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Links of Interest, 4 March 2015

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Another handful of links of interest! James Ernest of Cheapass Games has a short video on three ways to make cards. Nothing earthshaking, but a good short video laying out three easy ways to make cards for your games. Corrugated … Continue reading

Another GottaCon Gone

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So GottaCon 2015 was last weekend; I managed to be at the whole convention, and it (mostly) good. Friday night I ran a Pulp Alley game. The non-tournament miniatures games at GottaCon are perpetually under-promoted, under-supported, and (unsurprisingly) under-attended. The … Continue reading

RCW Patrol Markers for Chain of Command

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In the run-up to this weekend’s GottaCon convention, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing the patrol markers I need to properly run Chain of Command-powered Russian Civil War games. I’d done status markers back in January, and now I’ve got … Continue reading

Eight Days to GottaCon 2015!

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Just over a week until our local convention, GottaCon 2015 starts! I’ve got a ticket already, and I’m doing something I’ve never done before, which is enter a tournament – namely the Blood Bowl tourney with my Crocs. The BB … Continue reading

Urban Scatter Terrain for Infinity

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So I’ve been persuaded (OK, it didn’t take much…) to get into Infinity, the fast and lethal science fiction skirmish game from Corvus Belli. I’ve been vaguely interested in Infinity for years, both by the high quality sculpting and because … Continue reading

My Chain of Command Tactical Markers

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Recently we’ve tried out TooFatLardie‘s Chain of Command/Through the Mud & the Blood hybrid rules with my Russian Civil War figures, and found them good, although with a bit of a learning curve. Chain has a few persistent conditions or … Continue reading

Russian Civil War with Chain of Command

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We had a quick and messy intro to the TooFatLardies’ Chain of Command/Through the Mud and the Blood WW1 hybrid today with my Russian Civil War figures. Chain is originally a WW2 platoon-level set of rules with some of the … Continue reading

All Quiet On The Warbard Front?

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Quiet around here; I was away for a week earlier in December visiting family out of town, caught a rather unpleasant cold right at the end of that trip, then all the Christmas holiday disruptions landed… which means this is … Continue reading

The Great War Week by Week

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I just found out about this very interesting project – The Great War on YouTube. Their plan is to do at least one episode a week all the way through to November 2018, covering the Great War in “real time”, … Continue reading

Quiet Except For Goblins…

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A month between posts… I managed more updates that that from a hotel room in far northern Alberta while working 70 hour weeks! I have been doing modelling and gaming stuff, honest! We had a great game of Mud & … Continue reading

Sculpting Skulls

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The LED tea light candle I started sculpting into a burning altar piece has been seen in previous recent posts on my sculpting adventures. Over on one of the Facebook-based gaming groups I frequent someone had asked for closeups of … Continue reading

Impudent Mortal Paint Rack

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I first heard of Impudent Mortal when Richard of TooFatLardies used two of their buildings to build himself a very nice brewery for WW2 gaming. Rich got his through Minibits in the UK but it turns out Impudent Mortal is … Continue reading

Back! (Again…)

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Just back from a month-long field assignment, as mentioned in my previous post. I have more photos of the sculpting projects to post, and some new photos to take of progress on the treemen and other sculpting projects! There’s also … Continue reading

Sculpting In Exile III: Hands, Faces & Skulls

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They have hands! Well, hands are in progress, in any rate. I used thin wire superglued to the forearm or wrist of each figure, then built the fingers and wrists up by looping and folding the wire. Very thin strips … Continue reading

Sculpting in Exile Progress Pics

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A gallery post of work-in-progress cellphone photos from Project Hotelroom Treemen! Many of these were taken late at night under a desk lamp and they’re all cellphone pics, so quality is… variable. They’re still a decent record of the progress … Continue reading