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Cauldron Quest Review

Posted on September 14th, 2017 under , , , . Posted by

Cauldron QuestSometimes a game just catches you eye for a small reason. Maybe it is a cool looking pieces, amazing art, use of a dice tower, or, in the case of the game we will be reviewing here, the shape of the board. Cauldron Quest is a cooperative kid’s game where players are attempting to thwart […]

Top 5 and Bottom 5 from Gen Con 2017

Posted on August 24th, 2017 under , . Posted by

Gen Con 2017The dust has settled and the population of Indianapolis has returned to normal after Gen Con 2017 has come to a close. I got to spend four fun filled days of seeing new games, talking to publishers, other media folks, and most importantly seeing friends. Today, I will give you a top and bottom 5 […]

Lucky Dogs Review

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Lucky DogsClassic board games from my childhood far too often rely on the roll and move mechanic. Even as a kid I shied away from games like Sorry, Life, Chutes and Ladders, and Mouse Trap, gravitating more to Battleship and Labyrinth. Today, we will be looking at a kid’s game that uses a lot of dice […]

The Cohort Review

Posted on July 31st, 2017 under , . Posted by

The CohortOne thing that is consistent throughout set collection games is that as you complete sets you earn a reward. This may be victory points, cash, or another perk that gets you closer to victory. In The Cohort, your reward for completing a set of roman soldiers not only gets you closer to victory, but you […]

Mow Money Review

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Mow MoneyWhen I was a teenager, I worked a bunch of odd jobs. I worked at a local pizza place, cut and delivered firewood, and worked for a lawn maintenance crew. The last of these jobs has found its way to become the theme of the game we will be looking at today. Mow Money is […]