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Life on the NET # 6

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So, Saturday is the Gaurdians of Tyr Netrunner team championship.  Deck lists are in. I’ve gone with a super-scorch NBN Making News and as a last minute change a Shaper Kitt-Paintbrush runner that I’ve played six games with so far. As I’…

Life on the NET # 5

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Hola!So, myself Rich and Alex headed over to Leisure Games on Sunday for our next step up in Netrunner tournament play. LG have a monthly tourney capped at 20 players so we were expecting something of an increase but still a pretty laid back event…


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Evening all,Just a quick one as I’ve actually managed to get enough time with the brushes to get the Doc, Engineer and their Zondbot helpers  buttoned. They’re pretty basic figures in honesty so nothing too complicated. 5 Painting Points for the l…

Green Eyed Monster

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So…..this; I’m sure there aren’t too many of US out there that haven’t noticed this one creeping out into the light. Reaction has been mixed, as you might expect. Mine has been many shades of Green.Initially I was suspiciously dismissive given m…

Dance Card

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Would you look at that I’ve actually added a new page! Nothing too stunning, a showcase page for my current gaming.The last batch Tuesday night’s at Enfield Gamers I’ve been playing through  the first three rounds of the club’s…

Life on the NET # 4

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Evening all,Myself, Rich and Alex took our first step into the Netrunner tournament scene with an 11 man event down at Wayland Games yesterday. Unfortunately we all played each other and Alex caught a bye which limited our exposure to other players and…

Permission to Land

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Hello people,Shock, horror yet more X-Wing on Sunday  but this time with something of a twist. Event supremos Gaurdians of Tyr ran the inaugural UK Team Championship. Enfield Gamers entered a team amongst a field of thirty two teams.The format was…

Taking out the Trash

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Yes, been a little while, Yada yada, real life busy, X-Wing etc ;)Getting back to Geek-life I recently built and painted what turned to be the pack of two dumpsters from Warsenal. A couple of transfers and plenty of weathering has turned them out rathe…


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Hello people.  Fair warning this is a musings type post. Might be best to source a beverage :) Last Saturday I attended yet another X-Wing event. This one was an inter-club challenge representing the 186. It was a good day out up at Wargames …


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As previously threatened I took a bunch of shots last night as myself and Jon got in our first game of Infinity for a few weeks prior to the club’s upcoming campaign.I could take dozens of close up shots but I’ve been much more bothered by the overall …

Life on the NET # 3

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Hello people,

Following some rather shady corporate refinancing I’ve somehow picked up some more cards. Not the most unexpected newsflash I admit!

One of my Luke Skywalker promo cards went on eBay just as the Honour and Profit deluxe expansion went on sale just about everywhere so that was self financing. I also did some research on Netrunner DB based on some popular NBN decks and worked out the most useful expansions for the lists I was looking to emulate. Knowledge is power so they say though with next month’s budget already at a deficit I going to need some serious spin to stay on message. Just as well I’ve picked NBN as my primary Corp deck for the forseeable :)

I think the point here is that though you CAN play straight from the Core Set you’re really going to want to expand past that point pretty quickly. So far I’ve “invested” £55 on cards, £15 on a mat and about another £30 on art sleeves. So that’s £100 as a “realistic” entry point which gives me plenty to be going on (3 Runner and 4 Corp decks of various flavour) with and is still favourably comparable to many other games / systems.

At the end of it I have an NBN deck with a few variants to play with. I’ve also slapped together a Gabe criminal deck which is gut rather than research but I’ll find out soon enough.  Myself and Rich have a beginners tourney at the beginning of October which gives a nice aiming point. There’s also a team tournament run by Gaurdians of Tyr at the end of October which will need some cannon fodder.

I really just need to play some games and will be getting more involved at Dark Sphere on a Thursday night once the current X-Wing glut recedes a touch.

Meanwhile Thunderdome is now entirely completed, bar the dumpster which turned up at the weekend and proved to be laser cut MDF, and will be hitting the table at Enfield Gamers tonight. Plenty of photos shall be taken of the 36, sorely needed, Painting Points worth of lovely, lovely scenery. Now I just need to get back to the figures…….

From out of Nowhere

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Hello people, Just a quick one. I dropped in on some friends Sunday one of whom is similary geeky, though far more a console gamer than tabletop, and I had a quick flick through his recently purchased copy of SFX. Much to my surprise the inside front c…

The week off – Thunderdome prt 3

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Hello people,My apologies as I’m sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your sears with baited breath…..THUNDERDOME AWAITS! TWO FORCES ENTER, ONE FORCE LEAVES!!Thunderdome is most definitely 90% completed. Everything on the schedule is just about do…

The week off – Thunderdome prt 2

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Hello people,So the end of day 3 and I’m very happy with the project so far. All of the buildings and construction vehicles have been block painted, which is a big step. As a bonus I’ve based all of the remaining Nomads as well.Tomorrow will be detaili…

The week off – Thunderdome prt 1

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So as briefly mentioned previously I’m off work this week and have set myself the goal of sorting out my Infinity scenery, at least to the 90% mark, aka Thunderdome.Thunderdome is a light industrial zone with a number of ongoing construction projects. …