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Links of Interest, 22 June 2017

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A handful of links I thought were worth sharing this week. Historical Enterprises, Inc are a historical reenactors garb/costuming company with all sorts of great articles on their website. If you need plausible colours for your Medieval, Renaissance, ECW, etc figures, this article on fabric, dyes, and colours is based on practice up to the … Continue reading Links of Interest, 22 June 2017

A Small Stone Circle

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Not every stone circle is a gigantic trilithon monument like Stonehenge. Some of them might be barely recognizable as stone circles, in fact, until you realize that plants grown in strange patterns around the stones, or you wander past on certain very specific nights of the year… This little project started out as a way … Continue reading A Small Stone Circle

Alien Dog Monsters!

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A few days ago Corvus Belli, the company behind Infinity, had a tweet and FB post asking their fans which of two alien “werewolf” varieties they liked better. For those not familiar, one of the interstellar colonies in the game’s background, Ariadna, has dog-like natives who have managed (don’t ask for details, it’s pure anime … Continue reading Alien Dog Monsters!

The Workbench This Week, 12 June 2017

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Much chaos in my non-gaming life, so time and brainpower to actually paint is kind of hard to come by, but this weekend I sat down and organized my pike & shot foot figures for Pikeman’s Lament and other English Civil War or Thirty Year’s War gaming. I now have exactly 60 figures assembled, based, … Continue reading The Workbench This Week, 12 June 2017

Warbases Church, Part Two

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More progress on detailing the lasercut MDF church from Warbases that I started previously. Stonework & Doors Buttresses and a double row of foundation stonework have been added with pink styrofoam insulation cut with a new Xacto knife. I used scrap card to create a small jig to keep the angle of the front of … Continue reading Warbases Church, Part Two

Review: Warbases MDF Vehicles

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Warbases started doing vehicles in lasercut MDF and cardboard (greyboard) a few years ago and I was intruiged right away; a lot of 28mm vehicles are fairly expensive or (especially for World War One, Russian Civil War, or other early 20th C gaming) simply don’t exist. It took me a while to get around to … Continue reading Review: Warbases MDF Vehicles

Warbases Church In Progress

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Not much activity on the wargaming front in the last couple weeks, for a variety of mostly-irritating reasons, but I have made a bit of progress on the Warbases church I first mentioned in a post a few weeks back. This is a nicely proportioned building, not so big as to dominate the table, and … Continue reading Warbases Church In Progress

Stone Outbuilding Finished

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Glued down the towel thatching, slapped a coat of paint over the small stone building, added the door, and declared it done! The towel got cut into a rough rectangle, big enough to hang an inch or so over the edges of the cardboard roof on all sides. I used a hot glue gun to … Continue reading Stone Outbuilding Finished

Links of Interest, 16 May 2017

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A semi-random collection of links that have caught my eye recently! Swamp grass from cheap paintbrushes via Rob Hawkin’s awesome blog. Hmm, I just picked up a 5-pack of Home Depot paintbrushes that look exactly like the one he uses in his tutorial, and I’m planning some stream/swamp sections! Lots of other good stuff on … Continue reading Links of Interest, 16 May 2017

Stone Outbuilding/Hovel

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With the farmhouse and dovecote progressing well, I wanted to move on to a few smaller buildings to the mix. This little stone outbuilding is the first of those. It’s a few random scrap pieces of pink insulation styrofoam, hot glue, and a chunk of corrugated cardboard so far. Footprint is about 2″ wide by … Continue reading Stone Outbuilding/Hovel

Half-Timber ECW Buildings, 11 May

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I’ve been painting the dovecote and farmhouse together, so rather than separate updates I’ll just do combined “state of the ECW scenery” update today! Both buildings have had most of their painting finished, with touchup and work on the bases the main things left to do, along with the roof of the farmhouse. I’ve also … Continue reading Half-Timber ECW Buildings, 11 May

Half-Timber Farmhouse, Part One

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After getting the dovecote constructed (although not yet painted) I decided the next building would be a bit more substantial, and that a farmhouse would be the obvious counterpart to the dovecote. It’s not quite a manor house, except maybe in some rather backwoods shire, but it’s a substantial two storey building with a big … Continue reading Half-Timber Farmhouse, Part One

Half-Timber Dovecote, Part Two

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When we last saw the dovecote, the halftimber detailing on the walls was done, the roof was just started, and it lacked paint. Here’s the current state of the beast! The roof got cardboard tiles to look like slate on both the main roof and the top of the tower. The capping along the ridges … Continue reading Half-Timber Dovecote, Part Two

A Quick And Simple Pond

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I’ve been wanting do some more area terrain – mostly flat pieces to serve as rough ground, forested areas, and the like – for a while now. With the move back into ECW skirmish and terrain building for same, I’ve decided to start with a set of low profile stream pieces that can be used … Continue reading A Quick And Simple Pond

Half-Timber Dovecote, Dampfpanzerwagon Style: Part One

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As I mentioned in my last post about the things I brought home from Trumpeter Salute, one of them was a copy of Issue #87 of Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy, their ECW special. One of the articles in there was by Tony Harwood, also known as Dampfpanzerwagon around the internet, including on the Lead Adventure … Continue reading Half-Timber Dovecote, Dampfpanzerwagon Style: Part One