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Napoleonic wargame 54mm

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Here are some photos from a game of Songs of Drums and Shakos we played last night. The Allies beat back the French and won the day. Overall, the game was fairly straightforward with both sides fighting for control of the bridge. The bridge was critica…

Miniature Wargamer Attention Deficit Disorder

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As a teenager I loved trying new games like Magic: The Gathering or The Star Trek card game. I never had the money to seriously play either, and didn’t really start gaming again until college. I worked a full time job at a bank, and on Sundays fo…

Spotsylvania Court House game at Cold Wars 2012

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The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House was the second major battle in Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s 1864 Overland Campaign of the American Civil War. Following the bloody but inconclusive Battle of the Wilderness, Grant’s army disengaged from…

Cold Wars 2012 convention preview

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Most readers of this blog will soon realize I love gaming in 54mm. Reader and contributor John Mike Priest will be running a Spotsylvania Court House miniature wargame at Cold Wars in March, 2012 and has graciously provided some preview pictures. Quoti…

Nero Gaming Dice releases Civil War dice set

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This will be of interest to all of the American Civil War miniature wargaming fans. I already have several sets of the World War 2 dice sets made by Nero which are of good quality and the service I have received from the team at Nero has been great. I …

Pro or Con convention photos

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Here are some pictures from the Pro or Con gaming convention which took place last weekend.

Sharp Practice Review

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Sharp Practice Is a set of large scale skirmish rules for the Black Powder era by Too Fat Lardies. These rules are more Beer and Pretzels than a serious simulation, with typical battles between 30 and 50 figures. Included are more than 70 pages of rule…

54mm Napoleonics

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The year is 1813 and a force composed of Austrians, Russians, and Prussians are united against the French and set to fight. The game was a basic meeting engagement played using Songs of Drums and Shakos. Given the terrain, it is no surprise the action …


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Here are three explorers I painted up for a variety of pulp, jungle exploration games. The background miniatures are Northwest Frontier Afghans I am finishing up.


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I haven’t had much time to paint or game in the last few weeks but I was able to finish up some Ultramarines for 40K or In the Emperor’s Name.

15mm Roman Civil War

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There were several Roman civil wars, especially during the late Republic. Using a variant of DBA, last night the club gamed a meeting engagement battle from this period. The action was fairly standard, cavalry tried to flank as sword, pike, and axemen …

Cutlass pirate game tokens

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Laser Dream Works has released a set of tokens for use with the new pirate based miniatures game Cutlass by Black Scorpion. From the announcement: Avast! This set of game counters is perfect for use with the Cutlass! rules system published by Black Sco…

Toy Mallet 40 Cents rules review

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Seeking yet another option to use our collection of GW miniatures, we played a game of the Warhammer 40K parody rules Toy Mallet 40 Cents. These are a very streamlined and simple set of free rules allowing fast games of 40K without need for expensive c…

In the Emperor’s Name rules review

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In the Emperor’s Name is a free set of skirmish level rules set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Created by The Forge of War Development Group, each player plays a Hero or Villain with a Retinue of five to ten figures. This can include any miniatur…

Militaria Auction

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I attended another Militaria auction this weekend and took some photos of many of the great items that were on the auction block. There were some great WWI items which are getting harder to find. I bid on a number of items including a WWII land mine sw…