If you write a gaming blog and would like to have it added to the TGN Blog Network please read our requirements and submissions guidelines.


  1. Your blog is dedicated to tabletop wargaming and the majority of the material is hobby related.
  2. Your blog has been active for more than six months.
  3. You post regularly. More than once a month for certain.
  4. Your blog does not include any profanity or adult material in your blog post titles. Since other sites may be displaying your blog titles on their sites it is required that you not post blog titles that might impact other sites.
  5. You have a positive attitude towards your hobby and gaming and a businesslike writing style. You don’t need to follow the AP Style Guidelines for writing but clear writing free of “leet speak” is required
  6. Your blog must have an RSS feed
  7. Your blog must be in English or provide English text with your posts

In addition to this, your chances of being added to the Blog Network are greater if your site covers more than one game.

Submitting your site
If you think that you meet all of these requirements and want to have your site added then send your site’s URL to us using the Contact form on TGN.

If you are a member of the Network and want to promote the TGN Blog Network you can add one of these graphics to your site with a link back to the Blog Network.

Blog Network Large

Blog Network small

You can also add the latest posts on the site to your WordPress or Blogger site using this site’s RSS feed.

If you need help adding the RSS feed to your site please contact us.

Posted on January 16th, 2011.