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Modular River, Part Four: More Paint

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Quick update on the river project! I’ve been taking a lot of summer holiday time recently, including all of last week away, so not a lot of progress or action, but there has been some, at least. I’ve got all the river segments except the bridge basecoated and drybrushed up, ready for foliage and then … Continue reading Modular River, Part Four: More Paint

Swampy Pond Resin Water Test

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I started a pond as a test piece just before starting the whole river section project, and it’s been progressing one or two steps ahead of the rest of piece all along. Like the river pieces, the base is sheet plastic styrene with air drying clay for banks, and it was then covered in fine … Continue reading Swampy Pond Resin Water Test

Modular River, Part Three: Paint & Sand

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Last time we saw the river modules, they were bare white plastic with clay banks. I’m happy to report that progress has been made! Nothing fancy, just a coat of black paint mixed with some white glue, then sand shaken over while everything was still wet. I’ll put another coat of paint and glue over … Continue reading Modular River, Part Three: Paint & Sand

Modular River, Part Two: The Bridge Begun

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Realized I forgot to include the photo of the river modules with the air drying clay banks in place, so let’s start off with that! I rolled clay snakes out, mushed them into place, and left everything to dry. On to the actual subject of this post, the bridge! This river project is initially intended … Continue reading Modular River, Part Two: The Bridge Begun

Modular River, Part One

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A relatively large modular river setup has been on my Things I Want To Build list for years. I went through the excellent set of scenarios that come with Pikeman’s Lament recently with an eye toward what additional scenery I might need to do them properly, and one of the scenarios is a bridge seizing/river … Continue reading Modular River, Part One

Pike In Blue

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First unit of foot for my English Civil War project is done! Ten pikemen, an officer, and a flag ensign all lined up ready for battle. I’m plugging away at the shot in blue to go along with these guys… the musketeers have a lot more equipment hanging off them and are a lot slower … Continue reading Pike In Blue

ECW Mounted Commander

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Got a couple of half decent photos of Warlord’s Pike & Shotte Mounted Commander that I’ve got on my painting bench right now, along with a whole bunch of pike & shot soldiers for him to command. This is one of Warlord’s all-metal figures, and very nice too, a good level of detail and a … Continue reading ECW Mounted Commander

Warbases Skirmish Movement Trays

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I picked up a batch of simple lasercut MDF trays sized for 25mm bases on one of my recent Warbases order. Pikeman’s Lament uses either six or twelve figures per unit as standard, so I bought a batch of six-base skirmish trays (listed on Warbases’ site as “Dux Brit/Zombie Trays“) and a pair of twelve-base … Continue reading Warbases Skirmish Movement Trays

Lead Painters League 11 Gallery

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I posted my Round 1 entry for the recently concluded Lead Painters League 11 (run over on the awesome Lead Adventure Forum) way back in mid-April but never got around to posting my other entries. So here they are all at once, including Round 1 again for completeness sake. Note that I repeated one entry … Continue reading Lead Painters League 11 Gallery

Links of Interest, 22 June 2017

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A handful of links I thought were worth sharing this week. Historical Enterprises, Inc are a historical reenactors garb/costuming company with all sorts of great articles on their website. If you need plausible colours for your Medieval, Renaissance, ECW, etc figures, this article on fabric, dyes, and colours is based on practice up to the … Continue reading Links of Interest, 22 June 2017

A Small Stone Circle

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Not every stone circle is a gigantic trilithon monument like Stonehenge. Some of them might be barely recognizable as stone circles, in fact, until you realize that plants grown in strange patterns around the stones, or you wander past on certain very specific nights of the year… This little project started out as a way … Continue reading A Small Stone Circle

Alien Dog Monsters!

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A few days ago Corvus Belli, the company behind Infinity, had a tweet and FB post asking their fans which of two alien “werewolf” varieties they liked better. For those not familiar, one of the interstellar colonies in the game’s background, Ariadna, has dog-like natives who have managed (don’t ask for details, it’s pure anime … Continue reading Alien Dog Monsters!

The Workbench This Week, 12 June 2017

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Much chaos in my non-gaming life, so time and brainpower to actually paint is kind of hard to come by, but this weekend I sat down and organized my pike & shot foot figures for Pikeman’s Lament and other English Civil War or Thirty Year’s War gaming. I now have exactly 60 figures assembled, based, … Continue reading The Workbench This Week, 12 June 2017

Warbases Church, Part Two

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More progress on detailing the lasercut MDF church from Warbases that I started previously. Stonework & Doors Buttresses and a double row of foundation stonework have been added with pink styrofoam insulation cut with a new Xacto knife. I used scrap card to create a small jig to keep the angle of the front of … Continue reading Warbases Church, Part Two

Review: Warbases MDF Vehicles

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Warbases started doing vehicles in lasercut MDF and cardboard (greyboard) a few years ago and I was intruiged right away; a lot of 28mm vehicles are fairly expensive or (especially for World War One, Russian Civil War, or other early 20th C gaming) simply don’t exist. It took me a while to get around to … Continue reading Review: Warbases MDF Vehicles