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Sadly down to monthly updates, but work continues. The yellow is nearing completion. I have two more highlights and a glaze on 28 of the Knights.

After that, I either head back and do the blue on them or start focusing just on what I’ll need for Adept…

New Year, Old Army

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Continuing on with the Knights for Adepticon. This week I blocked out all of the yellow on the Baron and Lancers. I’m thinking of doing checkers on the Baron’s left shin rather than yellow, as there’s not going to be enough room for me to do on the shi…

2014 – Last Call for Painting!

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A sad month for updates, so here’s one for the road, 2014. I finished up a Paladin Household for EpiComp, the Knights in front are done and the ones in back are awaiting yellow highlights and all the details.

I added a pennant to the seneschal to furt…

le Monkey Sails Against Von Dave

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My buddy Eric over at Direct Fire and I had our first full fleet maiden voyage of Man O’ War this past Saturday. I took some shots and got to use the handy counters I got for the game.

All Yellow, All the Time!

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Started a slight tangent for this weekend, after glueing some pennants on my Man O’ War Empire fleet last week I put down the base coats and washes on each.

The colors are different enough to keep the squadrons separate, I’d like to add decals at some…

Yellow-fication Continues

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Still working on the yellow, I’ve managed all the Paladins and the Castellans at this point.

I also took a Seneschal a few steps further. Aside from touch-up and highlights on the metal this guy is pretty much done. Any thoughts or suggestions? The y…

Painting Yellow, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

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I’ve been working on the Knights these past weeks. As a heads up, painting yellow is SLOW. You think I would have taken the Internet’s word on it, but no. I didn’t get a chance to paint this Monday, but last Monday I blocked out the blue and did one Kn…

I Started a Mini Company

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I forgot to mention it here, but I did a Kickstarter back in June: 10mm German Landsknechte with Zweihänder (Great Swords). It was funded and I’ve since received both the Zweihänder and the Pikemen production models:

Once I’ve fulfilled the pledges…

Painting ADHD at its Finest

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I finished putting together my SM/TL airforce. The only thing I want to do before I prime the Thunderbolts is fill in the gaps in the cables where the wings meet the fuelselage.

The Marauders also had their underslung Lascannon(?) removed because I th…

Bravely run away, away!

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So apparently I have a painting blog, who would of thought? The last couple of months have been quiet on the update-front, but only because assembly isn’t all that exciting. Anyway, I’ve been working on my Knights. Here’s some Paladins.

And some more …

Free Mustache Rides!

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The Heirophant’s body got finished up this week. All that’s left for him are his weapons. I’m hoping to tackle those tomorrow and start working on my three additional Harridans.

Here a size comparison with my Dom, he’s still pretty big even with the …

I think you’re an abysmal winner…

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Worked on the red hair tonight. I’m pretty happy with it. I might add one more highlight, not sure yet.

I also starting messing around with the mesh part of the armor. I’m thinking it’s going to be a light grey while the armor itself will be a dark gr…

The D is Silent

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Been slacking on the updates. The second Heirodule’s done, I’m working on the ‘phant now. In other news, I started painting this guy for YakTribes Hireling Comp. It’s an old Space Wolf Scout Sergeant that I’m calling a Ratskin Bounty Hunter. The Aquill…

Did he… pinch you?!?!

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The first Heirodule’s all built. I finished up the body and weapons this week, magnetizing all six of them for maximum flexibility. I’ll be finishing up the second one this week and working on the ‘phant as well. After that it’s on to the three Harrida…

Chilly Bugs

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I finished up eight bases of trees for the snow terrain, just four more to go. I picked up three bags of 21 trees for something like $12 at a Home Depot right after Christmas. They’re normally $6 a bag, which is still pretty cheap at $0.30 a tree. I’m …