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Hope everyone is well. Keep creating.

Posted on May 30th, 2015 under Posted by

My daddy “Captain Richard” love creating burning or destroyed buildings. This is one of my favorites. He had since dismantled this one as everything was in a constant state of change, upgrading and reworking in the war room. It’s been just over 6 month…

Thank you for the outpouring of support. It is giving me some comfort at this time, my dad is my best friend and i am heartbroken. -Capt’s daughter

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My Dad and my Grandfather with their cars at a cruise nightCaptain Richard and his wife Jean xowe have always done pumpkin carvings…this is dicks creation this year..he later carved it out toothis summer i was broken into while i walked my dogs, so m…

Message from Captain Richard’s daughter

Posted on December 12th, 2014 under Posted by

Hello friends,   It has been a tough week for us here. The day before thanksgiving Dick (Captain Richard) fell ill and was rushed to Rochester General Hospital. He had raging Pneumonia and difficulty breathing. They had to intubate him and us…

Up in flames

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Greetings everyone,Just setting planes on fire…here’s a few shots

Changing the looks of the towns and cities

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Greetings everyone,When I started putting down the different towns, I really didnt like the looks of them, too modern, so I changed them to the approx. time period. Heres a few shots.

More work on the map

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Greetings everyone,I’ve been working on this map since May…I cant leave it alone.  Here’s a few shots.

Paris gets a remake

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Greetings everyone,The cities are starting to come together, here’s a few shots of my Paris remake.

Still working with World War One

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Greetings everyone,More shots of some increase in the Mediterranean, few other land changes and some planes set up with ball bearings and magnets, so now we can dive and turn and climb. Also added a German 1916 Parseval Stigsfeld observation balloon.

A lot of shots from all over the room

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Greetings everyone,Just a bunch of pics of everything I’m surrounded with in this room.

More work on the aerial battle map

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Greetings everyone,This map.  has been getting a total makeover…I feel like I’m turning this into a painting. I can’t leave anything on a flat single dimension, so I built up the English Channel and the Mediteranean shoreline.Also added a French…

Back to the medieval landscape

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 under Posted by

Greetings everyone,I took this down for awhile so i could work on my World War One aerial map layout. I managed to relocate the map so I could put this back up. I want to fine tune it to make this layout as real as possible. I took some shots capturing…

just for the hell of it

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A little more painting on the aerial battlefield

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Greetings everyone,Just a few shots of more of the painting of part of the Mediterranean and a small part of Italy.

A day at the racetrack…Watkins Glen

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Greetings everyone,Here’s something a little off the wall. My daughter and I spent the day at Watkins Glen. A few of the fantastic cars that were there.                &nbs…

Planes have arrived

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 under Posted by

Greetings everyone,Just a few shots of these WW1 planes I just received.