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Slay Dem Dragons – In Color

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I finished up the Dragonslayer last week, I finally got a chance to take some pics of her this week. I’m pretty happy with how the conversion came out.

Muppet Vikings

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I finished these up the other week, they’re Vidaar (muppet vikings) from ZombieSmith’s ShieldBash line. The game’s a scenario based skirmish system with a haggling mechanic for breaking the rules.

The Flouncy Shirt Brigade IV

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I was hoping to get some decals on these for the banners but ran into printer problems. These are done enough for the Tale, but I hope to come back to them at one point for the banners, one more dullcote and grass tufts for the Warmonger Miniatures sto…

The Floucy Shirt Brigade III

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I finished up the red this week (although I’m thinking I might hit it with one more highlight, thoughts) and got a basecoat and wash on the leather, wood, socks and hair. I hope to finish those up next week, paint the feathers and do touchup, then basi…

Slay Dem Dragons

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I finished up my Dragonslayer conversion and got her primed up last night. She’s Lelith Hesperax with a massive haircut, Dragonslayer weapons and some putty around the head and shoulder armor.

The Flouncy Shirt Brigade II

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Work continues on the landsknechte for me. I finished the yellow this week and gave the red a basecoat and a wash. After the red’s done I still have to do: socks, shoes/leather, pike hafts, gold bits, hair. So likely another week or two but still on co…

Grandma, What Big Claws You Have!

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Some shots of the finished Duke Anton. I say finished, but I’ll likely go back with the Tamiya Clear Red and put some blood around his maw and hands.

The Flouncy Shirt Brigade

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Taking a break from Wrath of Kings for the month to participate in the May 2016 Tale of Warmaster Painters. I was planning on doing a Warmaster army last year before WoK came out and I subsequently started painting an army for it. The plan was Ogres, but for the Tale I thought painting up some of my Warmonger Miniatures for the store would be a better use of the time.

I committed to painting a unit of Landsknechte Zweihänder and Pikeniere (Great Swords and Pikemen). These will be red and yellow quartered. I finished up the skin and armor this week and moved on to the yellow. These guys got a wash too, I have yet to do that with the Pikemen. I think I’ll base and wash the red first too before moving on to the main color and highlights.

You Better Stay Away From Him

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I’ve been working on the Duke. I still need to finish the heads, rope, claws and touch up the fur/everything. Thoughts on the robes and bone growths? Not sure if I want to add more highlights or not.

I also grabbed some better shots of Hestra.


He’ll Rip Your Lungs Out, Jim

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I finished up Korrad and my Hestra conversion last night. I thought the lighting in the store would be good enough for some decent shots, but it wasn’t. Anyway, here’s what I could manage. Duke Anton is coming along now too, I painted his horns last ni…

I Saw a Werewolf Drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s

Posted on March 16th, 2016 under , . Posted by

I finished up my Skorza specialists last night. On to Korrad and the Duke next.

And his hair was perfect…

Posted on February 26th, 2016 under , . Posted by

I finally finished up my Wrath of Kings Skorza Skirmishers. The specialists aren’t too far behind, and after them Lord Anton and Korrad. I’m not 100% with how they came out but they’re done. Once the rest of the wolves are finished up it’s on to painti…

CaptainCon Wrath of Kings Demos and Tourney

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Some shots from CaptainCon 2016 that was last weekend. I ran Wrath of Kings demos and played in the tournament with my Goritsi.

She’s Nosferatu. She’s Italian?

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Still working on the wolves, I did their claws this week and started painting all the metal parts gloss black. That’s nearly done, not sure if I’ll make it for CaptainCon though. Because not a lot on them has changed I’ve got something else for you guy…

I’d Like to Meet His Tailor

Posted on January 16th, 2016 under , . Posted by

Finally finished up the leather on my werewolves, all that’s left at this point is claws and metal. I’m hoping to have that finished for CaptainCon the first week of February, as well as some Zeti base coated.