ltd
ISBN; 0-7134-489-2
The Osprey Modelling Guide – Displaying Your Model by Richard Windrow was spotted on the Internet earlier this month, at just £2.78 I thought it might be of interest, particularly when producing terrain models. However, I found it a little too simplistic or all-encompassing and with little that was new to me. As a bargain book, I believe that I have had my moneys worth, but it never quite fulfilled my expectations and this was a disappointment as I have other Osprey Modelling Guides and books written by Richard Windrow that I regularly read and refer to.
A nice book, but overall a little disappointing.
Published in 2009 by Osprey Publishing 
ISBN; 978-1-84603-416-9

Trundling Down the Runway

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Imperial Skies author Robin visited Brigade Towers yesterday (on a Sunday – how’s that for dedication?) and delivered all of the rulebooks, laser-cut counters and turn rulers for the pledges – so we’re ready to put packages together and start shipping them out 🙂 In fact Robin, Phil and I went as far as to […]

Trolka Thug – part four

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The model has been both gloss varnished (for strength) and matt varnished (for the look or finish) before I added a couple of static grass tufts over superglue.As stated earlier, I think I could have done a better job on the painting, but I can see Gil…

Trolka Thug – part three

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The Trolka Thug fully painted. I just need to varnish and add some decoration to the base. I would freely admit, not one of my best, but I did enjoy both converting and painting this single figure.I think I’ll call him Giles.Tony