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A Goblin Scoreboard, Part Two

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The base of the new Blood Bowl scoreboard is now covered in sand, painted, and flocked. I might still add some additional foliage or other details to the base, but it’s perfectly usable as is and I’m willing to declare it finished and move on! Instead of puttying around the strip of plexi in the … Continue reading A Goblin Scoreboard, Part Two

A Goblin Scoreboard, Part One

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Decided that my Blood Bowl Goblin team, currently glorying in the name of T.U.R.D. (what that stands for changes every single game they play…) needed a scoreboard, to use as substitute to my existing Lizardman temple BB setup. Goblins have an reputation for being clever but not smart, and for lunatic behaviour at the best … Continue reading A Goblin Scoreboard, Part One

Dice Problems

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I’m off in Vancouver this weekend, so have a brief link to an older Penny Arcade comic about one possible solution for that age-old gamer problem, “My dice hate me!”. Via Penny Arcade.

The Workbench This Week, 4 November 2015

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Quick and dirty late night snapshot of my workbench! Front and centre is a Reaper Bones troll (in white plastic still, hence kind of blown out in the pic…) next to his orange-painted buddy. I’ve cut both arms at the elbows, repositioned them, and gotten started on puttying to cover up the damage. He’s for … Continue reading The Workbench This Week, 4 November 2015

Giant Billboard Tower for Infinity

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I’ve previously shown off big (5″ tall by 3″ wide) advertising graphics intended for use on an Infinity table – Weyland-Yutani, a travel poster, and Blue Sun; on Friday evening I decided to sit down and crank out the structure all three of those graphics will be shown off on. The basic structure is actually … Continue reading Giant Billboard Tower for Infinity

Infinity in the Jungle

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Somewhere along the way the default tabletop setting for a game of Infinity became “futuristic urban/quasi-urban environment”, which is as true of most of our tables locally as it is anywhere else, but the game does have a full and interesting set of terrain rules and even tries to include things like zero-g, hazardous environments, … Continue reading Infinity in the Jungle

Infinity Ad: A Bit Off-Colour

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Yeah, so this one is based on a very, very juvenile joke. I’d apologize but I wouldn’t mean it! It’s also smaller than some of my other recent graphics, designed to print at roughly business card size (2.25″ x 3.25″) to go over the backing cards used in the Infinity blister packs, which I’ve been … Continue reading Infinity Ad: A Bit Off-Colour

Infinity Ad: Making Better Worlds

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Everyone’s favourite terraforming/engineering/evilevilevil megacorp needs a giant billboard ad too! Third and (for now) last of my big 3″ wide by 5″ tall 300dpi ads. This one is also released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA License. Mars image via Wikipedia, released under a CC-BY License. Weyland-Yutani image redrawn in Inkscape from various images found online.

Infinity Ad: Blue Sun

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Borrowing from another popular science fiction universe to provide some graphical fodder for Infinity terrain, here’s another big (5″ high by 3″ wide, as designed) advertisement. This one is being released under the CC-BY-SA License for reuse as you please. Background graphic from monaeberhardt on Flickr, CC-BY-SA. Blue Sun graphic redrawn in Inkscape by me … Continue reading Infinity Ad: Blue Sun

Another Infinity Ad: Travel to Varuna

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I’m home with a stubborn cold that won’t go away, so decided to kick GIMP and Inkscape to life and create another couple of billboard-sized ads for my Infinity terrain. Here’s one advertising the PanO ocean world of Varuna as a travel destination. It’s available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License for (limited) reuse. Sources: … Continue reading Another Infinity Ad: Travel to Varuna

An Easy Arc Measuring Widget

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Infinity has, for most troops, a 180° front arc for Line of Fire and almost all actions. Other games have similar arc requirements – Full Thrust uses six 60° arcs on it’s starships, for example. To help me do the 180° arcs on my Infinity bases, I’ve whipped up a simple little measuring widget in … Continue reading An Easy Arc Measuring Widget

In Which Things Get Primered

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We have an Infinity weekend event coming up in just over a month (Facebook event link, if you’re in the area and interested) and I want to have both all my current buildings basically finished and the Haqqislam/Hassassin Bahram force I field fully painted. I’ve been concentrating on the buildings for the last week or … Continue reading In Which Things Get Primered

Post-Labour Day Update

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Last post was in June, I’m getting really lousy at keeping this poor blog from getting dusty and neglected. It’s been a busy summer for things like bike holidays and being out in the real world, not so much on the gaming front although our Blood Bowl league season is drawing to a close (my … Continue reading Post-Labour Day Update

Taking The Summer Off?

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Apparently I’ve basically taken most of the summer off from blogging and doing wargame-related things I felt the need to blog about… last post was June 10th! I’ve been playing a lot of Infinity and Blood Bowl, but doing basically no painting or terrain building at all until this weekend, when I’ve finally cleaned up … Continue reading Taking The Summer Off?

Antennas for Infinity

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A number of the stock scenarios in Infinity need some sort of antenna or console for the troops to interact with/hack/seize/blow up/etc. You can use basic tokens on the tabletop, but real scenery looks better! Antenna and consoles in Inf are supposed to be on a 40mm base, so I had a go at cutting … Continue reading Antennas for Infinity