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Finished! Haqqislam Kameel Remote

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Another quick addition to my Haqqislam force. What have I been listening to? Marvin Gaye 

Cygnar HQ, Part Deux

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Next in line is Major Katherine Laddermore. Mounted and dismounted, ready to taze the shit out of the opposition.

Finished!Lord Commander Stryker

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I was contacted a few months ago about taking part in painting an army that would be raffled off for charity at the upcoming Nova Open. After checking which charities were involved I said yes due to Doctors Without borders being one of the beneficiarie…

Survivors of the Plague

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Black Plague has been a way for me to game with my “normie” friends and with the new Kickstarter on the horizon, I’m getting my current collection painted. What better way to do that than pick up another pack of survivors? I was at Adepticon and couldn…

Finished! Tariq Mansuri

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The Michael Jordan of super jump killshots himself, Tariq Mansuri. Although I play Haqqislam myself, this was a commission aimed at higher, more heroic level and the client chose the color scheme. Which I’m happy for the challenge after it said an…

Finished! Dire Avengers

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Just when I thought I was done with tabletop quality my local buddy asked I could paint up a quick squad of Dire Avengers so he can get his shadow wars on. I was happy to oblige and was able to paint them up alongside other projects in a couple afterno…

Finished! Fyanna, Torment of Everblight

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Ready for war!The next Evrblight figure will be along shortly, her base is taking a little more time to lay down the snow. Well, I ran out and had to order more crushed glass.

Release the Hordes! Part 2

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All that’s left now is Lylith’s Chariot. Then I can move on to the Trollbloods portion :) It’s been fun working with more value opposed to different colors to break everything up. Now I’m facing the most boring part of the commission, I’m not much of a…

Finished! All the Kings Men Part 2

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The second installment to a growing empire army commission. To see the first half click here. As I’ve said before this is one of the last tabletop quality work I’ll be taking for a while. So I’ve been enjoying it for what it is, which is all about…

Release the Hordes!

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A horde of models for the game of Hordes! A couple warlocks for the Legion of Everblight and some casters as well as support models for the Trollbloods. These will be painted to either exhibition or heroic quality which is a nice release afte…

WIP All the Kings Men Part 2

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Following Adepticon I’ve taken a serious inventory of commissions, which there are many of. Not the most ground breaking paintjobs but it can be fun to paint a group of tabletop models. At this point I’m closing the gate on tabletop commissions, I stil…

WIP Deathcrush

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Still smoking after Adepticon I sat down and got to work on a little personal project. The goal of this piece is to focus on atmosphere and add a little more narrative thought. The model(s) come from the game Wild in the Streets, a sort of Warrior…

Adepticon 2017

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Another Adepticon in the books and it just keeps getting better every year. The Crystal Brush was top notch as well, so much inspiring work and it was clear to see the entirety of the entrants have been progressing at their craft. I was happy to be abl…

Finished! Custom Asawira

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And just in time for Adepticon! One more addition to the Green Bastards (Parts Unknown).Next stop, Adepticon and the Crystal Brush. I plan on chilling to the max and painting with all the homies, see you there!

WIP Custom Asawira

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Just a few days until Adepticon :) I have my Crystal Brush entries squared away and the only bit of painting left is a custom Asawira model for my Haqqislam force. The current versiont is pretty outdated and I don’t see an new sculpt in the near future…