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Event Horizon #2

Posted on August 23rd, 2016 under , . Posted by

I’m back!Only fair that you might thought otherwise as I’ve hardly been overly active on here over the past couple of months. As I’ve mentioned recently X-Wing has found a natural dip for me since Yavin. Infact gaming as a whole has, for various reason…

Event Horizon # 1

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Hello people,I’ve got a week off work which is traditionally a time when I set a project and inflict it upon you as a form of personal motivation. This week is no different in respect that there’s a project, it is different in respect of the goals and …

Competition Time?

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Hello people,Once again it’s been a bit quiet on the gaming front. A bit of life getting in the way,as it does, but also a natural lull as I’ve taken a bit of a natural break from competitive gaming. It’s been somewhat necessary, with my Bolt Action Co…

Celebration Time!

Posted on July 20th, 2016 under . Posted by

So, by luck I ended up at Star Wars celebration last Sunday courtesy of Ian and his cousin who double booked a walking holiday in Sweden. Sorry cuz!

Rocking up early we even managed to walk into for the Ray Parks (Darth Maul) seminar. He’s an awesome guy with a real connection to the fans.

There was plenty of cool stuff to fill the rest of the day along with the many, many stands of t-shirts and tat. Unfortunately the tat I as looking for was out of stock and nothing else much jumped out at me.

There was however a fantastic Admiral Thrawn, I can’t wait for the new Timothy Zahn novel, an £800 deluxe Boba Fett suit, a TIE Bomber Shuttle and plenty of superb props and replicas. A bit of tactical planning kept queuing to a minimum. The Rogue One area was a particular highlight especially as Ive avoided all the trailers so far.
We did agree that if you were doing all three days that the seminars would be a must. We also missed a trick it some of the more economical celebrity signings. A Bossk card signed by Bossk would have been particularly AWESOME!!

All in all a really, really good day. So good I’m keen to rewatch the prequels!

Undiscovered Country

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Hello people,Yet another LIFE inspired hiatus but I am actually playing games. Last week saw a swarm of X-Wing match ups with a smattering of Netrunner culminating in a whole weekend of “I am your Father!” at Warboar and Lost Ark.Warboar were running a…

Menage et Trois?

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Hello people,So, completing the set Nigel dropped by last night for a game of Infinity, to kickstart us both back into the game. He’d recently picked up the Onyx Contact Force set and I just wanted to get back to it with some table time.As such I went …

Filthy, Filthy

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Hello people,So once again real life has got in the way but last weekend that was all brushed aside as I spent both day playing Netrunner,aka Filthy Cards,  and thoroughly enjoying myself whilst I did it :)Saturday was Dark Sphere’s Regional with …

Never being Boring

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Hello people,So, after the qualified triumph of Yavin / Expo as a bit of variety I’ve been dabbling elsewhere, which is allowed under my self imposed gaming restrictions as I haven’t spent any money. Nor will I…..honest :)Nigel recently picked up War…

Battered, Bruised, Triumphant!

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Morning people,Far too late a finish yesterday to post. Apologies as I know you were all waiting with great expectation ;)Long story short I went 3-3 which is better than I expected but slightly dissapointing as I slipped from 3-1 with bad match ups in…

Expect the Unexpected

Posted on June 3rd, 2016 under Posted by

So, despite my apocalyptic predictions I actually had a pretty good day.Opening game of the day was triple Jumpmasters. Not so good. Settling down I got stuck in, leading with Oicunn. Despite forgetting Issard and my Ion Bomb I traded Oicunn for two of…

Sunny side up?

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So, yesterday’s trip up was delayed a touch but no-one died so all good.The hotel is fine, I consumed a particularly good double burger and most importantly we picked up all of our event tickets and found the gaming hall. This year it’s been upgraded f…

Hope vs Expectation

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Hello people.So its the eve of Birmingham eve i.e. a third Regional followed by the Yavin Open most likely followed by an afternoon of Hanger Bay.Currently I’m most looking forward Hanger Bay. Primarily this is because I’ve realised that Oicunn / Soont…

Playing the System

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Hello people,It’s all been a bit overly X-Wing recently with an escalation league at the club and a third Regional and the Yavin Open up at Games Expo in Birmingham next weekend. Add in a bit of life and anything else has taken a definite back seat.As …