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Forge World New Releases – Titans!

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The Titan accessories keep coming!

Forge World has released Apocalypse Missile Launchers for the Warlord and Titan transfer sheets.

The Apocalypse Missle Launchers come in a pair for £100, or $152.  You can get them here.
Titan Legion Transfers

Legio Mortis Transfer Sheet

Legio Gryphonicus Transfer Sheet

Legio Fureans Transfer Sheet

Legio Atarus Transfer Sheet

Legio Astorum Transfer Sheet

The Transfer Sheets are £16 or $24.25.

March on!


Forge World Releases Blood Angel Upgrades

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The Blood Angels are here!  And they are looking good!

Blood Angels Legion Heads Upgrade Set £11.50 ($17.75)

Blood Angels Legion Torsos Upgrade Set £11.50 ($17.75)
Blood Angel Shoulder pads sold in sets of 10 for £9.50 ($14.65)


Blood Angels Legion MkII Shoulder Pads 

Blood Angels Legion MkIII Shoulder Pads 

 Blood Angels Legion MkIV Shoulder Pads 

Love these shoulder pads.  The MK III are spectacular!  I have a 40K Blood Angels army, so will be adding these to them to make them more 30K.

Forge World Releases Mechanicum Army List

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Forge World has released the Mechanicum Army List in hard cover.

A perfect compliment to other army books it has released, this volume covers all Mechanicum units.

From Forge World:

The Horus Heresy Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List brings together the Mechanicum units and rules from The Horus Heresy Books One to Five in a 120 page, hard back book. It includes background and profiles for all of the units available to the Mechnicum Taghmata, Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor armies as well as support aircraft, seven classes of Knight, the Warhound, Reaver and immense Warlord Titans and introduces powerful new units such as the Ordinatus Macro Engines.
Additionally, this book includes updated Age of Darkness expansion rules for playing games of Warhammer 40,000 during the Horus Heresy, and all of the weapons profiles and special rules you’ll need for your Mechnicum army.
The Horus Heresy Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List is an expansion to Warhammer 40,000. You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook in order to use this book.

 You can buy it here.

Good hunting!


‘Horus Heresy: Battle for Ultramar’

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‘Horus Heresy: Battle for Ultramar’Well, that’s the new name of the Horus Heresy game coming from GW!

Rumors from BoLS!

Horus Heresy: Battle for Ultramar Miniatures Contents:

44 miniaturesArtificier Armor Centurion
Mk IV Maximus Marine Squad (x10)
Mk IV Maximus Marine Squad (x10)
Mk IV Maximus Marine Squad (x10) Cataphractii Terminator Praetor
Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x5)
Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x5)
Contemptor Dreadnought
Unknown model (conflicting reports say a “counter to Contemptor”, or simply a 2nd Contemptor)
Decal sheet for multiple legions, split evenly between Loyalist and Traitor Legions

Good hunting!


Lord Commander Eidolon Arrives!

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God I hate this guy!

But another amazing sculpt from Forge World.
From Forge World:
Lord Commander Eidolon was the pre-eminent commander of the Emperor’s Children. An exemplar of the Legion, he embodied the perfection sought by the sons of Fulgrim. His arrogance and search for perfection led him to the ministrations of Chief Apothecary Fabius in his quest to ‘improve’ upon the designs of the Emperor of Mankind.

A skilled and aggressive warrior who specialised in striking down his foes with a single blow, Eidolon carried a master crafted thunder-hammer and archaeotech pistol in to battle, and made use of a jump pack to strike with speed and surprise. The surgeries he endured enhanced him with a sonic shrieker grafted into his larynx that produced a howl so destructive it could shatter bone and armour.
But wait!  There’s more…..

Techmarine in Mk IV Armour


Techmarine in Mk III Armour

So lots of good reasons for you to part with your hard earned cash!


30K Plastic Rumors and Sprues!

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Horus Heresy Sprues are here!
Very cool and coming in a stand alone game first.

Praetor in Cataphractii plate sporting a Combi Bolter and Chainfist. The other character on the Sprue is a Praetor in mk4 with Power mace and Plasma Pistol.

And now the rumors….

From 75Hastings69 7-27-2015

Regarding Horus Heresy Plastic Boxed Set:
It’s not REALLY a starter set, it’s a standalone game, from which the models will be available from at a later date. The execution force assassin models weren’t snap fit either.

Regarding Horus Heresy & 40K rules in the future:

…I’ll share what I have heard, but this dates back a while as I pay very little interest to GW now.
I heard that 30k HH would be a boxed standalone game (like execution force was) and that the plastics contained within it would go on to form part of a larger 30k range and would be released some time later as individual box sets/clampacks, I was told that rules would be in those boxes, but that some boxes would contain rules for 30k AND 40k (and these boxes have BOTH logos on – yes there is a new 30k logo) so I assume it will be using a different ruleset to 40k (as there would be no point having rules for both systems in boxes if they were both the same). I was also told the plastic assassins would get clampack releases later and be released as part of the main 40k range….. as the box set is pretty much still quite widely available I don’t expect this to be soon, although I never had a timeframe in the first case.
As for your AoS style rule reboot question – I remember being told to expect 40k codexes (codices?) to be a thing of the past within 2 years, and that the rules would be in the box for each model/unit, but there would still be a core ruleset which the in box rules would obviously add to. I’ve not bought any AoS releases (nor do I intend to) so I don’t know if they have rules in the boxes (seems daft as when rules got FAQ’d (lol) or changed they’d need to repack ALL the boxes – seems even dafter that anything would actually bother with rules for AoS!!) or just online? I am going to leap to the conclusion that 40k probably WILL become more simplified like AoS, mainly because GW no longer see themselves as rules/games writers but just model sellers. How much more simplified I wouldn’t hazard a guess at. Whatever they decide to do you can bet it’s in the pipeline already, because myself and Harry were privately discussing the changes to WFB almost 3 years ago – I was told it was being canned and whilst we thought that was not the case and that AoS would be a continuation or refresh of it WFB HAS actually been canned and REPLACED by AoS, so these things are planned well ahead.
FW make huge sales from HH, there was no way that GW weren’t going to want in on the action! I expect FW to still produce the big kits/characters/customising kits but GW will provide the bulk of the models needed to play 30k. We can only hope that GW let FW handle the 30k rules/books and they just make the models for it. But keep in mind I was told that when the 30k RANGE hits the stores (not the standalone box game but the actual range) it will take over the store space that used to be taken up by LotR/Hobbit, so GW may want to keep tight hold of the reigns even though they are no longer committed to producing games?
…Having thought about this I think the unit/model rules for 30k & 40k will be online/WD rather than actually inside the box kits (I may have misinterpreted what my source said).
Also I should point out that as I understand it 40k and 30k will be very different games/rulesets, so it may be that 40k becomes like AoS and 30k is handled by FW (although this is just wishful thinking on the behalf of hobbyists the world over!).
Of course I may be completely wrong…… because that happens a lot 

Forge World New Releases

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Perturabo is here!

From Forge World:

Master of the Iron Warriors Legion, the Primarch Perturabo planned warfare with exacting precision, ensuring the most expedient path to victory was taken, no matter the toll on his forces. His cold demeanour and adherence to logic won him few friends among the other sons of the Emperor, though none could deny his strategic prowess.

Renowned as the master of siege breaking, the Lord of Iron was also a skilled combatant. His personal armour, the Logos, incorporated sophisticated technologies and weapon systems, including a teleport homer, cortex controller and a wrist-mounted cannon of Perturabo’s own devising, which had a level of raw destructive firepower far in excess of its class. After Ferrus Manus’ death on Isstvan V, Perturabo also wielded his brother’s hammer, Forgebreaker, brutally adapted for his own use.

Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors, is the latest addition to the Horus Heresy Character Series. His unique armour is incredibly detailed and includes ammo feeds for his wrist-mounted cannon, as well as the markings of his Legion. Two right hands are included in this kit with the options of a clenched fist or the thunder-hammer Forgebreaker. Perturabo is provided with a 40mm gaming base and a 60mm scenic base that depicts the ruined chassis of a Cerastus Knight.

Rules for using Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors, in Horus Heresy games can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Three – Extermination.

This is a multi-part resin kit and is presented in a stylish Horus Heresy Character Series box.

Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors is available for pre-order today for despatch from Friday 17th July.

Order him on the Forge World website for £70 or $ 109.


Called forth by the dark rites of the traitorous Word Bearers Legion, the Ruinstorm unleashed a vast horde of the malevolent denizens of the Warp upon the Imperium. Most deadly amongst them were those that came to be known as the Daemon Princes of the Ruinstorm, and counted amongst their number was the vile, pestilent and ever-hungry Cor’bax Utterblight.

Those who have witnessed this loathsome disciple of Nurgle in action tell of a tidal wave of rot and disease which spills before Cor’bax as he enters the battlefield. Life corrupts at his touch, and any mortals unfortunate enough to survive are snapped up whole within his gaping maw to slowly perish and fuel the gifts of Nurgle Cor’bax will generously bestow upon the next world he attacks.

Cor’bax Utterblight, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm, is the latest addition to Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series. He stands more than twice the height of a man and his body is festooned with tentacles, spikes and the remains of those he has devoured, whilst a bloated tongue protrudes from his tooth-filled maw. A trio of Nurglings are also included for you to position on Cor’bax Utterblight or over his 120mm oval base.

Rules for using Cor’bax Utterblight in Horus Heresy games or standard games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found HERE.

Cor’bax Utterblight, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm, is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 24th July.

Order him on the Forge World website for £70 or $ 109.


Cruel, self-serving and revelling in the slaughter and destruction of the battlefield, Chaos Knights are the antithesis of their loyal kin of the noble Imperial Houses. Allied to the Ruinous Powers, these Knights Paladin, armed with rapid-fire battle cannon, and Knights Errant, mounted with armour-melting thermal cannon, now bear the blasphemous panoply of their new masters, the vestiges of their previous allegiances having been unceremoniously ripped from their blood-stained carapaces.

These vile engines of destruction will have had many gifts bestowed upon them in return for their devotion to the dark gods. Some Chaos Knights may be refitted with powerful and tainted weaponry, augmenting their already fearsome strength in close combat with foe-reaper chainswords, barbarous corruptions of reaper chainswords adapted to gouge and eviscerate all who get within their reach. Whilst those who have given themselves over fully to one of the Chaos gods receive malevolent powers, granting them unnatural and terrifying abilities that few can match and defend against.

This kit, which stands at over 17cm tall, includes all of the parts needed to build either a Chaos Knight Paladin or Chaos Knight Errant. Its carapace, weapons and armour plates are adorned with the markings displaying their devotion to the powers of Chaos, and the kit also includes a foe-reaper chainsword and desecrated optional heraldic plates.

Rules for using the Chaos Knight in games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found HERE.

This is a multi-part resin and plastic kit with multiple options. It includes a 170mm oval base.

The Chaos Knight is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 24th July.

Order him on the Forge World website for £115 or $ 179.


Things coming from Forge World:

Rapier with Thunderfie

Good hunting!


Cybernetica is the Latest Horus Heresy Black Library Release

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A new Horus Heresy Limited Edition Novella is coming.

Cybernetica is the latest limited edition to come out and will be available July 24th.

From The Black Library:

The Story

Soon after word reached Terra of Horus’s nascent rebellion, Mars fell. Rogue elements within the Mechanicum priesthood, stirred by the Warmaster’s promises of independence and prosperity, turned against the Imperium and forced the primarch Rogal Dorn to order an impenetrable blockade of the Red Planet. Now it has become clear that the corruption has spread too deep, and that more drastic measures must be taken if the Forge World Principal is to be reclaimed. Calling upon the expertise of those who witnessed the so-called ‘Death of Innocence’ firsthand, Lord Dorn and Malcador the Sigillite consider their final solution – the complete extermination of all life on Mars.

Read it because

The Horus Heresy returns to the Solar System… No, we’re not at that battle quite yet. But what are the lords of Terra going to do about Mars…? Cybernetica delves into some of the darkest secrets of the Mechanicum and shows the lengths to which the Imperium is willing to go – and the rules they are willing to break – to exterminate the traitors.

About this edition

This limited edition will be available to order from Friday the 24th of July. Be amongst the first to secure your copy by setting your reminder or signing up for Comm-Feed. To whet your appetite for the story, download a free wallpaper of the cover art below.

You can find more info on the Black Library website.

Forge World Releases Kytan Daemon Engine

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The Kytan Daemon Engine is here!

From Forge World:

Forged by the most malign Warpsmiths and Dark Magos as an act of their devotion to the supreme lord of blood and battles, Kytan Daemon Engines stride across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium eviscerating all who dare oppose them until their hides of brass and blackened iron are bathed in blood and hung with gore. Their thirst for battle is rarely quenched, and they will continue to slaughter foe after foe until the battlefield is slick with blood and little is left alive.
As tall as a Cerastus Knight, an individual Kytan’s upper torso echoes the design of the feared Lord of Skulls, and its powerful lower limbs give it both height and speed. Armed with a potent Kytan gatling cannon, its true weapon of choice is the Great Cleaver of Khorne, which it wields to deadly effect. When attacked, the Kytan is warded by daemonic rites and the powers of the Warp to resist damage inflicted upon it by those few lucky enough or skilled in the ways of fighting such an abomination to survive its initial assault.
The Kytan Daemon Engine of Khorne is a multi-part resin and plastic kit. It is highly detailed and incredibly posable, standing 20cm tall when built fully upright. This kit includes a 170mm oval base.
Rules for using the Kytan Daemon Engine in games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found HERE.
This product is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 10th July.
Find it on the Forge World website.

The rules are out already:

And a nice summary from our friends at BoLS:

The new Kytan Daemon engine of Khorne is way better than it’s tracked counterpart the Lord of Skulls.

First off it’s over 300 points cheaper, with no huge reduction in stats. It’s still a daemon so it gets at 5+ Invulnerable all the time, plus you can use it in a Daemonkin, Chaos Space Marines and Daemon army lists.

Perhaps best of all is new ‘Unstoppable Slaughter’ rule that let’s this might war machine assault enemies it did not shoot at! That a pretty neat rule that I can hardly remember the last time it was seen, perhaps not even this edition at all.

More Warlord Titan Photos…

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New Carapace mounted missile launchers are coming.And here is a great photo from the Forge World Bulletin comparing the size of various Titans. Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Yanks!Loken 

Forge World Releases Alpha Legion Accessories

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unnamed (54)
Forge World shows the Alpha Legion love with ten new helmets and five new torsos.

 The head sculpts are spectacular. 

The torsos are pretty cool too!
From Forge World: 

Cloaked in rumor and shrouded by deception, what is known of the Alpha Legion is a tattered patchwork of half-truths and conjecture. Even before the dark days of the Horus Heresy, identification of its warriors was proving increasingly difficult as the Legion’s heraldry was constantly changing, with chains, scales, hydras and ancient Terran letters noted as becoming more prevalent on the armour of those thought to belong to the XXth.

The Alpha Legion Heads Upgrade Set includes 10 resin heads for Mk IV and Mk VI armour. The Alpha Legion Mk IV Torsos Upgrade Set includes five resin Mk IV torsos, each with various

Go forth and be sneaky!


The Horus Heresy: Artefacts

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The Salamanders get some Black Library Love!

Man, are these guys hot or what?  OK, bad pun, but seriously, the Salamanders seem to be the army of the hour (along with the UM).

 From The Black Library:

The Story

Before the massacre on Isstvan V, the primarch Vulkan returns to his forge on Nocturne to prepare for war against the traitors. However, in light of recent conflicts with his wayward brother Konrad Curze, he looks upon his personal armoury with a startling new clarity. If the wrath of the supposedly loyal Night Lords can be unleashed upon their own home world in a moment of unchecked rage, is it wise for any Legion to have access to such devastating devices as the Engine of Woes, the Unbound Flame or the Song of Entropy?

Read it because

A small, personal tale with massive consequences. Framed as a conversation between Vulkan and one of his sons on the eve of Isstvan V, it encompasses Konrad Curze’s madness, the destruction of Nostramo, Horus’s betrayal, the creation of the role of Forgefather within the Salamanders and the origins of the mysterious artefacts the Salamanders hunt ten millennia later.

About this ebook

This story has previously appeared in print in the Horus Heresy Limited Edition novella Sedition’s Gate. This is the first time it has been made available in digital formats.

It is available on the Black Library Website for $ 3.99.


Warlord Titan Arrives!

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The Warlord Titan is here!

And man it is a beauty!  But be prepared, it is very pricey!

From Forge World:

The colossal Mars pattern Warlord Titan is among the most ancient and feared of the Imperium’s war machines. Forged on the Red Planet itself, it is worshipped and venerated as the Omnissiah’s will incarnate, and each god-engine is encased in layered armour and powerful void shielding, and armed with weapons that are capable of reducing armies to ash.

In addition to its ardex-defensor mauler bolt cannon and lascannon turrets, support weapons that would be considered main armaments on smaller war machines, the Warlord is commonly fitted with a pair of carapace-mounted triple-barrelled laser blasters and two Belicosa pattern Volcano cannon.

The Belicosa pattern Volcano cannon is one of the most potent energy weapons produced by the forges of the Mechanicum. It is so fearsome infact that only the plasma reactor of the Warlord Titan can feed its ravenous appetite for power and make possible the destruction of the most terrible foes of Mankind. The Warlord’s triple-barrelled laser blasters are also immensely powerful weapons, created to destroy entire squadrons of armoured vehicles in each blazing volley.

By far the most impressive model we have ever produced, the Mars pattern Warlord Titan stands at over 22 inches tall and weighs more than twice that of a Reaver Titan. Consisting of more than 200 parts, this huge model is amazingly poseable and immensely detailed, from its pistons, vents and access hatches to the intricately designed cockpit and crew inside its head and the embossed icons on its armour plates. It will truly be the pinnacle of any collection and will dominate any battlefield it is placed on.

The rules for using the Mars Warlord Battle Titan can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest and may be used in both games set during the Horus Heresy and in standard games of Warhammer 40,000, in which case the Mars Warlord Battle Titan is a Lords of War choice for Armies of the Imperium and Chaos Space Marines.

The Mars pattern Warlord Titan Body, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan Head, Mars pattern Warlord Belicosa Volcano Cannon and Mars pattern Warlord Titan Laser Blasters are each multi-part resin kits which together build a complete Mars pattern Warlord Titan. You will need two Mars pattern Warlord Belicosa Volcano Cannon to complete the Warlord Titan.

It is £1240 with free delivery or $ 1,952!   HOLY CRAP!!!!

Buy it here:

Forge World Releases Roboute Guilliman!

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unnamed (27)
Roboute Guilliman primarch of the Ultramarines, is finally out!
And all you Horus Heresy Ultramarine players can rejoice.  As previously shown, this is a truly stunning model, and the details of teh base are spectaculer (though good luck painting marble this good!).
From Forge World
Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion and Master of the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar, Roboute Guilliman is an indefatigable warrior, consummate tactician and statesman without parallel. He has forged the XIIIth Legion to be a disciplined and deadly force; one which fights with seamless tactical integration.

His mastery of strategy makes him not only an skilled commander, but also a lethal combatant. An expert in the arts of war, Guilliman possesses a vast selection of weapons and wargear. The most iconic of which include the Hand of Dominion, a unique power gauntlet, the Gladius Incandor, a shimmering blade of great artifice and the Arbitrator, a customised combi-bolter.

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. This complete multi-part resin kit is supplied with a 40mm gaming base, which slots into a 60mm scenic diorama base for display.
Rules for Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines Legion can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest.


Holy crap!  Now that is some detail!


Forge World Top Ten for May

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Forge World’s May Top 10 is out.And you can tell there are some big guns that will be appearing on yoru table soon! 10Samus, Daemon Prince of the Ruinstorm 9 Imperial Armour Volume 13 -War Machines of the Lost and the Damned  8Legio…