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A very busy week!

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Before I start I’d like to welcome Jayke Hall to Inso’s World. Welcome aboard and feel free to wander the grounds and share your experiences.So… this week has been one of much ado.First of all, I decided that it was a good idea to show my daughter an…

Oooo… something NEW.

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Hello again.

It has been a good week really. Much of it has been fairly normal but I also had a leaving do to attend (lots and LOTS of cocktails) so that was nice.

So what’s new? Well… there is a new tabletop gaming magazine out and it is called Tabletop Gaming (OK… not the most original title… but it certainly is all about what it says on the cover).

I bought one to see what was inside and you get 162, full colour, nicely laid out pages for the price of £5.25. It is an independent magazine so has stuff about a host of games (by host I actually mean HOST!!!!!) with a certain amount of advertising throughout. I bought mine from WH Smith’s and it was in the computing section… which didn’t surprise me because it has the look and feel of a computer magazine.

The content of the magazine is a mix of gaming types with everything from card games, through board games and dice games to wargames. Due to this magazine being about ‘101 Games You Need to Play’ there are a lot of games with a small amount of detail. There are one or two of the games that have interviews and are expanded a bit but generally, you get a brief overview of the game and not much else. If you are expecting a wargaming magazine, this isn’t it… and there is only a two page spread of hobby material, which seemed a bit lost.

With all that said, it was worth getting and there is a bit of text that says that the next magazine will get a bit more balance… so there may be more hobby stuff in there. So look out for Tabletop Gaming Magazine when you are out and about.

Now that has been said… what hobby have I been getting upto this week. Well, I have been working on my secret project a bit but have also managed to finish the second Gun Servitor which completes the Engineseer’s little unit:

Click the Pic!
He is armed with a Multimelta… even though it happens to be one that has been traded from a Tau. The gun choice was out of necessity due to me not having anything else I liked the look of and I didn’t want to go parts shopping again.
In other news, I have been working on my Beastman Primaris Psyker and have managed to get the proportions right but I haven’t got far enough to show him off so you’ll have to wait for him a little while longer… but he is a Jedi so he should be worth the wait.
As well as the beastman, I have been tidying up the easy areas of the second platoon ready for the arm slog. I have attached the comm sets where I need to and will be sorting out the carrying straps soon. They are very nice little comms sets from Mad Robot and can be found HERE.
That’s about it for now… next weekend is socially very busy for me so if there is a blip, don’t worry, I’ll make sure I post an update Monday/Tuesday instead.
See you from the box under the wardrobe!

A nice cuppa.

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I’m sitting having a nice cuppa whilst updating Inso’s World this week. It is nice to just plonk sometimes and be a bit lazy and that is what I am doing today. This week has been a mix of dental pain, fitness tests (I passed it) and an excess of tequil…

The long haul.

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IHello again. I’ve not been too busy with sculpting this week but I have been doing little bits here and there… namely working on the second Squat Platoon:Click the Pic!As you can see, all of the basic assembly has been completed and a certain amount…

Friday meandering.

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Before I start this out of sequence post, I’d like to welcome the newest follower to Inso’s World; Ian. I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas here, in the comments.So… yesterday, I had a pair of wisdom teeth out an…

Reflection, adaptation and focus realignment.

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It is that time of week again and I have had a week where some plans have had to be changed and some focus has had to be adjusted.What do I mean? Well… when it comes to army building you have to have an idea of what you are aiming for. Sometimes it w…

The sabatical is nearly over.

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Hello again and welcome to this weeks blog update. As you may have guessed from the title, my three weeks away from work are nearly at an end so what better way to enjoy the last couple of days than to recap on what I have managed to get done while I h…

Another week of travels.

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Hello again. It’s that time of the week where I post some news and it would appear that this week, I have been travelling again.Before I went away to the Falklands, I made a deal with my wife that when I got back, we would go to Paris for a week… and…

Squat overload.

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This week has been one of finding my feet and getting a bit of hobby stuff done. I have been at home alone most of the week so have had plenty of opportunity to get used to being at home again and also to start getting some hobby time in.So… what hav…

A consolidation post.

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Welcome to the latest traveller to arrive in Inso’s World; Asslessman. I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to comment as you see fit.The last few weeks have been a bit crazy; arriving back from a 4 month detachment, getting the heads-up that …

Squat Exo-Armour

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As you will be aware, I have been putting together a small Squat army lately. Now, I don’t want the army to be a copy of the old Squat lists from ‘back in the day’ but there are certain components that I like and that I want in the army. These include …

Midweek Extra

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I know it’s midweek but I forgot to mention something on Sunday’s update… I went to see a movie last Friday.So… Avengers: Age of Ultron (without spoilers):First of all, there are the familiar characters with a few extra thrown in for good measure. …


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Hello again. It’s Sunday and that means that it is time to update the blog, and what better way to do that than to make today’s update… ENORMOUS?Let’s start at the begining and say that it is good to be home in England again, even though I am still s…

Home, Home on the Range…

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I have left the Falklands and am now back at home in sunny England. I got home yesterday and have been tying up a few loose ends so that I can relax for a couple of days before going back to work.There are a few things afoot that I will share on Sunday…

An interesting week

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Hello again.

It’s another Sunday and time for another blog post… so what has been happening this week? 

Well, to start with, there have been a lot of arrivals and departures so I have had quite a sociable week in the bars and mess. There was a foam party on Friday in Timmy’s which was more of a light snow party but it was a good night (apart from a small amount of a disagreement I had with a para who decided to be a bit too overbearing with one of our female colleagues… fortunately, it all ended well). We also had a couple of leaving speeches (including one for me) before the foam party and the Pengie I have been working on was handed over. Here’s the finished item:


Click the Pic!
I have blotted out the names again.
Yesterday we went back to Port Stanley and had a lovely meal in the Malvenas again. I had venison and it tasted superb. We all enjoyed the evening and even had time to stop on the way back and look at the stars… out here there is hardly any light pollution so you get to see many more stars than you normally would. Then it was back to the mess for a night cap. Unfortunately, I seem to be a magnet for disgruntled army chaps, as I had to tone down another drunken bloke who just appeared in our group and scared everyone off… what followed was an hour of counselling that is an hour of my life I’ll never get back…

And that has been my week. Days to do are getting few so I am now thinking about packing and sorting things out before my return to England.
I can’t wait.
See you through the veil!