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Blood Bowl, the Orcs

Posted on January 15th, 2017 under . Posted by

This had to be the first team to paint as they have always been a favourite. New models are really awesome and the humans are nearly finished. So much looking forward to play this again…J’ai biens sur commence avec les orques car ils sont superbes. L…

Townhouse 2 from Tabletop World

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First post of the year..I took time off painting during the whole Christmas Holiday so it felt quite refreshing to go back to the bench. I also used that time to think a lot about what to paint and prioritise so you should see a lot of scenery coming u…

Shadows of Camelot

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It’s not quite the hottest game at the moment but I fancied upgrading the components. This has to be the quickest job I’ve ever done, probably between 5 to 7 hours. I didn’t bother with the mold lines on the catapults and rushed right through it. This is so much better than grey plastic though. Models are a bit weird, some OK some meh…

Pas vraiment le jeu de plateau a la mode en ce moment mais j’avais envie de peindre les minis. Ce fut mega-rapide, peut être 5-6 heures de travail en total. Je n’ai même pas nettoyé les catapultes…C’est bien mieux que le plastic a l’arrivée même si les figurines sont vraiment inégales.

Conan, picts and skeletons

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I’m making some progress on the Conan Board Game, going as fast as I can. That’s the picts and skeletons done, I try to paint some special characters at the same time.

J’avance bien sur Conan, j’essaie de faire aussi vite que possible.

Mounted Tyranid Hierophant Bio-Titan

Posted on November 29th, 2016 under , . Posted by

This is a conversion work I finished a few weeks ago. The idea was to use this 40k model and fit it with a rider in a more conventional Fantasy style. The rider is a model Privateer-Press and the titan from Forge World. Overall, it was a difficult job with the mount being so huge. I had to paint everything in bits which I don’t usually like to do. The painting pattern was quite simple for the Titan and I followed original Artwork for the rider. In the end, it makes quite an impressive piece I think.

Un gros projet que j’ai terminé il y a quelques semaines. L’idée était d’adapter cette figurine 40k dans un contexte plus “Fantasy”. La monture est de chez Privateer Press et le titan de chez Forge World. La réalisation fut compliquée, j’ai du tout peindre démonté, ce que je n’aime pas faire. Le style de peinture était assez simple et j’ai un peu suivi la peinture originale pour la monture. A l’arrivée, ca fait quand même une pièce sacrement impressionnante.

Starting on Conan

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Finally making a start on Conan. I’m planning on rushing through the basic models with the picts first. I quite actually like this model. I’m sort of following Martin Grandbarbe paintings without the talent. I’m also adding this Barbarian Dude miniature I’ve had for ages as it’ll work perfectly as a Conan and is much better than the one from Monolith in my opinion.
I’ve also painted the book of Skelos. I’ve not seen many people doing this so far but I’m sure it’ll come.

Finalement, je me lance sur Conan. J’ai l’intention de peindre très rapidement les modèles de base du jeu. Je suis les peinture de Martin Grandbarbe sans son talent. J’ai aussi remplace le Conan de la boite de base par ce barbare qui est superbe et que j’avais dans un tiroir depuis des lustres.
J’ai aussi peints le livre de Skelos.

Zombicide Knigh Pack + 2 Abomiantions

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It’s all in the title really. I’m taking a break from painting Zombicide as I’m starting Conan.