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Forge World Mastadon Work in Progress

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The Mastadon is coming from Forge World!The giant troop transport we have heard about will be coming from Forge World.  These are some early WIP shots.  Word is the top has been re-designed. Thanks to Raglan on the Horus Heresy Forum for…

Forgeworld Releases Leviathan Siege Dreanought

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The Siege Dread is here!

And my, it is a beast!

Rules available here:  

From Forgeworld:

Created in limited numbers in the latter days of the Great Crusade, the Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought was developed in secret on Terra, away from the pervasive oculars of the Mechanicum. Its massive frame incorporates hybridised technologies, some dating back into the dim past of humanity. Towering over later Imperial walker patterns, this heavily armoured dreadnought is savagely powerful.

This Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought is equipped with a Siege Claw and Siege Drill, powerful close combat weapons that excel at tearing through buildings, vehicles and flesh alike.

The Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought is a multi-part resin kit. It includes optional torso mounted heavy flamers and volkite calivers, an optional Phosphex discharger and an 80mm round base.

With Siege Claw and Siege Drill:

With Storm Canon and Grav Flux Bombard:

Leviathan with weapons £72 ($110)

Leviathan Body £46 ($70)

Weapons £13 each ($20)

Everyone needs one!


Betrayal at Calth Books Released

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Black Library has released two Betrayal at Calth novels.

There are two separate novels.  One from each sides perspective.

The Honored

In the immediate aftermath of the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth, survivors from both sides were driven into the subterranean arcology shelters by the tortured Veridian star. While their primarch Roboute Guilliman had planned for many seemingly unthinkable eventualities, the Ultramarines now face a new war in the underworld – could Steloc Aethon, renowned captain of ‘the Honoured 19th’ Company, be the one to lead them to ultimate victory over the traitors? Perhaps, if he can master his own bitter desire for vengeance…
The Unburdened
The Word Bearers side of the events from ‘The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth’ sees Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd seeking revenge on an old friend. But the star of the show is the insane Contemptor Dreadnought Sor Gharax, whose point of view sections will give you a whole new perspective on being trapped inside a walking tank for eternity.

Besides the two individual novels, the Black Library released a special edition of 2,000.

The complete story of the battle between the Honoured and the Unburdened beneath the surface of Calth. Two old allies, now bitter foes, clash in the darkness, and only one will survive…
It’s both sides of the story in one gorgeous box set. Two interlinking stories set in the caverns beneath Calth see the Ultramarines and Word Bearers battle to the death. And it might just be everybody’s death, because there’s something else in the darkness waiting to be unleashed from beyond the veil…

I ordered all of them!


Anvil Industries new Marine Accessories.

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Anvil Industries has some interesting after market parts for your Legions.

From Anvil Industries:

We’ve digitally re-sculpted our leather straps to create this new higher quality and more finely detailed version, also at the same time created some matching Centurion Pauldrons, with subtle battle damage.

Centurion Pauldrons 

A good deal at 5 pairs for  £3.50 (About $5.30)

Centurion Leather Straps  

A even better deal at 6 for  £2.00 (About $3.00)

Find them all on their website.


Betrayal at Calth Play Test

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 So what is the game like?Garro from the Heresy30K Forum played today and posted this summary:I played the first mission on saturday morning in store while waiting for pre-orders to go live.Very fun, simple to get into, and very blood thirsty. Her…

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween to all gamers!May the Emperor give you treats rather than tricks today.Loken

Betrayal at Calth Details!

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Details coming in hot!

Betrayal at Calth Product Pricing & Availability

From Warseer’s 75hastings69 10-30-2015

“Would appear that it is indeed 95GBP not 90 as I was originally told.  As for the “Limited” nature of this product, if you look back at my original post from February I do believe I said it would be available for a certain period of time (I think it was 6 months IIRC) before being replaced by the main 30k range, at which point the components of this box will be available separately as part of that range….. as well as other kits. I do not believe I said it would be produced in Limited numbers/quantity. Of course I’ve been wrong before, but that’s what I was told at the beginning of the year.”

So the $ 150 price seems right on!

I want 4 sets


Forge World Releases Solar Auxilia Storm Section with Axes & Legion Transfers

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Forge World releases Veletaris Storm section with axes!

Solar Auxilia Velataris Storm Section with Power Axes £41

From Forge World:

Usually forming part of the Solar Auxilia’s Infantry Tercios, Veletaris Storm Sections also serve as the Household Retinue of commanders and Lord Marshals. When doing so they often bear ceremonial power axes which, whilst finely wrought, are suitably deadly in battle. The elite of the Solar Auxilia, who are themselves the best of the Imperial Army, they are considered second only to the Space Marines of the Legiones Astartes in combat.

Consisting of 10 models, this unit is equipped with power axes and encased in reinforced void armour.

The Veletaris Storm Section with Power Axes is a complete multi-part resin kit that makes ten models. It includes ten 25mm round bases.

Also released:
Alpha Legion

Imperial Fists

Good hunting!


More Horus Heresy Plastics Photos: Terminators!

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Plastic Terminator Sprue pics!

We get a Contemptor Dread and Cataphracti Termies in the new Horus Heresy Boxed Set!

From Spikey Bits:

So right off the bat, note the 2014 copyright on the sprues.  GW have been planning on rolling out 30K for a long while. Also let’s be brutally honest here.  There is NO WAY NO HOW Games Workshop would invest the hard cash to make plastic Cataphractii Terminators and a Contemptor Dread on plastic sprues just to promote a boxed boardgame. They have bigger plans for this range.
Onto the models.  The Cataphractii have ball and socket waists, and I think the arms attach flush with the torso, but can be rotated as desired snugly under the barrel shoulderpads before being glued in place. That should provide good posing options for hobbyists. There are over 20 arms for the 5 models, so there are tons of build options including lightning claws, heavy flamer, powersword, powerfists and chainfists in addition to the combi-bolters. Most importantly we get all the shoulder and groin pteruges we expect from our Cataphractii.
The Contemptor is a great deal with solid weapon options.  It gives you out of the box options for CCW/AC, CCW/MM, and even AC/MM builds with some simple conversion work.  Better yet, swap weapons with a friend for the AC/AC, MM/MM, CCW/CCW loadouts. You won’t get the full “action figure” posing options the resin Forgeworld Contemptor gets, but there has to an up-sell option after all.

Thanks to Rob at Spikey Bits for all his great work!


Horus Heresy Plastic Marine Photos!

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More Horus Heresy Marines photos!

Thanks to Spikey Bits for these!

 Decal sheet with Ultramarines and Word Bearer
OK, you get 30 of these guys – that’s a ton. These look like fully detailed multipose models, not starter box quick assembly dudes.  I think that is more fuel for the theory that GW has big plans for these kits outside of this boxed game. I see all the little gubbins like grenades, knives and such.  So far I’ve spotted: retro missile launcher, heavy bolter, plasma gun, meltagun, plasma pistol, powerfist, chainsword and a boatload of bolters.
The officer sprue is very nice and while we saw it earlier this summer, it looks spectacular here in full detail.  The 4-winged staff combined with the decal sheet leads me to believe that one of those may be a Chaplain (or perhaps a Dark Apostle in the case of the Word Bearers).  All those script blocks on the decal sheet will be wonderful to cut up for use all over a Word Bearers army.
Rob at Spikey Bits has done great work, THANKS!


GW Horus Heresy Plastic Details Emerge

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Details are emerging on Facebook of the Horus Heresy Game.

From Lords of War on Facebook

“I guess anyone can email in as an “anonymous source” and be completely wrong about stuff. Here is the low down:
It is a Boxed game with tiles. (Yes it’s just a box game)
– NO F**** XENOS! This is about the galactic civil war of man. That means no bull*** Eldar, Tau, Orks, Necrons, etc. If you hear anyone say there will be rules for Xenos, they are lying to you and they’re a major bull*** artist. This isn’t 40k, this is 30k and we don’t give a s*** what color your Eldar dress is.

THIS IS NOT A LIMITED RELEASE – this is a boxed game and the models maybe used for Forge World’s Age of Darkness. If you don’t own their books you are missing out.

– Follow up to the last point, BUY THE FORGE WORLD BOOKS THEY ARE OUTSTANDING AND WORTH EVERY DIME OR PENCE (for my English friends).

– The sales of the box will dictate what will be released next, how it will be released and when it will be released. ONCE AGAIN, IF THESE SITES SAY THEY KNOW WHAT IS COMING OUT, THEY’RE LYING.
Contents of the Box:
30x Tactical marines MK IV ONLY!
5x Cataphractii Terminators
1x Contemptor with Lascannon and CCW (FW Contemptor arms are interchangeable with the new plastics)
1x Praetor
1x Chaplain
The game box will be the only way to get the models for the initial release. The more you buy the faster the minis will come out in squad form.”

So in summary, there are 38 miniatures for $150 USD based on multiple sources.  Pics show Mk. IV marines, Cataphractii Terminators and a Contemptor with Kheres Assault cannon and multi-melta. 

Retail will be $150 and thus it will be a considerable deal compared to Forge World.

Good hunting!


GW announces Plastic Horus Heresy

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The Horus Heresy is coming! GW released a teaser trailer.  Expect details next week! Good hunting!Loken

New Anvil Industries Accessories

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Two new cool accessories that work with Space Marines are out from Anvil Industries. 

The Mechanical arm set is perfect for Tech Marines and goes for £6 or roughly $9 US.

Mechanical Arm Conversion set - ideal for converting Exo-Lords and other similarly sized miniatures.


Set contains -

  • Power plant with four attachement points, approx 13mm high and 15mm wide.
  • 4 x mechanical limb with an assortment of claws and cutting torches, each limb would be approx 25 long if fully extended straight.
  • Power Wrench/Axe with integrated large bionic hand, for easy attachement to a miniatures wrist.

The limbs fit in the Power plant with ball joints and are all interchangable for maximum posing options.


You can also use the arms individually in conversions.
The Mechanical Arm Conversion Set goes for £6 or roughly $9 US.  You can buy it here.

 The other great part is alternate jet packs!


Exo-Lord Jet Packs

Set of Five unique Jet Packs suitable for use with Exo-Lords and similarly sized miniatures. Approx 25mm wide and 20mm tall.

The Jet Packs are single piece casts, but each has been designed with Air intakes and thrusters at different angles, allowing for more variety in posing.

Supplied on a scenic sprue which can be used in basing.

The jet packs are £7 or $11US for 5.  A very good deal! Buy them here.

I love resin aftermarket parts and so should you!


Raven Guard Mor Deythan Strike Squad has steep price!

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Raven Guard goodness, but rather pricey!

Forge World released the Raven Guard Mor Deythan Strike Squad.  But at £50 ($76.75 US) this is one of the more expensive 5 man units ever to come out of Forge World and fans are not happy.  Discussion on the Horus Heresy Forum here.

Now I am not one to complain about Forge World prices, so I will get two squads for my Raven Guard, but still pricey!

From Forge World:

Having fought at their Primarch’s side from the days before the coming of the Emperor, the Mor Deythan are among the most loyal and experienced of veterans. Through the endless procession of death they have overseen, the Mor Daythan have perfected hard won skills that surpass those of most Space Marines.

Masters of stealth, attacking from the shadows with almost preternatural skill, the Mor Deythan Strike Squads are the pre-eminent infiltration and execution units of the Raven Guard. Few who enter their sights survive.

This Mor Deytahn Strike Squad is made up of five models, armoured in modified MkVI ‘Corvus’ battleplate that bears the symbol of their Legion. Each wears a cloak and is equipped with a sniper rifle, holstered bolt pistol and a selection of grenades. The kit also includes an optional un-helmeted head.

This is a complete, multi part resin kit. It includes five 32mm round bases.

More info on the Forge World website:
 And there are also Raven Guard transfers!
 £16 or $25 a sheet.  Available here:
Good hunting!

Forge World Releases Mechanicum Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

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More Knight Goodness from Forge World

From Forge World:

Mechanicum Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

One of the rarest and most potent Knights, the Knight-Atrapos is a unique variant type of the Cerastus pattern. Bearing particularly rare and potent weaponry of annihilation, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos was created solely to destroy heretek engines and xenos war machines whose very nature and existence were considered a blasphemy to the Omnissiah.

The machine spirits of the Knight-Atrapos are said to carry with them a cold and all-destroying hunger, and for the scion who bonds with them, madness is a constant risk. But for such storied honour, however dark the outcome, this may be a price worth paying.
The Cerastus Knight-Atrapos carries arcane and devastating weapons into battle; the focussed and deadly Atrapos lascutter, that sees duty as both a ranged and close combat weapon, and the violently destructive, but potentially unstable, graviton singularity cannon. With the speed and shielding of the Cerastus chassis, and the Knight-Atrapos’ Marco-extinction Targeting Protocols, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos is an uncommonly destructive weapon of war.
The Cerastus Knight-Atrapos may be taken as part of a Questoris Knight Crusade army or as a Lords of War choice for a Mechanicum Taghmata army in Horus Heresy games. Alternatively, it may be taken in Codex: Imperial Knights armies or as a Lords of War choice in an army of any faction that is part of the Armies of the Imperium in standard games of Warhammer 40,000.
This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes a 170mm oval base.
The rules are available here
Buy this Knight now and get an exclusive Knight Scion completely FREE!
One Knight Scion will be sent to you with every Cerastus Knight-Atrapos, Cerastus Knight-Lancer, Cerastus Knight-Castigator, Cerastus Knight-Acheron, Questoris Knight Magaera, Questoris Knight Styrix or Chaos Knight you order from This offer ends on Thursday 12th November 2015.