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My USA WTC resume!

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Link to the Resume in question.

So there’s this big International Event for Warmachine players called the World Team Championship. Ten man teams from different countries compete for glory and chicks. Okay, maybe just the chicks.

The other day, when I should have been grading papers, I submitted my resume for Team USA. I figured, well if Flanzer is going to coach, I’d be the perfect fill-in on the Troll spot!

Unfortunately, my resume doesn’t technically qualify to even be submitted.

I mean, standards. What’s with those?!

So posted for your perusal are the contents of the resume I have helpfully linked to on the Team USA facebook page.

Please share this far and wide. Or maybe half. Far or wide, your choice.

Once you read my resume, you will see why.

Felix Flauta Jr.
Chicago, IL. [email protected]

Tournament Experience

Foodmachine at the Dice Dojo. Chicago, IL. December 13, 2014

  • Placed third by losing to the eventual winner of the event, Tony Faber. Our epic match consisted of me burning cans to re-roll Tough checks simply to aggravate the man.

Warmachine Weekend, Iron Gauntlet Qualifier. St. Louis, MO. November 7, 2014

  • Earned a first round bye when opponent did not show. Then I totally ducked Jordan Nach in a “wanna play it out” moment.
  • Later in the tournament I successfully noted that Absylonia the Daughter of Everblight had the spell Teleport. I failed to notice that she had Conferred Rage.
  • Did not place. Obviously.

Gencon Some Kind of 50 point tournaments.  Indianapolis, IN. August 15 or 16, 2014.

  • Can not remember a single result except that I won a game against Cryx.
  • Nate White may have had his revenge against me with his Khador. Or Mercs.

Aluminum Gauntlet (Iron Gauntlet practice rounds) at the Dice Dojo. Chicago, IL. August 9, 2014

  • Beat Nate White into submission by activating and moving 75 points of Trollbloods infantry and then activating Madrak the World Ender’s feat, Desperate Hour. The submission may or may not have been entirely psychological.

Masters Qualifier 2 at Adepticon. Lombard, IL. March 20, 2014

  • Won games because my first opponent tried to make the Hierarch Severius work and my second opponent was borrowing a Griffon spam army and left some Griffons off the table.
  • Clifton Cline eventually put me in my place by fielding the Hunters Grim against my World Ender. Had a nice Madrak surf moment across the table at Grim, though.

50 pt Steamroller at Games Plus. Mount Prospect, IL. January 25, 2014

  • After winning my first game I got soundly spanked by three Circle players in a row. Then they beat me in games.
  • However, Mountain King had an amazing shot at killing Nick Kleeman’s Morvahna the Dawnshadow by eating a dude and Killshotting a 10” spray at her. Would have been bonkers.

50 pt Steamroller at Games Plus. Mount Prospect, IL. November 23, 2013

  • Won a game only to forget to feat in the following game against one Jordan Nach. Ten minutes later, we’re at Five Guys.

Last Chance Qualifier at Warmachine Weekend. St. Louis, MO. November 15, 2013

  • Defeated Sammy Nguoc by choosing the correct table side and laughing maniacally when the Pyg Burrowers destroyed his only real chance at contesting the zone. It was a hollow victory. Nick Kleeman had already taken me out of contention.

Preferred Armies

  • I do my best work with Grissel, Marshal of the Kriels and Jarl Skuld the Devil of the Thornwood.
  • Of course that means I love playing Hoarluk Doomshaper Shaman of the Gnarls out of tier and Madrak the World Ender.
  • I also have a converted Grim Angus to look more like his epic form, so I intend to play him more often.
  • Anything plastic would be fantastic for checking them and just carrying on the heavy metal models.
  • You know what’s plastic? Fennblades, Scattergunners, Champions, Warders. Dudespams, basically.  You know what’s going to be plastic soon? Kriel Warriors.
  • Did I mention I like Trolls???

Other Considerations

  • Totally botched a game rule running an alternate qualifier at Keith Christensen’s table. A later review showed me the error of my ways.
  • I’m like Jason Segel in Freaks and Geeks with the 100 piece drum set; I have more painted models than I can actually play with.
  • Would totally be a good choice to be announced for April Fools.

Painted Legion of Everblight: Spawning Vessel, Striders, Raptors

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Battle: Kommander Strakhov vs. Grand Scrutator Severius, 50 points

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Played John Christensen (aka Menothjohn) over a year ago. In this second of three games, Strakhov fought the Grand Scrutator.The first part was easy. Cast Occultation (stealth) onto the Black Dragons.Kossites Ambush the Errants and Conquest lays down s…

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Feora Protector of the Flame, 50 points

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The irregular schedule of irregularity continues rather irregularly.Early in 2013, I traveled up to Milwaukee to play a game against Menoth John of the infamous Ask MenothJohn thread and Painting with Menoth John. I brought the Heavy Armor Battalion an…

Battle: The Butcher of Khardov vs. Chieftain Madrak Ironhide, 50 points

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Steve Keplinger was a newer player when I brought the Butcher to his Madrak. It’s a crazy infantry shredding game that ends in a rush and a whiff..The Chieftain takes position on the hill with Surefoot supporting his champions. Cleverly, Madrak present…

Terrain: Angled Trenches

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This was the new angled trench terrain that I wanted to try with 2″ sides. I know I didn’t slope the embankments, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that with anything less than 3-5″ slope to ease the grade of the incline. I play with a lot of heavy…


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Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Kallus Wrath of Everblight, 50 points

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Supreme Kommandant Irusk had a nice little fight against Kallus.

The Wreck marker on the hill isn’t a wreck, but is probably a heavy warjack of some kind. I can’t remember if this list uses Beast-09 or not. Probably, since he can’t balance on that h…

Resetting the blogread list.

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If you have a blog, I’m wiping my reading list for now and will re-up in a bit. Something is a bit funny with my feed, and I can’t figure out how to get rid of the problem, so I’m taking the nuclear approach.

If you read pokeminiatures and have a bl…


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Jason and I re-did our lists. He fielded Ravyn Eternal Light and my Supreme Kommandant standard list.

Fearless and Tough Winterguard Riflemen. Chances are I forgot to activate Kovnik Joe.

The Spriggan puts up some flares to remove stealth from some members of the Strike Force. Boosted Riflemen shots handle the rest from 14" away.

Hyperion and Behemoth stand-off with

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Garryth, Retribution of Scyrah, 35 points

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Played Jason Young’s Retribution at Games Plus. Irusk brought the Heavy Armor Battalion theme force while Jason brought a Garryth Assassin force. (Not sure if he was in theme).

Note: I do not think these are Kossites. They are probably proxied …

Terrain: Rocky outcroppings and hills

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Made some LOS blocking terrain to, you know, block LOS. Also a bunch of hills.

Battle: Harkevitch the Iron Wolf vs. Magnus the Traitor, 50 points

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For my last game at Warmachine Weekend, I finally had the courage to bust out my Harkevitch theme force, complete with a Mortar and Field Gun crew.

That’s a friendly wreck marker, folks. That’s right, Harkevitch theme force in the house!


Terrain: Forest Templates

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I made a bunch of forest templates for a friend in exchange for conversion work, and I’m still sad to have let them go. Sometime in the future I’ll have to make some more of these for myself.

Battle: Vladimir Tzepesci vs. Goreshade the Cursed, 50 points

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The Charge of the Horselords theme force bolts across the table with additional SPD on the warjacks and Dash making high armored khador ponies a living wall blocking a zone against the oncoming Cryx force.

Drago makes first strike, clearing the Obje…