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Chaos In Cochise County

Posted on September 5th, 2014 under Posted by

Scott Pyle

My good friend and fellow Goalsystem writer Lee Howard is running a Kickstarter that is well worth a look!Chaos In Cochise CountyThanks for looking!–Scott

Pause For The Cause

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Scott Pyle

I am popping back in for a brief moment to promote my buddy Rico’s new online store!’s got a lot of great stuff on offer, and if you live in the USA, it’s well worth a few minutes browsing on his site. Give it a look!P…

Modeling ain’t easy…

Posted on October 25th, 2013 under Posted by

The 1/72 project has spiraled out of control. After the incorrect attempt to match up Zeros and P-40s I switched it up to Kittyhawks vs Bf-109s in the desert. Its a great setting with some great color schemes to model. After some more research I settle…

Let a hundred projects bloom…

Posted on October 11th, 2013 under Posted by

Finally getting an airbrush has opened up a whole new world. Its a somewhat frustrating world, featuring endless decisions regarding paint, thinning, cleaning, moisture traps, needles, cleaning, future, flat coats, cleaning, etc… While I cut my teet…

Chaos Bike

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Photographing this thing was not fun. Building it was. If you fudge the trees like I did there isn’t any serious engineering. Some tube and bits and there you go. I have a few more unpainted. I had a concept for a really biker heavy force but that got …

Four-Color Figures 2013-10-02 03:06:00

Posted on October 2nd, 2013 under Posted by

Scott Pyle

Do not adjust your screens! Four-Color Figures is back! Sort of! Scott has temporarily lost some of his gaming mojo but until he gets it back, his friends and biggest boosters are going to keep his blog running. Why? Because we really liked his blog an…

On Hiatus

Posted on September 11th, 2013 under Posted by

Scott Pyle

Hey, folks.  Life events swirling around me have changed me. I no longer possess the zeal to game, paint, and post.  It is unlikely I will be quite the same person when I come out on the other side of this, so who knows if and when I will ret…

Sarissa Hex Bases Arrive!

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Scott Pyle

All the way from merry old England, the Sarissa hex bases have arrived! I received a nice supply of both 20mm and 15mm bases. Check them out!The 15mm bases will be for Light and Mediums.  The 20mm for Heavies and Assaults.  I’ll also put infa…

Alpha Strike: A Base-ic Problem

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Scott Pyle

Our foray into 3mm (1/600) Alpha Strike has hit a snag as we wait for bases to arrive from various providers.  I want to do this whole thing “right,” and for me that means cool-looking hex bases of the appropriate size.  So I’ve ordered 15mm …

Bones Hellhound

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Scott Pyle

He’s a Bones Hellhound, but I am using him as a Chaos Hound in the store WFB Chaos campaign. A quick, simple paint job on this guy got him on the table and into the fray–check him out!A bit blurry, but a size comp w/Champion. Thanks for visiting!…

Nobody Asked Me, But…

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Scott Pyle

An occassional installment musing on miniatures, reading, and whatnot.My copy of 13th Age from Pelgrane Press arrived, and I am incredibly impressed with the finished book. This is a fantasy RPG that beautifully mixes classic fantasy and indie design a…

WFB: Ungor Done

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Scott Pyle

Yesterday I finished two Ungors and my Chaos Hound. I’ll show them in successive posts (with possible breaks for other stuff) over the next few days.  Anyway, here is the first Ungor:I found myself wanting to use Army Painter beast brown spray on …

Weekend Projects Afoot

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Scott Pyle

I’ve got a few irons in the fire for this weekend’s hobby projects, so I thought I might provide some visual previews!First, some small-scale Alpha Strike:Planning to play Alpha Strike using Battleforce scale minis. As you can see, these are small…

Alpha Strike: Exterminator Comp Shots

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Scott Pyle

As promised, here are a few comp shots of the 65 ton Exterminator with some other ‘Mechs.Maelstrom looking crabby….An indecent proposal from this Ostroc? Thanks for visiting! –Scott

Alpha Strike: Exterminator

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Scott Pyle

I like solid, one-piece castings, and the Iron Wind Metals Exterminator falls into that category.  This 65 ton heavy ‘Mech offers a nice mix of energy and ballistic attacks, and the profile I’ll likely use for AS is the EXT-5F version that offers …