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1945 LW FOW Tournament – Feb 18th "The Final Hour" – Kirwan’s Game Store

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The end of V3 is fast approaching, as many regular readers of this blog are aware.  And with it comes a possible end to many lists and models we held dear.  In an effort to say our final goodbyes to a version of the rules many of us loved dearly over the past 1/2 a decade, Chris Johnson (my arch enemy) helped put together a tournament up at Kirwan’s Game Store. 1945pts LW, 3 rounds, beginning at 11am.

Below – Chris Johnson and a raffled off German Panzer Army for EW.  Everyone started with one ticket, but each loss earned you another ticket. (very good idea)

My List: I debated a lot about what to bring.  I decided on something I could never get to work.  I had only played them once, at 1425 pts and they were the worst list I ever brought to a tournament.  I should have known better at the time, but there it is.  What is over pointed like crazy? What is a fast tank? What has the stink of the oddly non-synergistic British rules about them… guessed it.  Comets.

My List – Nachtjager
British Motor Company (which for some reason is an Infantry company)
HQ – 2 white scout cars with cmd and 2ic
1 – Motor Platoon (cmd MG team + 3 MG teams w/ piat and lt mortar) (6 stands)
2 – Motor Platoon (full)
3 – required scout platoon (3 UC’s)
4 – Wasp platoon
5 – AT guns 6pdrs
6 – mortar platoon
7 – 4 comets
8 – 4 comets

for a grand total of 1945 pts.

First Round – Joey Laderoute from Blackmoon Games in Lebanon NH

I missed the chance to play him last tournament so I was glad I got a shot this time around.  He brought American Tanks, Jumbos and Easy 8s, and an assortment of other trained armor. He reasoned that in V4, Easy 8s were dead, and Jumbos wouldn’t be nearly as good. He attacked, since I was an infantry company.

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Fulda in Fredericksburg: 2017 Team Yankee Nationals

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Now with Cold Wars 2017 behind us it is time to turn our attentions to Historicon 2017 and the first ever Team Yankee North American Nationals also known as “Fulda Gap in Fredericksburg”.
Here are the details
GMs: Mitch Reed ([email protected]) and Brian Sullivan
Cost: Free!!!
Date/Time: 14 July 10am – 8pm Arrive at 9:30am to register.  Players who do not check in by 9:45 may have their spots taken by a player on the stand by list.
Three 2.5 hour rounds.  100 Points. All official lists from Team Yankee (including Afghansty), Leopard (including Panzertruppen), Iron Maiden, and Volks-Armee will be allowed.  All forces will be fully painted.  We have spots for 120 players and we will make a stand-by list if the tournament fills up. Each participant will get the Wolfgang’s Bratty Wagon objective for free for playing in the tournament.

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On The Road Episode 6: Advanced Squad Leader’s Winter Offensive

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Episode 6: Advanced Squad Leader’s Winter Offensive 2017Direct downloadIn this Episode, Sean and I travel to Bowie Maryland to check out one of the nation’s premier ASL events. We have a lengthy interview with Perry Cocke; one of the owners of Multima…

Bolt Action – Painting Guide for US Airborne

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By Patch,
Welcome to another painting guide to add to our collection, this time I will look at the very iconic US Airborne. Before reading on though please be aware that while I have themed my force on historical US Airborne I have adapted the colours and general look to suit my style and how I like my wargaming miniatures to look. If you are after a totally accurate historical representation this guide may not appeal to you.

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The LRDG II Podcast: Episode 12

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The LRDG II Podcast Episode 12In this fun filled episode, Brad is joined by long-time BA player and the TO of the World’s Largest Bolt Action Event, Steve Tibbs, for a free-style jazz jam like discussion about the game we know and love. Steve lays…

Bolt Action – The Ins And Outs Of Commission Painting

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I, Old Man Morin, have been wargaming for a scarily long period time. It is getting close to three decades at this point. In that time I have discovered a few truths about my hobby, one of which is that I am a painfully slow painter and that my short attention span requires constant stimulation to stay focussed on a given project. This makes painting entire armies very difficult. It took me close to two years of steady work to paint my Late War German army for Bolt Action for example. For someone who loves to play with painted forces this is very problematic. This has led me, over the years, to turn to commission painting as a way of getting boots on the table. Today, I am going to discuss a few things to consider before treading this path.

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FOW – Stalingrad 2000 Point Multi-Player

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With the impending arrival of Ver 4 to our gaming tables, the regular players at the Brookhurst Club in Orange County California decided to hold a multi-player Stalingrad FOW game. I had run the Able Kompanie Stalingrad intro game at GenCon several times, so we decided to run a modified version of it. We changed the table arrangement so it wasn’t a duplicate and created different army lists up to 2,000 points per side.

Our rules for the game included the following:
Movement and Cover: All of the table was (at best) Slow Going – Except for roads (regular cross country on roads).
Rubble (any building or rubble bases, as well as blast craters) gave bullet proof cover to infantry if their base was at least half on the rubble base.
Bunker Busters: Building with four walls, and a second story floor or roof were considered “buildings” for bunker buster guns.
Other terrain such as railroad embankments, etc followed the rule book for Ver 3.
Buildings and rubble bases required skill checks for vehicles to avoid bogging.

Scoring: Based on the Able Kompanie GenCon version, we ran a total of eight objectives. Three in each deployment area, and two in the center of the table. The center objectives were slightly offset from the center line, so each side could attempt to get close enough to contest in turn one. At the beginning of each side’s turn, they received points for any objectives they held (or had held, and were not contested by the enemy). Objective in your own deployment zone were one point each. Center objectives were two points each, and if you got lucky enough to take one in the enemy deployment zone, those were worth four points each.
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North American Yeam Yankee Nationals; 14 July 2017

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With Brian Sullivan
First of all, let me fill you in on some big news; WWPD and Battlefront will be hosting the first ever Team Yankee North American Nationals on 14 July 2017! The event will take place during Historicon 2017 in Fredericksburg Virginia. So, this post serves as “save the date” for all of you that have been looking forward for a huge Team Yankee event and we will be posting a series of “Tournament Organizer” articles to keep you informed over the next few months.
We will be working with Brian Sullivan, who will be the POC from the Battlefront side of the house and I will be the POC from WWPD.
Right now, we have so many details to work out;
Points totals? Will 100 be too much? Is 80 the sweet spot?
Scoring? Do we use an alternative scoring system to have a definitive winner in 3 rounds?
Prize support? Well with Luke doing this I am sure it will be something great!
So, since we have more questions than answers right now please hold off any you have until we have firmed things up. Until we can get the event into the PEL for Historicon we will not be taking any sign-ups, so stay tuned to and we will drop more info as it becomes available.
We want to make this the biggest and best Team Yankee event ever! So come join us for “Fulda in Fredericksburg 2017!”

[email protected]

“Why We Fight” and “On the Road” Podcasts 

Bolt Action – Review: Warlord Games Finnish 75 PSTK/40 Anti-Tank Gun

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Hi everyone, after a work induced hiatus I’ve returned. Some time ago I started collecting Finns, that journey has been long and arduous and thoroughly enjoyable. My most recent acquisition however was the Warlord Games Finnish Pak40 medium anti-tank gun.

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On the Road: Version 4 Roll Out

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Episode 5 “On the Road” Flames of War Version 4 Roll out.Download DirectlyA very special OTR Episode! Mitch Reed and Sean Sarah went to the Version 4 roll out at “Games and Stuff” in Glenn Burnie Maryland. They have a very frank talk with John Mat…

The Ghost Army Podcast Episode 23

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The Ghost Army Podcast: Episode 23In this action packed episode of the GAP, Patch and Bryan are joined by voice from the past to discuss a few thoughts about how to approach making army lists, how to run a huge 4000pt muilti-player game, German forces …

No Retreat – Late War Version 4 Flames of War Playtest

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Following an initial Mid-War Version 4, my good gaming buddy Ed and I returned to Hard Knox Games to borrow the store preview copy and give Version 4 a Late-War tryout. Again, we wanted to test out the “worse case” scenario of  a tank force attacking against a infantry & gun force in the No Retreat mission. The presumption was that tanks, especially medium tanks, were going to have no chance against a strong infantry & gun force.

The Forces

The Soviet Strelkovy Battalion

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Bolt Action AAR – Colonial Free French V DAK

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By Patch,I recently got the chance to play James who I shall refer to as JL, a wily opponent and Bolt Action Veteran here in Canberra Australia at our local games store – Jolt Games. The match was set at 1000 points and was to be my Vichy French, who had recently changed sides to be Free French under De Gaulle for the match, against JL’s seasoned German Africa Korps (DAK).

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Bolt Action – Australian Army Showcase

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Australian Army Showcase

Hey Guys, Tristan here. This article is long overdue and for that I truly apologize. Today I’d like to share pictures and tips of an army that I painted up to give away as prize for our 2016 Event Series here in Melbourne. This army was made in conjunction with the Australian Army PDF that the BAA produced, Please head to the Warlord website and you can download the PDF for FREE!

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No Retreat – V4 MW Desert Playtest AAR

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“Is Mid-War the new Early-War?”

By Tom Burgess

The Goal
I have been very apprehensive about V4 Flames of War, but I have also been equally determined to give V4 a thorough work out. Once my trusty Local Game Store, Hard Knox Games, had a preview copy on site and I had a chance to listen to the WWPD V4 preview podcasts, watch the excellent Dice Devils playtest videos, and participate on the WWPD forum discussions I thought that I was sufficiently armed to give V4 a first go.

Mission Selection

I wanted my first playtest of V4 to be “No Retreat.” I thought the Dice Devils did a great job doing three “Free for All” playtest video. More importantly, much of the gripes I’ve heard about V4 was that infantry backed up by anti-tank guns would be too hard for tank forces to attack into. As much as just getting a feel for V4 as game in general, I did want get a sense for how hard it would be for tanks to go up against defending infantry and anti-tank guns.

The Players

I was joined for this game my gaming buddy, Ed, and a new gamer, Tony.  Ed and Tony would play the German force. I would run the British. In terms of knowledge of the new rules and skill, I’d have to say I had a advantage over my German opponents.  Chad, the LGS store manager, had been reading the V4 preview rulebook for days and when he was not busy tending shop, he would come over and help us look up or resolve rules questions.


The forces I had available, or could borrow, as well as the very limited lists in the new “Afirka Korps” and “Desert Rat” books drove me to employing German Panzer Force as the attacker against a British Motor Company, backed up by as many guns as I could get in the force.

The attacking German Panzer Ko


Fortunately, I had a lot “Axis & Allies” Panzers. Cheap models, but they’d suffice for a playtest. I had only just started repainting them, but for a playtest they would do.  I had to borrow the Schleppers and the AAA Halftracks. 

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