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Another Harlequin Troupe completed… eventually

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Been a busy fortnight painting wise  but one where I’ve jumped back and forth between a number of different projects. The latest thing to be completed is another lot of Harlequin players painted after I realised I didn’t have enough models equippe…

Yncarne Completed

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Well pretty much completed say 98% have some gemstones to finish off and I’m not entirely happy with the way the flames look but other than that she’s all done.

WIP – Eldar Farseer & the Yncarne

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With the Fire Prism finished I’ve started work on my Eldar Jet Bikes/Farseer and of course the Yncarne who I used in a game for the first time yesterday.  The Yncarne is a somewhat tricky model to put together.  I would strongly suggest that …

Eldar Fire Prism Completed

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Now that was an enjoyable model to paint,  might have to buy another one so I can do it again.  Kept it simple with the Harlequin checkerboard pattern on one half and a basic blue on the other.  The blue I applied a basic layer coat too …

Soulburst & Reborn Harlequins make for interesting times

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Had my first game with a Reborn Warhost tonight using a Harlequin dominated detachment.  I was up against a vehicle heavy Imperial Guard army at 1500 points which included a lot of heavy weapons and long range firepower. Harlequin Reborn WarhostFa…

WIP – Eldar Fire Prism

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Painting this guy up to fit in with my Harlequins.  Photos show first 3 stages….Stage 1 – Initial block coloursStage 2 – outlining of hull indentationsStage 3 – edge highlighting of block coloursAiming to get it finished this week.  Blue ha…

WIP – Eldar, Triumvirate of Ynnead & Colditz?

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Been a little bit naughty and have spent up on some new models the last couple of weeks.  Following a fun day out in Kapiti with my Harlequins I’ve decided the Reborn Warhost is something I want to experiment with.  Consequently, last week I …

Harlequins invade Kapiti

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Very enjoyable one-day tournament yesterday saw a group of gamers battle for local honors.  12 gamer’s in two teams of 6 with each playing 3 games over the course of the day in a winner take all event.  The range of lists at the event reflect…

Gaming starts again – Harlequins @ 1500pts

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Been a while, several months in fact, since I did any gaming.  The closure of my local gaming venue and of course the Cricket season meant opportunities were limited.  But it seems there’s been a bit of a growth in numbers recently at my loca…