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Finland, Finland, Finland

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I have just moved to Finland. A new opportunity for work arose and I went for it. At the moment absolutely no gaming is happening. Not only do I not have any time but I really didn’t bring anything with me. The best I can expect is a few board games or…

Spider Riders still

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Finally some progress on these has been made. I don’t think I really like these models much but as I paint them and assemble the regiment they are starting to grow on me. Though I think everyone experiences that as they paint the large regiments in …

Night Goblin Shaman

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While I should have been painting some Spider Riders I instead got distracted with the Battle for Skull Pass Shaman. I don’t have much painting time, less than the last time I made the same complaint but I am making some very slow progress on this arm…

Forest Goblin Test

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Here is my test Forest Goblin, I even managed to do the base. I am not 100% convinced yet on the basing. It is more or less what I usually do but so far so good, eh? As for the model itself I am happy. The green is the same as the Night Goblins. With s…

Horrible Spiders

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I think the weirdest thing about the Forest Goblin Spider Rider’s mount is that at a distance of two or so feet in a darkened room they look all too convincing.However I managed to get forty of these models I don’t know. Even though it would look aweso…

Night Goblins done… for now

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I finally managed to finish my second regiment of Night Goblins. I manage to snatch about half an hours painting every evening after work and some longer stretches at the weekends. These thirty were easy enough to paint too as the models while excellen…

Yet More Night Goblins

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I am slowly working on my Night Goblin Arrer Boyz at the moment. Work is once again busy and combined with good weather and a few beer festivals I am supplying I really don’t have as much time as I would like. I do get to squeeze in about an hour a day…

Nasty Night Goblins

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I finally finished the last model in this horde. Forty night goblins can take a while to paint.I still have to make sure that I didn’t miss any detail. There is always something left out I find. I also need to decide what I am doing with their bases.I …

Bonus Boss

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I picked up a few Black Orcs recently on eBay. This miniature was included so I decided to paint him up as a break between the tedium of rank and file. I had to spend a lot of time cleaning him up as he hadn’t arrived in a good shape. Mainly the arms n…

Night Goblins

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I have absolutely no time at the moment for just about anything especially keeping this blog up to date. I have been slowly painting of an evening and here is the current WIP of my Night Goblins.I am going to get my long neglected Orc and Goblin army t…

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Month Two

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It is better late than never. I wasn’t able to get to the internet until yesterday and so I couldn’t update the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers. I have a few minutes this morning to get my stuff updated between various errands. So first of all I still haven’…

Gathering the Clansmen

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Looking at the collection of Dwarves I have I noticed that I have a lot of regiments that I wouldn’t consider finished. I have for instance thirty three Clansmen. So with the current thoughts about Dwarves I decided to finish off a few of these regimen…

Angry Anglo-Danes for SAGA

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I had been attempting to get a few more models done for SAGA recently. The easiest way to increase a force is to paint some Huscarls. I painted these four in a rush to try and have them ready for last weeks eight point clash. Work intervened and I fina…

SAGA 8 points

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I managed to finally get another Saga game in recently. This time at eight points. I wanted to test how the system worked once you increase the points value. This time extending it a third beyond its comfort zone. I was playing my Anglo-Danes and was f…

Dwarven Expeditionary Force

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I am bizarrely interested again in my dwarves as I have mentioned a few times. I have quite a few other projects going at the moment from SAGA , Malifaux, Warhammer Ancient Battles to Muskets & Tomahawks. I am being really ill-disciplined at the moment…