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Horus Heresy Weekender Photos Part VI – Forge World

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The Forge World New Model Seminar.

All photos and text courrtesy of our battle brothers over at Battle Bunnies!

Legion specific pads

Mechanicum Domitar Automata

Contains updated rules and Legion Traits.
Red book for Auxila, Cults and Questoris Knights inc the new Knights.
New Heavies designed by Rob. Essentially alternative Heavy Weapons and compatible with all armour Marks. Backpack is Weapon specific not armour specific.

Dice Sets! Pretty cool :)
Wanted to add a victim (hence why not released yet). Lol. Ironically is a dental division / gynaecologists.
Sokar pattern Stormbird weighs 5 kilos!

The new Robots will be not just bodyguard for Perturabo, but can be used to “watch” junior commanders. Elite choice! They are based on the Domitar.
Might not get weapon variants for Iron Circle. Circa £30 per model.

No name for the drone yet, but it’s an automata


And a grumpy Knight! Awesome!

Once again, thanks to my friends over at Battle Bunnies, a blog any Horus Heresy fan must follow!
Missing all my HHW friends this year.   Carry on!

Horus Heresy Weekender Photos Part V – Retribution

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The Horus Heresy Book 6 – Retribution

Photos and text courtesy Battle Bunnies


The Book contains new Shadow Wars missions, rules for Shattered Legions and Armies of Dark Compliance, Knight Errants, Black Shields, new units for Mechanicum and Legions, and a lot of new special characters!

The Nemean Reaver (a Special Character for Black Shields) is not Saul Tarvitz but he is a mystery that they will not be revealed yet.

Endryd Haar pretends to be another character at the beginning. World Eater.

Autilon Skor has new rules. Alpha Legion.

Gahlan Surlak is another World Eater which is a traitor Apothecary.

Tybalt Marr is the person who convinces Horus to take the Shattered Legion seriously.

Shadrak Meduson. Can count as a Salamander, Iron Hand or Raven Guard.

Cassias Dracos Reborn. He comes back after Isstvan 5 (buried there). Salamanders had visions that they would find Vulkan under Isstvan 5 but found him instead.

Nârik Dreygur has got some rules now. Has a part in the Shadow Wars now.

Kheron Ophion is a Night Lord Character of the Kyroptera. 

Xiaphas Jurr. Salamander. The Prophet of fire “which may be hearing Vulkan’s voice”.

Anacharis Scoria. First Dark Mechanicum Lord and has a Scorpion body.

They voted in the room which 4 would be made. Drake lead the vote for Ophion (and was laughed down).

There is a Decal sheet for the Blackshields 2 months away.

Cortus will be available / more versions of the Contemptor in 6 months.

More Knight Errants will likely be coming. End of the seminar.

Thanks to the amazing guys at Battle Bunnies for this!


Horus Heresy Weekender Photos Part IV – Heavy Weapons

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Hours Heresy Heavy WeaponsImages courtesy of Battle Bunnies:Stay tuned for more.Loken

Horus Heresy Weekender Photos Part III – Stormbird!

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The Stormbird is coming!It’s big, and its ugly!  (And a lot of coin)And these from Battle Bunnies:   Well, there you go!  Start saving!Loken

Horus Heresy Weekender Photos Part II

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It has begun!And the photos roll in.  These courtesy of Battle Bunnies:     Cataphractii Legion Specific Shoulder Pad Upgrades   These courtesy of Imperial Truth:   And from around the Interwebs (B…

Horus Heresy Weekender First Photos

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And the Black Shields are coming!Thanks @ HaSY from B&C and Matt Farmer for the pictures :)Lucius pattern Princeps, thanks @ BFeederMore in the AM!Loken

Horus Heresy Weekender Schedule

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 The schedule is out for the seminars for the Horus Heresy Weekender.And they give some good insight on what is to come.  Follow Heresy30K as we bring you photos from our forum members!Loken

Space Wolves Coming From GW

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Space Wolves are coming!There is always cause for Heresy players to look to what their 40K counterparts are up to!  Thanks to BoLS for this.New Space Wolves ReleasesLong Fangs (rebox)Grey Hunters (rebox)StormWolf Gunship (rebox)Wulfen $60Warzone F…

Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team Released

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Forge World has released an Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team Upgrade Set.

Pretty cool.


From Forge World:

The histories of the Great Crusade record that it was the Alpha Legion that conceived of the deployment of Legion Seeker squads. Whilst this unit configuration spread to other Legions, the Alpha Legion further refined the concept to create Headhunter Kill Teams. These supremely skilled infiltrators specialise in creating conditions of all-consuming chaos among the enemy’s ranks, sowing confusion by eliminating key officers, positions and assets.
Headhunter Kill Teams are made up of the most skilled infiltrators and assassins in the Alpha Legion. They have access to some of the most prized wargear their Legion can provide, including special ammunition conceived specifically to penetrate armour up to and including Legiones Astartes battle plate. In the ranks of a Legion already renowned for its ability to infiltrate, misdirect and assassinate, the Headhunter Kill Teams are nigh unsurpassed.
This multi-part resin upgrade kit includes; five highly wrought torsos; five unique heads; five combi-bolters; ten ornate shoulder pads, five of which feature the hydra sigil of the Alpha Legion; and five hip plates. Several components feature venom spheres and power daggers, so all five squad members can be equipped appropriately.
This set is compatible with both resin and plastic Space Marine armour. 
They are available on the Forge World website.  They cost £25 or $35.60.

Graham McNeil Drops "War Without End" Image

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War Without End is here!And Graham McNeil, one of the authors, dropped this image on Facebook.  He is right, this book IS a beast!11 stories and 544-pages. $15.99 ebook$27.00 hardcover$49.99 MP3Buy it on the Black Library website.Loken

Alpha Legion Models from Forge World

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 Alpha Legion Headhunters are coming! BoLS came up with this breaking news from White Dwarf.All according to White Dwarf #105.Loken

New Forge World Heresy Armour

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Forge World has released new Heresy Armour Kits.

Feedback seems to be they are better sculpted and significant improvements!  HOWEVER, they do not have right gun hands, meaning these are NOT compatible with all weapons!  Personally I think that is a huge mistake. 
Mk V
Each kits of 5 is £24 or about $35.


New Black Library Audio Books

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Black Library has released two new Horus Heresy audio books.

White Scars and Ultramarines get some love!



After the horrors of Isstvan, the XVIth Legion destroyer-class Grey Talon now flies under a loyalist crew on a campaign of retribution and vengeance, using her original colours to strike covertly at isolated traitor forces. Commanded by Bion Henricos of the Iron Hands, the ship is also home to many disgraced White Scars who have taken death-oaths to seek atonement – among them the peerless warrior Hibou Khan. But tensions run higher with each new engagement and, without a wider strategy to guide them, the crew of the Grey Talon will surely come to a grim and sudden end.

Written by Chris Wraight

Running time 60 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Ian Brooker, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth & Luis Soto.



Though the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade into Ultramar are but a memory, the borders of Imperium Secundus are far from secure. Sergeant Aeonid Thiel, stranded on the garrison world of Oran on his way back to Macragge, frustrates his superiors once again by pointing out the holes in their defence – traitor warband activity is increasing, and a series of key listening posts have fallen silent. Leading a handful of rogue veterans and wearing the red mark of censure like a badge of honour, can Thiel uncover the truth behind the mysterious ‘Nightfane’?

Written by Nick Kyme

Running time 75 minutes. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Steve Conlin, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth, Saul Reichlin & Luis Soto.

I am not as big on the audio books, so will wait to see these come out in prose/script form.


The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection

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Black Library has compiled The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection – come look at some of the awesome cover art that YOU can own!

The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection is made up of over 75 Covers. Black Library has arranged these images in a narrative sequence from the start of the Heresy.

And while 1000 copies were printed, less than 500 remain.

From Black Library: 

From the ashes of the Great Crusade, treachery was born. Always first among the superhuman primarchs, the newly dubbed Warmaster Horus turned his back upon the Emperor and embraced the dark powers of Chaos. With fully half the military might of the fledgling Imperium at his command, he set his sights upon Holy Terra and waged a war that would divide the galaxy forever…
The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection captures this iconic tale of war and betrayal in unprecedented splendour, with more than 75 covers presented in a sequence which charts the narrative from its origins to its climax. It’s a showcase of Neil Roberts’ fantastic artwork for the Horus Heresy series, allowing you to experience every detail of these stunning pieces as never before.

This deluxe, oversized coffee table book is presented in landscape format, with full-page artwork so you can see every detail of the tremendous artwork across each of the glossy pages. It displays each image in two ways: as a full piece of art so you can view it as the artist originally intended, and as it was originally presented on the cover of each book or CD. The book itself is a sturdy hardback with a soft-touch matte cover with gold foiling. This continues onto the slipcase, which is also soft touch and matte-black with gold foil title and iconography. This edition is strictly limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, and is only available right here on
The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection $65.00


I already ordered mine.  You need to get yours fast!



The Horus Heresy: War Without End

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A new Horus Heresy book is coming from The Black Library.”War Without End” is a 544-page hardcover.   11 stories and 544-pages!I always buy all the Black Library Hard covers.  It’s an addiction.Oh, and I buy the ebooks to read.Loken