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Marauder of the Apocalypse

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This is a model I finished a while ago but struggling to find time to blog. I had done a sort of WIP post about it already and here’s the finished version. The beast is from Mierce Miniatures and the ogre from Avatar of War. This is a model I really enjoyed converting despite it being in metal. I did a slightly higher base for it to add verticality. The painting has been fun and the model is already gone to its new master.
J’avais fini ce modèle il y a quelques semaines déjà mais j’ai du mal à trouver du temps pour m’occuper du Blog. J’avais faits un « travail en cours » et voici la version finie. La créature est de Mierce Minaitures et l’ogre de chez Avatar of War. Je m’etais régalé à faire la conversion et ce fut pareil pour la peinture.

Geister, Geister, Schatzsumeister!

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Not too sure what it means, something about ghosts probably. These are the models from the 2014 Kinder spiel winner. It’s an excellent kid’s game with beautiful artwork from Piero. It’s not a miniature game at all but the models are pretty good really. I really enjoyed painting these and it will definitely improve the experience of the game.

Je ne suis pas trop sur de la traduction, fantôme, fantôme… Ce sont les figurines du grand gagnant du Kinder spiel 2014. C’est un excellent jeu pour la famille avec de très belles illustrations de Piero. Ce n’est pas du tout un jeu de figurines mais les modèles sont pas mal du tout, très agréables à peindre.

Defenders of the realm

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Right, so these are probably some of the worst models I have had to paint in the past 2 years. I’m not sure I can think of any worse than those really. They’re typical soft plastic with horrendous mould lines and no definition, the kind you get in games that are not focussed on models. My judgement might be impaired by the fact that I was painting top notch resin castings models at the same time I was doing those. Anyway, I did what I could and very quickly. I didn’t bother to take a picture of the basic models as they’re even worse. A shame really as the game is excellent. I mean really super excellent and here’s a link for it.

Ce sont probablement les plus mauvaises figurines que j’ai eu à faire ces 2 dernières années. Sérieusement, je n’arrive pas à me rappeler avoir fait pire. Plastic mou, ligne de moulages immondes, pas de définition, le genre que l’on trouve dans les jeux qui ne sont pas axés sur la figurine. Je suis peut-être un peu dur parce que je peignais de beaux modèles en résine en même temps mais franchement j’ai failli arrêter plus d’une fois. C’est dommage car le jeu est excellent, vraiment excellent, le lien BGG ici.

Super Dungeon Explore: Fully Painted (again)

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Here’s another set of Super Dungeon Explore I did before Christmas. As requested, I kept the “classis colours” of the original artwork. This is a really fun series of models although there’s some crazy preparation work with assembly and cleaning those terrible mould lines. This is the third set I’ve done, I wouldn’t mind doing the models from the expansion, just for a change. However, I’m going to start painting Arcadia Quest soon which I’m really excited about.

Voilà le dernier set de Super Dungeon Explore que j’ai fait avant les vacances de Noël. Le client m’avait demandé de garder les couleurs « classique » de la boîte de base. C’est une très bonne série de figurines même si les lignes de moules et l’assemblage sont une vraie galère. C’est le troisième set que j’ai fait, j’aimerais bien peindre les figurines de l’extension, juste pour changer … Par contre, je vais bientôt commencer les figurines pour Arcadia Quest, je suis impatient.

Nagash Supreme Lord of the Undead

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Here’s a paintjob I did for somebody’s Christmass. I’ve to say it’s an incredible kit from Games Workshop. It was very easy to put together and came with many variations. It all fit beautifully and required very little putty work. How do the work the assemblage is mind boggling.
I tried to follow the paintjob from the studio and added a different base. I really enjoyed doing this one and hope it will see many battles.
Voici une des peintures que j’avais fais comme cadeau de Noël. Le kit est absolument incroyable. Très facile à assembler et avec beaucoup de variations possibles, je n’arrêtais pas de me demander comment ils concoient ces pièces pour l’assemblage. Tout c’est très bien monté et j’ai eu très peu de rebouchage à faire.

J’ai un peu suivi la peinture du studio et ai faits un socle different. Je me suis bien amusé à le faire et j’espère qu’il verra de nombreuses batailles.

Marauder of the Apocalypse

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I think I’m just typing this post to use that name in the title. It’s quite a statement.
Anyway, this is a conversion with a model from Avatar of War and one from Mierce (Ulmons, the beast). The ogre is in metal which made for some hard work. I had to change the legs and a few bits. I’m excited to start painting it.

Marauder de l’apocalypse, rien que ça. C’est le nom de l’ogre de chez « avatar of War ». Je suis en train de faire une conversion avec une monture de chez Mierce, ça va faire une belle figurine je pense. Je languis d’attaquer la peinture.

Mice and Mystics – Downwood Tales – Fully Painted

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The Blog has been quiet over the last few weeks. It was a combination of me taking some time off for Christmas and not being able to show stuff as they were supposed to be surprises. Anyway, I can show what I’ve been up to in the last 2 months. I managed to finish some painting for me which is great. I love this game and if I’m well behind as far as the story go; I made a priority to paint these as they’re great. There is a good selection of minions and the 3 new heroes are really good. I particularly love the frog army. Overall the models are quite nice and decent quality for board game stuff. If you don’t know much about this game, it’s all here.
Anyway, it’s all n the pictures and Happy New Year Everybody!
Je n’ai pas beaucoup posté de billets ces dernières semaines. En partie dues aux vacances et aussi parce que certaines de ces commissions étaient des cadeaux pour Noël. Bref, je peux les montrer maintenant. J’ai aussi réussi à finir les figurines pour « Mice and Mystics » car j’adore ce jeu. Je suis en retard par rapport à l’histoire mais je ne pouvais pas résister à tapper cette boîte. Il y a une belle sélection de vilains et les 3 nouveaux héros sont très bons. J’aime particulièrement le pack de grenouilles. Dans l’ensemble, les modèles sont plutôt biens pour du jeu de plateau. Si vous ne connaissez pas ce jeu, jetez un œil ici.

C’est tout dans les photos et Bonne Année à tous !

Glaun from Mierce Miniature

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Here’s one of the latest job. The pile of Mierce Miniature stuff is going down, I’ve got another one to do with interesting conversion then a lot of minis for Board games, various scenery stuff and a HUGE Dragon (Kang). Not a lot to say about this …

Mjagnir from Mierce Miniatures

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Previous update was a over a month old but that’s because I couldn’t show some of the work as its a surprise for a customer. I’ve been very busy working on various commissions. One of them was this incredible giant from Mierce Miniatures. As far as…

Vaak, Moraine Beast

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Not a lot of updates at the moment as I can’t really show what I’m painting. I did this piece a few weeks ago. It’s a golem from Mierce Miniatures. I went for classic stone colours but I used fluorescent pigments which work really well. It gives …

Aradae Mawr

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Here is another piece from Mierce Miniatures. It’s quite a beautiful piece and one of the largest one on current crop I’m painting. There’s a bit of a speech on the website to introduce the piece but I don’t understand any of it, you can try re…

Rocco from Figone

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Figone produces some amazing models and this is probably their best one. It’s definitely the best one I’ve had in my hands and I’d say the nicest model I’ve ever painted. I just love everything about it. It’s really well detailed but not over…

Zombicide Survivors

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I’ve been struggling with finding time to paint in August but still managed to finish a couple of things. One of them being the survivors for Zombicide which were on the table for quite a bit. I followed the artwork on the cards but it was essentiall…

Gwyddol, Dyndraig of Gwaelod from Mierce

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I swear that’s how they spell his name. Anyway, name apart, it’s a pretty good model around 70mm tall. It’s a typical Mierce model, very finely detailed, classic character, nice pose. Not a lot to add, enjoyed painting it although it’s pretty r…

Dungann, Oghurithne Unund

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This is a model from Mierce Miniatures. I guess there’s a clue in the crazy name!!!It’s the smallest of the series I’m doing right now. It’s a really good model, beautifully sculpted however the price is high in my opinion. It will fit perfectl…