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The Great War Week by Week

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I just found out about this very interesting project – The Great War on YouTube. Their plan is to do at least one episode a week all the way through to November 2018, covering the Great War in “real time”, … Continue reading

Quiet Except For Goblins…

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A month between posts… I managed more updates that that from a hotel room in far northern Alberta while working 70 hour weeks! I have been doing modelling and gaming stuff, honest! We had a great game of Mud & … Continue reading

Sculpting Skulls

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The LED tea light candle I started sculpting into a burning altar piece has been seen in previous recent posts on my sculpting adventures. Over on one of the Facebook-based gaming groups I frequent someone had asked for closeups of … Continue reading

Impudent Mortal Paint Rack

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I first heard of Impudent Mortal when Richard of TooFatLardies used two of their buildings to build himself a very nice brewery for WW2 gaming. Rich got his through Minibits in the UK but it turns out Impudent Mortal is … Continue reading

Back! (Again…)

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Just back from a month-long field assignment, as mentioned in my previous post. I have more photos of the sculpting projects to post, and some new photos to take of progress on the treemen and other sculpting projects! There’s also … Continue reading

Sculpting In Exile III: Hands, Faces & Skulls

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They have hands! Well, hands are in progress, in any rate. I used thin wire superglued to the forearm or wrist of each figure, then built the fingers and wrists up by looping and folding the wire. Very thin strips … Continue reading

Sculpting in Exile Progress Pics

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A gallery post of work-in-progress cellphone photos from Project Hotelroom Treemen! Many of these were taken late at night under a desk lamp and they’re all cellphone pics, so quality is… variable. They’re still a decent record of the progress … Continue reading

Sculpting in Exile

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I’m away from home in northern Alberta for four to six weeks helping run a field project for the company I work for. It’s hard but fascinating work with long hours and we’re living in a hotel suite for the … Continue reading

LInks of Interest, 5 Sept 2014

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Just to prevent this place becoming all-Blood Bowl, all the time, some semi-random interesting links. Over on Lead Adventure Forum, I found the information on this thread about paint add-ins, matte/gloss mediums and related substances very useful. Going to have … Continue reading

Reaper Minis Customer Service is Awesome

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Looking to assemble unique teams for Blood Bowl without spending a lot of money, I’ve been poking around the Reaper Bones collection – Reaper’s relatively new collection of injection-molded figures in a relatively soft plastic. I ordered a couple of … Continue reading

Paint on Blood Bowl Temples

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Finally getting paint onto all the Blood Bowl sideline buildings, which means it’s worth pointing a camera at them again – neither bare pink styrofoam nor black primered styrofoam are really all that photogenic. For scale reference, the figure on … Continue reading

Lines & Logos on a Blood Bowl Pitch

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It’s been a quiet stretch here mostly because I was away from home for just over a week housesitting for a family member on the other side of town, but the Blood Bowl pitch setup has been progressing slowly. I … Continue reading

My Blood Bowl Stadium All Laid Out

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Still loads of things to finish on the project, but after doing the crocodile head logo in the centre of the pitch this evening I just had to lay everything out on the dining room table and see it all … Continue reading

Stencil Test for a Blood Bowl Pitch

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I’ve got a felt Blood Bowl pitch that I have marked the standard grid on (15×29 30mm squares) but after months of using it I hadn’t gotten any further than that in transforming it from a useful but plain piece … Continue reading

Bloodbowl Dugout Temple Decoration

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IN the local Bloodbowl league I’m currently involved in, there’s a pair of Lizardman teams, one using the regular GW figures for the team and my crocodile dudes from Impact Miniatures. Our League Commissioner is also playing with an Orc … Continue reading