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The BIG week.

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Hi, Mouse! Welcome to Inso’s World. I hope you have a great time walking through the gardens and finding stuff to share. Make sure you comment if you feel the need… and idea shared is a wonderful thing.So this week has been BIG!First up… BT Infinit…

There’s a change in the weather coming…

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Welcome to another Sunday update and I’ll start this one of with a pause…… No matter what life throws at you, if you take time out to look around at what there is in the world, you may get a better perspective from it. I found that sitting by a riv…

Hurry up and… stop…

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This week has been one of minimal hobby time. All I have done is finish off a bunch of preliminary work on my ten Squat miniatures. That means that the sgts have their weapons, the troops have their weapons and all of them have a coating of green stuff…

It has started… again!

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It seems to me that there are times when I can do stuff and there are times where I can’t. This week seems to be one where I have been able to put some stuff together for a project.Over the last few months, I have been watching Ebay and buying up plast…

Imperial Guard to Space Dwarf Guide.

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Another guide. This time, how to convert a classic, plastic, Imperial Guardsman into a Space Dwarf.Imperial Guard to Squat Guide.To view the images at their proper size, right click the image and view in a new tab.I hope you can make use of the guide a…

Mini Marine Guide.

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There are occasions where people ask after certain ‘How To’ guides that I have put together. Well, I have just converted this one into pictures so here is the first one:Mini Marines To view the images at their proper size, right click on each imag…

End of an Era.

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Before I start today’s post proper, I’d like to welcome Hybrid Alpha to Inso’s World. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy wandering around and sharing ideas.Well, I’m afraid that my hobby mojo has deserted me again. I’m hoping that it is just the …

Holiday round-up and the FunVee Project.

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Before I start today’s post, I’d like to welcome Baconfat to Inso’s World. Welcome aboard and please make yourself at home, take any ideas you wish and be sure to comment on the posts.So… today is the last day of my week’s holiday. It has been a busy…


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This weekend is the start of a week’s holiday for me. I won’t be going away for the week… just occasional day-trips… so it means that I have plenty of time to chill out and see where the mood takes me. So far, it has taken me to Reading and Henley …

A continuing theme.

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This week, I have not spent any time on the hobby at all. I have been enjoying life, socialising and drinking… which seems fair enough to me so this week I’d like to draw everyuones attention to the Forum of Doom’s ‘Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2014′ c…

It’s that time of year again.

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well, what can I say? This week has been quite mixed again. Work has been work and home has been home.Hobby wise, I have been adding to the horde with another Ebay batch of plastic Squat miniatures. I have quite a few now and it is getting to a point w…

I have become a Loomatic!

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This week has been one where I just needed to reflect on life and go with the flow. I went to a funeral on Monday and it was a very well run thing but it was the last time I’ll ever see my friend, Angie, (even though she was in her transport pod to the…


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I know I sound like a bit of a stuck record but I have had another slow hobby week this week. I have put a bunch of plastic space Dwarfs into the Dettol and cleaned them off. I then separated them down into their components and quickly discovered that …

Life and death.

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This week has been one of highs and lows.On the one hand, our nest of Robins is now empty… the chicks have fledged. Here is a picture of one of them making its way from the fence to the relative safety of a tree:Click the Pic!Once we are sure that th…

An interesting week…

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Hello again. Welcome to Inso’s World and you find me sat at my PC on a glorious sunny day. I can hear the sounds of lawn-mowers, smell the smoky air of BBQs and listen to the wonderful sound of bird-song. Today is a flip-flop day… so, what has been g…