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The Great War: The French Army launches on Kickstarter

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PSC Games have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the next expansion for ‘The Great War’ series of World War I boardgames. Following on from the core game and the Tank expansion, The French Army box set gives figures, rules and scenarios for using this army in the game. The scenarios concentrate on the action around the battle of Verdun in 1916. As well as the French Army box set, the project is also looking to fund (as stretch goals) the production of new ‘special personnel’ figures for the British and German armies, which can be used as additions to the first two games. These figures, which include engineers, flame-throwers, light machine gunners, and spotters, have figures and rules included in this expansion – the stretch goals are to add these retrospectively to the base game. Additionally, the original figures from the first game are being redesigned and produced off-the-sprue in a softer plastic. The project had a funding goal of £12,000, which it has over doubled within it’s first 24 hours. The project is running until the 30th November, with delivery due in June 2018. You can find out more details and back the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: […]

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 234 – For King And Parliament

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Download Episode 234 Welcome to Episode 234 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to in the past couple of weeks, including games played, miniatures painted and perhaps the odd purchase or two. For the feature part of our show we chat with Simon Miller, author of Too The Strongest. We catch up with everything that has been happening with those Ancients rules and also discuss his new sety of English Civil War rules which are due for release next year – For King And Parliament. We hope you enjoy the show. Big Red Bat Blog Big Red Bat Shop For King And Parliament website If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: English Civil War

The Welsh Wizzard on the Veteran Wargamer Podcast (again)

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Episode 28 of The Veteran Wargamer podcast has been published. This episode of the show, presented by Jay Arnold, features our very own Welsh Wizzard – Mr Michael Hobbs – as he once again talks to Jay about W40K plus several other subjects. Be warned, biscuits may get a mention…or two You can download the show from the Veteran Wargamer blog  Filed under: Gaming Blogs

The Lardy Oddcast – Episode 2

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Rich & Nick from Too Fat Lardies are back with host Sidney Roundwood for another episode of the Lardy Oddcast. This episode is recorded whilst on the road to the Crisis show in Antwerp, and the trio discuss their approach to walking battefields. The show is interesting, hugely entertaining and finishes on a most poignant note as we hear a live recording of the Last Post being played at the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres. Episode 2 of the Lardy Oddcast is available to download from the Too Fat Lardies website.Filed under: Gaming Blogs

Warring States #2 tickets on sale

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You may remember that I had a great time at the Test of Honour Warring States campaign day, organised by Infamous Wargaming a few weeks ago. Well, they are doing it all again on the 24th March 2018, in Warring States #2. Tickets are on sale at the Warlord Games website, and cost £20. At time of writing there are 18 left. This was a fantastic day of gaming last time – I would highly recommend it.Filed under: Shows / Conventions / Events / Stores Tagged: Test of Honour

Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

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Do you remember the film Dog Soldiers? It was the directorial debut of Neil Marshall, who went on to make The Descent and Doomsday, and is directing the Hellboy reboot… The premise of the movie was simple – a squad of British soldiers are dropped on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, and are subsequently attacked by a pack of werewolves. It’s a story that I have always thought would make a great wargame scenario. Take that premise, transpose it to the Vietnam War, and you have basic plot behind a boardgame that is currently being funded on Kickstarter – Full Moon Jacket. The is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. Each player takes a different role in a squad, with your objective to retrieve your Colonel who is lost in the depths of the Vietnam jungle – a jungle that appears to be infested, not with Viet Cong, but with Werewolves! The project is first produced by Strangely Games It is running until the 22nd November 2017, and has a funding goal of £35,000 – it’s around 90% funded at time of writing. The main box game will be due for release in October 2018, and has a pledge coat of […]

Spitfyre – The Battle of Britain as you have never seen it before…

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Hysterical Games – the company behind Panzerfauste – in which Dwarves, Orcs and Gnomes battle whilst dressed in garb uncannily similar to WW2 uniforms – have just launched a Kickstarter project to fund a new game set in the same universe – but this one is themed on aerial combat. Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the Skies of Panzerfauste sees the Dwarves forces of the Luftbestienkorp  flying bombing missions against Branzhum – the Orc homeland. The Orcs defend the skies mounted on their War Wyverns: Spifyres and HurriKanes contest against the might of the Dwarf air force. The models are 10mm scale and will be produced in polyurethane resin. The Spitfyre kickstarter project is running until the 20th November, and has already smashed it’s initial £1,000 funding target, and heading towards it’s third stretch goal as I write this blog post. A pledge of £25 will get you the core rules plus some miniatures – I’m hoping that they will be making models available as add-ons as the project progresses. Dwarves on Eagles fighting Orcs on Wyverns – seriously, what is there not to love about this project? You can find out more information about Spitfyre here.  Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 10mm Gaming, […]

Scratching the ‘Pandemic’ itch…

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One of the ‘big name’ releases at this year’s Essen show was the much anticipated Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy. Season 1 of Pandemic Legacy has been the  #1 rated boardgame on Boardgamegeek for some time now, so this new game has caused much excitement in the boardgame community. Whilst I am very curious about Pandemic Legacy, I must admit to being a little reticent to purchase a game that has a built-in limited shelf life. If you are unaware, the whole basis of Pandemic Legacy is that players have a limited number of plays the game over the space of an in-game year, with the potential of playing a maximum of twice in each month, therefore the game has a finite number of plays – between 12 and 24. Why the finite number? This is because as the game progresses, events occur that permanently change the game – anything from amending game components by placing stickers to removing components permanetly – this is what ‘legacy’ means in boardgame terms, and this mechanic has been adopted by several games. Whilst this game is the very essence of what you might term a ‘campaign’ game, the thought of making permanent changes to the game […]

Oathsworn Miniatures launch third Heroines in Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched their next kickstarter project – the third in their series on ‘Heroines in Sensible Shoes’. This time around, they have decided to concentrate on the non-human female characters. The first five have been sculpted, and they are looking to add a total of a dozen miniatures to the range.   The project has a funding goal of £1800, which it has already surpassed, and is running until the 12th November. You can find more information on the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

Oppy Wood – Lenton Gamers @ Hereward Show

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In episode 233 of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast, we talked to James Morris of the Lenton Gamers about their ‘Oppy Wood’ game that they ran at the Partizan and Hereward shows in 2017. As promised on that podcast, here are my photos of that game. Oppy Wood – the 12mm game: Oppy Wood – The 54mm game: Oppy Wood – The historical display: Oppy Wood – Close-up details of the scenery of the 12mm game:    Filed under: Shows / Conventions / Events / Stores Tagged: World War I

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 233 – Oppy Wood

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Download Episode 233 Welcome to Episode 233 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to. As well as chatting about their gaming, they also discuss the recent Derby Worlds show, the Battle of Britain Kickstarter from PSC Games and The Welsh Wizzard finally reveals all about ‘the game that cannot be mentioned‘. For the feature part of our show we do something a little different as we chat with James Morris from the Lenton Gamers about the inspiration behind their award winning ‘Oppy Wood’ demonstration/participation game. We hope you enjoy the show. Oppy Wood at Partizan Oppy Wood at Hereward If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures

Meeples & Miniatures blog hits new milestone

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When I started this whole blog business, I never imagined that it would be popular. Let’s face it, wargaming is something of a niche hobby (boardgaming perhaps less so), so I didn’t think that visitor numbers would be particularly high. However, this evening the blog passed a major milestone, as it has now had 1.5 Million views. Wow. Just WOW. Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog, downloaded the podcast and spent the time to read and comment on my articles – I appreciate it very much indeed. Neil  Filed under: General

Review: Deep Cut Studios Print-O-Mat

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Rating: Over the last couple of year, game mats have become have become a common accessory for players of all sorts of tabletop games, be it Miniatures Games, Boardgames, Card Games or Role Playing Games, with neoprene backed mats (mousepad material) seen as the premium product choice. Up until now, these mats have primarily been available as an out-of-the-box product with a fixed format – whether it be a terrain mat for wargaming, marked out pitch for a tabletop sports game or a cool picture for your card mat. Custom printed gaming mats were also seen as premium add-ons for many miniature-related kickstarter projects. Deep Cut Studio have just launched a new service for printing custom gaming mats – Print-O-Mat. This service has been launched as a result of customer feedback, and features an easy to use interface for uploading your pictures to DCS’s website. If you are wondering how to generate a picture, Deep Cut have added a couple of FAQ entries to their website: Obtaining a picture to print on my game mat Resizing my picture to fit on my game mat of choice I was given the opportunity to obtain a review sample of this product, including use […]

Too Fat Lardies launch ‘The Lardy Oddcast’

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Having apparently toyed with the idea for a while, Too Fat Lardies have launched their very own podcast – The Lardy Oddcast. In this show, Lardy regular Sidney Roundwood chats with the men behind TFL: Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner, about all things Too Fat Lardy related. This is promised to be a semi-regular show, so look out for more in the not too distant future. You can find out more details of Episode One of The Lardy Oddcast hereFiled under: Gaming Blogs

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 232 – Imperial Assault

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Download Episode 232 Welcome to Episode 232 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this time includes Test of Honour, Dire Wolf Rampant, 7th Continent and Arkham Horror: The Card Game. For the feature part of our show, we review Star Wars: Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games We hope you enjoy the show. FFG Imperial Assault website Imperial Assault Campaign Spreadsheet (BoardGameGeek) Sorastro’s Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures