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More flying men for my Stormcast, I love the look but those wings are a right royal pain in the back side


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I made the call to go hairless as well, i think the model looks much creepier this way and sort of suits her.

JB Terrain Review

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As 40K starts to explode as it always does with a new edition time, I needed some new terrain to cover the board! There is loads of MDF terrain out there, but I need something that looks good but isn’t … Continue reading


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The man that started it all and made me love the dirty dirty ressers.

Lost Love

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Angry lady loved her man friend…..maybe a little too much

Shaltari go fabulous!!

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So I have been busy lately sticking some colour on things. Plus after some thoughts about making this blog a little more live rather than I have in the past.  Here is my WIP of my Shaltari for DFC All … Continue reading


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An agry lady is not one to cross especailly if she can manifest said angry.


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These have to be my favourite scheme runners just because of cost and that jump. Great models also helps.


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You may remember I have one Hanged painted up for my Jack Daw crew, well made sense to have resser one as well 🙂


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So I survived my first Dark Age event and I came last….Wooooooooooo a Spoon 🙂 Honestly I enjoyed my 3 games and if not for 2 dice rolls I may have got some wins in, honest! Game 1 vs Air … Continue reading

Mindless Zombies

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I was struggling with numbers for these guys and in the end I went with 6 and also used the mantic versions as I was feeling cheap 🙂

Skinning the Hunters – Skatha

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I am not even going to try a pun this one out…Just let it go!!! Its Skatha. Stats Her speed is average as is he TAC (perhaps a little low for a captain) while her KICK has a healthy dice … Continue reading

Skinning the Hunters – vHearne

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The grumpy old man is back and this time he is tired…well I assume he is tired if he is moving around when the moon is up!! Stats He is big man slow as you would expect, his TAC is … Continue reading


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As you read this today I will be taking part in my first event of the year :O and also my first Dark Age event ever! Now Dark age is having a bit of resurgence recently and locally is kicking … Continue reading

Death Guard – Spartan

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What is better than a tank with many lasers? one that has clearly been used….a lot!! Still enjoying painting the Death Guard, although I have been avoiding painting that 20-man unit!