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BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4

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Good progress on the Blomp gondola this weekend, with all the major structural assembly finished, skinning done in styrene sheet, and the start of the lifting-gas engine and associated pipework. The bow and stern have “masts” (not sure what else to call them, really…) that will eventually have lines connecting to the envelope overhead, with … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 4

BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

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Blomping onward, in a classic goblin-engineering “make sh*t up as you go” fashion! The front half of the gondola has been skinned with styrene sheet, cut in one continuous strip for strength. I also glued in more styrene strip on the inner edges of the gunwale. The edges of the flying bridge received similar treatment; … Continue reading BS2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 3

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

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Progress on my Lead Adventure Forum Build Something 2017 entry, the goblin-crewed Bloodyear Blomp! I’d said previously I was going to finish covering the blimp envelope in fabric before moving on to the gondola, but in standard wargamer fashion I’ve been distracted into working on the gondola first. The basic skeleton of the gondola is … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp, Part 2

Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

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Every year or so over on Lead Adventure Forum they hold a friendly Build Something competition. There’s a theme that imposes some restrictions; one year it was “your scenery must be based on a CD”; we had “marine/watercraft” once, and this year the theme is “flight”. I’ve been a LAF member for years and it’s … Continue reading Build Something 2017: The Bloodyear Blomp

Hab Module LV4-26 Finished

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First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your 2017 is full of excellent gaming, good friends, and completed projects! On the “completed projects” note, I get to move my first completed project of 2017 off my bench and into my scenery boxes. I’ve finished painting and adding signs to the habitat module facade I … Continue reading Hab Module LV4-26 Finished

Merry Christmas! (with an airlock!)

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Between the Christmas season and what appears to be the worst cold I’ve had in many, many years there’s not been a lot of wargaming activity here at Chez Wirelizard. I did manage to spend one sickie evening messing about with Inkscape and created a nice floor airlock piece to add some colour to the … Continue reading Merry Christmas! (with an airlock!)

Papercraft Spacecraft!

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I’ve been calling my Infinity space station table project a space station since I started planning it, but really it’s been a collection of big walls and random bits until recently. What does a space station really need to make it feel like a space station? How about some actual space craft? To that end … Continue reading Papercraft Spacecraft!

Hab Module LV4-26, Part One

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This shop front/apartment facade for my ongoing Infinity space station project has been inspired mostly by the depiction of some of the habitat levels of Ceres in the TV show The Expanse. If you haven’t watched The Expanse I highly recommend it, it’s good quality TV (not something I say regularly!) that depicts a hard … Continue reading Hab Module LV4-26, Part One

More Space Station Pieces

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One of the big wall modules I built for my Infinity space station tabletop set has a door three inches off the ground, intended to connect to catwalks or other elevated terrain. The problem with it has been that I have no catwalks or other elevated terrain, so most of the time that door just … Continue reading More Space Station Pieces

Adding Detail To The Space Station

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I’ve been using my big space station walls and the associated scatter terrain for over a year now, and while all the wall modules are fully painted and physically finished (doors and such) I’ve never considered that part of the project “finished” in the full sense of the word. I really wanted that full colour, … Continue reading Adding Detail To The Space Station

Maghariba Guard Finished!

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Quiet month here on the Warbard, I’ve been busy in real life (terrible when that happens…) but getting some gaming and painting time in when I can. We had an Infinity event in mid-October, eight of us at Everything Games for a full day of Infinity. Three rounds with four tables; I provided scenery for … Continue reading Maghariba Guard Finished!