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To INFINITY and beyond – Day 16

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Okay people I’m back to the grindstone tomorrow so here’s the roundup.As below I got my Tomats and Reverend Moria finished to complete all of my Nomad force that I had at the be grinning of the project. Due a late start Rob’s Auxilliaries and TAG pilot…

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 16

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Taa daa……actual painted Nomads!!So thats 6 Agaucils, including Ms Balboa, my proxy Iventnor, my proxy Spektr sniper, my actual Spektr and my proxy Zero (more white) finished, varnished and everything for another 20 Painting Points.That leaves just …

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 15

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Hello people,A bit more of gap between posts but as I head back to work on Thursday things ramp up much as they often do. Since last time various bits of progress have been made.First I kind of cracked down at Dark Sphere last Thursday and made a numbe…

Just the two of us

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Hello people,

As a variation to the recent Infinity theme myself and Nigel G, aka The Dark Destroyer, took a trip to Dunstable for 5 rounds of flying casual. As a challenge we swapped regular roles Nigel runing a swarm while I went with a two ship build of Soontir Fell and Admiral Chirpy both loaded to the gills.

I’m more than happy with Soontir and have had previous success with the decimator. It’s a bit of a notorious net-list which I would normally generally avoid up curiosity won out. Despite having experience with both elements I felt shorn of my  customary swarm.

In short I ended up with a 100-nil win, a 100-nil loss, two close losses and a nil-nil draw which supports the belief that even net-lists need to be well flown.

Generally I know where I went wrong and what I forgot at times. I flew Soontir well but I kind of had to as I let Chirpy died too quickly too often, though dice did play their part at times. I’d been advised that with two ships ALWAYS play the safe option but a few moments of red mist proved crucial.

Overall it was good to give a two ship list a go. It increased my understanding playing with and against such lists, the day was pretty much dominated by them. I can see why Decimators have dropped down the meta list which itself makes me want to see what I can do with a similar list. Kenkirk has done well for me previously as has the Pope-Mobile so there are a few options

We can make it if we try ☺

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 10 prt 2

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Hello people,So technically I’ve slipped into day 11 but hey not by much and these are my guidelines I’m bending :) As below I’ve finished up 10 of Rob’s Tohaa. I went pretty much the box colour scheme, other than turning them all ginger for a bit…

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 10 part 1

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Okay, so another missed post but that kind of gets me back on track, kind of!

In the intervening period there has at least been some decent progress.

First up a £30 kids construction kit from Toys R Us has been a major find providing a mobile crane, dump truck, digger, JCB, skip, oil drums, signs and stop boards. Re-sprayed grey they’ll be detailed up a fit the industrial theme well.

Quite a bit of it got onto the table last night as well as various extras. Below is an objective crate, objective civilian, base markers and a pair of repeaters.

As well as all that I’ve, eventually  (with Charlie’s tech support) got the printer set up and sorted out all of my tokens.

On the brush front Rob’s Tohaa starter set is just awaiting highlights which I hope to post up later. Until then it’s back to earth taking the car for its MOT. Delight!

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 4

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Hello people,The dreaded slump has hit early and there’s not too much to report.In short the game with Rich has been rainchecked and the brushes have been idle other than touching up undercoat.On the positive I now have a wireless colour printer and a …

To INFINITY and beyond – Day 2

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Okay people, welcome to the first update post :)In the last couple of days reasonable progress has been made on almost all fronts with a little bit of Shasvassti bonus in the mix.Construction, basing and undercoat of ALL figures WILL be completed tomor…

Old Beginnings

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Hello people, Yes it’s been a while again for most of the same old reasons. Another reason has been that my laptop has, unsurprisingly, failed to sort itself out and so is currently at the mercy of PC World.  Yes I know but I’m immensely tech…

New(ish) Beginnings

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So do you see what I did there? Well I entertained myself at least :)Right now I have two and a half weeks on leave from work. As is so often the case I’m setting myself some hobby targets while I’m off. For once I’m going to keep it simple as I’ve don…

Taking Stock

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Hello people, For those of you who have noticed, yes it’s been a little while. A combo of being overly busy and not too much to say other than the same old same old. It has helped that my laptop seems to have had something go pop and suddenly won’…

Boba rides again!

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Hello people, First a caveat, this is NOT a Charlie Large Spuds I’m so great post…..honest :)Dropping down to Dark Sphere Thursday night I rocked up with my Boba Smurf list determined to put into practice my recent epiphanies about deployment and op…

That would be an Ecumenical matter!

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Hello People,Bit of a hiatus once again but there you. Yet another impressionistic style mini review as we played a bit more Infinity down at Enfield Gamers this Tuesday.This time it was a four way 250 point game with pretty much the full rules with St…

Strap in….it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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Hello people,Bit of a busy week culminating with the X-Wing Regional tourney at Milton Keynes run by the rock solid guys at Guardians of Tyr.I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting too much from this one in terms of results. This was mainly because I w…

Obligatory SALUTE 2015 post; Making the Most??

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Hello people,Yes it’s that time of the year when the blog-o-sphere is awash with my SALUTE posts so here’s my hopeully vaguely alternative version!As previously mentioned I rocked up with Shaun and Craig (aka the McTagues and yes it is supposd to rhyme…