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It’s Grymn out there.

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Hello again.This week has been a a complete write off due to a complete lack of sleep so there won’t be any hobby content today because there hasn’t been any hobby going on at home for me.So… when I am tired I plonk down at the computer and browse th…

Travels and reflection.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World.Today is the 11th September and it immediately makes me think of what happened in the US fifteen years ago; namely the terrorist attack on the twin towers, the pentagon and what followed.At the time, I was away from ho…


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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World.

This week has been pretty quiet due to the insomnia kicking in a bit too much. Even the medication didn’t help this week so it has all been a bit of a blur.

As you can imagine, I have not really been in the frame of mind for much hobby stuff and even when I was, I made a few mistakes.

I decided that, in my infinite wisdom, I would paint the base coat on my alien champion and that it would be bright green. After looking at it when it was finished, I realised I had made a big mistake and repainted it the same blue as the rest of them. I then finished the first basecoat of the rest of the colours and it was so untidy that I stopped… and haven’t restarted since.

And that… was my practical hobby time this week.

In other news, I watched a charming little film called Moonrise Kingdom… it was a little bit quirky, well cast and something that really ticked all the ‘arty’ boxes as well. Well worth a watch:

Sam kitten has properly settled in and has been getting a bit more play value from big Fred so there have been some properly amusing fights going on.
This coming week, I will be commuting to a “charity management awareness” course on a daily basis so I doubt that I will be in much of a mind for hobby stuff in the evenings. Still… it’s another course and another bit of food for thought.
Oh… I nearly forgot. Games Workshop have started putting out White Dwarf magazine on a monthly basis again and the first issue had one of these as a freebie:
Click the Pic!
It is a Slaughter Priest and is available from HERE for the princely sum of £18!!! Seeing as White Dwarf was £5-99, I can see people buying one just for the £12 saving. I bought a copy for the sake of nostalgia and it was everything I expected it to be; a top quality, well laid out, full colour, advertising pamphlet with a few hobby articles thrown in. If GW is your thing, £5-99 for a monthly magazine of that quality and page count is not an unreasonable price. That said… most of the content can be found online in one form or another so it boils down to whether you like having a magazine or sitting in front of some form of screen.
Well… that’s about it. 
See you through the haze!

The Aliens are starting to arrive.

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Before I start today’s post, I’d like to welcome Ihar Krautsou as the newest follower of Inso’s World. Welcome aboard and I hope you find something that interests you as you walk around the gardens.So… we had a bit of an update earlier this week that…

Alien Visitors… re-visited…

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Hello again… it’s not Sunday… but I just needed to put some stuff down in text form.I posted a picture of these guys last week:Click the Pic!The reason being that Khurasan Miniatures recently released their new 15mm versions of them (HERE) and I im…

Just another one of those weeks.

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Welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been filled with life… the new kitten has more or less settled in, the house buying is ticking along at ‘solicitor speed’, our cat that had disappeared; turned up, and some of the stresses of life have caug…

Sunday stuff.

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World.This week has been pretty good from a hobby perspective. I have been properly focusing on getting my little Squat commission finished and have nearly got there… I reckon that by the end of today, I’ll have all …

Getting things done.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been geared towards finishing up commissions and that is likely the way it will continue for a while.I have tried to sculpt the second of my Squat Assassins but have monumentally messed it up so all…


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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.It has been another slow week (where hobby is concerned), with a small amount of sculpting on some commissions being the only sculpting. I didn’t even get any sculpting done on the Squat Eversor Assassin that I h…

A new addition.

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World.This week has been another week of house related fun… solicitors, mortgages and all sorts of other things so I would have loved to have had my mind taken off things by my hobby but unfortunately, the weather ha…

Time for a break.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.I can safely say that this week has been quite amazing and tiring in equal measure… and also no hobby stuff at all has been completed, started or even thought about (well… maybe thought about… but not worke…


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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.It has been a very nice week of things… including a lovely works BBQ at the boss’s house and a very cool trip.So today the blog update is late because I have not long returned from taking my lovely wife to see …

A slow one.

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World after what has been a very slow week.Since the first five of the Veteran Tyranid Hunters were posted, I have not really been in the mood for much hobby time… especially seeing as I had the Summer Ball to go to …

Veteran Tyranid Hunters.

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Hello again… just a short post about the next unit for my Squat army; The Veteran Tyranid Hunters.These are troops who helped to defend the home-worlds from the Tyranid invaders while the Ark Ships were leaving. There are very few of them because the…

Well that hasn’t gone well.

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World.I must admit to feeling completely hollow at the moment so if this is a bit of a dour post, I apologise.This week has been a historic one for Great Britain and it has massive implications to my plans over the com…