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Bolt Action & Battle of Kursk at Adepticon

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I wanted to take a sec to share some recent Bolt Action activities that I’ve been involved in!   Rich at Chicago Terrain Factory and I ran our 2nd year of the Kursk battle at Adepticon. Check out his coverage of the event, it is excellent. W…

Recent Project: Blood Angels

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I’ve been working on my 30k Blood Angels for an upcoming event. Here are some Work in Progress shots.

Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 3)

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This dreadnought is nearing a point where I can start priming him. I’ve positioned the legs, added the final layers of detail (a few bits missing yet), and have completed his two plasma-blaster dread CCW arms. The body received a bit of extra det…

Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 2)

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Part 2 of a multipart series of posts on converting the Betrayal At Calth dreadnought.

Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 1)

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Part one of a short series showing the Contemptor Dreadnought from Betrayal at Calth being converted.

HH Blood Angels Tactical Squads For WH30k

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I’ve been bitten by the 30k bug since the release of the Betrayal at Calth box set. I’ve wanted to do a Horus Heresy army for years but found the FW prices & shipping to be a barrier to entry. The models provided in the set are excellen…

Bolt Action Armies

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With another Operation Sting in the bag, I’m finding myself very motivated to work on minis for that system. The Soviet Scout army is coming along well and there are more Russians on the way in the form of a Tankovy company (more on that soon). I…

Operation Sting 2015

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October has a lot going for it. The weather changes, apples happen, halloween, my birthday, and since last year a fantastic Bolt Action event called Operation Sting occurs! October has always been my favorite month, and this tournament simply piles mor…

Eldar Autarch Work in Progress

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I’ve been working on a new model for my Eldar collection. Eldar Autarch! She’s kitted out with a Banshee mask, power weapon (maybe Shard of Anaris), Fusion pistol, Hawk wings, and Faolchu’s wing. She has extreme mobility and can perfo…

Broken Contract Kickstarter in its last 48 hours!

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The Kickstarter for ‘Broken Contract’ is in its last two days.  I was lucky enough to play test the game a little and get an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the miniature and component design.  Its a fun game which has a very unique…