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The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

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My girlfriend is out of town with friends so I’ve had a bachelor/wargamer weekend and gotten a lot done on my Infinity figures. The planters are foamed PVC sheet and mat board offcuts, and the trees are from Games Workshop — at one point they produced a rather nice set of modular plastic “tropical trees” … Continue reading The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

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While at Trumpeter Salute I picked up one of PlastCraft’s Designed-For-Infinity plastic pre-coloured buildings, the Curved Modular Building, from the awesome folks at Imperial Hobbies, BC’s greatest wargaming store, and the only reason I do anything in Richmond other than change buses… Anyway, the Curved Modular Building is a small building, with a footprint about … Continue reading PlastCraft Curved Modular Building

Trumpeter Salute 2016 Photos

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Finally got my Trumpeter Salute 2016 photos off the phone and onto Flickr a few days ago. The full collection is over on Flickr but here’s a few favourites and highlights! Saturday morning we ran a Libya vs US Navy air war scenario, based on an amped-up version of the real Gulf of Libya incidents … Continue reading Trumpeter Salute 2016 Photos

Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

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Having moved at the start of this year I’ve been sorting and reorganizing gaming stuff, as one does, and working on actually using some of the stockpile of stuff I’ve accumulated. Part of the stockpile was a much wider array of greenery and model plant type material than I had thought I had. I also … Continue reading Bring Me… A Shrubbery!

Heading Home From Trumpeter Salute

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Heading home from Vancouver and an excellent, exhausting weekend at the Trumpeter Salute show! Good to see most of the Trumpeter regulars, many of whom I only ever see once a year at this show. Great games all weekend, including the six player Pulp Alley game I ran Sunday, “Terror in the Thuggee Temple”, which … Continue reading Heading Home From Trumpeter Salute

Off to Trumpeter Salute 2016!

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Heading off to Vancouver today for the always excellent Trumpeter Salute wargaming show this weekend. I’ve finally gotten around to setting up the Android WordPress app on this phone so I’ll update from the field as I remember to, then do my usual photo dump once I’m home. I’m running a Pulp Alley game sometime … Continue reading Off to Trumpeter Salute 2016!

Quick Infinity Terrain: Food Booths

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One of the goals with the space station terrain set was to make the whole thing look like not just a collection of tactically interesting obstacles but also a (relatively) sensible, lived-in/working facility. Right now the non-cargo bay area is a bit plain, really just the Impudent Mortal walls in my collection arranged in various … Continue reading Quick Infinity Terrain: Food Booths

Space Station Wall Sections in Progress

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Finally have all six of the big space station wall sections basically complete and primed. All the doors are installed (several sections have sliding doors), the basic layer of surface detail is down, and one side of each is primed dark grey and the other is white. I’ll gradually add more coloured graphics like the … Continue reading Space Station Wall Sections in Progress