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Forge World Releases Paints

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Forge World has released its own line of paints.

These are specially formulated for airbrushing, so they should be just what many hobbyists want.

From Forge World:

Forge World Airbrush Paints are specially formulated acrylic paints designed to give great results with an airbrush, whilst retaining the perfect consistency for applying with a paint brush. This range of 26 paints includes flat colours and metallics, as well as clear colours which can be combined to create effects such as fades, blends, washes and for changing the shades and tones of other colours.

Forge World Airbrush Paints are ideally suited for using with our Horus Heresy model range, as well as with all other Forge World and Citadel models and scenery.

Forge World Solution is ideal for thinning paints and also for cleaning your airbrush, often the most important and overlooked part of maintaining this essential piece of hobby equipment. It is designed to work with Forge World’s Airbrush Paint range.

Forge World Clear Medium is designed to be combined with Forge World’s Airbrush Paints to improve their flow and provide a great aid to blending. It can also be used to create translucent effects and make washes and glazes when mixed with any of the paints from the Forge World and Citadel paint ranges.

These great airbrush paints have been created to work alongside the full range of Citadel paints to make your models look amazing!

The complete set is £97.50 or $151.
If anyone wants to tell us how they work, we would love to know!


Forge World Open Day Announced

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Forge World has announced its next open day.And its Sunday, July 5th!Get your tickets here.Being in the US, I will wait for the Horus Heresy Weekender!Loken

Forge World Chaos Previews

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More Forge World photos from the Warhammer World grand re-opening. Thanks to Rictus at Racalitrantdaze for these awesome photos.Chaos KnightSomething Nurgle this way comes…Khorne Lord of Skulls Walker thing.Zardu Layak & Blade Slaves – Word Beare…

More Warlord Photos and Prices!

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More Warlord Titan photos from the Warhammer World grand re-opening.

Thanks to Rictus at Racalitrantdaze for these photos! 

The model is £1150 or $1,802.  £1240 or $1,945 with weapon.

I am so down for one of these.  

Horus Heresy Book 5: Tempest Released!

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The Horus Heresy Book 5 is out!

From Forge World:

Previously isolated from the brutal devastation of the Horus Heresy as it tore across the Imperium, the Ultramarines were drawn into Mankind’s civil war when betrayal reached Ultramar. The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest tells of the Word Bearers’ treacherous attack on the Ultramarines at the mustering world of Calth. This cataclysmic battle engulfed the entire system, pitching not only the Legions against each other, but also the massed ranks of the Imperial Army militia and the towering god-machines of the Legio Titanicus.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour, this leather bound 270 page book contains an extensive history of the Ultramarines, unit profiles and an army list as well as rules for the Primarch of the XIIIth Legion, Roboute Guilliman, so he can lead your army to war along with the elite of his Legion. To represent their part in the conflict, the rules for the Word Bearers Legion have been updated and new units and characters provided for them. The new Imperialis Militia & Cults army list allows you to field the massed troops and war machines of a range of armies raised on a myriad of worlds, including planetary defence forces and twisted Warp cults, with rules to represent your army’s unique background and fighting style.

Additional units for Legiones Astartes and Mechanicum armies are presented within Tempest, such as the Sokar Pattern Stormbird, the Domitar Class Battle-automata and rules for using the gargantuan Mars Warlord Battle Titan.

Bringing this wealth of source material and game rules together, the Betrayal at Calth campaign lets you refight the apocalyptic battles between the Traitors and the Loyalists, providing missions, deployment maps and Age of Darkness expansion rules so you can either fight for Calth, or bring about its utter destruction.

The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 22nd May.


More from Warhammer World Re-opening.

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More info from the Warhammer World Grand Re-opening.A few important tidbits: From Relentless on Heresy 30K forums:Had a good chat with Alan about the future and book 6. He said nothing is set in stone yet but they want to carry on the story of calth an…

Warhammer World Re-Opening Photos!

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 Photos from around the ‘Net of all the Forge World goodness!Warhammer World Re-opening is like one more Horus Heresy Weekender.  Lots of cool stuff!  And THE WARLORD TITAN!  ORDINATUS! CHAOS KNIGHT! ROBUTE GUILLIMANF…

Warhammer World Grand Re-opening Product Revealed.

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 I was going to go, but our Axanar movie has consumed my time, so I will have to wait till the next Horus Heresy Weekender.  But since I was flying from Los Angeles, I can now buy a Warlord with the $ I save!!Loken

The Horus Heresy Book 5 – Tempest Video Released

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The Horus Heresy Book 5 is coming!And you all get this great teaser video to watch…Looks good!  And a Warlord Titan!Loken

Warlord Titan Head Photo!

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Forge World is showing off the Warlord Titan head!In conjunction with The Horus Heresy Volume 5: Tempst and the re-opening of Warhammer World, Forge World is releasing a Warlord Titan!  And today in the Forge World Bulletin, they showed us the a…

The Horus Heresy: Deathfire from Black Library

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Deathfire, Book 32 in the Horus Heresy Series is coming!

And it is all Salamanders:

From Forge World:

Vulkan lies in state beneath the Fortress of Hera, and yet many of his sons still refuse to believe that he is truly dead. After a seemingly miraculous rescue by the Ultramarines, Artellus Numeon, once captain of the Pyre Guard, urges the other Salamanders on Macragge to leave Imperium Secundus and return their primarch’s body to the home world of Nocturne – there to be reborn in the flames of Mount Deathfire. But Numeon grapples endlessly with his doubts and fears for the future of the Legion, while their foes seek to carve out new destinies of their own…
The Horus Heresy: Deathfire is released in July 2015. To be amongst the first to know when it goes on sale, set your reminder today.
$ 40 and its yours.  You can buy it here.

Ultramarines Get Forge World Love!

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Ultramarines get two new upgrade sets and transfers!


From Forge World:

Invictarii armour is finely detailed, artificer-wrought power armour bestowed upon warriors of the Ultramarines Legion in honour of the deeds they have accomplished in service to the Imperium. It is often worn by those who have served in the elite echelon of warriors known as the Invictarus Suzerains before being assigned command.

This upgrade set comprises ten resin Ultramarines Invictarii torsos and ten resin Ultramarines Invictarii heads, including a Sergeant’s helm and one unhelmeted head, featuring Ultramarines Legion iconography.

This is a multi-part resin upgrade kit. It is available to pre-order today for despatch from Monday 18th May 

£24 or $37


From Forge World:

Across the thousands of Forge Worlds producing battle plate for the Legiones Astartes, variations from the standard template have been introduced in deference to local customs, views on artifice and the requirements of the Legion being supplied.

Praetorian armour is a variant of Mk IV ‘Maximus’ pattern battle plate, produced in the factories of Ultramar for the most recently raised chapters of the Ultramarines.

This upgrade set comprises ten resin Mk IV Praetorian Armour torsos and ten resin Mk IV Praetorian Armour heads, including a Sergeant’s helm and one unhelmeted head, featuring Ultramarines Legion iconography.

This is a multi-part resin upgrade kit. It is available to pre-order today for despatch from Monday 18th May

£24 or $37



From Forge World: 

This Ultramarines Legion Transfer Sheet is perfect for personalising your Ultramarines Legion. It is an A4 sheet packed with a huge number of symbols including Legion honour and rank markings, detailing for breacher shields, squad markings that can be used on vehicles and infantry and full, detailed banners. Full details on the icons on this sheet can be found HERE

£16 or $25 makes this one VERY expensive transfer sheet!

For the Emperor!


Battlefleet Gothic Armada Video Released

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There’s a BFG video game coming!

Here’s the press release:

via Focus Home Interactive


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, the famous tabletop game from Games Workshop adapted into a Real-Time-Strategy video game by Tindalos Interactive, unveils today its first video teaser.

The game stages the mighty armada of the Imperial Navy’s Battlefleet Gothic against the insidious and galaxy-threatening Chaos Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler in dark, deadly and intense space battles from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This first video teaser is a prelude to intense space combat in command of huge battle cruisers – true metal behemoths – several kilometers long and armed to the teeth.

Developed on Unreal Engine 4, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is an RTS in which the player takes command of one of these battlefleets composed of the most powerful spaceships from the Imperial, Chaos, Eldar and Ork forces, in a no-quarter given struggle for the control of the Gothic sector of space.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada offers deep management of every ship composing the player’s fleet, both during and between battles. From the fastest frigates to the gigantic, miles-long battleships, the player will customize all aspects of his ships: weaponry, defense and support sub-systems, etc… each customization affecting the very performances of the ship and the special abilities available during battle. From battle to battle, the admirals and crew of surviving ships will gain experience and promotions, improving the battle-readiness of the ships for future, bigger and more dangerous battles.

We will unveil the game to the gaming press in more detail very soon; discover now the very first screenshots of the game, captured from a very early development version of the game.

I love BFg and have way too much stuff.  A video game?  I am too busy with Battlefield 4!  But you guys try it and report back!



40K – Space Marines Coming!

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Space Marines are coming back again!

While the new Space Marine codex is less than 2 years old, GW is already messing with it.  And all good it seems as we have lots of new units things to keep us busy when not playing 30K!
via Steve the Warboss 5-4-2015

Chapter-specific Boxed Sets coming alongside new Space Marine Codex:-Ultramarines -Sternguard Squad
-Raven Guard Assault Squad
-White Scars Bike Squad
-Salamanders Devastator Squad

via RR on 5-2-2015

“June 13th sees new Adeptus Astartes Codex release with two vehicle boxes. New land raider command variant included and new rhino command variant. Ornate design on additional armour plates etc. More marine kits to follow.

The codex sees predators/whirlwinds/indicators as 1-3 options. No surprise.
The codex sees land raider squadrons and huge bonus to ignoring damage when part of them.”

via Steve the Warboss 5-5-2015

-Chapter Tactics remains
-Chapter Tactics unlock Characters and exclusive Relics
-Legion of the Damned are gone
-The Vanguard will be Fast Attack
-Black Templar are gone
(Black Templars are not “gone” in the Fluff and from the Universe, they will be only removed from the Codex Space Marines. Templars will become soon or later a own Codex again. For this Time you can use the current codex.)

Space Marine Captain
-5 points cheaper
-Chapter Master is now a upgrade for the captain

Maneus Calgar
-Is now a Lord of War

Iron Hands Character
-New Character
-Special Thunder Hammer with Area Damage
-Melta and Flamer combined Weapon

Space Marine Librarian
-Lexicanium is the base profile
-5 points cheaper
-Can be upgraded to a Codicier or a Episolary

Space Marine Command Squad
-Bike or Jump Pack option remains
-Honour Guard is gone
-Command Squads in Power Armour can be 5-9 Models large, not only 5

Terminator Command Squad
-Only when a Terminator Captain is in the Detachment
-3 to 9 Terminators

Tactical Squad
-1 point cheaper per Marine

Land Speeder
-Can join Units with Bikes when the LS Squadron includes only one Model

-Predators, Vindicators and Whirlwinds can form Squadrons of 1-3 Tanks
-No Land Raider Squadrons in the Codex
-Land Raider Redeemer and Crusade are Fast Attack

-Three in one Codex
-Codex Astartes Battle Company
-Raven Guard Strike Squadron (can only chosen by armies with the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics)
-White Scars Hunting Party (can only chosen by armies with the White Scars Chapter Tactics)

via Steve the Warboss 5-4-2015

Chapter-specific Boxed Sets coming alongside new Space Marine Codex:-Ultramarines Sternguard Squad
-Raven Guard Assault Squad
-White Scars Bike Squad
-Salamanders Devastator Squad
Raven Guard are looking good to me!

Blade of the Traitor Released

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Another Horus Heresy Anthology has been released.


This one puts together five short stories in one edition. 

From The Black Library: 

Across the war-torn galaxy, those sworn to Horus’s cause shake the Imperium to its very foundations. Before the traitors’ relentless onslaught, the wisdom of ages past is lost and forgotten, daemons hide amongst the common people and the warp’s corrupting influence can be seen in almost every facet of the Heresy. For those who would become champions of the new order, there can surely be no redemption – only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods…

Blades of the Traitor brings you five epic, action-packed tales that drive the Horus Heresy forward. Discover what the Warmaster’s allies are up to as they prepare to march on Terra: sacrifices in the bowels of Molech’s Enlightenment, Legion Navigators delving through the very Eye of Terror and horrific experiments in dark, secret labs.

Contains the stories Daemonology by Chris Wraight, Black Oculus by John French, Chirurgeon by Nick Kyme, Twisted by Guy Haley and Wolf Mother by Graham McNeill.

You can buy it on The Black Library Website.

I really wish they had an index of everything so people could know where they kind find everything  I started buying the individual shorts as eBooks but have stopped as they are obviously repackaging everything.