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Sci-Fi Warehouse for Infinity

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After building the first building to use on Infinity tables, which turned out to be a complex shape and two storeys plus roof, I decided the next building needed to be simpler and quicker to build, but still interesting. Going through my building supplies I found a sheet of corrugated craft paper that became a … Continue reading Sci-Fi Warehouse for Infinity

Links of Interest, 26 April 2015

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A few links to get us through the weekend! I have a moderate font-collecting addiction. Dafont is my go-to source of high quality free fonts, but I’ll pay money for the right font. Remington Typewriter is probably one of the right fonts, and it’s very inexpensive over at DtRPG for four weights, depending on how … Continue reading Links of Interest, 26 April 2015

Finally, Trumpeter Salute 2015 Photos!

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Realized a few days ago that I hadn’t even taken my photographs from the Trumpeter Salute 2015 wargame show off the camera, never mind looking at them and choosing which ones to publish. This for a show that was at the end of March, three weeks ago and counting! The whole collection is over on … Continue reading Finally, Trumpeter Salute 2015 Photos!

Martin’s Photos From Trumpeter Salute

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My own photos from the Trumpeter Salute show over in Vancouver at the end of March are still unsorted and unedited, but Martin has gotten his photos uploaded to Flickr, so I’ll happily show them off until I get my own photos sorted out! He’s got all of his Trumpter Salute 2015 photos in an … Continue reading Martin’s Photos From Trumpeter Salute

Back from Trumpeter Salute 2015

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Just got back this evening from a fantastic weekend over in Vancouver for the Trumpeter Salute 2015 convention. Lots of great games, I got 2nd Place Best in Show for the Saturday evening time slot for my Chain of Command-powered Russian Civil War game, which was awesome. Didn’t do a lot of shopping, just a … Continue reading Back from Trumpeter Salute 2015

Links of Interest, 25 March 2015

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Yet another post of short links, news, random bits, and oddments that wouldn’t warrant a full post. Laser-cut MDF for early motor vehicles? They look pretty good, actually, and they’re 1/3 the price of resin & pewter vehicles. I might have to make an order to Warbases sometime to expand my pulp/RCW/WW1 vehicle fleet some … Continue reading Links of Interest, 25 March 2015

Eureka’s Tachanka, Part Two

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The Eureka tachanka itself (the wagon, that is) comes together fairly easily with a bit of patience and some test fitting. The main body is a single piece, which I had to bend very slightly to straighten as the back end had been pushed very slightly downward during shipping. The rear springs and axle are … Continue reading Eureka’s Tachanka, Part Two

Eureka’s Tachanka, Part One

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About ten days ago I made an order to Eureka USA for a few things, most importantly their Russian three horse Tachanka/crew in cap. What the heck, you ask, is a tachanka (also found spelled “tchanka”)? It’s a Russian vehicle developed during the Great War and used, in various forms, right through the Second World … Continue reading Eureka’s Tachanka, Part One

To Delay Is Dangerous

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Via the US Library of Congress, this fantastic simple British recruiting poster from 1915. Really fantastic handdrawn typography and an eye for proportions. A classic of the type. The whole Library of Congress WW1 Poster Collection is fantastic and well worth a browse. WW1 and post-WW1 posters from all over the world, not just the … Continue reading To Delay Is Dangerous

The Assault on St. Vodkanovich Monastery

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Last Sunday (15 March) got us another bash at using Chain of Command/Mud & Blood (I’ve taken to calling it “Chain of Mud”) for Russian Civil War adventures. I umpired the game for Mike, who has played RCW previously a number of times and once with the current Chain of Mud rules, and his brother … Continue reading The Assault on St. Vodkanovich Monastery

A Building For Infinity

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I’ve previously shown my urban scatter terrain for Infinity, and after getting that assembled I decided to tackle something more challenging and larger. Quite a bit larger, actually. It’s a two-storey building that wound up being about 10″ long, 6″ wide and almost 7″ tall! The building is entirely made of mat board, usually used … Continue reading A Building For Infinity

More RCW Patrol Markers In Progress

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I’ve been working on a couple of additions to my earlier collection of markers for Chain of Command-powered Russian Civil War. As I was finishing up that first set I realized that I was pretty close to actually having a full set of markers for everything that happened in and around (western) Russia between 1914 … Continue reading More RCW Patrol Markers In Progress

Pardon The Dust

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Decided that the blog had worn it’s old skin (WordPress’s functional but basic Twenty Eleven theme) more than long enough and have updated it to WordPress’s much more recent Twenty Fourteen theme. Still trying out features and playing with things, but the actual content hasn’t gone anywhere and neither have most of the navigational features. … Continue reading Pardon The Dust

Links of Interest, 4 March 2015

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Another handful of links of interest! James Ernest of Cheapass Games has a short video on three ways to make cards. Nothing earthshaking, but a good short video laying out three easy ways to make cards for your games. Corrugated … Continue reading

Another GottaCon Gone

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So GottaCon 2015 was last weekend; I managed to be at the whole convention, and it (mostly) good. Friday night I ran a Pulp Alley game. The non-tournament miniatures games at GottaCon are perpetually under-promoted, under-supported, and (unsurprisingly) under-attended. The … Continue reading