28mm Colonial Japanese miniature

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I figure that these figures would fit into the MWWBK era.   Oshiro miniature are brand new for this company.  These figures would be in the Boxer Rebellion time period.   Oshiro  Link:Oshiro modelterrrainBac Ninh Miniature &nbs…

Shrewsbury away-day

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Another away-day, this time to Shrewsbury, where I took these images.The image below was a modern reproduction of a timber framed building which I thought caught the traditional construction style very well.Tony

Slaanesh Chaos Chosen [Completed]

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Cute wasn’t what I was actually aiming for … heck who am I kidding, it totally was. Sugar, spice, unicorns, rainbows, care bears, you name it. If it was cutesy in any way, it was running through my mind as I settled on a colour scheme to weave such t…

Zebrane z tygodnia #315/Chosen from the week #315

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Witam szanowne państwo-draństwo na Danse Macabre i zapraszam do lektury oraz komentowania kolejnego wydania Zebranych z tygodnia, cyklu który na blogu ukazuje się od #315 tygodni.

Znajdziecie tutaj galerie, nowości, poradniki oraz recenzje, podsumowania i ciekawostki związane głównie z uniwersum Warhammer Fantasy, choć nie tylko…

Zobaczcie także co wydarzyło się
sto dwieście trzysta tygodni temu:

I greet you cordially on the Danse Macabre and invite you to careful reading and bold commenting the next release Chosen from the week, this cycle appears on the blog since #315 weeks.

In Chosen of the week you will find galleries, news, tutorials, reviews, summaries and  facts related mainly to the Warhammer Fantasy universe, but not only…

Look also what happened
one and two and three hundred weeks ago:

Model tygodnia   |   Miniature of the week

Tribute paintied by Lan Studio.

Warhammer Fantasy   |   Warhammer Fantasy

  • Na DansE MacabrE udostępniłem kolejny wpis przybliżający kulisy Imperium za czasów rządów Karla Franza.
  • Ponadto na DansE MacabrE zaprezentowałem zasady dla Karnawału Chaosu do Warheim FS
  • …oraz zamieściłem relację z sesji Warhammer FRP.
  • On DansE MacabrE I shared another entry approximates the backstage of the Empire the reign of Karl Franz. (PL)
  • On DansE MacabrE I presented the rules for the warband Carnival of Chaos to Warheim FS… (PL)
  • …and I posted a report from the Warhammer FRP session. (PL)

Galerie   |   Galleries

Nowości   |   News

Poradniki   |   Tutorials

  • WeRT na swoim blogu Idiotoodporny pokazał jak zrobić barykady ze skrzyń.
  • Natomiast Nazroth na blogu Scar_Hand Painting udostępnił poradnik w którym pokazał jak zrobić sceniczną podstawkę.
  • A na łamach bloga Dagger Brush możecie zapoznać się z zestawieniem najpopularniejszych narzędzie w warsztacie modelarskim.
  • WeRT on his blog Idiotoodporny showed how to make barricades from crates. (PL)
  • Nazroth on the blog Scar_Hand Painting has provided a guide in which he showed how to make a scenic bases. (ENG)
  • On the blog Dagger Brush you can read the list of the most popular tool in the modeling workshop.

Recenzje   |   Reviews

  • Pepe na swoim blogu Fantasy w miniaturze zrecenzował model Dwarf Miner #6 od Scibor MM.
  • Z kolei G Mort na blogu GMorts Chaotica zaprezentował model Sister Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith od Raging Heroes.
  • Na blogu DansE MacabrE otworzyłem pudełko z zestawem Stone Knight Ruins Terrains od Ristuls EM.
  • Pepe on his blog Fantasy w miniaturze reviewed the Dwarf Miner #6 from Scibor MM. (PL)
  • G Mort on the blog GMorts Chaotica presented the model Sister Ardanna, Pillar of the Faith from Raging Heroes. (ENG)
  • On the DansE MacabrE blog I opened the box with Stone Knight Ruins Terrains from Ristuls EM. (ENG/PL)

Podsumowania   |   Summaries

Inne   |   Others

  • Wpisy opublikowane w ramach #31 edycji Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego pojawiły się w minionym tygodniu między innymi na blogach Hakostwo oraz bitewniakowe pogranicza.
  • Z kolei na autorskiej stronie dariusza domagalskiego szanowne państwo-draństwo może przeczytać o najstarszym zawodzie świata.
  • A Borejko na Git Games przy okazji 90 nr Fantastyki z 1987 roku przypomina jak to kiedyś z Grą z Fantazję było.
  • Entries published within the #31 edition of Miniature Blog Carnival appeared in the last week, among other things on blogs Hakostwo and bitewniakowe pogranicza. (PL)
  • You can read about the oldest profession in the world on the dariusz domagalski homepage. (PL)
  • Borejko on Git Games, on the occasion of the 90th Fantastyki from 1987, recalled how it once to be with Fantasy Games. (PL)
I to wszystko na dzisiaj.

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A jeśli znajdziecie w sieci odnośniki do ciekawych galerii, nowości, poradników, recenzji lub ciekawostek albo sami opublikujecie warty uwagi wpis na waszym blogu to piszcie śmiało komentarze pod tym wpisem.
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Italian Wars-More Pictures

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Just some additional pictures of my first Impetvs bases.

AHPC VII Reflections – Part 1: Facts and Figures

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While not a mathemagician anywhere of the calibre as the redoubtable Mr Miles, I have found myself tainted by his interest in some of the stats around AHPC.

So here are some completely self indulgent figures and graphics that will mean little to an…

The Battle of Killall Castle -A 7TV episode

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Using the figures from my earlier post ,the forces of Shiva defeat Department X in the ruins of Killall Castle …..The Guru and his RH manThere be treasureoooh and scrolls of magicAdd captionThe Destroyer begins to live up to his name…and the winner…

Retreat and regroup time.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been another slow one on the hobby front, with visits from family and shelf building taking priority over my hobby… especially seeing as my hobby mojo has left the building at the moment.Fortunate…

Review: Model Box – The Monthly Subscription Box for the Miniature Hobbyist

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Are you aware of subscription boxes? I must admit that it was something that had completely slipped past my radar until my son Josh recently started getting a box every month containing various geek goodies (A T-shirt, plus other merchandise bits and pieces). I’m not sure if he uses Lootcrate or Superloot for this. Subscription boxes are a service where you sign up to receive a box every month. The boxes are themed, usually around a hobby or pastime, but are essentially a completely blind purchase – part of the appeal lies in mystery of “What have I got this month?” I was contacted by George Kleanthous of Model Box, and asked if I was interested in reviewing this product, especially since the March box had a theme of ‘War’. This is a brief description of the product from Model Box themselves: Model Box is a monthly subscription box designed for wargamers, collectors and painters. Similar to other subscription boxes (like Loot Crate), each month’s box is based on a theme. Our boxes contain at least 1 miniature, paints and a mixture of other accessories for our hobby such as brushes, scenery, terrain materials etc. Model Box Mission Statement: There are hundreds of […]


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So the biggest news for me personally this week is Death Guard 🙂 My word they are sexy and for those that have seen me squirming on Twitter I love me some Nurgle and the possibility to get some models … Continue reading

The Green Shark

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A small figure build this time, which I created for an LAKC contest on Facebook in which you could take home a Spiderman Super Jumper polybag.Unfortunatly, he didn`t take home the win, but never the less I thought I’d share him here.His pilum is a cust…

AK47 game.

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The other Friday night we had a game set  during the  Vietnam war. The rules we used were AK 47.I hadn’t read the rules and this was really just a run through to try them out.The Americans were already on the table along with a number of obje…

View From The Window

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Beautiful sunny day although it is still sharply cold at this time, Mothers Day of course and I have already given my mother a thought or two and shortly will be preparing breakfast in bed for the mother of my warriors just to keep in the good books. B…

Challenge VII: Total Output

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 Here’s what I painted over the past 3 months as part of this year’s Challenge.  To be honest, the amount surprised me but at least I’m ready for Historicon.  As previously reported my final score was 4,125 points – not bad as it managed…

Showcase: Chaos Space Marines World Eaters Rhinos

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Hey all, about a week ago I showed the beginnings of a World Eater army I was working on. So I thought I’d show the finished World Eaters Rhinos.

More after the jump

Haul Report # 74

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Here we are with another week of gathering stuff for my crazy ideas and moc builds.The first thing I got was an exchange for the old Elsa set with a mate, and this gave me a Star Wars First Order microfighter and the Green Lantern sets in return.I also…

A Rule set too Far: Salute Shopping list.

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First, don’t worry ,this isn’t going to be me honking on about how much to spend and what to spend your money on. I think […]

Adepticon 2017 Day 2

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Welcome back! Here is the run-down of how my second day of Adepticon went. Blood & Plunder I made today my main shopping day, and I found all kinds of neat stuff. First off is the new hottness, Blood and … Continue reading

Frostgrave Cultist and Barbarian Sprues

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Just a quick shout out to these fine plastic kits being put out by North Star Military Figures for Ospreys games , Frostgrave.  I know I have previously mentioned my dislike for plastic kits, as I like to say I have gotten too old to be fiddl…

Adepticon 2017 -Drive by

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Well we made the annual trip to Adepticon today, about a 90 minute drive from the new digs. I had not planned on going this year, and I was not a badge holder simply a spectator. My kids convinced me to go at the last minute so we made the trip for abo…

[Skorne] Molik Karn the Cyclops Warrior

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From the Facebook megalot, comes this character, Molik Karn. I really like the color of this guy. He’s some form of cyclops warrior. Skorne’s Japanese-influenced armor really make this very colorful. He was fun to paint up, with the demonic-looking me…

Spider Swarms And Making Progress

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I have come very close to missing the post tonight. Having posted at least daily for three months now I really didn’t want to miss the deadline. My other half tells me the clocks are going forward as well which really would have cut into me time to pos…

August 1914 – Russian advance makes early gains

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Time to test another of the scenarios from the upcoming GWSH Scenario Book which focusses on East Prussia and the battles of Gumbinnen and Tannenberg. I chose the scenario that represents the fighting around Potschlauken on 17 August 1914.Two regiments…

Valhallan Imperial Guard

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This is my Valhallan Imperial Guard Army as of today, once again not so much an army as a collection of figures.  This army started life in the mid 90’s (95?) as a 2nd Ed army, 42 figures and 3 vehicles gave me a 1500pt army that while not a kille…

Bolt Action: Australian Commandos Review & Painting Guide

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By Bryan

G’day fellas! Warlord Games has finally released the first of it’s Australian range in the form of the Independent Company Commandos. The miniatures are fantastic sculpts, very accurate and a pleasure to paint. Read on and I’ll go over the boxed set in a little more detail, as well as a step by step painting guide you can follow to paint your own Aussies. 

The boxed set contains a full strength section of Australian Independent Company Commandos, being 10 men. They are equipped in a historically typical fashion with 6 sub machine guns, 1 Bren light machine gun and 4 Lee Enfield rifles. One of those rifles has a scope and the sub machine guns are the iconic, Australian designed and made Owen Gun. These really help to give the models that Australian look.

The sculptor, the talented Steve Saleh, has taken this further by really paying close attention to period photos of the men he is representing in miniature. Take a look at this photo on the left and you’ll see what I mean. He has managed to capture the rugged look of the men of these units. They often sported beards as they would be out on 12 day long patrols in the jungle, behind Japanese lines.

The style of beret worn by the Australian Commando units is also slightly different to their more well known British counterparts. Less a sign of elite status and more a practical piece of jungle head gear, the miniatures again capture that individualistic approach to uniform regulations in the Australian Independent Companies.

The sculpting is fantastic, and the equipment and uniforms are accurate, so I give these 5 out of 5 Owen Guns. Okay, onto how to paint your Pacific Australians.

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